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Justus 6d
Boredom is the number one adversary
for a man's well-being
Even before the alcohol
                             and good women
The Morning Star only challenged god
because Heaven was uneventful
He was well ahead of his time
A perfect world can only exist when
there's an opposing force
Even the mice know that
Evie Apr 23
i ain't got time for their *******
Marla Apr 10
The last time I wrote about the Ether,
It was more out of intrigue than understanding.
Now I know that the Ether isn't a place,
It isn't a void,
It isn't the universe itself,
And it isn't our perception of a collective unconscious.

No, The Ether is a machine.
An elevator to be exact.
One that goes up and down,
Side to side,
And even through & through.
The Ether is the universe's
Very own mail system.

But the universe is everything.
We are in the universe,
So therefore we are a part of it
Which makes us, well,

Now what this means is that
When we send someone our thoughts,
Give them our prayers,
Share with them our love,
And make the world a better place,
We're doing it as much for others as we are ourselves.

Love yourself as you would thy neighbor
Because you're as much your neighbor as you are
Your neighbor's neighbor.
You are everyone and everything
Condensed into a form that is utterly unique,
Yet more ubiquitous than life outside of earth.

You are your own god as much as you are god's subject.
So be a good One
Or else the bad ones will come and get you.
Sarah Quinn Mar 24
is a four-letter word
made of sunshine and *******
used to teach kids
against taking
their own

I say
it's a concept.
Like time
or falling in love
and it traps your mind
into thinking you still have
some fight left.

(The truth is, I'm not hopeful,
I'm just stubborn.)
Tompson Mar 18
Im pretend
To be somebory friends
I go along with whoever it is with me in the moment
nobody knows the real me
Nobody knows the girl who wants to say
Please **** me

They're a pretend to be friends too
But no one dares talk about the real ****
Why people wanna hide they truly souls
People are so hypocrite
Nobody let it beat
The demons who wants to know the streets

Please answer me this
What is it you see when you look at me
I'm tired of pretend
I want that people see
The evil who follows me
No more *******
Stay with me
Or just leave
EmVidar Mar 11
My finger nail polish lasted longer
Than any relationship
One can claim
To have had

-em vidar
part of the unconventional love series






and I still

don't know which way to go
left me confused and amazed at the same time
Shea Jan 24
Everytime something happy happens,
I find myself worrying about
What might happen next.

For example, twas an early day,
Writing ******* poetry with words like "Twas" "Was" "is" or "as"
Things seemed to be deemed good
For at least a week or two.

Low and behold,
The wound.
The inevitable part of life that Happens when everything
Is goin' good.

So twas' the night before the wound,
A jaded child lay
Unaware of the doom.
The most bitter
A bad tasting fruit
Too rare and rich
Unholy and otherworldly
Grows beneath a toxic soil
Lives at the heart of thorns
Bathes in the rays of a black sun
Drinks the bloods of the fallen ones
Comes from nowhere
Serves no purpose
Exists solely to defy the unwritten rules
Exists only to scry the departed souls
A peak into the void that is unseeable
Eaten by those depraved and miserable

The truth of the world is hidden in its seeds
Another poem about how much I love hating life and yet I'm still clinging to our abusive relationship
Matthew Harlovic Dec 2018
to them or they
here's a brief overview
find me on a bad day
i'll hurt both of you

© Matthew Harlovic
I only tagged love because I'm full of it ****
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