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Michael H May 25
From feeling music
The world is so beautiful
Your karma is an incredible
Supreme machine of good
And you judge it this way
It is complex

Others wonder
What haunts you
They see you look broken
They wonder why
Why you aren't alone
With yourself
Like most are

You are empathetic
You stagger across heaven and hell
There is unbearable turbulence
Or traumatic exhaustion
...retribution will come...
Do us good
Comfort will come.
19th :) Hi guys!
Scarlett Apr 14
greedy fingers
stolen flesh
beneath fingernails
wounds still fresh
missing entrails
I know you took it
bloodied hands and all
I'll take your limbs
you better learn to crawl

give back my heart.
he who consumes excessive amounts of female flesh, what a sinner indeed.
S Bharat Apr 12
On Impertinence

Today I smile by myself
When you long for
Speaking with me.
I remember you turned
Your back on me.
Tossing your keys
In the air you stalked out.

S. Bharat
Sara Kellie Mar 14
In my mind I have a hive
where a million bees live and thrive.
The killer bees have left, they've gone
I have no need, what's done is done.

The honey bees, that now I keep
so sickly sweet, they let me sleep.
The bees and I now live as one,
they'll follow me when I am gone.

Each one of them and from above
a little sting, from me with love.
So sickly sweet into your mind,
memories of me are all you'll find.

So every day that you live on,
equal days that I am gone.
See, suddenly it all made sense,
A life of pain,
your recompense.

Poetry by Kaydee
Often writ in retrospect of memories, a cloudy recollect.
Vexren4000 Mar 2
From on high,
Some retribution did shine,
Upon the flower wilting,
Blessing it with rain.
Upon the stray dog wandering,
A Benevolent creatures shows mercy.
Retribution shines rarely,
Yet when it does,
It makes it seem as if
A god could exist.

Vexren4000 Oct 2018
Tales of tribulation,
trail and error,
Times long gone,
eras of myth and men,
Gods and legend,
Even the mightiest of statues crumble,
The largest of kingdoms fall,
To assume it will not happen to us,
To the world at large,
Is foolhardy and childish.

Michael Sep 2018
One day I may be made to pay.
To pay for the crimes of my past
To pay for all the pieces of broken heart
To pay for it all.
If I could travel through time and change the past I would.
I would repair and repay all the damage that I caused.
I would undo all the destruction
And bring order to the chaos
Unfortunately I am unable to travel back in time,
Instead I am just waiting.
Waiting for the day they come and take me
For the day I have to give retribution
For the day I have to forfeit my own life
For the day I get what I’m owed
For the day you get what you need
On that day it will be the end of me.
One day we all pay for our crimes, no matter how big or small.
a honey bee stung me
not because I disturbed the remnants of his hive
or stepped on the flower he sat upon
I watched puzzled as he struggled on the ground
after burying his sword in my arm
thus sacrificing himself
in honor of his brothers and his queen
you see
he was the last
he had no voice to tell me of their fate
the destruction we'd wrought
on this docile creature
this creator of sweet nectar

the sting was brief and I brushed it away
and continued on
as we all do when only temporarily impeded
the sting about to come
we have no idea
Joel Mathew Jul 2018
I’m not thinking to myself.
I’m aware of your presence,
Just as you are aware of mine
A soul trapped in a room,
With white walls and neon green stripes

My soul is stuck in here for eternity,
Waiting to be freed,
From a curse that riddles it.
The curse brought upon me,
By my sin

Sound of a low hum, I’m aware of it now.
So accustomed to it, I forgot it existed.
I take a step towards a wall,
It recedes one, the gap remains.
I’m overcome by this feeling, I’m just aware of.

Hey, you, the one reading this,
Can you make it stop?
This feeling, it’s unpleasant.
I close my eyes hoping for it to end.
Nothing changes, I still see neon stripes.

This wall’s all I can see.
This low hum, all I can hear.
Make it stop. It’s driving me crazy.
It’s amplifying this feeling within.
… He called this my penance.

Aimlessly, I try to run.
I need to feel a sense of change.
This monotonous scene, I wished for it to change,
And it did. I stumbled upon it.
How I wish I hadn’t.

I knew it was here all along, I’m conscious of it now.
Maybe I was so accustomed to it I forgot.
Or maybe it was so painful I chose to forget.
Either way, desperate to change this monotony,
I opened the bag.

A hunch now confirmed - this bag belongs to him.
I know I shouldn’t unravel, the secrets held in it.
But I’m desperate, to change this monotony.
Not like I care anymore…
And so, I opened the door to endless suffering.

It’s coming back, the memory of my sin.
That monotonous feeling gone, but it hurts,
Pain surging through my body, beautiful pain!
I remember what I did to him, I regret everything.
But it still feels like, I’m forgetting something.

It courses through my veins, ripping my mind apart.
The striped walls distort into billowing waves.
My bones shatter, blood oozes out of every orifice
Ecstasy! Masking pain with pain
For one brief moment, my mind was at ease

Soon seven silhouettes, surface above Styx
Ira, Invidia, Avaritia, Superbia,
Acedia, Gula and Luxuria
Surround me. Taking still silent steps towards
When just a step away, they morph into one entity – Him

“I’m sorry” “It’s too late now”
My features wince in pain. Pain,
Quaking through my body, wrecking all my states
Desperate to find comfort I believe
This retribution is my redemption.

His contemptuous glare stares right through me
He wasn’t satisfied. A smile creeps up his face.
“You forgot again” He slid something into my pocket
“This’ll help you remember again” And he disappeared
Into the bright darkness

I rise back to my stature
Tears dripping down “I’m sorry”
My sins hurt him; all I can do is regret
I can’t rewrite what I scrawled
Into the indelible sheets of time

I reach into my pocket and pull it out,
A picture of him crying. All the pieces fall into place
This feeling of tranquillity in this moment of realisation
This silence before the storm, lasts until I process everything
I was looking into a mirror

My heart sinks into chaos
My mind finds order
Pain so unimaginable
Pain so… painful
Stop this…

You, reading this,
Make it stop, please
It’s hurting. I can’t bear it anymore
Please help me…
Tell him to stop.

Well, whatever. I don’t care anymore.

Heh, the pain’s fading away already
I’m forgetting again
Trapped, in an endless cycle of time
I’m forgetting everything
Forgetting only to remember again

Acceptance, the last stage of this cycle
I’ve sinned against myself
He’s punishing me for this
I plunge into the tender hands of oblivion
Only to relive this torture when she lets go

I’m a paradox
A nonexistent entity
A human bound to a monster
A soul free of dimensions
Caged in a cube

I’m aware of you
Just as you are aware of me
A soul living by the chasm of insanity
Falling in and getting dragged back
Staying out and getting ****** in
This sure brings back memories! I remember writing this when I was 14. My life was slowing down. Soon enough I realised it had stopped. There wasn't anything new to do. Just the same old monotonous routine. To break that monotony I delved into a past I'd left behind. I ended up getting hurt, but it was fun! I wanted to express the way I felt and that's when I realised I could write poems. This is my first poem. I'm going to write more poems whenever I feel something I don't want to forget. I'm still just a beginner. I'm looking forward to your feedback to help me evolve into a better poet : )
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