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The rain welcomed me, as it was
I am to be thisgray day.
Unendingly unraveling, seemingly,
They are as the concrete, grey.
My roots, always reaching
The rich brown earth beneath,
Stregthen my stride,
As walking through them am I.
To where or what, I do not know,
For, discovery oflife is stalking.
Yet, I'll be in the moment so,
If and when, I can, I will fly.

In each day I pray to be that I,
What, where, how, when and why.
So, though the Sun's light is masked,
This night, that is their day, won't last.
As, it's direction, clear and bright, does
Glean through the clouded cover of their night.

Still, this walk that's walking me,
Is what reality is to be.
And while these flaming embers glow,
I'll walk this road with reality, so.
Yet, to you I do entreat,
If and when you two meet,
Will you allow for the you to be,
And not recede from reality?
So, that to this day all that have gone,
Leaving you this to carry on,
Will have their potential realized as well,
Let Evolution be the bell.
Thanx to the great group, Orleans, and their great song with the same title, for inspiration.  Thanx to All and Flaming Embers restaurant, as well   :)   reality
Courtney Apr 10
You were the ocean
And I, a ship
Gliding your waves
As my finger tips
Lazily graze at your surface-
Our two bodies-
Of water and of flesh-
In harmony with the moon,
Pulling us with her tides
And we abide
So long as we’re synchronized.
Before the storm
Kenji Apr 5
Her power is not to be denied.
She dances with the wolves, and comes out alive, leader of the pack.
A spiritual goddess, beautiful to the core.
She's a witch, a siren and a vampire, come with her, and you will be reborn.
Too good, people don't appreciate her rawness, her craziness, she is purely one of a kind.
My best friend and soul sister I have never met, but sure feels the syn-cable connection that we share.
My crazy ****** Gemini *****, look after yourself, you are precious.
Love you...
My best friend all the way from the UK
Gnat Mar 19
your direct,
calm gaze
as if you
see my
just as
I see it.

I've not
seen anyone
with deep eyes
read mine, then
seem to find
meaning. . .

since the last time.

my direct,
calm gaze.
I notice
you see
the loose string.
I see
you pull it.

I've not
seen anyone
with deep eyes
read mine, then
seem to find
meaning. . .

since the last time.
Their heartbeats danced together when they hugged each other for the first time.
©Sonia Ettyang
Haydee Jun 2017
Looking at the stars.
Searching for the brightest one
But my eyes were closed.
your body is an instrument I mastered eons ago, when the stars were young.
it is you I have, and shall always yearn to play.

at my touch, you open up to me; lines of familiar notes upon my fingertips.

together, we harmoniously orchestrate the ethereal music of our souls: a sonata of infinite synchronicity.
the symphonies we conduct originate from the stardust of our souls.

© kalica calliope
SoZaka Apr 2018
on a wave
time will tell
roller coaster under the ocean

good people don't misbehave
i'm in my mind
on a
theta wave

take the rope and shake it once
maybe you'll see my point of view
then you will be
on a theta wave too
synchronicity alignment positivity entrainment hope mystical metaphysical connection wave mindfulness
there are things I want you to remember. you are a celestial spirit born among the stars. we may be souls having a human experience, but nothing is permanent. you will be reborn among the cosmos off into infinity. there is no birthstone or deathstone, so don't hold to yours like it is a monument, keeping you grounded to this place.

we collect memories and store them like faded photographs in golden lockets worn around our necks, hoping to stand the test of time. nothing is forever – we cannot even fathom it. keep your loved ones close, because the universe knows kindred spirits and places them within distance of contact through acts of synchronicity.

there are things we cannot document: things that surpass language, space, and time. feelings and emotions that we bottle as glory; showing the world our flasks as we either drink in excess, or keep the cork firmly in place.

as human language has limitations, the labeling on our bottles are wrong; and we are off key about the unnamed emotions and feelings we are ingesting in excess, or storing away as a collection to gaze upon throughout our lives, before we fade back to (star)dust.
September 20th, 2014.
meditative musings of existential enigmas.
RK Nov 2017
He looked worn and thin
Just like the clothes he wore.
He thanked the bus driver for the ride
didn't lift his head, or smile.

He didn't appear to be affected by the cold,
even though he was quite old
He didn't seem weak, neither master or slave.
More like a man, self made.

I looked between my thoughts, stilling the mind
reading between the lines, and he read the signs.
He knew my thoughts, we shared a smile.
Stepping off the bus he thanked the bus driver once again.

And I stepped outside time in a moment of bliss.
Yesterday was a bitter cold day and I took the bus to town. I saw this man getting on the bus. ( the one I was on)
Strange thing is,  Later that day I saw him  again on the bus journey home.
Perhaps it was synchronicity .
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