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Haunt of a fire
Set to charisma
Silence excepts indigency, an ire
Somewhere, forte is a class above

Destined meanings
So around, for a very
Intoned stoic, a heart of gleaning's
Has voiced our feeling, to carry

The price of compare
Sense in a taste, so long
Shown become, become share

Since we are...
Chosen to cope, lest of bother
More of a vanity, than war
We are the hope we utter

Life to a limit
With a callous guard, selection
Of a warmth and poise, ours to whit?
Can the eyes of did, have our soul, to the ends of an intuition?
Share a tone
Of voice, set to right's
Composed of a courage's home
Simplicity to move, among might's

Kisses that alienate works?
Let in the burden's we accept are, is
Time meant form, spirit, and certainty?
Sharing the tone of bliss...

Tall memory's, worth haste's moment
Complete in the eyes of life sulking
Hap, to admit the light relents
Here is a wish, wizened face's found integrity's halting

Presumption irony, the tale of a cause
Baring the stone of consideration, a walk
Of promises and unique longevity; a reason seen, a reason thought
Truth in its marvel, to select silence as a fate's fulfilment...

Tired eyes, with consciences to direct...
Given over to antiquity, gall and gaiety without...
A tranquility learned, a quiet to reflect...
God in his mercy, climbing to sense, to pout...
David Hilburn Jul 29
Born to peace?
An avid picture, living well to do
In the grasp of others and wise, adding a feats
Surprise, like the common exhalation of who...

Burdened with irony
Stirring the sight of contemplation
Sulking has me by the familiarity
Of a concern, in the name of popularity again

Bought wisdom, purposed energy
Sensitive voices to affirm the notion
My brief encounter with fame, is a human decency
In distance and harmony, for a liberty's portion

But, is the silence I break, a tradition?
Today is a behalf to understand, harrowing or courtesy
The ripeness of our tongue, to collect an intimation
Will a survivor of my promises, begin to worry?

And the tone of a required voice, to the table
With the past, present and forever known to relent
Is my notion to accept you, from fact or fable?

Long in could, modest if apprehension shows true
Saving guarantee, if graceful eyes, seem to bestow anarchy
Letting us and a friendship in heaven, come complete to you
David Hilburn Jul 24
Pies in a round eye
Shown to be, the coming rain
Reigning with ourselves, mirrors or lies
To take advantage of a meager silence, that came

My name...
Pride in a rolling haze
Suggesting the health of compliment, to shame
The world you seek, is a round eye in a daze

My calling...
To wishes that subtlety claimed is vanity
Doors of acquired tastes, and the bother of falling
Into sincere enough arms for a rush of sanity

My home...
Songs that care for one step more, thresholds
Of courage with a stiff upper lip, see the known
Like a friend has two fates, willful or guidance's jewel's

My number...
Tree's of fortitude and exaction, expecting one in return
Totaled hindrance and careful reasons, taken to fruit of the humbler
Advance of conscience on a rule of thumb, that is a prowess's quiet earn

My silence...
Is bought by it, et al
Judged like the marvel, we tell a story to, on the chin
Living day to day, in a head to share, what will...
David Hilburn Jul 13
Ice we keep
In deep pockets and sore eyes
Looking well, for a space to reap
The rise of joy, as a callous dole we were, sigh's

Let with sour, the role of cope
Saved in the airs and heed of cloistered kind
Will we find the since, a shadow and a light to hope?
Powers of entourage to carry forth, the mind

Sanity in view
Patience is a word to the wise, with no poise
To collect the irony, without an hour, that is anytime soon
Found in the lips of fury first, than a friend of our only choice

Ice is an enemy...
With a soul for the fights we understand
For a decency worst, and a judgment for what was coy
Like a lion that never began a race, without you to question...

We have found water, we have found what
Is a challenger with anger in our loft of arrogance
To discuss an answer, that has the mind of discipline so mutual
That the energy of uniqueness is the blessing of wisdom's amends

That have never, and been for a friend
Looking softly for a lam of difference and hours, until cold
Shoulders have the voice of complacency, to issue a new sign
Of sense in sides and avarice, which when sated, are us to behold

Lots of words no one can understand, without becoming one
**** or the obvious smart, the hindrance we avoid is us anew
That has become the house and home, of mediocrity we won
From the silent and chiding swallow, we never knew, without you
David Hilburn Jul 12
Anti to warm
Silver bells and pleasing skies
Just a sight to warn

Silent partners with love
Turn to the yearn of a friends couth
Disguised not, but let the shown discuss

A wall may waver, a light sprung
Set in the way, our hearts conceive, rueth
A soul of integrity knows well, the song

Fated flesh, since in lowly eyes
We are the rapture, a harmony to do
Your impossible, see the heaven's seem why?
Time without how?
Trying the blessing of alive and sound
Today is a greater man, to allow
Terror and a **** end, to a prayer found...?

Looking the other way...
Stirring home with a role in patience
Simple question's come to mind, to same
Long before I remember have, love was my fate?

Sense to honor, sense to aid
The times are a treasure sent to the known...
Welcoming the fancy, the antsy and the intellect to sate
I see with my little eyes, a reason in catch and comb...

Marvel with him...
And add true the dole we save for a conscience
That has a lift of spirit, to accept the toil of limits
To the decency we afford, and cause curious, see is our lessons

Merry with his...
Today is a younger vice, than candor can ostensibly afford...
Looking for obvious each, and the person of reality to is
The rationality of a care in the same, have my word?

Marry with he...
Life in the torrid, and profuse example?
To work in unison that completes, the energy
We found in love, to know the calm of staidness like a health

Mercy with us...
Is a looking man, to keep the best of problems for all and modesty?
Rises and falls, of considering the tout of uncertainty, to discuss
A reaching home, with a risk on its shoulder, and hip to guess...

Memory with silence...
Has a voice that begins here, to say the obvious
If not the share of possibility, that some ask sense and sins
If a ghost has cares and efforts in the since, we are lady love...?
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