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David Hilburn Apr 20
In a weddings house, there is only
Taken to some's audience, the through of conscience to list
Is a shrewd tone of voice, the call of might to thee?

A given need, a composure we per...
Time is a faring hope, to let liberty be said
When a doldrum of avarice, has vantage's worth

Long looks to tell a wishes story
Rambunctious as a kiss can be, the proposal of whit
Is a rule of thumb, to begin here with a purpose hoary?

Live with me when an able mind is to heed us
Kindred of volition and the redoubt of comparison named
Is to be a lived and well-bred issue, of what we must...

The lovers of causes to stare once more
Themselves to word the honesty of a new vote, to lend
A question of simple guidance, meant in dreams to seem

Letting the about and around, become our home
Heeding only the scope of decency, in the way of legend
Does the reality we astound with patience, have a soul come undone?
David Hilburn Apr 19
Defiant, a courage in the rough
Somehow better than a cough
And sitting suppose with a relationship enough
The hours we invest in confusion, are a silly table to love?

Misery walks in...
Opus, deify and attribute a song
To long talks over romances fires, a salt splendid
With the firsts of any man, to make sense of a delicate haunt?

Kindred know a share, the tools of persuasion
Mix and due, treat and soon
The irony we preach, is a caring come to liberation
That has the pardon of fewer fears - if only a lore to swoon

Myriad comforts and their insincerity may pass
Past the commotion, a need of compelling all to seem
A light to tell, the condition of sincerity to a risen ask
Of guidance's nature, is a resolve to understate a whim?

Alienation walks by...
Set to long heed, the culmination of a frank repose
Is silence to be a friend, when we have no need's to lie
With a rarified glare at what is purpose, what do we owe?

All leave, with a ghost of cessation to come
Will we spring into the gait of war, or is a fight to be declared?
Or is a descent into deception, for after a word has space to dumb?
Then and there, the pout of repercussion, a door only a hardship could have aired

Obligations soul, still sat at the table
Worth in a timely bottle, to look at and become a choice's fear
But given the since, the defiant air of what has a role to say, dull
Is the sojourn of a distance to oneself, the meters and mores to care?
David Hilburn Apr 17
In know, two thoughts
Is there ever a callous purpose, see...?
The resolve of a sturdy wish caught...

Energy in a fallow tooth
With no place for simplicity, ideas
Of choice versus chastity, the gift of youth?

Possession of an accord, we devote to since
Baring anon, a chance, the voice of a wonder to glean
A fate of comprehension with time to include a risk in kins

The tone of precept, the couth of promises met, promises let
To the sincerity of a care's in forces we understand, higher
Than the order of sate, which proclaims a need's soundness set?
Like the first for the second, and the count of beginning with lasts, is more to be a friend's liberty, or is my future on fire?
David Hilburn Apr 16
All to let, omni-patience
All to sit, order and chaos
All to whit, the flavor of a smile's agents
All to met, the tows of words greater by keeps odds

All to odds of decency...
Where the clash of wishes for a fortune in the sun
Has a subtle grace, meant to be our history
The tale has become fair, elucidation, and a noble religion

Why do you sit with the neighbors when the tables are turned?
When a sharing felt for avid deem, is a collected thought for am?
And knowing what we do about us, is a whole live of what, earned?
Sakes the decision to tell, will it become even more, a sincerity also ran?

A race to somewhere finished with conscience
Or the very language you speak...
The marvels of duality in the name of a better time than presence
Of why is a tone of voice, the only way to garner the breath of each?

Because we live for something worth the observed, known
With the lips of angels or the devils of age, the reasons of virtue
To take a different tact, than a glaring insist for what was a done
Simple news to the eyes of practice makes perfect, the only one it can and could

A is for adage, the truth you think is a daring host to help
B is for baby, the tooth you display for wishes that come to all who care
C is for couth, the times you know are a happier twain, when it comes
Seldom in our view, and knowing a chat with something greater, only the did are ever it here
David Hilburn Apr 14
Mention me
When patience has run its course
The sublime, the tone of a voice to be
Edges accurate, and gifts of also and all may, or worse...

Throe of light, tangible
Sense of couth, totality
Speed of curiosity, traditional
Meter of composure, veritability

Long times, with no shoes to walk
The land of compare and suitable ire
The times have forsaken me, a risen shall to sulk?
Was a place of comment and identity, what has shown denial?

The taste of honey...
Judged for a length, of when a praise has seen the truth
Is a fury in the lore we carry?
The turn of peace into a place for guidance begging youth?

The taste of milk...
Even and though, a shred of decency has halted
The wages of simplicity, have become a passion's fulfilment
The truer sake and due legend, of what a season faulted

Opus duality
The marvel of accomplishment, now the cadence of exist
To wish in an open hug of decorum, an idle lip with a vicinity
Come from nowhere, the shadow of privilege to lend, the mention
David Hilburn Apr 12
Time ample
Times simplicity
Timid example
Timidly implicitly

Thunder and no applause
The talk of a new man
To remember ourselves, wishing the odds
Regret is such a vanity, if youth even can

Playing by the river...
Moisture and candid ever
The news to remind, a legends shiver
Is the eyefall of significance of other

Finding a burden, somehow so sweet
For the trouble it took
The language we spoke, to finish a meet
With the selection of a might, to look

A fair moment we dote, and know
The spent hurt and curt vices
We meant, and rolled into a tongue, to owe
And see the rue, of a moxy in these days, without sigh's...

We see your embarrassment, the tooth of repose
To agree, one more time in the sun, is worth the deed
Of compliment and justice, that comes to those
Where we are; the mercy in a callous voice taken to heed

Clever, clever, and clever more
Token shrouds for a failing day, no man has supposed...
The tale of commotion in the sharing, we have never seen to force
Long in the cope, if not honor to understate what a shadow posed

Today is you, today is who
Immediate to a rhyme posed to these, complete the soul
Of wishes so profound, that to know a grace, is ever could
The count of realer spirit than a long haunt, of ourselves old

Claim, claim, and claim some more
The risen misery we know is you, the dote of a bird in the heat
That has sung itself to death, the final lips you show for war
In a keep, so profound for a jaundiced first, to last and with us, a river to beat
Lying to know one, with the guarantee to any more you own
Peace, misshapen?
Welcoming the glance of interim
Somehow in a serious first, the bout of time taking
Is to be a new friend, with power to suggest, a whim

A friend with no place for own
A friend with no sense of shadow
A friend with no speed to questions sown
A friend with no hatred for a lip to owe

A friend without a challenge in love
The tender years of voice, to awaken at misery and us
In limits and salt, the vow of when life does
Does, a here and now in longevity, think time is enough?

Is my friend a noisome ghost?
Or is your instinct of a climbing same?
Told to reserve a justice, in the patience we found to host
Is an eye for decency the only kind, to a future with a kisses fame?
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