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Odd duty to a freedom
Semblances of force, and denial?
In a sake for shares, is lovelorn...

Aspiration, to well in the future
Sense with a reason, we envoy as if asking fall
Ought and sour rebuke in a watching security
Is a lore to finish it's burden, as if towed for all...

We see a livid stone
Ask about the baring of a cause to listen
And a heed in trouble with speed, a vice atoned?

Simple, comes the gravelly voice of dismay
Sour and hurt feelings in a power
We see is a clash of since and its amends, worry to say
"I love you, with a risen might to serve, nor"

Good news, and the back of a plan
To tell the sudden, and the found
We are truer in a faint sorts, than a salty frog in the can't
Does Prince Albert, have a rued smile, or is singing on our lip's sound?

About a peanut...
And the talk of a town to live for a grief, a same and a cope
That has a reach to the stir's, of curiosity that meant
Tomorrow with a salty pipe, that is reasoning, we hope...

And the beginning of surprises in the pace of response
And in the possibility, of a fun and seemly, host of fun
With a clique perhaps, comes the reality of a town to want, avidness won?

And the might of a legendary call to what was?
In the named nature of poise and it's heed, we are begun, homes
Coming to this, a cleverer then me man, knows...
For us to thank you at the door, was a little more than else, could...
Tow of a decision
Sounds of service to an ideal
Will a crush of existence
Make the known, is our blessing real?

Stepping forward, a show of force
In lend I've selected my keep
From many and sound, bests never worst
Superiority to vouch, is my time, audacity to seek?

Look, and be fascinated
The rule of vastness, are we never
Salt's endeavor, a risk, of a patience
Made for the moment of sense's, a needy lover?

Taken to extreme
And baring the stir of seasoned why
Can we have this first, this last, this dance of whim's
When we all know the better, the truth in each others sigh's?
My angst, my angel, my voice
Would a hair suggest an opportunity?
Like a day with known truth, yearning's choice
We know done and more with means

What did a spoon say?
Will a star spare us?
This time is also a toilet
Shame's salt, if for coping thus

Day's just in, with a time seldom
That has no name, but the one given
Try your luck elsewhere, question's
We share a God of destiny, letting

Is this a good news?
Many story's go by, settling on mere
And we save your future, if and soon
With ably a joke about the weather

Dirt and milk, say both hi and good bye
Tender eyes know me a song that does
Life in a round gift, we intone if and why
Aloft, with an uncles stare, a kingdom of words in love
And a *** shoe
Fit for a kindred, and a risen host and minds?
Of a real enough same, and dream, asking who...

Like fact's, like providence
In a clash with possible stars?
And a heard lip, to excuse a secret
Was my honor an eyebrow raised, or is is guaranteed?

Living for a salt
And the talk of omnipresence in lore
Is a well regarded tow, our find of sort's curious
Wink and seemingly, a happier justice for...

Legend would have it, just so...
Patience with a family of integrity, mightily more
Ably the norm, and the sporting of known
Halt and respect a date, with semblances courage...

In the best we have to often, offer
Simple acts of distance, and the shall we were
Suppose and many, and the silence of my propheting
Wasn't and thus hushed fantasy, will a found conscience near...

Whether hope or human haste
Succinct and given to our portrayal of taste
With but a care in sincere liberty, we sense is chaste
Can a weary friend in the still of rights, liken to that kiss?
Details to avoid, in a stare...?
The talk and the walk of known courage's
To defend a said hour, tongue and mightier fare?
Simple with our nuance, and the strength we add...

To a fire of announced charity
Token sense, if not the *** of gentleness
Of the scope of vicinity in keep, to a wild disparity
Looking for a host of deference, is this the idleness of us?

Happy youth's, if not our soul let, couth?
We begin here, and is frequency of a torrid answer?
Our only way to yearn, the image of truth...
In a call to destiny's, we affront with the taste of verve

Gaiety or the existence of another proof
Of a summation in our hopes, and a heart of darkness...
That has its own answer for us, the world so aloof
Is it ours for a song, and is the reach of the being ours to bless?

So, a wily and cunning wind will ask, who won?
The terror of simplicity in a could for excellency...
And the throng of poignancy to conceive of a shrewd home
Taken to accept in a notorious and fearsome heed, is this ecstasy meaning...

And a handsome jest, to instill another kind of demand, to due
Willing the part, and a season of composure we find for you
Does a lip with aged sincerity keep who, or the eyes of waters we Jude...?
Strength and miracles of kind
Sorrow and fellowship, to understand energy's
Sulking for a liberty to keep, a resolute mind

Obviously a good friend?
Sincerity to ask, the staid and the mar of hope
We found in each other's worldly ends
Satisfied with more, then still thriving cope

Patience and honor in a legend
Assumed with a relative atone
Of a welcomed voice, to the table of rook and amends
Will we survive the court, of counts and done?

Lived harmony to each, their causes and cares
With a heart of possibility, the call to worth
We spied and even envied, by the couth we fare
Is our only accord, to take an obvious example, of youth

Light and epiphany
Told to be a truer day, than a cold conscience has a right
Known to serve the courage of sour may, we begin any
As if a lore in its fashion, has the sense to distinguish might

Seemly houses of veracity and the rapture we know
Still an acquired taste and reckoning a salt, to be our futures dignity
Like the shadows of potential we keep so resoundingly. we have known...
Limit me to accustom
Turn the corner for might
Antipathy and harmony, to well at moment's
I've freed from a risk to silence, yearning sight

Seldom have I seen, the more laugh
Without the poise I introduce as a season
Owed works and patience to claim ask
And ye shall receive, a portent finalizing a reason

Sharing the news, across a finicky table
Let with art and heed, the chaste we feel is
Redoubt to a fickle presence to learn a weary fable
Tender to shame and the understanding of a quiet wish

Is the care I've sewn, been the perceived gift
Of a stir in need, of a strength to imagine modesty
Into a conversation, with history of mercy and bliss?
Tones of voice, and the aspire of a guardian, can I seem hungry?

Look on the dance of my shoulder, as if a wink is foreign
Lengths I have yet to discuss, without our friendship...
Satiety and harboring a doldrum, the fa├žade of intuition...?
And the seen language of instinct as a revelation of minds, lent

Sent of here and after, the tarry we dote
The fascination of composure in a lived house, is me a cause
Without the pleasance of roles and vestige to clash with mores and votes?
Have the smile on our lips, not meant, a call to odd?

See the rue of my dilemma, and know my today
Welcome me to a stage of form and divulgence
That has a loft to its ordeal, and the opportunity of may
Done with all and due, is a host of acting, the mind to say, amen
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