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David Hilburn Dec 2018
Notion to exceed the divine
Ask us when the miracle of courageous
Welfare, has seen the kinder kind

Tastes of overt yesterdays
Tender to aversion, and the image we will
To assurances form, the candor of a little more may

Slower by the composure we derive
From the subtlety of eventual
Lucre, and the sour dream of purposed new lives

The tows of responsibility
All to for, forth else in behavior
Will we sit for a new condition, of precept?

In motion for a nuance to decide
Is the clash of wisdom with the wishes of when and idiom
The patience of collapse of intuition into the name of a vice

Light to a realm of future possibility
Simple advances on the needs of time, and its lover
Caring for the nots that make us a requited whimsey

Add the bless, the basis of cope and assist
Taken to world's bared for a living other
Merely the best of us, to keep the entourage of is, this the kiss?
David Hilburn Jan 2019
Time with means
Real routes of simplicity
True to our senses, and the irony we glean
As shrewd as a call to it is, the role of indemnity

Places we hid, a source of bright news
Tastes of humility and dour forces, to live
With a grossing guess, the exaction of an excuse
Well to say, the known desire of almost, even and is

Torture to an average soul, waiting in another's light
Tradition and the marvel of success, a toil in cares
So far away from the risen more, right now, might
The collapse of heaven, in our hands be the gift that fairs?

Weak treasure, in the name of a doting virtue
Taken for a fool every time, if a lip has seen it all
In the grip of enemy's sublime, or the muster of curiosity
Known to be, the guidance of essences and riches, of the fall...

Worthy little key, saving me from a lucky reality
Paces of in and its atone, to live once more, is my stead
The count of urges and the jump to sight's welling in heat?
Of a new friendship of labor, if not the callous reproach, we saw us, in the cares we lead...
204 · Oct 2018
Noah, Is A Poem?
David Hilburn Oct 2018
Notion to notion
World's away from it's summation
Till a shape of destiny show's
Here and now, the voice of indication

Paces with a stare...
Reason's behind the wall of sound
Places we know can, but took too seriously?
Where has a meant season, saved art allowed?

With the dance of harmony, we foretell as a body's key
The tooth we know, looking for devotion
The truth we owe, for out a sincere oddity
The tendency we go, with once in motion

Meticulous, the voice we hear
Time in its round about, turn with patience
Of the common prowess, to fulfil a world
Saying to us and them, do thoughts age?
David Hilburn Apr 2019
Left to one's own devices?
Me and the notion of you in a tree
Saving the world, for a smile that rises
Above the clouds, when a tale comes to freedom

Pensive, and looking the part
Meandering hopes, that come to finite ends
Like time, to merit a new season to start
A total of contemplation, free and few to lends

Will we seem the better of cope, a half of since?
True to day's fascination
And the coming honor of a nobly thought wind
Bare with us a moment in the sun, wearing cloth of many

And due call, to a worthier shoulder
Known this way and that, the curiosity of what was a nod
To the silence we envelop with the clash of shares, somehow older
But now the decency of a good natured kiss, looking where silence ought

Mighty is the name of this tree, saving hidden more
Time in love, with both and the risks of uncertainty
Taken for a liberty we gather, is future with it to assure
Happy is the sincerity of a found friend, with it to show, a tree...
David Hilburn Aug 2019
War of the worlds?
Two awkward planets walk into a burp...
Since we are a gift of misogyny to a babe, early...
Actual lip's if joy and gaiety, to earn?

Fascination of this sort...
Patience to fritter away to nothing?
Doors and creaks, of excitement making sour work
For a seasoned smile, worth all the difference to owing?

Left to their own devices, the tale of courage...?
Coped and silly to a needy eye, with it to love...?
Seriously and found, with a roll of laughter in the age
Have we soured at the sight of condition to live for us...

They know a craving, the aspire of give and take, today
Let with the hour, of disparate fun, in the now with a thumb
Since we are talking of sires and the lord of tastes, we may
See seldom in your eyes, the token and the care of yesterday's home?

Hell, itself, or a belch of a worlds to accuse?
Sight and reticent lends, of a soul with anger to fuse?
Look and see, said an infant once, will we enthuse?
The moments of conscience, like tomorrow to save, a friend soon?

Get the joke?
Marvel at the sides of a keeping hope, the rue of can't
And a legend of heathen, to wink at a sour kiss and a mother with soap
Try your silliness somewhere else, this kid is a season to want...

A pet ...
And a misogyny with it to prove, a still honored nigh
With a clashing heed and succor in ordeals, to interest you in amends
With a rational voice, to collect a patience anew, the sorts we rise with when me is right...

Named Semblance, darling...
And the inherency, of a sordid and basis, we have for time
Arearing an erudite voice, to the plainness of justice and furor at starts
And a noble finish, that has a reach for sunshine, that comes to peace in your mind...

Ask me another day, when waiting has a golden idea
Save me, a rue and kiss, that comes to new places and sayings, like
Angel's and devil's with a real enough past, that are a better means
To an end in portrayal and a simple clue, of a deed of a babe that kept, a sincerity to say hello to why?
David Hilburn Feb 2019
Yet in the grasp
Of music I release
From its earthly prison, in case
A little star on the horizon, has me for cease

Pence in the fun, wouldn't a life
With a curious silence made true
The better side of courage, a whimsey and a strife
Mighty as I am, being a risk in the foolery…

Is like a dance with dread, and the ancient misery's
We dote among, the music comes
Like a reason in the mix, we serve to each other for history
And the doles we found, in the years, what some's!

Playing the fool, just once
Mind owed mystique, and a wholly made needs
Reason with me, the skill of bared conscience
To look among the stillness of many, and see the deed

Urge, are we the tows of a renamed irony?
Once the backward stare of portent, needing a gift
Of reach and remorse, powers of unique harmony
Have been the suddenness, of me, time with eyes to lift

Voices to assure...
The taste of requirement, that has a vice we adore
Rancor and peace in the miracle we name, a cooler purity
Of ourselves in truth and dismays mirror, where even us, is more

Liberty, and the image of unity we verify as life
Taken to dry minds and heavy hearts
Live for now, and the best we have to offer, a rainbows right
Luck and synergy to attest, loved, is where it all starts...
154 · Oct 2018
Little Victory's, Yes?
David Hilburn Oct 2018
Another blue day
With a bet in the spoken word's
We save from a meeting with stray
Winds across the face of the world...

Many uses for ably, sympathy's name
No one knew, except the baring of me
Taken to exception, with quality's tamed
By the sound of a voice we have never been?

Space for a new friend?
Life in the caste of hour's, total's
Of redemption and pain, nearing an end
That says the call of a price, for will's

Another blue day
With ear's to hear, and a mind to owe
The claim of sincerity that is, by odd's and may
The role of liberty, in my hands to know?
David Hilburn Oct 2019
Interest in a calling
Bird, rhyming with the day
"Simple worth in a reckoning wish, before sunlight falling"
"Should a season without them, take the share in a ray?"

Simple news for a coming season...
The rise and faring of the land
To awaken and see, the charity to a showing song
That began with here, and end with what we and...

Total's of presence of mind?
To save the curiosity of another fate, befriended by solace?
We deem and care for, the patience of history before kind
Anticipation, and the role of leaving the news with fate's may...

Shallow to a reality, that came with portrayal?
Time in a long row of surmise, known for a smile...
Taken to living's resolve, we seek for better heart's of stay
That has taken the day, with a reasoned shape of all the while?

The birds know this, but a man or woman may not...
True to another kept, and with, a share in careful couth
Has a courtesy to see, and a conscience to taste, in lots
Of health we can see, and heed we can begin in another's youth?
147 · Oct 2018
Tea And Biscuit's, Sigmund?
David Hilburn Oct 2018
Time has its memory
Safe and round, about now
Beauty has seen it's history
Letting a savior, be a crowd

Gift's of need we should give
Pretty patience's of lead and manly hope
To tell the story in a promise to live
In the still harrowing hour's, until time has asked cope

Done with the painting, I will ask
Subtle sublime, and method merciful
Toes of justice and woes of must, in the facts
Seen by all, to keep, the days with an absolution, to fulfil

Desire, with a new friend
Totaled heed, and the work's of pleasance in the skill's
Of a relationship to die for, that has never sinned
Am I the subject, or is a heart the winds it owed, until willing?
David Hilburn Jan 2019
No name provided
Sit and have a conclusion, vice
In the wishes of other's, the truth of a tongue
To remember the resolve of we're, twice

Simply a nice day to behold...
Taken form's of the suggestion of desire
Delighting in the scope of a world
That charmed the need, into a liberty, sake and ire

Ironic meeting you here...
Tastes of harmony and the gift of imagination
Wealth to secure the fascination we hear
In the poise of person's decided, to savor and's inclination

Bell's and subtle well's, of a redemptive glance
Ask us the credence of forth, the sanity to ascertain
Is everything all right, when savior's come to amends?
And a clock has said the obvious, we are one until invited, maying

Your spare patience and the succor we envoy
To a repose of vision, vice and its vicinity
Look, and see the collapse of a name into sulking, so coy
Were we the people of avid cares, or is our moment, a lucre's being...?
Time is a telling cold to be different, time is a swelling heat to be deference. What are we … hell's divination
Hint from a fire
Set in marvel's simplicity
To tell the tale of senses, we seek for ire
A total of essence with a risk, towards complacency

Shadows of contempt, the irony of final ends
Sharing and staring, caring for a friend
With lasts and youth, to swear to a legend
Aren't we the chosen, with guidance and silence...?

Stirs of ancient heat, the truth to be told
Today is a intuition vied for, a view of seldom
And chances lover, with a carnal tooth, are we to hold
A chastity in arms of duress, or is a liberty ours to come?

Taint a rhyme, but a reasons song?
Pain and peradventure, the truth was a fashionable lip
Sour and curious, tomorrow is for the irony we wronged
With a step in the right direction, with a notorious gift...

Here and now, the strength of vice
When sweet is a rage, saying the devil is in love
Have the conscience of victory's small, but elect to our sigh's?
When a hope has a creation to run, isn't their a clue to offer...
Sincerity around about now, seems to begin here...
138 · Dec 2018
Avidly Waiting For The News
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Bit lips
So survived by a calming glance
Were we succinct to our whit's?
Or is a legend of many, mighty enough to and

Life resolute?
Moment's taken, to rapture
For all in a wayward could
Known this way and that, a lip so curious...

Now is the time...
To prepare a kinder word
The paces of simple trying
Having the curses we keep, when hatred is heard?

Nature approves?
Life in a harrowing scheme
Of retribution and tales of what loses
In the name of hope, the courage to say, is fate a whim?
David Hilburn Dec 2019
So done
So whether a friend has notice
Ungainly goals, with a reason to come
When sour news has a beat, to its opus, a day of sigh's

Loving the moment?
And asking the untold to witness anew
Savagery in a nut shell, seniority for a stung lip
Profuse to idiom, but know the callous way we seem, lewd

Proper use, of a requited word
Now in lore to some, rages of wishes we affront
Vernaculars of change and chastity to eschew, we are few, we are heard
Constancy to a risen specter that has a vow in mind, for don't

See the thread, Adam and the deep blue sea...
And a martyred show and tell, told to a shell of a human being
Sorry, but no body of insight without the place to blame, me?
And the stirring here and now, with a promise in the fog of seeming

A friend of year's
A catch of light on something more than terror
A prayer to ask and issue the news of whose beyond such fears
A place for dread, when all else is ours to clash, with the psyche of another tomorrow...
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Lent the blessing of health
Spent with the cause of superiority, in little
Sent, a care to the future of she'll
Lands, in the notion to atone and tell

Careful, shadows and myriad firsts
Taken for the promise of yearns asking
Prepare me for a rue, in the bared worst?
The tightness of a mercy, has saved kindred lacking

Penny's of might...
Today we have the shape of conscience, courage
In the larger than life, syntax of misery given a light?
Of weal, and the same's we kept, for a youth, in patience

No legend worth its might...
Simple chaste, to deliver the timely news
Have and the none we defend, as requite
Pasts of desire, that know the difference, between paced you

Here is a reason in the vested more...
Caring but the force of beauty in lore
The wishes of another, sentence of question's we seek, sore
Truth is a callous finish in our path, as if to introduce a we're

Hateful sincerity, for a hair of a chance?
Imagination in the name of possibility, wealth of a risk
That can, then know, the prestige of psyche, meant whence
Happy, thinking confused naivete? Have we subsumed is?

Nation's with a new faith, irony in the scope of who
Is a liberty before all else, and the tale of tendered sense
Will we originate with fascination, or is a clemency due
To sing the praises of reality, where one lord above any, is amends
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Taste of a sea of semblance
Season of forward being
Collapse of insight, into seasoned means
Curiosity to overwhelm, a mighty leaving...

It all for a song
Toward the sky's best
The lover's of image and integrity, all along
To word a question that has no place, or no rest...

Am I your lover?
Sweet kind's of order, to a salt redeemed
We understand with a smile, afforded, but never over
Until we say it is, the continue of another whim

Luck? do we seem the same thing?
In a world of moment's of guarded sun
And moon's of crying for the safety of indeed
The pace of composure, with a mercy for all and one
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Part's of valor
Missed in the patience we approved
Today is the miracle, known to let lore
Sit and be presence's more, to seek ordinary love

Natures abound
But the beauty of could, to season's
We have, ever but silence and its sound
Has a larger than life soul, to well at somber reason's?

Each other, and the image of poise
Reality worth one regret, two guest's
Of a calling ably, worth with the ache of choices
Penny in the pouring rain, with a time for rest...

Hello another day, say we
When taste has the same, to sense the courage
We found in the future, where never is us, thee
Am and decision, to earn it's beauty, for a wage...

Of cope and dependency, to demand an intuition's pocket
Terror is such a small order to hurried daydream's...
Taken to exception, never the rule of our mind for whit's...?
We see the clashing hour, become ours, looking here to any
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Like true, like more, in cold regret
Harrowing mars of simplicity
Have the taste of a house where we met
The nerves of sense, come for stance and audacity

Miles above our repose, a storm form's
The tale of complexity, to serve as a door
Where we wink, stink, and think the minding of norm's
Suggesting the guidance of a hand along the reach of other's

Sincere rain fall's
The torrent asking the house to understand
Were we the same of unity, oft a happier but silent wall?
Or is a gift of room's and their sides, a fear we can...?

Tenatiously, the isn't and the done
Realizing the truth in a legend, approval of misfortune's who'd
Nature has a laugh, we have, or ache and similarity to gun
Looking this way and that, if a love is to survive, is could not...?

Threshold, do we know the rise of yet another fate?
Ably, continuing with harbored commit
Energies in reserve, if not conscience to lend, for sated
Weal's we never knew, except to say, the irony we meant...

Confused, the storm abates until severity's morrow
Work's we have been, totaled for ages, mere and decision near...
Seeking the poise of courage, if not comprehension in worlds
Seemingly for the commonness we see outside, out where, if and all sakes, adhere
David Hilburn Dec 2019
Named after distance
Mystique in a knowing glance
Of reason among season, and avid again
Shallow will predict awkward, and ought the risks of instance

A bell by any other name
Being a world onto itself
We seldom and select, a chance fame
To seek the hope of sincerity, with met silences, wealth

Shadows seem to know where to go...
When sense and the starved stare of pious redoubt
Has the cool legend and insincere myth, with which woe...
Is a sight in the mercy of other's, the wonder of clashes to pout?

We stir the nature, and it gives us light
Made from cares and good intent, the rhyme of justice
To look beyond the ordeal of neediness, a history to right
Itself amid courage's, cope and might's adding of seasoned vice

Taste the waters offered, and you will know it to
Yearning and youth's rancor, satiated by a coming plea
Will a choice of sense admit the many, or more to understate hold
Be my voice, when passion has come for still and till, thought's real?
105 · Nov 2018
Lint Dolphin's That Spoke
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Find no weight
No spoon of deliverance without a shadow's key
Past the runner's of our dream's, sate
Is a pulse of excitement, to look and see?

Press not for silence, when prayer's are at ends
Finish the many, before the meal of decadence
Creation is our first syllable, them, then teeth to amends
Here are the stirring's of victory, we will save for kinds

Now is the time, we remember
Iota's of just delivery to the notion of calm and cool...
Witnessing of a promise in bared season, the more, we humbly
Keep the passage of an egg, the better we still thriving, few

Kiss me, the times are for a shall to depend
The completeness of similarity to our confession:
A boat is silence approving, if well hosted to lend
In the may is sight, of the reality of visiting patience's lesson

Days gone by, and finality knows its score
Life with another dread, that has seen the moment's come alive
With our understood hope, meant in the nerves and gaiety of war
Will a child of curiosity, find the world about danger, native?
93 · Aug 2019
Clean Feet
David Hilburn Aug 2019
Tow of a decision
Sounds of service to an ideal
Will a crush of existence
Make the known, is our blessing real?

Stepping forward, a show of force
In lend I've selected my keep
From many and sound, bests never worst
Superiority to vouch, is my time, audacity to seek?

Look, and be fascinated
The rule of vastness, are we never
Salt's endeavor, a risk, of a patience
Made for the moment of sense's, a needy lover?

Taken to extreme
And baring the stir of seasoned why
Can we have this first, this last, this dance of whim's
When we all know the better, the truth in each others sigh's?
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Patient old Thom
No news is good news?
Worth being, he will say in tones
Of voice, we can hear laughter with dues...

Maybe a little more off the top?
Hair is such a fuss known
If gift's of life show us what's up
Maybe six owes a lot, to seven...

Tender eyed, and moving with sunshine
Here is a cradle, here is a lover, here is a grave
Meant in our arm's, once more, the measure of young
None of that, and more of this, if mice come to play...

Epitaph to a gorgeous day
Many have sought a just rhyme in knowledge's city
But life in the country, knows once, the here of special may
With a baring, a smile and a word, we have seen, God's speed...
David Hilburn Feb 2019
Terror in a palm?
To reside in the limelight
Fairly and heavy with ecstasy's challenge
Fascination with when, we are choices, to be mine?

And your enamored thumb...
Sweet, the excess we note, is the gift of neediness more
To energies that claim the day for us...
So sweaty a remorse, the taint of decision's and form...?

Look at my dainty flower, the names of misery...
Is a retort from the east, of each and eden?
Paces of prayer's we've doted, are a cool head, ornory
My eye for you, the instinct of ask and foible, leading...?

Too bucolic in the name of mortal silence, is a giving future?
Why the crass judgment that comes to beleaguer?
Beginning with a nature we foresaw, as a patient curiosity...
Made for the vows of other's, have you seen their dream we're...

Of the land, having the vice of you as the deeds of open bother?
Where you are, and with all to assume, a need's heart to roam
Of history in motion, come to bitter example of losses and neither
Of truth's estranged wind, the toil of another voice, will the time pleasingly and presently come...?

Most wouldn't suggest the coming automobile...
And other's will also serve the name of justice once more
And the precious words of avarice we save from hell
Tones of voice with you to prove, are the careful, with a trying world...
David Hilburn Apr 2019
Panic we never saw?
The rhyme and the threshold oft diffuse
Claim and its utterance, the curiosity of odd?
The remnancy of a cold shine, in the strength's mar, coming soon

For a telephone about to ring...
Total's of virtue we pace, and wonder
Is a language in the fore, a host of saving
In a climate of vision we never knew, except all's to ponder

The rise of the land, into a marvel presumed
To be ours, the taint or the thought of common need
Decency in it's work's, seemingly a host of couth
We sought for a drama to decide, if a friendship is to lead?

Many more, simplicity's than order...
Ought in the background voice, that was a silence
To its name and biding, for we know you, a true query
Time is an adding house, that has relived a panicked chance?

Didn't you notice the tried lip of liberty ensconced, by a train
Of thought, taken to extreme, as if a language of thunder and onuses try...
Passage of reason into the realm of vicinity's can't, to seem lamed...?

Try this:
A fish in the meadow sunning for a wish, has no time to stare
Because a friend gifted with misogyny, is a world onto bliss...
Not much of a joke, but the call to happiness would be yours, to be fair

And a whole drink of water, in the few of the night?
Lent to resolves adage, and a rue of visit to a colossal key
Making a promise to seldom, are we still that kiss, as if guile has a right?
David Hilburn Mar 2019
More than we can know...?
Set aside, a burden we failed?
Seeking a role with justice, copious worlds
Of redemptive life, we saw in shared window's where out, may...?

Letter's to open...
And mighty words from a spoil of friends
Take your pill, with an hour of our waiting, a work to rend...
Upon the sulking habit of other's, kind come to realize and entertain

Sitting quietly, and remembering the cares
Of our future's and our simplicity's
Made a perfect circle, that has the cull of bell's, we heard
Empathy is a long run, that said the couth implicitly...?

Shapes of sanity, sakes of salty austerity
To language, deemed power's perfect?
But in a hand fated with mercy's, for children...
Ask if liberty has become indistinct and hidden to intellect?

Hello, bravery, where are your charity's when I doubt...?
The tale of seem and summation, to convince a patience...
Can be the cloud of our harmony, the cadence of rise and fall, allotted?
By measure and silence for a door, that protected itself from petty reasons...?

Bodies of need we do adore, and find the call of done, and dear...
Presence of mind, that came and went with a folly, of the world...?
Looking but for the stomp of approval, in the names we owe and collect, fear...
Is chastity, our only misbegotten, or can we see laughter's nature?

Watching the storm, and knowing a rivalry's call, does...
Richness of a land to aspire, may, connotation and its fate
Make the confirmation we deliberate, the pragmatism of us
Longevity, coping, and future decision; but is courage our fury or our sate?

A step forward, and a knock on the door...
We knew was coming, a host of pomposity and realization let
For a conscience in motion, and keeping the abstraction of wars...
With a better memory called 'voiced succinctly', be what the world of you has meant?
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Pretty ordeal
In the semblance of avidness, the tow of commonness
Lions for levity, lambs for unity, saving all...
In the realm of vice, we know the irony we guest

Courage, is a legend in the world
Sakes to visit the justice, in a lore we save
Patience would, a requiem early
The worth has bloomed, the comparison eaved

Well, if not synchronicity?
Pretty order's to a new fate of simplicity?
Honor in the space of gain, a wholesome gaiety
Hi, and the presence of courses in validity...

Or the candor of a new friendship
With the patience of pleasance and kind's, we dote for allow
Taste's of if, the world has a climate to wish...

Time in the more's we sake to language
Romance and assurance, the tale of composure
With resolve to love, a care that has seen forces, imagine

Omnipresence to finalize a curious fact
Of weal and needy limit's, in mind for what may a work
To see in the light, that we are a smile with future's to ask
1-2 be and share, 3-4 a heavenly odor, 5-6 please be same, 7-8 hoping the gay, 9-10 gone back and done it again...
David Hilburn May 2019
When to finish, a good book?
Around the fireplace, in the let we do
Smiles in the vice, of an ordinary look
Will a stare, bare the news?

She and stir of august mine
Terms we tell to am's infancy
Shrewd though a caregiver is, and the times
Won't a half of suppose mean intimacy?

Sharing a peek, a look and a gander
Of a vision in while, and the silence we back
Given the knowing and the somber liberty
We have seen in the moment's, a friend has asked...

What is a courage to learn elsewhere?
Instinct and perchance, a rue of sincerity
Is ourselves forever, the truth in a spare
Token of appreciation with a meager insecurity

They welcome the future, we seldom the past
Living in the house of poise, dying in the how of poignancy
Chastity to fend for a strife, and charity for meaning stay has
A conscience to wonder's kisses, that is foremost's possibility
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Pass the need?
Clarity with any sort's...
Find and mere, where we heed
A being shadow, asking of course...

Will we find our little wonder
True to integrity, like a heart?
Is a might freed?, in patience we can
The many with a shrewd, paces and faces of art?

Timely tale, with a round about save
Of cares tangible, let with a voices sound
Merit me, the waiting half and future, I've gave
The name of a soul, to a smile, that was never proud...

Persist, says the name, in a well spoken judgment
Of a light of composure, nary the stead
Of clues and bared moment's, we took for lending
The emotion's we keep, as a gesture of mercy, we lead...

A home to strength, and a room for sharing
Tomorrow with a friend in deed, and modesty with here
And now, the power to compare and sake, the frown so harrowing?
With art now in our soul, can we save you to, from what we fear?
David Hilburn Jun 2019
Prettier than you...?
Salt in the devil's eye
Same side of tomorrow as our sass, soon
Tender by reproach, to a recluse we lie

Upon a native bed
Seldom, to instill, anything but beauty?
Stares and charity's we lead
Curious? question your consequence for lucre

Spare lip's, with a driven insult
Today we are the climb, of vice for admiration
Total silence in the window, a real threat?
If a legend ever see's the care of least, we meant...

Stoically, the nature of a given certainty
Of vision for a venture in the call to a can't
Timidity and reach, with our smile, sometimes lurid...
Learn the speed of limit's, we suffice is and

And a season of reasons we favor, with all and spice?
To look among a heralded few, the scope of decency
Calling upon the somber, the tooth of treatise
We found in the hands of banality, the anger to see...

The shadows have a lover with no sense...?
Angel's of victorious life, known the baser hap we deem
If a delve of comprehension, is a loathsome lend?
Of wizened salt … with a rage comes the patience of them?
David Hilburn Feb 2019
Ably the concern, persuasion to find
Asking if tones of voice, are betting
On a **** future, that has it to mind...

A kite of nowhere in heart, but chances
To flip and articulate an ordeal...
With the wind, and its means to issue a challenge
Of when we were, courage in its mile of what heals...?

Of the human spirit, like a beam of sunlight
We remember the curses we don't, with and harmony
To tell a different story, than a logic of worlds might
Tension and finite glares, we will know come from are seen...

**** again, the space to decide and coincide with all
Of a notion in past's of contrary hope, and its song
Whispering strong, the truth in my needs, and houred falls
Of day to the soul of reasons in aspire, we fate with a haunt

Look be need, and lot's of riches we knew...
For a loft of words to gather the blessing we admit
Will humanity's pleasance, as if a ruley fool...
For the tastes of cause in hap, we imagine is love, only let...

Fools for the kiss on a tip of a dream, top of the world
To exact a needy friend, with moments in the sour
Of our smiles in a justice we saw once, and then wry, early
Tastes of have in our heart's for more and a day, we were...
David Hilburn Jan 2019
Native to the view
Completeness in a well formed heart
Simple rage was such a harrowing soon
To take the blind from a hat, to seal the deal, smartly

Compelling, the notion to be around
Sour mind's and the heaven we detail
To be the cold hard course in happiness, that does found
Will we be the actual live, or is need our moment to say ill?

Pretty consciences
The toil of succinctly the known cares
Where one more simple life, to share in defense
Of another, is a hopeful instinct come to fair

Look, say we, the commotion of since
The times are for the all of us, the power to sulk
In the coming rain, where we are the sun to pounce
Have and hold the better of me, a risk in the world, full of faults

But a patient hand to know
The beauty we can deserve, with the promise of decency
True and how, fashioned from the spare key's of yesterday and owe
Looking for a lock of stipulation if not fun, the ire's of history
David Hilburn Jan 2019
Maybe, never
Influences that deliberate the known
Succor we can afford, the lucre we find, severe
Patience's, we turn to same, the past's indifference sewn

As a laugh of committal, that hasn't the name
Of compassion to collect, the risk's of power's
We seek, the tempter with the voice of charity, asking many may
We begin the song of lover's, to describe a how, like a liberty's flower

We seem the decency we have begun
Tastes and honor's in lived, causes that make us overwhelm
Time in it's distant stare, with creation
Taken to our shadow's and friendship's of imagination, we have seen heaven and hell...
David Hilburn Mar 2019
Named letting...
Problems we grew up with
Tones of voice we never wanted to be, or heir
That were ****** up from sense, in a kiss

Patiently, to look the part?
The courage in a fairer hap, simple order
To a requited fewer, than hate had a heart...
In the poise of background music, we know more?

Places we saw in the future
Take the time to usher if not confirm our tout
Of clashing will's, we found in the pace of curiosity
To look into the mind of compromise, must and most to pout:

Candidly, the known hold, we see
Is a guest's imagination, the coping hour
To live one more time in the grasp of lead
To a sincerity, sometimes when we were so dour...

Still, the cold shine of a dissuasion, we confess...
Is our soul, to take an obvious river to luminosity
Tree's and changes of scenery, that have the world for lessons
We know can be, a kind come for the best, we have for liberty

A river that spoiled us, for a sight and moment's aplomb
The issue of proof and privilege, to quietly sulk assume
Am and isn't the teeth you show, a peace in the since, a home
With fury for heed's, and worry for seed, the very cause we could?
Pout to taste and find, the further image we know can, a tradition we mind
78 · Jun 2019
Just Checking In...
David Hilburn Jun 2019
Sally forth
Each's house and have
In the distance, a welling worth...
Taken to liberty among friends, the gift's we save

More truth at the disposal of not
The promises we made, the ones we fought...
With antiquity's precision, where has our lover been our love sought?
Needing but the atone of a voice for when our humanity is caught...

On the cold shoulder of accept
In the mind and fury's of will's
We savor for a solution of when love is let...
The course of another, is a shrewdness that still's

Wishes in the wind...
Making a little more truth than what a soul could think...
Tenacity and the thunderous drive towards, when
Is avidity our shield, or our patience with an eye to blink?

Strength around about, now
The total of our speed and it's hysteria, in a wish...
To look among the known, and see the call of superiority, so how
But bent on a threshold of duty before plain, are we that or selfish?

And the notion of one more day
Found in the embrace of other's, a place for history
Where we are the scope of adage, to deliberate another's pain?
David Hilburn Mar 2019
Themes of survived angel's?
Which in ought, order's and opportunity
Save the mention of silence, with dread little?
Is a reaching gift to upheaval, for the sourness of cunning?

Panic in a solemn justice
With the language of veracity to attest?
A new life of simplicity, to exact argued realization
Of proper manner's and the dole of seclusive lest...

Fancy words, for hello how are you?
Minus the tender kinds and humanity of solitude for youth?
The waiting and harboring of sincerity as when we couldn't...
Strange or strength is a logic best served to innocence as a clue

To decisions
And the inner most desires of having a life adding want's
Is the complexity of substitution for a pronounced, intimation?
Of what was a count of distances as a shrewdness is, or love...

Crying that overcomes the share in shame, we don't need...
But a harmony of ideas and courage entailing, a risen smile
That has a wholeness in mind, is a blessing we save for requiem lead
To decency and predilection's guidance of a habit we seek, for justice all the while

So went wrong, why the defensive glare?
Pain, and its potential as moments; a zealous need
To longevity is given a reach and a presence to care
Having the distinction of being, the call to hope, we save for heed...

A baby with misery to know and hopeful duress taken to worth...
Is it also a prayer?
Minds blown and the invigoration of other's to compliment certainty
Yes, the toil of omnipresence of a soul's affinity of when we share...
Baby goo goo, and soon liberty would, with you too...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Person of call, to a needy calamity?
Futures we have seen, with blossoming hours
Two and through the liming glass, the spare of vanity
Time is an issue of voice, we remember being, the spoken lover

Or so a virtue in the more, has said
Sweeter by truth, or exacted in liberty?
When a spell of undauntable vice, with mere came a head
Of lucre, we see is another voice, callous or ready...

The reasons of our kind, are the wealth we imagine
Today, and the desire we few
Notion and baring of specialness, as if a power to climb
The role of simplicity, to look among sense and who

Beauty, is the name for it
Shame in its long run, toward the affirming sun
Worth to develop a lip, of conscience under the earthly moon, whit
Is the cost of our soul's, if a care ever has the breath it is meant?

Now, and deified as a love's warmth
The all of piety in summation's live, is a redress we can seem
To become, for a new image of done and dread, the neglecting wealth
Of curiosity and the name of philosophy, we collect for a having dream

Patience, never petulance
Prowess, ever prestige's harmony
Pleasance, moreover, the guidance of instance
Prevail, lover's of honor, we see the anxiety...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Party in the shadows
Ending with aplomb, tomorrow we sing again
The praises of a courage, and what has
A salty face for the rest, and the blessing of when

Compare me to a star, a lover will ask
Time and offering honor, to you
Is a wish so soundly made, in the words we lack?
To seldom seen, or requited win, of consensus we are due

Also at the party, was a survivor
Of meant calamity, and the since of hope
We see you have a better day, than the rise of misery, in any form
Time will show a heart come, with the passion of sensitivity aloof

Charisma was the first to ask, "In a dry and held joke"
"Would you like to say, the coming and going of a house"
"That took the edge's off a guarantee, like a burden that looked"
"Before all, the sound of our merriment, and better halves of choice"

The survivor looked and asked:
"What is the joke?"
Charisma intoned, "Nobody's going to slap you on the face for staring"
Smiling, the survivor asked somebody to dance...
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Lushly, the gift
Of simplicity in a guarded eye
Today is our welfare, an eye to lift
And say, "Love is a reach for us, and knowing why?"

Wiser for the words, a host of contemplation
And future sincerity, enough of a lasting coil
The first's of demeanor in let, is our faith in kindred...
Keeping but the irony of a lingering kiss, never to foil?

Wiser for the resolve in each, tows of wishes
We demand are ours, for a serendipity's dream
And the stir of liberty, in a whole feat, for which is
A space of complexity, to ask in a weary voice, to seem:

"Love is a reason to us, and now why?"
Wiser for the decency we have shown for another
Timidly, the words of avarice, to exact poise for life
Keeping any lip of resolve, we are the kindred to bother...

Wiser like a bird of conscience, that has seen the deed
Of virtue in slowing motion and character, adroitly
See the us of callous voices, we know for a souls to lead
"Spirit's without a kinder glance, and its possible loyalty..."

Wiser for knowing a wiser form, we have committed
To decision's of reality, we know can few the least
Life far away, seeing the drive of purpose under it's nose, whitted
With the claim of all, is more than enough of a care, love eaches
76 · Nov 2018
Mr. Noger's Reighborhood
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Life, taught by a key
Seeking it's lock, misery for a pandered doling
****, have you seen the better of me?
Since we are all made, to seek knowing...

Might we be frank?
Soul's in a freedom that save the can
Have the sense of when eyes suggest anger
To be the lid to the problem, and...

A silent mistake
Known to keep, in the brutality of the wind
Simple news for a shadow to take
A future in the steps of those wiser, and sinning

Poor, potential and patience
Together for a name to rise above the land
And seem the pressure of ancient men, that sought ages
Of river's and cities, that did soul, with a bugs challenge...

Patterned after six, the moment of dinge's
Presumption in love, with anything but a door
Taken for a fool, or the shine of a gift in wings
Can you save heathen from the whistles we make for war...
if you think this one is good, try it with a little lemon
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Thread of tenderness
Seen in stance, in the minds eye
Truth, do I know thee as a guard of bless
The waiting of eternity to come and sigh

Patience's we have seen
Proof of a vow in the call
Of destiny to a shoulder we mean
Is no place for birds of harping's and fall

But pluck they do
Whistling at the break of day
Naked attempt's at the collection of who
Is to be a name, without the cloth to say
David Hilburn Apr 2019
Live in the saved
With me, and the times we due
Curiosity to serve, as a shoulder loved, in labor
Of contrary sin, taken to exaction and would

Life in the saved
Poor isn't and the truth in a hurting hope
The liberty's we seem, and collect in passion, gave
The new reason's and dread, we failed to cope...

The stars to avoid, the comely nature
Of a stirring heed, for silence to dream in blisses
We foretell is a rage, the darting of all into purity

Misery and portion, for a sanity to fathom
The causes we cursed, done with the order of more
Since we need, and begin to hear, the craving of home...

Needs intertwined, the past's remembrance
Have in an isolation, coming for panic still...
The role of gift's of ridicule, without, our faith lends

Utmost, the course of a bracing new ship
Is nowhere in a vacuum, too angry to finish
The place of real enough times, that earned a conscience's lip

See the courage of a unwholesome fantasy, made to honor
The known laugh of energy's we tell tale, as if wicked...
Shame is a callous hand, to work the magic of another's valor?
David Hilburn Jan 2019
We have seen the intricacy begin
Morose views of simple fusion
Of a collapse into another's arms, a heavenly wind?
Baring the character we few, with confusion...

Don't see my name in big letter's...
Since we are the calm, won't a contrary season be fame...
Like the stare of unity we know so well, irony is better...
Sulking how, saw our blessing, become a neglect all the same...

As for me...
Time is a wasting honor, to establish a new voice
Of pittance and deference, for a coolly collected key
Of sides and graces we knew, as cause stills its source...

As for you...
Truth is a language onto itself, the tongue of intellect met
To a warranted call, the poise to select new tiding's soon
With the place of serendipity in the stay of world's we reflect

As for mercy
So many tried lip's, the taste of hosting a discrepancy
In any came, to look among the solitude of worldly
Clocks of suggestion and peradventure, the life in a wall of fancy...

Presence of mind to make love again?
Here is your future, a waiting house of irk and despondent ilk
Ready to pounce upon your pride, futures worth their sin?
Hope once more for your calm, and you have the imagination we fulfil...
David Hilburn Dec 2018
No light in here
Our fist's for fancy
Majesty is such a word
Compelling me to a gilded lienancy

Shame, do I know you like a flower?
Simple issues, to keep a life's vex
Poise, portrayal, and peace, where in is power
A fugitive of cold harbor's and season's elect

Patiently, none to seek
Truly, poor challenges of the kind
Come to those, with love to let
See the affirm, well to do in reason and rhyme

Now with a name
For isle's of forethought
We save ourselves in any voice to claim
Then and meted, between the morrow and lot's

Calm me for a salt?
When I hate the world, ever love
So suggested to know the eye of fault
But where a shadow has known, a lip has come to thus
abjure, sulk and know abuse, their your only gift to me when I sigh...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Tows we appoint
Truer to the fashion of our youth?
Weal and social climbing, simply the joy
Worth one more kiss, in the saving rued...?

Says the fast, here in our stilled
Voice, that came with the call of onus...
The riches of a land far away, as if we willed
The limit's of our need, to the hour of causes...

Legend would have it?
The tolled of an angry bell, not neither nor named?
The places we same, the curses in our lip's...
The realm of vice, to require a new kiss, famed?

For the price of the snores we make...
A home and any decision of prowess that has
The calm and judgment, of yesterday's sake
Will we see the coming heed, we meant at last?

Promises, promises, promises
Toes of hither the faults we know not
Tradition in a cache, of silence?
Today is the call to wishes for a world, with hurt don't's...
David Hilburn Jun 2019
Heathen cold's
I collected with a rule of paper...
Silver and curious steel
With a moment to serve, a call to hater's...?

Of a bullet...
In the strong, building irony
Ivory imbue and sincere weal
The risks of vice, in the vision of another, is me?

Golden silence, and the river of decency
Taken from me, for a salt, the wishes in a legend...
That began in a poignant cull, of what is our history?
When kisses come to tongues, that rival only the bends...?

So extolled, so controlled?
Adding the sky, in a place where no sun shine's...
Without a paradise and a polite...
Knowing the passion we few, is my heart in kind...?

Taken flags, to a role of patience
Example and tissues in the wind, favoring the might
Of antiquity for a future scream, this is where beauty ends...
And many begins, the rational of dependency, to live with lucre's light...?

Right about nothing? but a pair of hands...
In the speed of deceit and the reign of compelling a friend to see
The wishes of valor and its energy, living in sanity and lands
Of courage for a new moment, we are the children of misery...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
If guest's have warm
Blankets and conscience for the night
Will biding tension form the belly of the night, simplify worth?
Focus of semblance and heard, in right...

Time with a memory found
Trusted bastion's and fathoming the cycle
Of hindsight and it's more, a strength so proud?
With a sense of admittance and it's honor, come full circle...

Strange, the timidity of cease and desist
Truer to a wealth than to hopeful poor...?
Turning with a charisma and heed, a light will insist
Is this smile of revealing hour's, and will knowing it, war?

Presence of cope, and a common taste
In the burden of similar breath and mirth, to suggest the kind
Silence in intervening places, and the guidance of haste
Into the corner of surmised hopes and gains of reason's rhyme

Just to say, we found your smile in a corner last night
Patient and satisfied with a mind of matter's
Will simple relationship's with a candor, and its might
Have the sense of ourselves or the light which flatter's?

A true friend, will answer nothing but the blessed
For a courage in the normalcy we save, for the silent dreams
We share, today and ever with hope, for a salt in our lest...
Can't a friendship order the sharing home, with what one another,

A true misery, will notice the door of ask and opportunity
Since we are the paces of compromise and hence, the offering
Of life to itself, the dread we make for other's to see...
Is a wish wild in the wind, where simplicity was accepted lean?

A true mystery?
Why people of astounding host's, inception and moment's hath...?
The awakening house, and the chastity of sincerity worth history
Patience? shared ordeals of quiet, and sour heed, of a lover's wrath?
71 · Nov 2018
Time To Water The Daisies
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Till asked again...
Penny in defense, of a new friend
Worth your sideways look, again
The truth is ours for a rainbow to lend...

Penny buying an excuse
Excused behavior, tows of weight
Made for you and me, who is to lose?
The marvel's we sell to each other, sate?

Prevailing hour's
With a catch of light, on all's simplicity
Tradition has a hosting lip, somehow dour
Sense from a hand held, is asking, impunity?

Time taken, trying the till
When all else fail's, the spoken word
Of a fate we redoubt, is any more sated than a little
More care, than a light that foiled, the ours of lurid...

Patience with an ego, the size of the world
Presence in a held belief, mere's and bother
Bother and scope, to never's friendship thanking you, early
Birds get the worm? when you have seen a brother...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Names we can choose?
Family if fairing all, ask and ages
Of direction seen, is honor to loose...?
The host of compromises, that seldom, is, rages...?

Patience we can afford, tomorrow in love...
When superiority has its abundant cares
The opulence of vice's more and many, to hear am's covenant
Of wishful reason's, if not relationship's of sense, where?

In the land is a waiting eye, made for us...
The vicinity of kinds and nary come, to welcome the dream
Of history to a general heed, moments of open discussion
That save the challenge of unity, to give sense a new freedom...

Names we know have a choice
Till with a presence of mind, well worth once and ought
The ordeal of a chance with its first and last, calling of a voice
Are we the sparseness of guidance still, the liberty of notion sought?

Caveat emptor, buyer beware?
Callous simplicity in affirmation's of youth and couth
To wizen at the need's of other's compared will's, urbane as worth
The frailty of shares of possibility, we kept, for a silence who'th?
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Known nature, wisdom then silence
Truer to steal the kiss, confusion then metal
Astoundingly and earthen embellishment, callous then amends
Wishes in the fate of other's, intuition then weal

Places with no hope...
Persons of redoubt, to simplify the capable
Clever syntax, and the image of prices for sophistication?
Time with its edit, of vice, vision and the voices of hell...?

Here is the key, and a note from the people before you
Patience we foretell, is our little eye...
Taken to surfaces of honor, we know not?
Threshold's and fury to tell a different tale, no lie

The walking hour of history, holds the keep
Of question's never answered, but for coping with a none
And moreover role of sincerity to find our leap
Of faith, to continue with a risk, that has completed fun...?

Sixth and Main
Total's of anarchy we heed, for ever more and just
The ticket for a presence of mind, same
Side? as we know a burden in the window, the neighbor's must...
David Hilburn Jun 2019
We are, at the last?
Honest query into a fate for due
The composure and silence we have...
Attributed to insolence, for a questioned who?

Many mouth's to feed...?
Substance and its hidden causes, to well...
Threshold's in faster eye's, we have come to lead?
Cold, embittered or surviving this taste of hell...?

Shame a knowing house had to leave...?
Still the times in adroit fashion, a word to concept's?
In the mar of verified justice, we have for needs?
Is a response to accusation so lingering, that we don't, relent?

One step more, and with sincerity?
The past's errors and falsehood, a charisma's most
If reasons come for when we are, superiority
To issue a plea, is a dream's salt forsook, the uncanny host?

Establishing fair, a freedom for saner reproach
Took for absolution in the mix, of ourselves to account
A harrowed show of distances, we never lost to owed
Kindred, and the muse of when we are, the irony we rout?

Love and the milk of human decency, we claim is a given
Craving for youth, yearning, and a yarn of hospitality...?
We find in the mutuality of diplomacy, to a carnal living
We mind for a tear asking silence, if we are blisses keep?
Didn't Job ask about you to, when a shrewd tyrant came a knocking...?
David Hilburn Nov 2019
Taint a seldom?
Ain't a question?
Interim a wisdom?
Not a blessing?

Luck would have it
Sound rises and falls, of another cause
Welcoming touch to a passion we whit
Pining homes and hinting poem's of lauds

Of a rainbow with no particular place to go...
Can you see, the smile of me?
Sharing but the pause, of suggestion in a worldly owe
Could a friendly many, save your again, with a key?

To a kindred's lock, we find in favor
Of a crass enough dance, in the nature of cordial...
Looking the silence we envoy, for a time we share
In the pardon of guises and guidance, to linger in wealth

Why the mystery?
*** and the tooth of problems, we confine to certainty's
Longevity in the name of past's and hath of due intimacy
Is this curiosity so vengeful, we don't know a sleepy eye, seen?

And a heroism of journeyed voice, versus the condition we fathom
As a righting step forward, in the needs of other's, when all is who
Is the moment, and who is a mercy with it to prove, a days loan?

Asking the held belief of shall to wish away the meager lip
Of a requited oddity, the sense of a shape of patience to lend, order
A presence of mind, that has purpose in a call to allure, to finish...
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