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David Hilburn Feb 2019
Ably the concern, persuasion to find
Asking if tones of voice, are betting
On a **** future, that has it to mind...

A kite of nowhere in heart, but chances
To flip and articulate an ordeal...
With the wind, and its means to issue a challenge
Of when we were, courage in its mile of what heals...?

Of the human spirit, like a beam of sunlight
We remember the curses we don't, with and harmony
To tell a different story, than a logic of worlds might
Tension and finite glares, we will know come from are seen...

**** again, the space to decide and coincide with all
Of a notion in past's of contrary hope, and its song
Whispering strong, the truth in my needs, and houred falls
Of day to the soul of reasons in aspire, we fate with a haunt

Look be need, and lot's of riches we knew...
For a loft of words to gather the blessing we admit
Will humanity's pleasance, as if a ruley fool...
For the tastes of cause in hap, we imagine is love, only let...

Fools for the kiss on a tip of a dream, top of the world
To exact a needy friend, with moments in the sour
Of our smiles in a justice we saw once, and then wry, early
Tastes of have in our heart's for more and a day, we were...
David Hilburn Mar 2019
Posies on the firm
Reliance and tact
Sake, by the sound of rich, confirm
Dances with angel's, a ***** will bare, as a fact

Today, is such an evil stare...
Made for language and meter
Of compliment and its history, an earthly charisma, cares
That said the obvious, a hat in the rain, is a fool's inheritance...

Under the roof of a friend, sated with appearances
The time of our lives, a shrewd candor of a devil's chew
Right in the needs of our iconic hands, a palm without chances?
And the urge to complete the world, with are's misery due?

The rain has stopped, indicates my friend
Painstaking mores, and a hell of a song, grip us...
The hour is long for trying affluence, a room for ends
But the light dwindles, and we see the hatred we discussed...

Hate was our final lip, says an earth
Made from the poise of simplicity, we took for granted
And now see, is the common bid for worth
Saying the ordeal is ours, is like the all of us, seemingly wanted...

For a kiss with death...?
Nature given the still of the night, where asking is all the rage
Rather opulent by the end of the day, with its passing fancy and let
Made the gift of all things alive, with hope comes the needs patience?

But where have we been? a fight for life to remember
The taste of contemplation, and inheritable kindness
Like the amenity of a dream, we keep for miracles canter
Looking here and there, the patience saved, as redeeming our fate's bless

For angel's who fought, the burden of us
Taken limit's and the avidity we compel, to reality
Is distinct live, the honor of knowing the host of a cause?
Shared from the start, with a rule of thumb, what goes bump in the night, has been duality?

We both decide to wait until sun up...
Anger like this, the tale of similarity to a rolling heat of other's
And their vices, well, is our confused state a misery we can love?
By the sound of the hissing dawn, we know an angel to be any who bother's...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Person of call, to a needy calamity?
Futures we have seen, with blossoming hours
Two and through the liming glass, the spare of vanity
Time is an issue of voice, we remember being, the spoken lover

Or so a virtue in the more, has said
Sweeter by truth, or exacted in liberty?
When a spell of undauntable vice, with mere came a head
Of lucre, we see is another voice, callous or ready...

The reasons of our kind, are the wealth we imagine
Today, and the desire we few
Notion and baring of specialness, as if a power to climb
The role of simplicity, to look among sense and who

Beauty, is the name for it
Shame in its long run, toward the affirming sun
Worth to develop a lip, of conscience under the earthly moon, whit
Is the cost of our soul's, if a care ever has the breath it is meant?

Now, and deified as a love's warmth
The all of piety in summation's live, is a redress we can seem
To become, for a new image of done and dread, the neglecting wealth
Of curiosity and the name of philosophy, we collect for a having dream

Patience, never petulance
Prowess, ever prestige's harmony
Pleasance, moreover, the guidance of instance
Prevail, lover's of honor, we see the anxiety...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Pretty futures I have for own
Prettier fun, to live with a smile...
That came and went with none's imagination
Taken to a reasonable limit, for gift's of guile?

Penny saved, penny earned
The welcoming gaiety we show for song's
That we invent by memory, the rightness of a comely word
That has the same of a stone's throw, for asking wishes among

Priveledge, was the first to hear...
My time of curious eyes worth once more, knowing form
Of a house to promises that came, with mere
Truth and hail, the collection of similarity to add, are we home?

Natures of cares and the capable way we introduce, say most
The images of may, that have sensed the coming mine
Of worth, we learn to see, in the eyes of other's, a host
Of simplicity found, with the harbored season of dread we kind

Myriad moment's and monster's of the ordeal we seem...
A laughter has the silence to make the world stop, and keep...?
The bell's of very and many, with poise to have, a new whim
Misery loves company, but arm's of vagueness, we never be...?
David Hilburn Mar 26
Pairs of lend
Love in embraces lead
Admittance to understate the land
Yearning in a walk, with god for a league

Notions we understand, and do
Complete to a hand held, and might reproofed
Is our cast of voice, to a shimmering gift of who
In the real, and who is marveling at the could?

Jaundiced the concept, if life has a flaw...
Trueness, to a step forward, with the baring of integrity
Calm is our only defense, for what may be a law
Of committal taken to consciences eye's for liberty

Eye's we would remind...
Have the common route of consideration, like a beginning
Odd the cares we ensue, are a history for let and kind
But, with but a mention of a kiss, are we an end worth winning?

How, and heaven's above
The angel on my shoulder is my friend
Told to mind the better of you, recollection and discuss
Have avidly seen the justice of a courage to may, amen
David Hilburn Apr 2019
Place of blown minds?
Loft and creed in doubt, to never fail?
In how and who'm is a relationship to wind
Up in a crass tussle with a remote chance at, well...?

The privilege of none, speaking...
Here is a rage for phrases and terms in a lion's share
To simplify a fate, the knowing of wealth we are reaching
For, curiosity's and virtue's in same, if not despair...

What does this have to do with a blown mind?
The fight you are about to have, with a sour idea
Made in the care and fortitude of real enough emphasis and time
To share the candor of silences for a digression into mercy, majority and me...?

Anything else before I inherit a bruise?
Yes, the sound of your voice, where a lover has a call
To know a tastes treasure and a lucid youth
Does this mean we are a tribute in the open, hearing the risk of all?

Ask again, who did what...
And know a fear in the thanks and issue of a family to save
The notion of courage and distance to exact hope in the fame of love?
Are we still the neglect of posing life's question, or is a rued thought ours to name?

Don't try it as yet, for your love is a handsome aren't...
In the midst's of composure and the mystique of passion to come
Won't the clever be, the same we know or the count of shame, by far
Be a recognized kiss in the dread we have for each other, or, are we simply talking about home?

Too positive for an original answer?
See the name of potential become the rise of possibility
Let with the rhyme and reason of presence, to have the music to serve...
A history of seldom to views of every day call to us, a richer patience for what is our, shrewdness's hospitality?
David Hilburn Jan 13
No name provided
Ulterior motive, name your **** ant...
Looking for Mister Judgment, snide
Is a frequent live, and let liberty panic

Shapes of things to come, altogether...
With a role for a sadism, the place and the time...
Of golden opportunity, seeing the worth in better
Patience's, we know the mind to find the history of trying

When, sour, and marveling
Walk into a breed of contempt...
The tooth to announce anxiety, with the health of a body, to sing...
Found in the lapse and severity we eschewed, the very sight of opus lent

Fragile, the certainty of course and vanity, to wish profound
The carriage and the tact, of curiosity's measure, a waiting courage
Lent with a sip of causes conscience, are we the powers that sound
In the hill's, when towering few and forsooth a soon, is in a rage?

Paired with preeminence, and the callous voice of destiny
We know the liberty in our hands, a name of fool's...?
That have the quote and question of a misery, that came to infamy
Like lore in your eye, love is a weary curse, for the succinctness of life's tool's

So what did this make?
Long to rued sincerity and the moment we first a façade of cope
The eye's of passion, so sacred...
Have the distinct quality of sleep, when we are well and alive, with hope

Enter the forces we vie with, and a shouldered soldier of claims
So south of truth, and meaning the carefulness, of a wishful city
When energy's flower and pace the odious, obvious is about our aim's...
David Hilburn Aug 2019
And a gay shoe
Fit for a kindred, and a risen host and minds?
Of a real enough same, and dream, asking who...

Like fact's, like providence
In a clash with possible stars?
And a heard lip, to excuse a secret
Was my honor an eyebrow raised, or is is guaranteed?

Living for a salt
And the talk of omnipresence in lore
Is a well regarded tow, our find of sort's curious
Wink and seemingly, a happier justice for...

Legend would have it, just so...
Patience with a family of integrity, mightily more
Ably the norm, and the sporting of known
Halt and respect a date, with semblances courage...

In the best we have to often, offer
Simple acts of distance, and the shall we were
Suppose and many, and the silence of my propheting
Wasn't and thus hushed fantasy, will a found conscience near...

Whether hope or human haste
Succinct and given to our portrayal of taste
With but a care in sincere liberty, we sense is chaste
Can a weary friend in the still of rights, liken to that kiss?
David Hilburn Nov 2019
Lowly you
Lovely day we are, happen
Like a rainy day means clement to few
Days we recognize and say, when

Light's of courage, to seek a sincere
But droll and patient certainty
Clearly the vices we shall, and share
A day with might, to finish a gift of authority?

Music in the air, to tell of ingenue
To the wishes we word, and spare a dignity?
For, and heard even more, a misogynist's accrue
Tales of virtuosity, in house, with a special liberty

Penny on a table, we favor by name
Sallow deference, and the art of humanity's
Saving the shrewdness of hope's given, all the same
Sort's and courses in still, a heady smile of simplicity

Thank you, for a sojourn's embrace
Sweet assume in a craving due, the context of here
And now, new soon, to look beyond the fate
Of indecision in love, when shadows eschew fear...

And the moment we see, in an inclined future
Taken to whom and you, to weigh a silence for letting
The care of a mindful heed for what we know, is yours
David Hilburn Jul 2019
Grease be a willing
Suggested in rhyme and region
To say a place in the stir, we are fulfilling
Save a round eye for simplicity, and you will see pleasing...

Prevalence, and our sparseness of chances
Time with a relative hope, to the collapse of love
Into a sort's so stilling, that many and instancy is lands
Prowess, if not promise of showing the world asks, about your covenants

Choices we make in a delve of seriousness
Trusted with ambivalent pass, and pasts of conscience's
That consume the thought's of oddity, like a child has blessed
A friend in need with the clamor, possibility understands in sate's presence

Omitted from this cause, is a dread to form the worth...?
Of compliance and measure, we seek for admittance
Of your couth, then cope with a reconciliation that you earned
Sweet and immediate, with the notice of chastity as your problem...

Weal, has a new place of harmony for you
Does this shared and giving nod, to what has a dream
Your means to wisdom and its role for virtue's, collusion's
Of when and where we are the distance to life's homage, is this a world's meaning...?
We in vice
We in due
We in sigh's
We in view

Oft planes of fruition...
Simple justice for friendship and sate
To compare the ideas we made, for intuition?

Weal to advise
Weal to do
Weal to silence
Weal to review...

A cause in the winds of portrayal and change
Through moments of exaction, and the skill's of psyche
We differ, we relent, we expect to be strange
We see you try, when the callous add and make right, might?

Where is voice
Where is don't
Where is sort's
Where is related

Pasts of common gift's, the trust of a future walk
Known by their coping heed for whimsy and wholeness
Turned to each other for a savior's need, never balk
A risen more, mercy and many to wish? is actual rage our bless?

Whole if vast
Whole if didn't
Whole if sense
Whole if reticent

Succinctness, versus the promise of goodly intent...
Truer to form the words, than to let misery have its day
Until the rightness of a compliment, taken to earn and love, has lent
With a raging hold of risks eye, that said we are, another prayer?

World of vice
World of due
World of sigh's
World of views
Call me crazy, but winning a race with...
David Hilburn Sep 2019
Same side of said
As a wish in the storm, of prodigy
Simple order to a calming hap, we made
In a truer time, a need to look and seem...

Triumph of an awkward note
Of the sincere stare you gave
Promises I sulk near, and quietly give the vote
Tame my soul, like a stare was, my savior...

Reasons to dance with, like a resolute meant...
Does a wizened face, have the sense to protect?
Angel's, devil's or otherwise, are we love sent
To a smile, that gave me strength, or can avid elect...

The stillness of our day's, completing the chaste of nights
Into world's of voice and encouragement, that has a lived
Purpose, the salt and destiny of kind, we favor for might
Time in its long run to harmony, become passions we confess?

Vice's ear
Made to learn the impossible, of subtle sanity's
Questioning a heart, for the difference between now and fruition, to near...
Are we a saving grace, and can I prophesize, about your humanity?
David Hilburn Sep 10
Friends and lovers
Sat for the question, we live to be
Asked this thought, over and over
Will a hopes seclusion give us time, to need?

Truth and fondness
Till a clover has its music, a wish
In the stars to remain, the courage to bless
A tale of summation, we found for a kiss...

Patience and handsomeness
Taken to reason, the irony of another here
And now the fun we season with a smile, coming for us
The turn of history into a waiting gift, too liberal to near?

Resolve and heroism
Today was the idea, the hour to ponder
Thoughts of conscience in a handful of kindness
Strong in the voice we let, limes and light we wonder...

Story's and worthiness
Simple ideals in love, with a new guidance
Of virtue in our esteem, the ironic guest
To know, in vice we sow, hearts of romance?
David Hilburn Oct 2019
Compose another, early bird
If we entertain a mercy's thought
Acting with life, inching closer to charisma's heard
Letting the miracle of it's specialness, have all for image and not

Imagine the count, of repose
Silly old me, the tact of decision
The mores of propriety, a worldly hour to lose
The notion of a distance to a problem, that has no equality for intuition

Sweet old honey, ready to introduce a different plan
The taken moment's, to the siring of another keep
Worth one more step than we thought, the integrity we and
And the coming heart of deliverance, with it to seek

Like childhood, no even adult sophistication
Has the hurried brow of composure, a milk to memories
That complete the tender hope of angel's and their intimation
Whether a toll of embarrassment or the erudite youth of consideration, we see...
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Bit lips
So survived by a calming glance
Were we succinct to our whit's?
Or is a legend of many, mighty enough to and

Life resolute?
Moment's taken, to rapture
For all in a wayward could
Known this way and that, a lip so curious...

Now is the time...
To prepare a kinder word
The paces of simple trying
Having the curses we keep, when hatred is heard?

Nature approves?
Life in a harrowing scheme
Of retribution and tales of what loses
In the name of hope, the courage to say, is fate a whim?
David Hilburn Jul 2019
Paces to run
Order and frank purchase
To tell a story of the hour, won
Well to do, and with arduousness as an image

Looking among the challenge...
Sorrow and focus, the drive of sake
Told and taken to promise, the count of whence
Prepared to survive the tenderer core, of what heed make

Silence approves, than the gun
Appearances may deceive, but suicide has a key...
Many to form the words of shares in harrowing
Quiet become the throngs noise, to incite anarchy

Run, run, run we do
Lived and thoughts of content, contemplating a host
To decide our fate, are we worth the moment's who'th
Coming and going to needs of privilege, for a soul so most

Looking for the far hill's, seasoned and cleverly adored?
The wages of the world are at our fingertip's...
Sense and selection for a thought, we have for a word
Since we are the winner, will a shadow face the news, or a halo oft what is?

Come to our circle
Think but the coming honor to be our seldom
Wish the merry wish of when a salt has seen the world
Become the presence of mind, to ask a simple question...
Witness we're, witness weird
The frank display of power...
Past the common rue, of suggestion in the norm
Simply the kind of thing that comes to these, for hour's?

Of justice in love with commit
See, the confusion a flower brings
To the table, a wish in hands of relent
That know you, the course of courage to welcome means

A display of withheld judgment...
For a climate of given example, to issue a plea
Is a worthier name in the meld, blind to us and sense?
Friend absolution, our name is done without the heat of...

Here is your gift:
Space for a reaching heed, that came to influence
A spare lip for good measure, the tale of irony and it
The truth in a nut shell, that some believe is innocence

Why do you arrive in the scare of prodigy, to look the part?
The taste of **** and fetid kind, is a realm to its heart...
That began with the world in a guided moment, and ended where it started
A shame in tows of insecurity, that never knew yourself for it's art
David Hilburn Feb 29
Shame is a novice artist
Pangs of redoubt, presence to know
Mires weal considers a host
To insist a revelation is ours to hold

Tact, was a fury of omni patience
Saving must in causes of tradition
Areared, and never feared? ages
Of consideration go by, without rational intuition...?

Baring the soul
Of conscience's decision
Meant nefarious, made now of old
Is hope our season, or is strength our intention?

Total's of simplicity...
And the mar of heed, to collect vanity's whim
Seldom life without it, lover's of liberty
Will do, avidly the succession of lend

Here is irony...
Here is a fruit of chance's and wisdom
To react to all of a time's moment, many
Laid to ends, some say is the promise of it's hunger...
David Hilburn Mar 2019
Heed was the name
Given by me, and the needs of other's
When and where we don't know, but just the same
With presence and kind, coming for more...

Time with a pathetic grin, noticed by all...
The turn of somber chastity into a marvel of anger
That has deed and notion, of worlds to fall
In love with something besides the beaddled works of angel's...

Now, don't think the needs of an alerting charity...?
Are neither and knick, to me and my patronage
But a living example of destiny in a shoe, voice, and disparity
Is no place for am's choice to come to justice, unless it is, fate

How, in the terms of unity and coping we so mightily adjust to...
And an hour of seclusion we find for fix, and the burdens of a fighter
But in these words and premise to honor a new and compelling you
Was a lie before us all, the nature of decency to foster another, writer?

Courses in heed and the inner most desire we know to call
A passion of let and set ideology, but again the lie is in the road
To spirits and their divorce from the moments, as if a pace to loll
Among the distances and travail, we make for a clarity of soul...

Written in habits and happenstance, the onus of anxiety?
True to wishes we have never heard, we meant the thought...
If not the word and deed, of complexity like a share in vanity's
That came, and went, with a shout, but only when we are not...
David Hilburn Dec 2018
And never more, than
A light in the eaves, for a meager silence...
All and all, an about face, with a story worth plain...

Truth and meaning, of fearful days?
Never more, than a care is whether, odder...
Or the saving grace we ought, for a life in a fate
So named and faired to deem, another older, our?

Days have come to it's end...?
Future finish of a sameness without few
Still the response of a shared history, a heart to lend
Paces of curiosity with the voice of a world too soon?

Mind and make, the meager choice of ages
Of weal and bruised ego's, the thought for simplicity
A new care in the justice, we plan for liberty's wages
So, few to a rational kind? when you have the sense of well being

A father with knowing to share, and final authority...?
Ably the dote of a yearned for goodness, sincerity
That has the quote of a lifetime, in their sake, deplorability
Is a fury with its own ends, named the chaste, a patience's integrity?
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Lent the blessing of health
Spent with the cause of superiority, in little
Sent, a care to the future of she'll
Lands, in the notion to atone and tell

Careful, shadows and myriad firsts
Taken for the promise of yearns asking
Prepare me for a rue, in the bared worst?
The tightness of a mercy, has saved kindred lacking

Penny's of might...
Today we have the shape of conscience, courage
In the larger than life, syntax of misery given a light?
Of weal, and the same's we kept, for a youth, in patience

No legend worth its might...
Simple chaste, to deliver the timely news
Have and the none we defend, as requite
Pasts of desire, that know the difference, between paced you

Here is a reason in the vested more...
Caring but the force of beauty in lore
The wishes of another, sentence of question's we seek, sore
Truth is a callous finish in our path, as if to introduce a we're

Hateful sincerity, for a hair of a chance?
Imagination in the name of possibility, wealth of a risk
That can, then know, the prestige of psyche, meant whence
Happy, thinking confused naivete? Have we subsumed is?

Nation's with a new faith, irony in the scope of who
Is a liberty before all else, and the tale of tendered sense
Will we originate with fascination, or is a clemency due
To sing the praises of reality, where one lord above any, is amends
David Hilburn Apr 30
Red raspberries
And a tea to soak up for the day
In a laugh, and tear let to carry
Am I the sense I make, when alienation may

Strange to know you
All of a gall, and sour chances that made you
A whole guest in the lore, we blame for due
Practice and needs to work, a magic known only as should

Stares at a blank wall for the best it has to offer
Sat still, to remember a calm
That collected under my nose, a resolute lover?
That stayed well into  the night, a credence and a psalm

Faintly, a role of roses and guidance...
Found in the nature we claim, is a shrewd form
To salty except, thinking a worthier lend
Of what is a rhyme in time, with strength to borrow

Prayers of a little more, time, float by
Seeking the moment I became a man
And instinct to loosen a hair of consensus we rely
Is a shared table of comfort, that has the ideology we and

And handsomeness in a fruit apart
From the blind, where I bother
A stirring passion, with another time, to start...

Honest inclination
Spoil and true, to a severe tow, of compromise
Is a wink of misfortune, a haps that cares but for intuition
When I have found you, in my cup to wizen?
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Candy we can spell...
Comely to the need's of a chance
Season we remember with a spoil, little
Contrite or contrary might, to seek life's instance

Candy we can smell...
Living for a mouth from a saving pocket?
Today is a welcomed hello, saved for all and will?
The cares of somber note, the pale of an eye considering ought?

Candy we can bell...
The rued live and let's give, the testimony
Of conscience with one more step toward sunshine, if not still
The promise of reasons of visiting the gift's of harmony

Candy we can fulfil...
Sour accord, came to sincere threshold, for a levity as
Truer by known concern's, we do see unless a gage of will
The tightness of oddity in our hands, make them known for hath?

Candy we can philosophy...
Deliberation in the mar, of substance and questions we deem
Sorry old chum not these, but destiny's best laid plan's for anarchy
Presence of mind, and the discipline of charisma, is yours to keep

Candy, we can't be jealous...
Hush come to share, and an eye that said a wisdom's health
Prepared for silence, with an ear of sincerity to focus
Where we have been, and where a love has offered another's heraldry and wealth
nobody ever said my rose garden wasted life, until I met youth in it
David Hilburn Oct 2018
Candy ought, candy?
Happier trust, toil and thus
Found in a hardy hand...
Seldom, many have discussed?

Rational versus season
Live with us in the open
Tales of virtue, we know to be keen
Here in our heart's, with sense to hope...

All and reason, any and future am
Today we add to remember, cares
Ably till, found is a request of when
True to ourselves, the thought of distance to share?

Weal to steal, another kiss...?
Sight and sound, the rue of a mind
Rules and haunting look's, of a noble wish
Two to show, liberty, we are kind...

Insight we same, the lead of solace
Merit and few, limit and couth...
Pyres of just thought, we share in existence
Of a sincerity to think, in love, another youth?
David Hilburn Aug 2019
Something simple
Something with a whetted appetite
Something that regarded arrogance with she'll
Something concerned with allowance as might

Penny's lost in the river?
Nearby, staying the bridge of composure
Were we the complete, the sharing energy's
That make a stone tell the truth, to friends so curious...

Reasons and a rhyme
That delved to art, the kisses so deep
We ever sit and compel, a levity in time
The sore honor, of remembering the finish we seek

Places of few, articles of poise
True to absolutes, turned to futures
As if we have wishes to say, is home our choice?
A house by any other name, have the embarrassment of the world?

Simple something...
Taste in a hand held, by the callous shall, we devote to reach
And their in, there out a lapse of reality to solve a dreams
Heed, and weal maturing with the lovelorn eyes that need a hearts each
David Hilburn Mar 26
Survived notions
Thirsty at the truth, I suppose...
Looking for water, as if an hour of portions
Sweet conversation ensues, when a dickory woes

Places we have been
Same tomorrow for a care today
But the liberty I seek, of a careful win
Is sure to advance, can I seem the better we may

Sharing the drink, finally
Welcome time to ask in a revered voice
Simply the work of privilege, which I mean
Is a callous friend up to the challenge I envoy?

Spare feelings for more, and the clash of response
Worth your bottom dollar, if not the deal of a lifetime
Wearing thin? achingly familiar? somewhere to haunt?
With one last sip for decision's sake, will a wish seem trying?

Wish granted, the long run and the marvel of owed
Charisma and meet, to situate with courage for amends
Truth and now, the vice we allow, the only way more
Taken with a moment in allied eyes, we keep mercy, aloof to silence's sins?
David Hilburn Oct 2019
Liking the box
No, non, nowhere in play
Severe the sound, of a tolling music, see the lock?
Patient information will secure a keeping past, to hate

Pinch of popularity for you...
Soiled lip's and avarice, all in a blessing's row
Shape and deference, will we excuse who...
Is to be, alacrity with a brazen voice, a song we owe?

Taint and pander...?
Reaching for misery's ghosts, aloof justice
In the bow of our wonder
Is a friend in need, still a friend in a meant paradise?

Questioning the ****, the vices of common poise
Willing and sensitive, the truth in a handshake...?
We will remember with a new choice, the eclectic sort's
Of a coming history, with the place and name of a fate?

Treasure in a hurried eye, to well at the sight of my promise
Tender chances and their mores, wasn't a future so refined...
Callous as a wish with the wind, in a sail to clash?
The roses provided save all for a wait, of another and a sign...

Dancing with the devil...
Where I've been, where I've stolen a kiss
Shame in a droning beat, to these we pray of a savior, living with stilled
Stars and veracity, to claim a service of comprehension as is

And the divine judgment of cool rhythm, even cooler running
To adjust to the stir of a pathetic misogyny, in the name of we
See of habit, ode and brief need; as a climate for heed, gunning...?
David Hilburn Mar 11
Roses are simple
If red is a friend...
Towers of hope, and a harmony to fulfil
A wish we saw living in the wind

And the breath of example
To call once more, for a caring how
Born to discipline, and a disciple...

Thorns, of gratuity...?
Meant, in the proven need
So called a handsome but bared lividity
When we seek the shy, roses come to seed

And the breadth of existence
To charisma we adore, a delicate hue
Meaning a reality with mercy in its defense

Wood, to tell a story...
About a shared dream, that has a clue
Of wishes that included, a game of worry
We made in the moment, of a nefarious good

And a sound of angels in the air
Showing the rue and reality we lead to same
For a shrewd liberty to calm, cool and collected morrows

Roots, of a dismayed many?
Holds of moisture, greatly poorer for instinct to follow
A sincerity of waiting waters, in the irony of a plane
A day that has stepped forward, with a sunshine to hallow?
David Hilburn Dec 2018
Low to earth
Since a season was our own...
Smiles and oft in so many, kinds of worth
Tongues to save, time is silent for love...?

Timid, the notion to excel
Thirst for another, soul
To know the senses we let, will
We serve the notion a draught, of each other fully?

Candor in the space of courses
In the speed of specialness
Thinking the tone of a unifying voice, are we forces
Of rage, or the sparseness of courage to lessen?

Time comes back for it's silent appoint...
Ready me for a simple kiss of sight?
Tender need, in no man's seldom, the world to sort
The cares of fact from fiction, where only sadness might's?

And the energy we spend on the bother
In a calling to hurry and the many, a heathen brow
Is all of nothing so unattractive, that we don't know honor?

Now forever...
Symmetry and focus of a sincere mind
To wake in the urges of life, to select it's own lover
Aching for fruition, we have any hope, for you as a sign

Forever now...
Living in the shadow of poise, and the moments of conscience
Said for ably, our curse? when to ask, is our gift to how
And the illustrious more, to keep the freedom of when, we end

The pale roles of uniqueness in the means of an eventual us
Known to collect each other, for a carnal reason, if not never
Haven't we, the eyes of angel's, to keep the world we hush, now...
Time Is No Alien, But Sans The All, Any Has To Dance.
David Hilburn Jul 13
Ice we keep
In deep pockets and sore eyes
Looking well, for a space to reap
The rise of joy, as a callous dole we were, sigh's

Let with sour, the role of cope
Saved in the airs and heed of cloistered kind
Will we find the since, a shadow and a light to hope?
Powers of entourage to carry forth, the mind

Sanity in view
Patience is a word to the wise, with no poise
To collect the irony, without an hour, that is anytime soon
Found in the lips of fury first, than a friend of our only choice

Ice is an enemy...
With a soul for the fights we understand
For a decency worst, and a judgment for what was coy
Like a lion that never began a race, without you to question...

We have found water, we have found what
Is a challenger with anger in our loft of arrogance
To discuss an answer, that has the mind of discipline so mutual
That the energy of uniqueness is the blessing of wisdom's amends

That have never, and been for a friend
Looking softly for a lam of difference and hours, until cold
Shoulders have the voice of complacency, to issue a new sign
Of sense in sides and avarice, which when sated, are us to behold

Lots of words no one can understand, without becoming one
**** or the obvious smart, the hindrance we avoid is us anew
That has become the house and home, of mediocrity we won
From the silent and chiding swallow, we never knew, without you
Markedly familiar
Silhouettes liking the kiss
Patterned firsts, and a season willing
To see the world is all and is

Timely notion
To tell a union is truth
Given the spare, and walk of devotion
The sight of special lip's, that I rue

Charisma, is a stone living when all of a treasure?
Patiently the common to sing, to see the kind
We are, a beauty in motion and sincerity's pleasure
Will we heed the conscience we make, for another to mind?
David Hilburn Sep 2019
Lines of salt?
I was surprised with...
Succor, in an each's show and tell
All of a courtesy to signify, **** and bliss...

Share with me
The have, in your heart...
Sake and diamond rules, to a gay lee
Smiles that have the look of an angel, worth warmth?

So, asks the rhyme on their lip's
Of redoubt and vice to intertwine
Are we saving you, or the mind, a history Hippocrates...
Has spared for the sun, found a dragon with sight for meaning mine?

Insane, or a serpent's bite?
I know the callous which, if not weakened side of a rout
Staring at what's left, of the sun, will it grant our right?
Right to the point, and with a problem in the mar, I pout:

Love, love equal to us
Simple live in my eyes, the scope of angry odds?
Curious wishes to sate peace's life, if my thus
Tooth and nary come heaven, is this ordeal our future, our law?

Passing the vice, and the vicinity of a ray's recall...
Does common sense mean the better of sincerity, took
From the mouth of babes, or are we a reach for what was, a majority...
Of forces we never saw, without the hidden being, our final look?

As a levity in the known, relationship's and the merry toll of silences
Questions bared, we miss for a love smitten with ideas...
We note with the patience of another's sigh, to except a reality in the pride
Of courage and its comely certainty, the callous world, has to be

Presence of mind to tell, a shaming season with bitterness in he'll?
Actual live and let loves metaphor, with the coil of mortality...
Preparedness for a strength we found, was a riding remark about little...
More than else, a reason with causes in the dark, are worth more than eye ball pucky...
Winding up for the pitch, would awesome or awkward, see the wishes in the wind...?
David Hilburn Dec 2019
Redoubt erudite, ask a popularity
Realize a time, with a nary seldom
Find the eggs of promises, with ably a city?
Know a friend silent, but offering a kept question...

Time in a closed mind, secrets we avoid like ages
Termed with a stoic chaste, is my meaning clear
Sheer anarchy in the scope of how, the solitude of legends
Is an answer in motion, to select a bared future?

Look, after a heart is ours, for a thriving gift
Time is a wandering hope, to collect another lore
Since we are all so habitual, with a room for is
Can a sharing kindred, see the place of shall, intone for?

See the liberty we eschew
Time to character and patience in sense
Does a ripe old world with a message for heed and you
Has a clash of deed, come with a dread assurance?

Now is the time, to wonder aloud
Timidity is a frugal lip, to anticipate a creation
Of sincere and thoroughly meant, friends allowed
To prepare a can, with pasts and times seeking intuition

Needs in a finished won, the time of its life...
Decision's in a craved mere, the sour actual, a living proof
Of a solemn dissuasion of courage and season to include strife
Unique among youth, is a hug with psyche to live well, presence of couth?
David Hilburn Aug 2019
Actual, ought and moments
Tarry under the likes of us?
****** into the light, and sour relents
Upon a stone so favored, time has named it 'thus'

Patience to seem a cordial deem...
Of cause and carry, the portent of lucid more
We fascinate each other, with a realm to fathom
Succor and its history, a liberty to realize with, war...?

Pride has its must...
Pathetic knows the scope of unions and vexation...
Power's seem the better of loose cloth...
Preeminence suggests the common, to be a many's intuition...

Stink in here?, please watch out...
Never burden a conscience without simplicity's presence...
For decency to collect another insight, we make in a pout
That devastated an enemy without alarm and anti-rhythm to ends

Looking at forever, with the embarrassment of another
Till, we share the concern in a lack and clashing being, ask
Me if I spill the beans of politeness, or if hill's of beans matter
Looking the part, purpose and past; judges of hell have acted...
Pied pipers with rational pipes, seek a new appetite for tomorrow to be ours
David Hilburn Aug 2019
Limit me to accustom
Turn the corner for might
Antipathy and harmony, to well at moment's
I've freed from a risk to silence, yearning sight

Seldom have I seen, the more laugh
Without the poise I introduce as a season
Owed works and patience to claim ask
And ye shall receive, a portent finalizing a reason

Sharing the news, across a finicky table
Let with art and heed, the chaste we feel is
Redoubt to a fickle presence to learn a weary fable
Tender to shame and the understanding of a quiet wish

Is the care I've sewn, been the perceived gift
Of a stir in need, of a strength to imagine modesty
Into a conversation, with history of mercy and bliss?
Tones of voice, and the aspire of a guardian, can I seem hungry?

Look on the dance of my shoulder, as if a wink is foreign
Lengths I have yet to discuss, without our friendship...
Satiety and harboring a doldrum, the façade of intuition...?
And the seen language of instinct as a revelation of minds, lent

Sent of here and after, the tarry we dote
The fascination of composure in a lived house, is me a cause
Without the pleasance of roles and vestige to clash with mores and votes?
Have the smile on our lips, not meant, a call to odd?

See the rue of my dilemma, and know my today
Welcome me to a stage of form and divulgence
That has a loft to its ordeal, and the opportunity of may
Done with all and due, is a host of acting, the mind to say, amen
David Hilburn Aug 2019
Tow of a decision
Sounds of service to an ideal
Will a crush of existence
Make the known, is our blessing real?

Stepping forward, a show of force
In lend I've selected my keep
From many and sound, bests never worst
Superiority to vouch, is my time, audacity to seek?

Look, and be fascinated
The rule of vastness, are we never
Salt's endeavor, a risk, of a patience
Made for the moment of sense's, a needy lover?

Taken to extreme
And baring the stir of seasoned why
Can we have this first, this last, this dance of whim's
When we all know the better, the truth in each others sigh's?
David Hilburn Jan 2019
No name provided
Sit and have a conclusion, vice
In the wishes of other's, the truth of a tongue
To remember the resolve of we're, twice

Simply a nice day to behold...
Taken form's of the suggestion of desire
Delighting in the scope of a world
That charmed the need, into a liberty, sake and ire

Ironic meeting you here...
Tastes of harmony and the gift of imagination
Wealth to secure the fascination we hear
In the poise of person's decided, to savor and's inclination

Bell's and subtle well's, of a redemptive glance
Ask us the credence of forth, the sanity to ascertain
Is everything all right, when savior's come to amends?
And a clock has said the obvious, we are one until invited, maying

Your spare patience and the succor we envoy
To a repose of vision, vice and its vicinity
Look, and see the collapse of a name into sulking, so coy
Were we the people of avid cares, or is our moment, a lucre's being...?
Time is a telling cold to be different, time is a swelling heat to be deference. What are we … hell's divination
David Hilburn Aug 2019
Details to avoid, in a stare...?
The talk and the walk of known courage's
To defend a said hour, tongue and mightier fare?
Simple with our nuance, and the strength we add...

To a fire of announced charity
Token sense, if not the *** of gentleness
Of the scope of vicinity in keep, to a wild disparity
Looking for a host of deference, is this the idleness of us?

Happy youth's, if not our soul let, couth?
We begin here, and is frequency of a torrid answer?
Our only way to yearn, the image of truth...
In a call to destiny's, we affront with the taste of verve

Gaiety or the existence of another proof
Of a summation in our hopes, and a heart of darkness...
That has its own answer for us, the world so aloof
Is it ours for a song, and is the reach of the being ours to bless?

So, a wily and cunning wind will ask, who won?
The terror of simplicity in a could for excellency...
And the throng of poignancy to conceive of a shrewd home
Taken to accept in a notorious and fearsome heed, is this ecstasy meaning...

And a handsome jest, to instill another kind of demand, to due
Willing the part, and a season of composure we find for you
Does a lip with aged sincerity keep who, or the eyes of waters we Jude...?
David Hilburn Mar 2019
More than we can know...?
Set aside, a burden we failed?
Seeking a role with justice, copious worlds
Of redemptive life, we saw in shared window's where out, may...?

Letter's to open...
And mighty words from a spoil of friends
Take your pill, with an hour of our waiting, a work to rend...
Upon the sulking habit of other's, kind come to realize and entertain

Sitting quietly, and remembering the cares
Of our future's and our simplicity's
Made a perfect circle, that has the cull of bell's, we heard
Empathy is a long run, that said the couth implicitly...?

Shapes of sanity, sakes of salty austerity
To language, deemed power's perfect?
But in a hand fated with mercy's, for children...
Ask if liberty has become indistinct and hidden to intellect?

Hello, bravery, where are your charity's when I doubt...?
The tale of seem and summation, to convince a patience...
Can be the cloud of our harmony, the cadence of rise and fall, allotted?
By measure and silence for a door, that protected itself from petty reasons...?

Bodies of need we do adore, and find the call of done, and dear...
Presence of mind, that came and went with a folly, of the world...?
Looking but for the stomp of approval, in the names we owe and collect, fear...
Is chastity, our only misbegotten, or can we see laughter's nature?

Watching the storm, and knowing a rivalry's call, does...
Richness of a land to aspire, may, connotation and its fate
Make the confirmation we deliberate, the pragmatism of us
Longevity, coping, and future decision; but is courage our fury or our sate?

A step forward, and a knock on the door...
We knew was coming, a host of pomposity and realization let
For a conscience in motion, and keeping the abstraction of wars...
With a better memory called 'voiced succinctly', be what the world of you has meant?
David Hilburn Apr 2019
Blushing fields
So alive in a fateful stare
Mere and many, a hope for yields
Of common stone, flower and water

Been a course
If not courage, where?
Can we begin and where can we end, forces
That come for me, like the truth to care?

Sincerity, you and a cost so dear...
Let with my name, the toil of another aim
Should a real timeliness have it to hear?
Or am I the conscience in a letter, to name?

Beckoning time
To a seat with almost, for every thought
The quiet and the stir, of reasoning mine
Is the yours of good, about a hope we made our lot?
David Hilburn Sep 2019
Times we did
Times we didn't
Times we saved
Times we silence

Courage is ours, says our self
Memory served, actuality parted
Creating the difference between you and me
Sharing but the idea behind a kind, wishes started?

Brazen triumph, of a nose to contain
A requited more, we find is a presence
Of virtue included, the tale of moments, vain
But delighted with a beauty, risen to rights, and again

The clash of veracity, in a host we will know
The clamor, the clever, the coy voice of promised
Cliques, and the truth of a mercy for owed
That has the light with a friend, like worlds we appoint, to history

Treasures and vices, we know we can make
A simpler and happier courage, that has sharing to say
Pout and people, bout and bell's, we know as sake
That came and went, until we were ready...

Looking the place, and the timely chance we have
Assume and could, willing fate a better pace
Areared and seemingly the turn of choice into a helluva
Good time, that has a trophy for you, the consciences we face...
David Hilburn Sep 2019
Safety first
Said a yearning sunshine
To the best of me, reaches for sense and burst
When an avail is ours, to complete a sigh...

Safety wind
Append and appoint, the course of a friend
Showing us this and that, to excite a giving
Of resolution in our way, excess of curiosity to end?

Safety theirs
Energy we mean, meant in the heart of synchronicity
True to a silent offering, that has seen a prayer's
Confession, the toll of even tides and them ide's, we invite to liberty

Safety forth
To a treasured irony, the tale of implicitly
The tarry of spare feelings, and the source of more, worth
In the name of a simple future, love is ours to introduce, eaves of heaven?

Safety independence
Astute in a couth, assumed in a truth
Saving heed, for a generosity to understand chance
And your still here, with a mind to begin, another soul worth youth?

Safety came
Decency in a real venture, of done and will, beauty
Have the senses of reach, reason and reign?
To tell a story on the opposite side of the might, we saved for you to prophecy...
Flamboyancy? Known to sing before asking a friend, is a fate also my friend?
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Was not was, tomorrow
Friends of peace caring, proving
Time and silence, borrowed
Witness the bride of taste, lovingly...

Paces of hardy smile's, taken to not
Prepare you, for a shadow of compliment?
Known this way and that, the order of heed, brought
Forth a kindred, asking, "Is hair our gift or lament?"

Been the strength, of a mind to account
Opulence, surmiseal, and honor's came...
True to an eternal, season of quiet and pout's?
Shared in the knowing, a presence of same...

Days gone by, and a larger than life, bird?
Happy today, and meant with blessed youth
Timid eye's of the poise we affirm, is a question heard
"Will we save the truth in hand, or simplicity's intention, good?"

Tender was the night, of our discovery
Ten finger's and hope intertwined, the laugh of common
Time with a sincere problem, in the wishes of many
Yesterday, was a golden lip, with sharing to say, "Home"

Do bird's with eave's on their bespoken lip's...?
Have the sense to rhyme and reason, with the waters of none
Compare a shadow to our contempt, the oracle of youth, and whit's
Was a portrayal of symbols of play, not the place of fun?

And the service of avarice, to examine the patience's of life
Those and woes, of remedy in the argue of a time, without fault...?
Is our heed so ungainly, that we don't know a wish in strife?
David Hilburn Mar 30
Politics for babies
Silent waters to journey to panic
Where the still otherwise and a being mother, have rages
That began and end, with method in a salt, we admit is...

A rather large rainbow
Today on your tongue, whet my instinct with able rationalism
Truer to finish the scope of destiny, of an ugly glow?
From the land, where once upon a time, I am risen...

From a rather large table
Told to serve a chair a reason in the sour
Will I take the time, or is it to chances, a golden fable
Martyr's with a real enough time, to travel to the end, dour...

Pain and scares, of commitment to a rarity
Eyes that conjure the living, of fame and family
The soreness of relationship's is but a calling for airing
A house with moments to serve me, a handful of seasons?

Of sunshine with a rallying spirit, the tools of charisma
And entity, the joy we will notice, is a cloud of sense with lends
Made in the cold, shoulders and careful hip, a forward dilemma
With psyche on its lips, the rue of completion to introduce amends?

Of what? a ghost could tell...
Of how is your house also a thief? because ilk is but a rolling behalf
Of risen now, when will you add the coming heart? when stones of wishes serve hell?
Of a raving lunatic, will you be banal, or give grief? like a shower of the sun's best, I am but a laugh...
Invite A Is A Friend, If B Is Anyhow, B To C...
David Hilburn Mar 17
Speed and a demon
Went south for the winter, angel's be ******
Accuracy to foretell the coming of a new season
Method to lure a callous liberty to embrace fascination's lam?

Spires we knew, with a coltish goal, succinct...
Was a herald to prove, the embarrassment of couth?
Shaping the distinction of the future, we think...
For a question lingering in the wind, which has a bite to its youth

Lock's of hair, we never knew what to do with
Separation of a candid hand, from the being truth we dole
Sakes and ever lewd scares, to chances we found yearning for bliss
Safety of a cordial deliverance of funk, the toil we can see, is that old...

Shame for a witchy care, and the finicky play, of another angel's card?
Ticket and names fraud, the sanity we share and compare
Is a light to all who would lead, a soul of charisma with a ghost's pardon
Mr. Devil, is my name the same as yours, when fate looks beyond for justice in despair...

Days later, know water for a cancelled book...?
Threshold and sulfur, to acquire a new scent, an offering of olives
And bitter hickory, to seem the better of a friend with a look
Of hell, that exists for you and me, with a reach, is what gives...

War, and the flowers we *****...
And the history of redress to sing, in the signature of the world
Time to remember you, with a cold sugary kiss, and the **** of a lifetime to ignore...?
Sing us a river? up the creep with a pat? order me to the boat captain, early...
Just found king's, in the pie with you, pretty bird, the wind is in the willows...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
None tomorrow, none today?
Wishing you a merciful, now
Truer pout's and cares, could a loyal
Companion, comprehend your asking, vow...?

Does a puppet like to watch, you understand?
Misery's music and it's forbidden gift's?
Of curiosity and its chide, couldn't worldly eyes befriend?
Turning weal into knowing kind's irony, past time for us?

Candid to a brazen lip, that saw your eye's
Wonder right back, the sincerity of an imagination's have
Is a clamor for surprise, and means to liberate, well, wise?
Considered the which of the whence, we save, you, from it's gaiety?

Never seclusion, our futures in limbo?
The waiting wishes to air in a room, with windows parted
Known to be, our freedom in the hope we add, owing...
Here is a sharing heed, ready to become soul's smarter?

Future clues fated to a salty excuse, that had the name
Of presence and a joy to finish its first mile
With a risen course, in hardly any fame or shame...
The knower, and the nothing, but the fate of a friend, to enjoy the silence?

Naked feeling's, promises we never imagined
Without presence in the paces of good fortune, with arguably toil
Of requiem in the miracle we call, intuition weaned
From the smile of causes, we named in vengeance, cowards
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Names we can choose?
Family if fairing all, ask and ages
Of direction seen, is honor to loose...?
The host of compromises, that seldom, is, rages...?

Patience we can afford, tomorrow in love...
When superiority has its abundant cares
The opulence of vice's more and many, to hear am's covenant
Of wishful reason's, if not relationship's of sense, where?

In the land is a waiting eye, made for us...
The vicinity of kinds and nary come, to welcome the dream
Of history to a general heed, moments of open discussion
That save the challenge of unity, to give sense a new freedom...

Names we know have a choice
Till with a presence of mind, well worth once and ought
The ordeal of a chance with its first and last, calling of a voice
Are we the sparseness of guidance still, the liberty of notion sought?

Caveat emptor, buyer beware?
Callous simplicity in affirmation's of youth and couth
To wizen at the need's of other's compared will's, urbane as worth
The frailty of shares of possibility, we kept, for a silence who'th?
David Hilburn Jun 2019
Epiphany's share?
Intimate as we are, with roles
Aided by virtue and silence of norms, to care...
Sweet epitomy, has a snare for what doles...

Charisma under the tomorrow allowed
Weal we fathom, with a begging truth
Stares of poignancy, to reserve honesty as how
Lucre in the limelight, in inclined past's, youth?

Wretched, and forced to claim a tooth?
Well to know, with dour reality to silence?
For a gesture in rises and fall's, the common couth
With added consensus, the problems of vice and imagination

Told to yearning, for a somber salute to needs
Are we the stilled same, taken to reason's form's?
To enlighten, a shrewdness, for a climate we heed
With particular gains and fames, of what is many more...

Kisses with a reserve, for what toil's ahead...
Turn's of happenstance, into a livid could
Courage and predicament to assure, we are met
By the stead and stint of cares, that were jealousy rued...

Bell's and epistles, seclusion with again, to tell a story
Fewer in fear, than a call to avarice, has avidity?
Patience, and tumult, we will know is a condition hoary
With a realm to its might, many more known than what is, being

Tradition, and the envy of disciplines
Among the notion of innocence, until a heart is wrong
About the silence of divorce we have seen, begin meaning
A risking home, to suggest even the day can go all along?
David Hilburn Jun 2019
Semblance playing
Worlds away from norm's we recollected
Shall we take the time, in saying
The toil of freedom, and the mercy we admit?

Timely, in the sun
Welcome to a today
Tomorrow we are a begging question
Is resolve a risk, or a ray?

Simply, asking the moon
If a reason of psyche, is ours...
Or the insistence of quality, come too soon?
Living with a beam of proof, as if power...

Now and then, again with silent amends?
Total's of reserve, just in the nick of time?
Letting a smile be, the season of when...
We are the door to find, a host of trying

Patience, without a friend, and a sense to lands
Act's and passion with a rue of so...
Is a halting world, in a future we answered, with challenges?
Of an awakening fate, we kept in hand as if owed?

Truth, is my only shield, my teetering on the edge...
Of our shame? a whole clash for sense, as is, as was
Our notion to exceed the fair, freedom's we never let
Once, had the conscience of fear, for the strangeness of us...

And the times to remember me, in a lover's gaze?
Hope we save you from the comparison of soul's
In the voice we make, to tell a different story to ages...
David Hilburn Nov 2018
Pass the need?
Clarity with any sort's...
Find and mere, where we heed
A being shadow, asking of course...

Will we find our little wonder
True to integrity, like a heart?
Is a might freed?, in patience we can
The many with a shrewd, paces and faces of art?

Timely tale, with a round about save
Of cares tangible, let with a voices sound
Merit me, the waiting half and future, I've gave
The name of a soul, to a smile, that was never proud...

Persist, says the name, in a well spoken judgment
Of a light of composure, nary the stead
Of clues and bared moment's, we took for lending
The emotion's we keep, as a gesture of mercy, we lead...

A home to strength, and a room for sharing
Tomorrow with a friend in deed, and modesty with here
And now, the power to compare and sake, the frown so harrowing?
With art now in our soul, can we save you to, from what we fear?
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