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Jellyfish Nov 2023
I open my door to the icy cold,
Look up at the moon to see it's no longer full.
I start my walk and notice the ground glitters
It's kind of funny, how black ice likes to shimmer

It wasn't shimmering when I was drifting earlier
Although the thrill and dodge made me shiver,
Invisibility never caused me to quiver
All it gifted me was loneliness and shelter

Does the ice feel the same kind of chill
As it wraps the world in a frozen thrill?
Beneath its glimmer, secrets are concealed,
A dance with shadows, as the moonlight spills.
Unpolished Ink Apr 2021
I have a face in the mirror
I know I am there
because I checked
so why do I cut myself
to feel less invisible
Janna Orpa Nov 2020
They all walked on the path that cascades down to a celestial land of light.
I followed them, they looked at me.
Something in their eyes made me feel uncomfortable,
I knew I didn’t fit in.
I walked away to an empty path.
A cold gust of wind sent shivers down my spine.
I looked for light but there was only darkness.
I continued.
Suddenly I could see a light following me but I couldn’t find a source.
I searched but I couldn’t see anything but darkness.
The light followed me.
I stopped looking for the source,
I admired the light.
It shone bright like a cosmic star.
It was never-ending.
I stumbled upon a small pond glistening like a sapphire under the darkness.
Lily pads decorated the pond like a Christmas tree.
I peaked,
I finally saw the light.
It was a reflection: my reflection.
I was the light.
I was like a dog chasing its own tail,
All along I failed to see the light within me.
Gunnika Mehra Jun 2020
Dark, black, darker
My own hand disappears
Quiet, quieter,
The the silence pains my ear.
Everything becomes distant
As my skin loses it's colour.
I have become invisible.
Is it because I died
And roam as a transparent ghost .
Or is it a leap of humanity
I don't know!
There's pain searing through my body,
And now it's gone.
Memories come rushing back,
A leap of humanity.
My creation, tried on me.
I am invisible,
And I am alive.
I see all
but nobody knows I am around.
It's loud,
The crowd.
I brush past
And someone calls it breeze.
I am forgotten,
I exist no more.
It pains me because now I cry alone ,
No help received,
Because I am invisible
And so is my pain, my sorrow.
I wish to be seen again.
It's dark,
But it's morning.
I see people live,
Invisibility is no bliss.
I am the result of a failed experiment
Which hoped for a better tomorrow.
My hand, I can use it ,
But can't see how it looks.
It pains, more than I thought it would.
It goes dark again ,
But this time it's loud.
I am in the woods,
Why is there an invisible sound.
And then something brushes past me,
A breeze maybe.
But breezes don't speak.
There he stands, I can feel him
There is somebody,
As invisible as I.
His presence,
I can't deny.
A sound, a squishing of leaves
And he becomes as visible as he can be.
I touch and feel an unknown arm,
And in turn I am felt too.
And there stands,
Another invisible being too.
We connect, without even trying,
Invisible humanity,
Can be defined.
We stand,
At the brink of two worlds.
And this one just has the two of us.
My pain is felt,
I am human again,
but in a different way.
This poem tries to tell how every leap made by science is not for the best of humanity.
stargazer Jan 2020
being ignored doesn't scare me

i'm afraid of people listening
Zywa Aug 2019
I'm invisible

in the café, like a chair –

with an espresso.
Thinking on “Venice. The lion, the city and the water” (“Venetië. De leeuw, de stad en het water”, 2019, Cees Nooteboom)

Collection "Foghorn"
You ignore me
I still try to talk to you
You never answer
I continue to call
You treat me as if I do not exist
I want to be invisible
The film starts at my fingertips, and slowly slides up to my elbows, past my shoulders, and finally covering my entire face.
The liquid begins to glide down the front of my chest, then speeding down past my waist.
By the time it reaches my knees, I have lost all memory and all feelings
I have nothing.
And when it completely covers me from head to toe, I stay frozen, stationary
Distant from being alive
No one can see me
I am invisible
rebecca Aug 2018
Invisibility isn’t a super power.
It’s a state of being.
It’s being asked if you’re new,
halfway through the school year.
Its sitting by yourself
on the ground, in the hall
during lunch.
Watching group, after group, walk by,
not even noticing you there.
It’s seeing everything,
being everywhere,
but not being seen.
Not truly being there.
No, invisibility isn’t a super power.
rebecca Jul 2018
Sometimes I’d rather be invisible
than be ****** in the spotlight.
No one expects the world,
when you’re living in your own.
So sometimes I’d rather be invisible,
then be noticed. Known.
Lily Mar 2018
Why do I feel so alone?
Why do I feel like no one understands me?
Why do I feel like no one knows I’m here?
Like I could just disappear and no one would know?
I feel changed, yet
No one notices.
I feel different, yet
No one cares.
I feel numb, yet
No one perceives it.
I open up, but you don’t hear.
I show you my feelings, but you don’t see.
Why do I feel so alone?
Why do I feel like no one understands me?
Why do I feel like no one knows I’m here?
Like I could just disappear and no one would know?
Maybe it’s because I’ve already disappeared.
Maybe I’m
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