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Courtney Dec 2020
Your arms are like vines
Winding their way up my body
Blossoming flowers where I’d seen none before.
The touch of your fingertips
Tender like the brush of leaves
And your windy breath raising my flesh;
Pull me in. Pull me down.
I yearn for your roots
Intertwined with mine,
An infinite dance toward the skies
As we grow as one.
Ahmad Attr Dec 2020
Here I am, breathing
Here I am, living
Leaving what has happened
And see what’s to come
I’m scared, afraid and frightened

But I have hope this time around
It’s too loud here I can’t even hear my sound
I’m spreading my wings even though I am bound
But I have hope this time around

I know it’ll take time
And in time I’ll find happiness
I’m hating the boy I should love
Less and less, and that’s myself
Because I have hope this time around
I am running from hell’s ground

Here I am, alive and well
I thought it was all over
But I can tell
Recently, life has been a chandelle
Not an abomination, a freak
But different and unique

And who knows
Maybe I’m standing at the edge of a downward *****
I’ll stay put this the around because I have hope
And sometimes it falls to pieces just like I do
Elopes with joy, leaving me blue
But here I am, starting anew
Hope as fresh as morning dew
Allesha Eman Sep 2020
In a moment of serendipitous sweetness
You grimace bitterly,
you do not like walking down paths
covered in roses.
You would rather wallow alone,
Coughing up reasons
to be angry at this shallow world,

But it follows you buzzing
even when you’ve muted your colours.
Remus Sep 2020
Desire to fly alone and soar again
And continue to grow, becoming strong.
Enemies fear me greatly, for my gaze
Is causing the competition to work.
Receiving points, I crave so much to stay
Collide with the attempt of winning but not
I embrace defeat so gracefully
Support around overwhelms me greatly
I fear in what is really on their minds
Disappointed in myself for stopping us
Victory will hopefully wait until I fly
Because I want to fight on my own
Our love is like a beautiful harmony,
That's slowly turning into a sad melody.

Envious and calming,
Like the angry ocean,
Returning back at shore,
Ready to be at peace
Yet we can not come home
Whatever may happen
I'll pray for your safety
Because that's who I am

Exhausting road is nothing
When your love is present
I won't stop being there for you
Until you give up once again

This is what my heart sings for
It's humming for your name
Can you now hear repetition?
It's cold and dry
But it will never die
Rose Nov 2019
I may not know
how many times I stumble and fall for tomorrow
I know there's always a hand to help me get up again.
I may not know
how much pain I might get for tomorrow
I know there's always a hand that heals every wounded hearts.
I may not know
how much sorrow will be for tomorrow
I know there's always a hand that draws rainbows of joy to find me.
I may never know
what tomorrow may bring
I know God sees my future and holds me near.
In Thy hands, I'm safe and sound
Jade Lewis Nov 2019
D: ays seem to drag on, relentlessly.
E: ventually you feel like you should give up.
P: ersistent feelings of sadness, worthlessness, useless…
R: eality seems to be slowly fading away from your grasp.
E:motions are beginning to get harder and harder to hide from those you love.
S: o, you decide to tell someone about it.
S: adly, they don’t believe that what you’re going through is worth the heartache you feel.
I: t’s okay though, because you expected this reaction to happen.
O: bviously what you’re feeling is stupid and unimportant.
N: ow what?

D: epression sinks in and begins to…
O: verwhelm every sense you have.
E: verything is dramatized and there’s nothing you can do to stop the…
S: ting of words from those around you telling you to just “feel happier, let out the sadness”

N: eeds don’t seem important anymore, you just ignore them.
O: pening yourself up to other people is no longer an option.
T: hey only make you feel worse.

D: eciding to get the help you deserve was the hardest part.
E: very day is a new day with endless possibilities.
F: ocus only on the positive things that happen to you.
I: n hindsight this will allow you to slowly be able to differentiate between the things you have control over and those you leave to God.
N: ever again will I let people dismiss my feelings.
E: ach feeling you have is part of who you are becoming and allow us to be human.

W: hy hold back anything anymore?
H: ow you feel is so important and you need everyone to understand… to become more…
O: pen-minded to the things that they couldn’t possibly comprehend.

Y: ou are worth it.
O: ur lives matter.
U: nderestimated potential shall no longer be a problem.

A: nyone can change their perspective on life, they just need the right support group.
R: ealizing you’re worth it, is the most important thing you can open your heart to.
E: veryone matters.
Morrie W S Apr 2019
if love could lie
between a thigh
between a dream
a rampant scream

i've heard your call
for moons and months

the darkness outweighs the light
the mouse, it cries the brightest night
the dreary have the beeline flight
and thus succumb: morning light
James Rives Apr 2019
At times I feel lost, like I'm wandering
through lush forestry,
picking the pretty flowers
that probably don't belong here
because they look like they'd make the best
first impression, leaving the ugly, thorny weeds and vines alone.
But they spread,
by some innate instinct to fold,
pressurize, concentrate, & consume.
I take the flowers that I want to boast
and view them again,
hoping with each passing glance
that they'll grow
golden and refined.
Instead, they dim slightly,
petals pursing in rebuttal
of the light they once held.
The weeds and vines have staked their claim amongst this density
and continue their expansion,
yet among them sprout more beautiful flowers--
gleaming despite the pain.
A rushed work, but the first real thing I've written in years. Thank you for taking the time to read it.
m Mar 2019
the fragile morning seeps
her shadowing sunlight into my morning coffee cup, staining the walls of its home dark.
i sip on her effortlessly, her warmth a flowing melody against the chaotic prance of my pulse.
I close my eyes & let her wander.
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