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Spriha Kant Jul 2023
The answer is blowing in the wind:

Your promise to
paint the miserable night phase with a
jovial light phase in your
stump speech took all of us on a flight
and then we all in delight
cast our votes for you
We all are now fumbling in a squint and you
claim publicly that you shined our lives with lights.
We are all now sweating
Our mouths – now barren lands are
exhausted by the
constant begs for water.
Then your beseeching voice again reached out
to all of us for casting our votes for you
on the pretext of bringing back the oasis into our deserted lives.

How many times will we all get a passionless scorching sun in
return for our hope of getting our scintillating sun?
The answer is blowing in the wind.

©Spriha Kant
"The Answer is Blowing in the Wind" is my poetry that has been published in the anthology "Hard Rain Poetry: Forever Dylan"
The melody was cryptic
A subliminal array
Of soft and easy listening
To cover the decay
A rotting inner core
On musical display
Thirsting, wanting more
The images portrayed
The leather and the boots
The uneven score
That keeps them in their seats
And coming back for more
  Nov 2021 Spriha Kant
Carlo C Gomez
See you everyday
haven't seen myself (in quite a spell)

my brain is
an abandoned building, a dry well

I traced your phone call
to some viral spiral

I'm connected to you
in a spider-like way

--webs, phobias and decay

the essence of life is
reproduction and mortality

see you everyday
in shivering downloaded depravity

your starry smiles
your synthetic ciphers

and I'm all alone again

this body is a safe house
this fear, a panic room

but the enemy within
is always right under my skin
  Aug 2021 Spriha Kant
i want to implode
and swallow the things i said
turn back time
crawl into the womb
and never come out again
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