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  Nov 2021 Spriha Kant
Blowing leaves around my ankles
Burning colour in the trees
You are my autumn
Long light crossed with branches
Lights your limbs
A pace behind
Your mellow loftiness
Haunts my walks
At the nearing end of day
I am full of woodsmoke fear
Changing seasons, churning motes
Unknown as the dread-dark conker
Cracking underfoot

You are happiness
Gone , now
An empty bench
Gold and orange
A pace behind
Wearing that look from the station
Pity-I mistook for regret

The melody was cryptic
A subliminal array
Of soft and easy listening
To cover the decay
A rotting inner core
On musical display
Thirsting, wanting more
The images portrayed
The leather and the boots
The uneven score
That keeps them in their seats
And coming back for more
  Nov 2021 Spriha Kant
Carlo C Gomez
See you everyday
haven't seen myself (in quite a spell)

my brain is
an abandoned building, a dry well

I traced your phone call
to some viral spiral

I'm connected to you
in a spider-like way

--webs, phobias and decay

the essence of life is
reproduction and mortality

see you everyday
in shivering downloaded depravity

your starry smiles
your synthetic ciphers

and I'm all alone again

this body is a safe house
this fear, a panic room

but the enemy within
is always right under my skin
  Aug 2021 Spriha Kant
i want to implode
and swallow the things i said
turn back time
crawl into the womb
and never come out again
That inimitable perfumed scent
Exuded by you—
Shall hereupon transfix and stupefy me
—For eternity
For all recherché aromas
Which are now encountered by this sense
Have all but lost their allure—
For yours has made them all superfluous!
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