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Darryl M May 8
I knew I had to take you out the moment I saw you.
You told me, ‘in my dreams.’
What do you think I’ve been doing?
You’re the girl of my dreams.
Oops, I’m awake, I guess I prefer the real you.
I don’t have to say much, I just have to say enough.
But with you, what is enough?

You’re everything that shuts a guy down.
Everything that seethes glaciers.
Everything that turns me on.

I don’t want to have children.
But I see my heirs in your eyes.

I love you, and that scares you.
Maybe the real reason you’re scared, is because you want me too.
Amateur Sonnet
Ellis Holden Apr 2
How Are You?
Good, me too.
-So we say
Eric Jan 11
Does anyone have a soul I can shake hands with?
Breeze-Mist Dec 2018
Brethren, now's the time of truth:
Good luck on finals
Somehow, this phrase has become both "goodbye" and "may the odds be ever in your favor".
Anna Grace Nov 2018
A pleasant smile
A gentle wave
Bright expectant eyes
And soft lips whispering
Phi Kenzie Aug 2018
Tip of the top to ya’!
g o o d

A fine one
ain’t it

Quite the day!
To say the least

to the arising
of the first glimpse
breaking the skyline

A peak at first
streaks and slivers
as it’s begun
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2018
When I stepped into my room
My wife greeted me with a broom

I Said, Good Evening
My Lovely Sweet Wife

She Replied, Bad Evening
Don’t you remember my warning?

Again you came totally drunk
Your nose always looks like a trunk.
Just a Smile or a Laugh
uv May 2018
It might have taken us years to meet
And many a painful days apart
But my heart knew you were there
Even when my mind was in doubt
I wondered how would you be
And why it took so much time for you to see
That there was a me, waiting for thee
& praying you would find a way towards me..

And then you came , when i did not expect
You earned my love with my respect
You gave me your trust
You made all the past years wither into dust
In a short time you made me your queen
you made me happy like i have never been & then we became one, in a blink of an eye
And then there was none but you and I.

A year has past, as i write
From two we are three, with delight
In a year and half since we met,
There is not a moment that i regret
I belong to you my love, i hope you know
We are a family, and rightly so.
I want to spend all my life with you
And keep you happy and smiling too.
uv May 2018
Something's cannot be put down in words
they don't do justice to all that needs to be heard

I wish i knew what was the right thing to say
to make you smile on your special day

No doubt you may have many well wishers
and my wishes might reach you just as whispers

But know that even with a thousand miles
You have the strength to make me smile

     So my Dear..!
        Enjoy yourself and have a gala time
I am glad i have had a chance to wish you a very Great
  happy birthday!
in this rhyme.
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