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Wallflower Mar 29
Good morning,
Good night,
Greetings my friends,
It sounds like a chance
Like a start of something new
even when we're feeling blue
they connect us with strangers
and destroy the unknown dangers
And then "goodbye" is there
to end this whole affair
To leave us in peace
so I could write this piece
I'm just a silly human writing a poetry
who doesn't know how to rhyme- a tree
The end isn't supposed to make sense. It just points out the fact that sometimes being silly and not knowing what to write and how to rhyme doesn't really stop you from it.
Void Apr 2020

I am Void
My existence is unknown

These words you are hearing are unspoken whispers
You will not answer
You will not notice

For, I do not exist
Not in your corner of reality

I am far off
Like a star hung in the night
You will not see me when I die

I am Void
I am the dark nothingness which you created
I am the emptiness you gave me
And you will not see me when I die

For, you have never seen me at all
Hello. My name is Void.
Artem Mars Mar 2020
Empty and shaking
I sound insane
But I really am
So I guess it's ok
Cries turn to laughs
Cries for humor
Laughs for help
Wring out the arms for blood
And the eyes for lies
Pooling on the floor
Seeping through the tiles
Karma’s a *****
But I’ll do you one better
Look you in the eyes
And I twist the weapon
Not for the fun
For the revenge
On all those that scared me
On all those who helped me
Laugh out the last of my guts
Cry out my lungs
Always the same
Repeating sensations
Fleeting rotations
Murderous flirtations
Mourning probations
But it's worth the pain
And the fear
And the guilt
For the ties and knots
They clog up my throat
To appear in my windpipe
And disappear in my scars
Hold back no words and show no silence
Aseel Jan 2020
Hello sunshine
I’m going to try
But only this time

Hey life
Please don’t give me lemons
I’m too tired to make lemonade
No need to show your weapons
If you stare, then I’m scared

Mr. Night, salam
Salam means peace
And it’s all I’m asking for
Hide me away from the demons
And I promise I’ll hurt myself no more

Mishka Wayz Nov 2019

Roses are red,
So many had said,
Violets are blue,
I know it is true,
I'm red and blue too,
I don't know how,
But I'm new here at the website Hello Poetry now,
So… nice to meet you!! ^^

-Mishka Wayz ^^
I wrote this before but I couldn't post it coz there was some kind of error Lol. Well… that's my greetings and me welcoming myself to Hello Poetry. Lol
Zywa Jun 2019
Hi boy with the bike on the vase full of bloom­oom ploom
hi chair by the table
hi bread on the table
hi fisherman-fish with the pipe
hi fisherman-fish with the cap
.................cap and pipe
..........of the fisherman fish

Hi-i fish
hi sweet fish
hi little fishy mine
Translation of "Marc groet 's morgens de dingen" (1928) by Paul van Ostaijen
Darryl M May 2019
I knew I had to take you out the moment I saw you.
You told me, ‘in my dreams.’
What do you think I’ve been doing?
You’re the girl of my dreams.
Oops, I’m awake, I guess I prefer the real you.
I don’t have to say much, I just have to say enough.
But with you, what is enough?

You’re everything that shuts a guy down.
Everything that seethes glaciers.
Everything that turns me on.

I don’t want to have children.
But I see my heirs in your eyes.

I love you, and that scares you.
Maybe the real reason you’re scared, is because you want me too.
Amateur Sonnet
Ellis Holden Apr 2019
How Are You?
Good, me too.
-So we say
Eric Jan 2019
Does anyone have a soul I can shake hands with?
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