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rose Jun 2020
don't count on me being there

wherever "there" is

and don't hang onto the idea
that people stay forever

but remember you'll always have
someone there

perhaps not I, but someone different,
someone better
People change, it's sadly inevitable.
Cherish Feb 2020
Stop relying the memories
For hopes
No more
Somewhatdamaged Nov 2018
I know what I am,
yet sometimes I find it difficult to understand.
I was walking the path of deceit
....hoping I would find someone who would hold my hand.

I never knew the feeling to be looked at like a person that really matters,
At the verge of my defiance,
I found someone whom I can count on and climb the highest ladder.

You gave me strength,
You gave me hope,
You made me feel special,
I felt like we were bound to be together,
Although to the world I was the Devil!

Loving is hard as people always say,
Yes it was but not as hard to see you walk away.

And then again,
I was all alone but with a different pain
The pain I couldn't bear,
In the path of deceit again,
With the pain you left me with as your share.

Maybe it was me, the reason for us to end,
But wherever you are I hope for the best,
Because now I know who I really am and I never should have let you hold my hand.
this is the first poem I wrote....
Nylee Aug 2018
Have been waiting long
trusting despite the odds
hate the feeling
that I am powerless
but I have to rely
even with my reluctance.

it is taking way too long
I am checking
every other hour
there is nothing
I could do more
other than counting
that they would
not betray in the end.

Standing with legs
deep in sand
Catching hope
and building the shape
Which will help me
To live even when I drown
Please catch me when I fall again!
Ryan Hoysan Apr 2018
Who was your ******* rock? The one you relied on when others relied on you? I was the keystone who kept you together and kept the others together unbeknownst to them. I was the bandage sealing the wound from the bacteria of the world, from the ill thoughts and mean-spirited things of the world. I was your ******* crutch that supported you and helped you stand upright in this world. But just like a crutch, like a bandage, I was discarded once the problem was summarily handled. I hope you bleed out next time.
This is the first thing I've written in months. Nothing like anger to make someone impassioned, heh? Either way, I just had to get something out or this was going to eat me up.
Wolftrax May 2016
When you feel like the walls are closing in, don't be scared
When you feel like the waters are about to take you under, don't panic
When you feel the road you're on is coming to an end, don't worry
Just remember this, I promise to always be there, no matter what

When things get the better part of you, call my name
When you're feeling like you can't go on, I'll be there to help you along
Don't feel embarrassed, never feel ashamed
I'll always be there, and respect you just the same

Take my hand, I promise I'll never let you go
If I hold on too tight, please let me know
Your pretty smile brightens my day, it helps my heart heal
I want you to know my words are true and sincere
Cat Fiske Jan 2016
I hate feeling like a pest and a mess,
I hate feeling like I bother you to death,
For I want to know why you can't trust me,
but I must trust you,
please help me,
when I am trying to open my sealed and closed,
heart and soul,
for you, why can you not even speak a word to me
besides mute sounds, that's all that ever will come out,
I am trying to let my voices spiral out for you,
but yours still hid in the back floor of the closet in fear,
never seeing an inch of light for so many years,
please trust me,
and let me trust you,
if you want this to work,  
you have to agree that you can rely on me too.
trust me
Wacsleftyy Jan 2016
we are grids and squares
some of us supporting figures
and the wires that make things work
we rely and we take
captivate and motivate
but are still unhappy with what we have
easily disheartened by the chances we get

live up to your expectations.
play your part.
credits to @broken.twisted.dark posted with permission of the author
oni Oct 2015
in this world
is reliable -
rain stops,
the sun hides,
stars die,
and the moon
cannot stay
in one place

so why did i
to rely
on you?
Kayla Ross Sep 2015
So open our minds could be
To invite each side with a balanced scene

So loud our voices could carry
The righteous solution of a perfect recipe

With the ingredients so perfectly married
Of love, fairness and honesty

But instead our eyes are glued to the screen
Downloading illusions with influence and monotony

The information, as fake as the food we're eating
Served on a silver plate to convince it's certainty

All to rid us of the power we carry
Which is masked with negativity
To confuse us of the reality
That gives us the possibility
To accept one another's beliefs
To agree to disagree
To think for ourselves without all the censoring

If all this was a probability
Our home wouldn't be so naive
Our children would grow into a future of positivity
With certainty of security
And we could all live ever happily

But instead we are taught that fairy tales are for t.v. only
From the same screen controlling our identities
This poem was inspired by the realization that we are all so busy worrying about what we see on tv and pointing fingers at one another when in reality, the importance should be accepting others beliefs and educating ourselves before stating our opinions. Media is a loud and powerful voice but we should not rely on it to shape our understanding and opinions.
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