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oni Oct 2019
and so ill let my feelings trail off
like a lukewarm ending
to what was meant to be a perfect fairytale
oni Jun 2019
it is meant to be
give and take
push and pull

the effort
should not be
the struggle
oni Dec 2018
i locked the door,
but even i do not know how to reopen it.
oni Nov 2018
ice and fire through my veins
stomach meets the floor
brain growing fuzzy behind the ears
i cant see
i cant hear
i cant breathe
oni Jun 2018
you can fold a map
to make ends meet
but you cannot fold
physical miles
to draw me closer to you
im sorry
oni May 2018
i didnt want
to hold you back
and you had no problem
with holding me down
oni Jan 2018
read at
seen at
not delivered
heart attack

user blocked
call dropped
heart stopped
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