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LC Apr 10
it illuminated all,
hid nothing
her first instinct:
close the blinds
and her eyes.
after a while
she opened the blinds.
her eyes followed suit,
squinting, adjusting,
taking in her surroundings.

the light shook hands
with the darkness
its touch healed,
helping her produce
light of her own.
#escapril day 9!
Poetic T Jul 2019
I'm lead lined
        but you always

see through me.

My secrets concealed
                beneath me.

But you will always
                   see within me.

I never want to hide anything
       from you, I'm lead lined.

But you always see what others cant.
kiran goswami Feb 2019
He belonged to the universe
that hid inside her eyes.
Isaac Nov 2018
Wisdom is a tree of life.
Grab it with both hands.
Ask God for it every day
Until you understand.
There is always more to see,
And always more to know.
Our joy lies in seeking out
What God has hid to one day show.
Written 14 November 2018
I've found like most things I've
come to know, I'm just
A shadow of my
As always don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments below. In the end, It will all fit together
She Writes Jul 2018
It’s hard to keep myself together
When the world keeps pulling me apart
sheltered myself from pain
Hid behind a guarded heart

I just want someone brave enough
To scale these walls
Someone to catch me
When I inevitably fall

I need someone
To look me in the eye
And knows when I say
“I’m fine” its a lie

Please care enough
To save me from myself
Care about my physical
And my mental health

The world is cruel
But I am still here
I just need someone
Before I disappear
there lay on the hindsight shelf
a most revealing book
the persons who were lied to
all took a detailed look

citations of dishonesty
stood out midst the tiny print
back then they'd not been
informed by a solid hint

every misleading exploit
sighted on the paper's sheet
such disregard for colleagues
who'd walked the duper's street

they saw a contrary
on this particular


as time slipped away
the deceptions lay hid
yet in future days there'd
be a lifting of the lid
Troy Jul 2017
My words fill you with emotions
The very depth of your soul aches for understanding
Yet no one sees the shallow waters we make
Never get to taste the salt we live in

To see the sky turn red
And fall to the ground in a pile of ash
We seek not the future of salvation
But the relief of our present

I'm crying right now..
That is why I'm letting my words ensnare
No one can heal this ache
No presence can fill the void

Ask us not for our sovereign grace
The shallow pools help so much
Feeling something rather than nothing
The only way for us to feel alive
Yusof Asnan May 2017
Forgive me that I stare,
Tis something I couldn't resist.
Tis not just for your beauty,
But for how you hold your smile.

A smile to you seems so precious;
That you only give to those you trust.
The face you so much hid away;
To avoid any eye contact.

Tis not just the beauty I see in you,
Whether its innocence or a deep concealed darkness;
That I do not know.
Oh how I wish I can know.

You let out a low vibe around you,
Whether shy or sad;
That is your aura.
But confidence was always kept within.

You turned your head down,
I can tell those you judge,
With you;
I sense fear.

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