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Cherish Jul 2020
Since young I don’t really get it why do people cry or get disappointed when they’re are sick
Isn’t great that we can skip school or not work?

Until I realise mine own sickness it’s life threatening and I’m here praying to god everyday, begging for help and forgive the sin I’ve done.

Gasping for oxygen, trying to walk,
Trying to be normal again but how?

Walking was the easiest but now it became the hardest.
Cherish Jun 2020
I’m tired of repeating myself
I told them “I’m not feeling well”
“I’m not okay” “I’m not eating well”

No one give a **** at all

And I’ll stop repeating them because I’m physically and mentally tired and sick.
Cherish Jun 2020
I trusted everyone I know
I was so kind towards everyone
But they took it for granted

But when I turn to the dark side
Everyone asked why

But they only judge me without knowing
the reason

That’s why I’m always the bad guy.
They only mark your flaws and the mistake you do

But not the good side🙃
Cherish Jun 2020
Was running towards
          The cafe to order a cup of tea I felt very
Breathless and my vision was going white and fainted right in front of the cashier. Woke up in your arms with ur jacket and look up and the memories came flashing through my mind.

And I woke up it was just a dream afterall
It felt so real it felt like you were there
Cherish Feb 2020
Stop relying the memories
For hopes
No more
Cherish Feb 2020
I used to get jealous everytime you posted her,
But when you officially annouced that you are dating her why didn’t I feel annoyed? Sad? Salty?
I guess I’m slowly getting over you
happy for you, as always.
Didn’t want to care too tired to care
Guess it’s enough
Cherish Feb 2020
We shouldn’t be greedy in life
I’m happy that I get to
Meet you
Hold you
Hug you
Kiss you
Wake up beside you
Breakfast to supper together
Date you
Miss you
Text you
Before everything ended.

I shouldn’t be selfish and move on
And let you be together with someone you truly love, someone that won’t make you angry again.

Till the next life.
Love is always selfish, never fair.
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