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Cherish Feb 23
Stop relying the memories
For hopes
No more
Cherish Feb 17
I used to get jealous everytime you posted her,
But when you officially annouced that you are dating her why didn’t I feel annoyed? Sad? Salty?
I guess I’m slowly getting over you
happy for you, as always.
Didn’t want to care too tired to care
Guess it’s enough
Cherish Feb 9
We shouldn’t be greedy in life
I’m happy that I get to
Meet you
Hold you
Hug you
Kiss you
Wake up beside you
Breakfast to supper together
Date you
Miss you
Text you
Before everything ended.

I shouldn’t be selfish and move on
And let you be together with someone you truly love, someone that won’t make you angry again.

Till the next life.
Love is always selfish, never fair.
Cherish Feb 6
I still remembered why you left me
You felt like it isn’t enough
You didn’t give me a chance to talk about it
But it’s okay because the efforts that I put in that took me sweat, tears and blood still doesn’t reach ur expectations.

And hey it’s been 2 years,
Silly me is still waiting for you
while knowing you have her already.
Love me to the fullest when we meet again.. next life.
Cherish Feb 6
So painful to see you
Sitting so close to her
Side by side,
Head to shoulder
And hands by the side

Sooner later
Lips by lips.
Cherish Jan 31
Teach me how to be happy again
I’m too tired to be sad already.
Cherish Jan 29
Each time I fall, you pulled me up
No matter what it takes. Sweat,tears,blood you’ll                
Still be here for me, yet I take it for granted

I lied
I steal
I took granted
I gamble
I smoke
I blame
I repeat the same mistake
No one likes that, all I care was myself and I was selfish, but you didn’t give up on me
No matter how busy, tired, sick you will still call me and ask me come back home early or ask me if I have eaten all I did was either decline the call or seen the message

Im young and dumb and always thought my friends got my back, but when I ****** things up
You’re the only one supporting me, comforting me, helping me, my pillar of everything.

I love you so much And I don’t say it out
But I’m really thankful and I look back and I regret for not cherishing it I’m sorry that I’m caused you so much trouble, it’s always me
But you never ******* give up on me
You ******* help me all the way

I’m sorry mummy I’m the burden
Life would be easier if I doesn’t exist

I love you please forgive me.
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