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Wolftrax Apr 24
Prove to me that love still exists
Show me that I'm worthy for love
Let me hold you and tell you stories
Share me your most passionate dream
Convince me that you're worth the wait
Please don't let my heart continue to break

My mind is full of anxiety and frustration
I promise my heart that this is different
Let me know that I'm not making a mistake
For all I ever wanted was to be with you
Going down this lonely road with you by my side
I hope you see the love I have for you, deep inside

These lonely nights, they get so old and restless
Drinking cheap whiskey, to chase away the pain
Peeling back old memories, that refuse to go away
Holding out for a little bit longer, to be with you
Feelings so strong, they will never let go
If you only knew, how much I love you so

Trying to move on, finding someone new
I've tried over a dozen times, I lost count
But when I see them all flop on their ***
I find myself coming back to you, nobody else
There's something I cannot describe
You keep me in check and help me get by

There are nights when I can't sleep, I think of you
Thoughts race through my mind, like a wild fire
I cannot get over you, it's just too **** strong
Please help me understand what I'm feeling
I'm just feeling so guilty, what I'm doing is wrong
For all I want in life, more than anything, is to love you
When you love someone, they tell you that you deserve better, you try to move on. However, when you try over a dozen times (off and on) to do so, you find yourself coming back to them. There's something about that person, they draw you in, they know you well, they are easy to talk to.
Wolftrax Apr 2020
This was supposed to be your year
You were supposed to rule the halls
The things you had planned
Spending time with your friends
One last year, making memories
Sadly, they were cut so short

Told to stay home, keeping a distance
The rest of the school year, gone like that
I hope your school reschedules a prom
Nothing else, have a gathering later on
Your teachers, they really miss you
The sound of your laughter, shouts and jokes

Things were not supposed to go this way
Sitting at home, losing track of the days
You were supposed to have an amazing year
Instead, you feel like it's a scene from Groundhog Day
Are you taking time off, will you stick with your plan?
No matter what, just do the best that you can

To the class of 2020. I wish you nothing but the best!
After about a year away from writing, I decided to try and write something to the Class of 2020.
Wolftrax Nov 2018
She was so beautiful, I just can't explain it
Her gorgeous brunette hair, and her cute smile
She was petite, and had a port-wine stain
But that didn't matter, I was madly in love

That summer went by way too fast, it ******
When we said our goodbye, I just had no clue
Would I ever see her again, was there a chance?
I wanted to stay in touch, she meant a lot to me

We had great chemistry, and she had my heart
I saw her about a year or so later, still beautiful
If I had known we would never cross paths again
I would've told her then and there, how I felt

No doubt about it, I still think about her today
I wonder what she's up to, hope she's well
I've tried to look her up, but nowhere to be found
Whenever I hear that song, I think of her

I was definitely in love, she had my heart
She will always be something special to me
Just wish I could find her, and let her know
The summer of 1989, I remember it well
In the summer of 1989, while working at this job, I met an amazing girl. She was amazing, and we clicked from the start. One day, a group of us were in the car, heading across town. I'll never forget the song "So Alive" by Love and Rockets starts playing on the radio... and I'm seeing this beautiful girl and that smile that drove me crazy. I just wish I had kept in touch.
Wolftrax Jun 2017
​Your smile is beautiful
Always share that vibe
A quality worth showing
No matter what day it is
Because you'll be amazed
Just how much it means

No matter the pain
No matter the fear
You have so much love
It's tucked down inside
You just need to dig deep
Know it's always there all along

Days can get the best of you
I've seen them at their worst
You just need to let them go
Move on, and see what's ahead
Never give up hope, I see so much
You will always be amazing in my heart
Another quick one that I wrote, hope you like it.
Wolftrax Jun 2017
Strawberry Kiwi makes makes me queasy
I know it's a bit crazy, and a bit cheesy
But this place has me so confused, so lost
Sometimes I feel like I'm owning it like a boss
Drinking Green Tea and ******* on a Jolly Rancher
Knowing that the taste is pretty far out there

Been kicked off a horse, been kicked in the nuts
I've seen the sun go down, seen it come up
It's safe to say, I've been running on a lot of luck
My mind is clear, and I'm ready to ride this buck
Don't stop me now, don't get in my way, here I go
I've been working for this, I need to do this, let's roll
Decided to have a little fun with this one, hope you like it. :)
Wolftrax Jun 2017
Take me through your private garden, need not be afraid
I promise not to get hooked, as I have to be on my way
The sun is bright, the air is humid, my mind is confused
I just need to be assured that I’m not going insane
It’s been so long since I’ve been with a beautiful soul
Someone who knows all about learning as you go

Feeling like I’m about to collapse, my body is weak
I’m in need of water and a place to stay and rest
If you could only see the places I’ve traveled to
It’s safe to say I’ll keep my distance, it’s for the best
Too much drama, too many worries, I can’t handle it
I need my peace, silence and know where it’s not fit

I’ve been traveling around for several years, 5 or so
Will I ever settle down, and give all that up for a woman?
I have to be honest, right now, I just don’t know
I’ve been hurt so many times, I’m scared to love again
Given the reason I don’t get attached, just so you know
Maybe one day all that will change, and I’ll travel no more

My horse Harley, by my side is all I really need
I mean no offense, but he’s had my back
As I leave you, and thank you once again
Please don’t judge me, that’s just the way I am
I’m a rambler, I do this alone, just how I was raised
As I ride into the sunset, know that I’ll remember you
Wolftrax May 2017
In my eyes, you have nothing to prove
Your beauty is both, inside and out
Never be ashamed to be who you are
Your flaws will never push me away
If you could only see it from my side
You would never have to ask me why

Your long brown hair, gorgeous as ever
That smile, it always brings me to my knees
The sound of your voice, it's comforting
Your impact on me, it's more than you know
If only I could get through to you, to make you see
I want you so bad, that I can't stop thinking about you

I keep going through my mind, trying to figure it out
What is it that I'm doing wrong, what is it that I'm saying
I just can't understand this, at times I feel like I'm not enough
It's like you're pushing me away, yet I've done nothing to hurt you
Please understand that I'm fragile, but willing to take a chance
Just know that I'm always there for you, I'll never break that promise

If you could take a little time, to think about all of this and hear me out
Understand just how much I care, how much love I have, respect as well
You might find it in your heart, to give me a chance, and let me get close to you
I would never hurt you, would never run out on you, I would never disrespect you
You have to understand, I'm crazy about you... in a romantic/loving kind of way
Please don't ignore this, please don't let this go without a though, this took a lot
A guy is in love with this girl, she's everything he's always wanted. However, she's too blind to see it, and puts up a wall. The guy tries to be there, and tries to understand, and take things easy and be a friend. The wall is still there, and he cannot understand why she acts this way. He refuses to give up on her, but he does get irritated at times. All he wants, is to show her that she can trust him, and know that whatever she's going through, he will be there for her every step of the way. He tries to make her understand where he's coming from, but wants her to know he will never give up on her.
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