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I wanna shut people out til I'm all alone
And cry to my music til my head explodes
I wanna break down while nobody knows
Lock myself in my closet as my heart implodes
iamgone Sep 17
I can see you
inside the closet
as I watch you from
under the covers
your eyes peak out
through the darkness
and I can tell you know I'm
I know you're
I can see you

(now read up)
i'm watching you
S O P H I E Sep 5
when i was a child
my father never checked the closet
i never asked him too
i knew what was hiding there
the secrecy and the skeletons i lay to rest
i kept it shut tightly
locked and sealed
like my mouth
never open long enough
for anyone to know what was going on inside
not even a locksmith could pry open
my closet doors
im gay lol
kAyLa Jul 22
you said
gays don't deserve rights
because we already have pride
but many of us
because of who we love

such words said to
make me break
and fall deeper into the closet
because of your beliefs

you'll never truly know me
because if you did
i'd go
it's just hard
to learn to trust you again
after you've broken me
my parents are openly homophobic, and I'm pansexual
Livin’ like harry potter,
In the closet I hide wishing everything was better.
Love wins they say,
But why do I see people killed every day?
Humanity I need you now,
Accept the people who are giving vows
To the one they love and so proud about,
Because acceptance is all their heart shouts
Now, I stand with pride with the colors in my heart,
With my family and friends that’s with me since the start.
to my 13 yrs old self who wrote this, im 17 now and openly gay. it was hard at first tbh. a lot of obstacle got in my way before reaching where i am now, a lot of opportunities were taken away from me because of my homophobic teachers but im okay. youre a month a few weeks from starting college and pursuing a girl youve love since you were 12. you did well, i did well
I remember sitting in closets,
only a young girl

On good days I played
in my mother's closet,
touching the lace
of her wedding dress
picking unworn brooches
out of her jewelry box
and giving the baubles
a voice

Door splayed wide open,
yellow glow illuminating
her treasures for me

Sometimes I tried
on her glistening shoes,
which I never really
grew into

This was where I learned
what it means to be
a mother and a woman

But on bad days,
I hid in my closet
lights out and door closed
shaking and stifling
in the darkness
raking my nails
over the worn carpet

In those corners
I started
punishing myself,
first with my own
hard fists and later
dull blades

When I started
starving myself
it's where I hid
the evidence,
brown lunch bags
filled with decay

This was where I learned
how to bury
the broken parts of me
and how to lock the door

I don't want
to be stuck
in that closet
I forgot about this until recently
Vee May 7
As the internal battle intensifies
Externally I hold it together
Accepting and showing support
Disguised as an ally
But not too supportive
In efforts to avoid the suspicions
I’m fighting
Deep down hatred
I’m fighting
Scared of who I am
Fighting this powerful attraction
Repeating to myself
I’m just an ally nothing more
I am realizing
For others, I’m an ally
Yet In my internal battle
I’m my biggest enemy
Sh Mar 16
I have two things hidden in my closet:
Your birthday gift and my pride flags.

I ran to my room and tore them down from the walls the moment our company has arrived,
Preserving our doll house image.
The natural heterosexuallity I've learned to imitate.

I suppose in a sense,
I have two gifts for you hidden in my closet.
Karijinbba Mar 14
Hold me holy lover sinner
worldly lover mine twin soul,
like Rhett Buttler
beheld Scarlet in his arms
as she sobbed

hold me speace me madly
love me long like
Rae Ingram (Nicole Kidman) and her husband, John (Sam Neill),
held each other on their yacht
rocked by oceanic waves in
Dead Calm!
Oh beloved gold key come stay rock me hear my plee

regardles of names time and space or sand hour glass
I love you
fly to me I am wearing my red robe waiting for you up the magestic flight staircase,
the captured sacred
chronological dream spell
impregnating imagination

come up quickly search for me
inside your master bedroom
kick the door if you must
grab me apeace my despair
find me shivering in the closet burning with anticipation
save me hold me
put my fire out gold hearted lover mine
praying eons isolated hold on to your photograph
patiently waiting for a word
news thwt you caré as promised
I am breaking save me

Pop up the bubbly bottle is chilled O sweetheart sweety pie
I long to get high with you
fill up my cup full
twist my gold lock open with your
gold key Enter me! I can't live without you

let the fireworks begin to sing
I adore you do with me as you
eternity is ours to love
let me devour you apeace me
the nights long the days and eves long ***
see you ginham shirt buttons popping up strong long
pants zipper tearing up
my He-Man Ruddy divine

the nights eons long I sought you
out of time and space is only for the devil not for true love.

I have dreamt with this dream
since you and I carved it
lovingly photographic memory
and all once upon a time
has come suddently

and though another soul grabs
you tieing you down
as you gave her presence ring and name
I know you love me forever
more as you're a man of your word
hold me for the ocean waves
drown me they now wrack
our boat for you two as I watch
I break uphold me
Oh how it hurts not to feel you
caressing my existence in person

but I have felt your beautiful loving passionate ways
long time ago my gold lock
and your gold key did laid your bridge
openning heavens portal in me.

and that makes all the
difference today

To honor you in memory
closing the chasm with a poem
a gold lock to gold key.
Nigdaw Feb 21
clues have always been there
the closet door left open
for those that bothered to walk into it
rhythmic Polari conversed
in whispers in the ether
of internet sites reserved
for my niche interests
hiding in plain sight, ninja style
but I find I have to face my demons
shout it from the highest rooftops
i'm a coming out poet
and I'm so over who knows it
Polari is a form of cant slang used in Britain by some actors, circus and fairground showmen, professional wrestlers, merchant navy sailors, criminals, prostitutes, and the gay subculture.
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