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TD May 2019
Reaching for that caught breath
elusive, surreal
thoughts weary
chasing after wavering prisms of light
and a bit of wind

I’d rather fly a kite
Sabila Siddiqui Nov 2018
An autoimmune of a nation,
why are you letting your wrath
stemmed from crisis
burst open like lysosomes?
Why do you digest
yourself and one of your own?
Don't you take pride
when the one who has the same
nation weaved on his skin
uplifts the wavering flag of your land?

Why would you mute
and suppress them
rather than water them,
like the beautiful nature that
blooms from your own ground?
Why would you steal
and harm your brothers and sisters,
letting your mentality succumb
to toxic-narrow confinements?
ashley marie Aug 2018
is it bad to think
you speak for me?

do you whisper for me,
are the puns in your poems
meant for me?

how unfair of me to think this,
when my mind is always on someone else
every three days.

is it wrong of me to think this?
to feel my chest warm up
to your homemade fireplace?

thoughts always rush through my mind,
if i am wrong or right,
are you wrong or right,
is this wrong or right?

how can i find these perfect places
between your words and writings?
can i rest on them,
the promises in your poems?
My heart changes its mind constantly.
Yanamari Feb 2018
I'm being engulfed
In the clutches of darkness
It's slow-motioned embrace
Calculated and unforgiving
It's greedy hold
Swallowing me
It's fingers sliding
Over my arms
My legs
Holding delicately
Yet firmly
Sliding over my neck
Caressing my chin
And lapping at my ears
Tainting my field of vision...
Hannah Mar 2017
This desert
reminds me
of my heart.
It burns
hotter than hell
during the day,
before growing
colder than ice,
the moonlit night.
~ my heart sins beneath the moon.
oni Sep 2015
you cannot
rely on the wind
as it changes direction
each day,

just as
you have told me
that this time,
you would stay
Prabhu Iyer Dec 2014
Surrealist Cut-up

            them of drooping
perspective        them blue water lilies,
    branches      boughs,    the blue      wavering
illuminated that window  is causing These the stars
                      in moonlight, to shiver;   late in
a ripple,     then, blooming
The clouds, sky,    tither.


These the stars then, blooming
late in the blue sky,
a ripple is causing them to shiver;
The clouds, perspective
branches of drooping boughs,
that window them
blue water lilies, illuminated
in moonlight, wavering tither.
Monet Water lilies 1916:
Ember Evanescent Oct 2014
There's no such thing as happily ever after. No harmony lasts that long.  There is such a thing as forever though. Loving someone forever even during rough patches when the harmony slides off key until it gets better. Because it will.

Please comment I love to read other people's interpretations of my poetry!
Please comment I love to read other people's interpretations of my poetry!
Arturo Hernandez Jul 2014
I felt its power,
And it's resonance,

It's eerie dissonance
Came forward, closer,

Twisting my heaving heart.
Aizzur Festejo May 2014
Feelings of confusion, keeps bugging my head
Feelings of unsureness, I'm painting it all red
Feelings of frustration, overcomes me instead
Feelings still wavering, keeps me from falling to bed
Random ones from Feb. 2, 2012

— The End —