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idunnome Aug 13
i want to solve Your problems but
my love can only change so much
my support can only validate so much
my humor can only ease so much
my pride can only deliver so much
and my insecurities interfere so much..
A short time ago I stood at the crossroad of my life
having lost my wife faced with uncertain
but believe through amazing support from people on this site encouragement
And to be able to write
poetry which is really Stories of my life and so much of my
Though gone still had such amazing Influence on my poetry tremendous Inspiration that she has and still gives
I've found a home In poetry writing spend hours engrossed In the love of writing a gift I never knew I had
But a gift that has been helped so much by the fellow poet on this site from the beginner as once I was my
To those who have written for years wonderful people who spread so much love around and are always here to advise
And gives wonderful encouragement
that helps us all to be much happier
And much more loving appreciating the talent of other poets truly amazing people I say bless them
A poem to show my appreciation for wonderful
support for my wife and myself marvellous people
who help me so much through
my writing and me to Improve so much bless you all
Johnny walker Jan 15
All my life I've lived on a wing and a prayer would
say to date my prayers have never been
But the wing has carried through so many changes In my life lifted me up when I was down and almost out
So disappointed with my prayer's that have never to date been answered not one don't suppose they ever will
Living on a wing and prayer
the wing being very supportive
but my  prayer's never to date been answered not even one
Jenny Jul 2018
windows up
walls down
in the backseat of her toyota
staring at the green fluorescent car clock
he looks over his shoulder in the passenger seat,
the boy who could breathe without inhaling
a mere party trick.
i had always wondered what it felt like to be a teen
stupid as is seems
i was sheltered once,
hidden from night rides
obscured from midnight hikes
asleep instead of the early morning mcdonald trips
my friends were more persistent on making me to eat with them
than making me exhale dancing fumes with them.
i only know the double chin grins on our snapchat stories
the rude jokes, the black ripped jeans, and snapbacks
the lime green socks that matched the stair railings
and pink sliders never looked better.
the “6:30” movies (5:30, shhh, my mom can’t know)
and the crinkling of empty water bottles in the backseat
i felt alive tonight,
even through the tough,
sushi stores and reclining movie theaters never felt more like home.
and boba stores that stay open late with neon open signs
welcome us
the “oH mY gOsH iTs a DoG” screams
the photoshoots with random men wearing fake Coach hats
the posing by wooden desks
the lights that lounge effortlessly above
encaptures our spirits and brighten them
i don’t drink, but they smoke
but tonight, beer can’t buzz us more than boba
and childish giggles escape from my wide smile.
so this is what the lullabies were about
this is what katy perry sang about
this is what i had been waiting for
to experience moments of pure awe and affection for those around me
to see them smile in slow motion when they understand a joke
or react to something
our collective experiences are understood
no words need to be ushered to empathize
as we dress like the night,
we transform into it
the stars flicker for us
the moon gives us her blessing
and the sleeping sun gives us our space
was meant for us
the clock stops
and time stretches its arms to infinity and beyond
i could live in the frozen frame of this evening
bomber jackets, jean jackets, and tattooed planets
the inside jokes, the enjoyed hoax, our future hopes
they live inside the car clock that reads, in green, 9:37
a wonderful night
Amanda Apr 2018
I cannot say thank you enough
For supporting me all seven days of the week
And not giving up where others would
No matter how hopeless or bleak

I am here physically, but not really there
Trapped in the prison within my head
I know you understand for now
I am sure patience will turn to frustration instead

How much longer until you get tired of me
Not calling your phone enough to check in?
How many tearful episodes will you
Be able to face with a grin?

We co-exist but this sweet utopia
Can only last a limited number of days
Despite how calm and supportive you are
Eventually you will tire of my selfish ways
How did I get lucky enough to find a man that is willing to put up with my crazy antics
empty seas Mar 2018
It’s always fascinated me
how every single cell in our bodies
works so hard
to keep us alive
you could say
that they love you
and care about you
but that’s not true
they have no sentience
no will
but they have a mission
a purpose
which is more than some people have
and it’s almost an honor
when you think about
how these trillions of cells
have the same purpose:
to help you
It really makes me feel better when I think about this
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
Good or bad times, they
always stand behind you, check
your wedding album.
During the photo shoot your family will be standing behind and around you (the bride/groom)as in real life.
Vyiirt'aan Dec 2017
A lunar cycle passed in memoriam of them
Who helped paving the road to unity
Yet sought the warmth of the sun
The golden gleam shone brightly on the pass
They marched forward

A staple in the system deemed unmatched
An adhesive bond, firmly grasped
Although double-checked it dissipated
The roadmaker came to a fall

Falling silently, they let out a final cry
As the path cracked in time
The road distorted into contortion

What seemed like a peaceful road
Ended up a jagged pass
The falling abruptly ended

The hands that reached out to them
Embraced them in a livid bloom
Of effervescent warmth

I stood amongst the occasion
To guide the roadmaker, creator of the stars
To guide them to their ultimate path
I want to believe in a world
Where ashes do not go back to ashes,
Where dust will not go back to dust,
Or into the bones
Of oblivion.

I want to believe in a world
Where hats would drop off
When the artist speaks,
Or sows together pieces
Of melancholy and precision.

Yes, I want to believe in this perfect world
Where a thought can be bought
For more than a penny,
But for a whole
Golden mine.

This world is both yours and mine,
So please believe in it,
So we can stop beating around the bush
When it comes to you and me
And art.
This is for all the artists out there feeling they are not worth it. Or thinking their art is not good enough. Your art is worth it. This is the kind of world we create, so please believe in it. Believe in your art, as this is the way of making a difference.
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