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Kitt Jun 2022
How can it be that life should be so sweet
What could I've done to earn this greatest gift
That I should have this rarest chance to meet
A soul so kind, who opens up her heart.
Their arms forever opened to embrace
Their words forever ready to uplift
Even her home, that sanctuaried place
Left open-doored to friends who go adrift.
Their voice they raise to advocate for change
To validate, they spread not hate, but love
She lives her life without a trace of shame
She must have been a gift sent from above.
No words I speak nor write could manifest
A friend like her; she really is the best.
Okay so it's not like, the most sophisticated piece I've ever written, but it's the thought that counts, right? Anyway, this sonnet goes out to RF, the love of my life and the only one who keeps me going sometimes.
Precious seconds fill the void of time
For every second that goes by
One month has passed
And only eleven more
Before the end.
Do you just sit there
Waiting to be consumed,
Or do you feel life
In every second that passes?
Either way your time is limited.

Are you here?
Are you present in this moment,
Or is the passing of time something that happens to you?
What did you eat for breakfast last monday?
Do you even remember this morning?
Don’t let these precious seconds slip by,
Just because they’re not tied to precious memories.
Because the seconds with the people you love,
And the ones passed in the monotony of the day to day,
Are all the same length,
And each is an equal step forward
To the last second you get to spend.

Wilting is in our nature;
It's a part of existence
But the wilting bud left unbloomed
Leaves no greater waste
Of beautiful minds.
Sprout and let your roots
Plant deep
But let your heart show
That what you keep to yourself,
Doesn’t need to be uprooted
To be shown.
Just because the sky breathes
Winter through the clouds,
Doesn’t mean the sun
Isn’t shining behind them’
Don’t let yourself wilt
Just because the sky gives an excuse.

Existential horror.
The dread of being on a conveyor belt,
Taken somewhere you don’t know,
Your destination far away or around the corner,
With no power to slow down or stop.
Now or later,
We all reach the destination we’re bound for,
So why waste another moment,
Staring blankly down,
In attempts to deny you’re going anywhere?
Look up,
And join us as we face the end with hope.
334 more days.
334 more opportunities to live instead of simply not dying.
66 lines, 334 days left.
Chris Aug 2020
The loudest noise of the brightest room
Can carry away the view from you

But you must be you
To shine brighter..

Than any sound ever could bring you down

A lesson of years
Forged in tears
Gives me the years that remain

My life is my lane..

Tried shifting lanes
I tried shifting gears
I tried hiding from my fears
I grew my own pain..

It took the strength of my lifetime..
To be free of the world's mind..

Become an individual..
And be me..

I feel more free

As if I have unshackled a lock
That I couldn't see never was..

The lock existed..

But it took my heart..
To realize my captor forgot to secure me

I walk left and then right
Left and then right..

Like before..

But now free..

Pain can become fear
Fear can hurt you more than that pain

You exist in this world
By nature are bound to no one

Sometimes.. It just takes a little living

To set yourself free
To know you deserve more..

Life can make you breathe a little heavy..
Slow it down there..

Its ok..

You aren't the only one..

The truth is there is so much good in this world.. Sometimes.. You only need look..

"My darkness came from within me"

My heart was that only
My mind as well..

Or so I thought..

But it was never true..
And you can be you..

Should your will ever wane..
I've lived in hospitals..
Suffered in tears like the rain

But I let it go..
The pain..

Been to death's door and back
It was my own heart I attacked

But hey..
I really did make it back..

And you..

You are not alone.
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2020
Some write from their heart
Others bare their soul
Some write for the art
Others to feel whole
Some write to inform
Others to get a laugh
Some write as a platform
Others to land a gaff
Some write to rant and lobby
Others to find peace
Some write as a hobby
Others in search of a masterpiece

They each have merit
But with every sort of objective
They just want to share it
With us, the HP collective
Sofia Ageyeva Jan 2020
How can I use my phone less? Should I?

I use it to reach out to my daughter...
I call my mama every day...

I tell my sister, I will call her
       And set an alarm to do it...
             Oh well...

I can just fly to the opposite coast...
      And hug her little one...
And be a perfect auntie... for one week...

Oh! that's so cheating!
     Ok, I'm cheating....
            But I'm good at it!

Do you know why?
     Because when I see your little one...
        I see you... and I love her so much!

And I'm sorry I wasn't a good sister...
I wanted to...
I planned on being fair, and caring, and supportive...
     When I was 9...
        But when I was 10....
I got jealous...
I didn't even know that I was...

But you know what?
I still ironed your little blankets...
And went to get donated milk for you...
        In the snow!..
           For like 20 min walk through the snow...
Because you needed milk to grow...

            ... and because I love you <3
idunnome Aug 2019
i want to solve Your problems but
my love can only change so much
my support can only validate so much
my humor can only ease so much
my pride can only deliver so much
and my insecurities interfere so much..
Jenny Jul 2018
windows up
walls down
in the backseat of her toyota
staring at the green fluorescent car clock
he looks over his shoulder in the passenger seat,
the boy who could breathe without inhaling
a mere party trick.
i had always wondered what it felt like to be a teen
stupid as is seems
i was sheltered once,
hidden from night rides
obscured from midnight hikes
asleep instead of the early morning mcdonald trips
my friends were more persistent on making me to eat with them
than making me exhale dancing fumes with them.
i only know the double chin grins on our snapchat stories
the rude jokes, the black ripped jeans, and snapbacks
the lime green socks that matched the stair railings
and pink sliders never looked better.
the “6:30” movies (5:30, shhh, my mom can’t know)
and the crinkling of empty water bottles in the backseat
i felt alive tonight,
even through the tough,
sushi stores and reclining movie theaters never felt more like home.
and boba stores that stay open late with neon open signs
welcome us
the “oH mY gOsH iTs a DoG” screams
the photoshoots with random men wearing fake Coach hats
the posing by wooden desks
the lights that lounge effortlessly above
encaptures our spirits and brighten them
i don’t drink, but they smoke
but tonight, beer can’t buzz us more than boba
and childish giggles escape from my wide smile.
so this is what the lullabies were about
this is what katy perry sang about
this is what i had been waiting for
to experience moments of pure awe and affection for those around me
to see them smile in slow motion when they understand a joke
or react to something
our collective experiences are understood
no words need to be ushered to empathize
as we dress like the night,
we transform into it
the stars flicker for us
the moon gives us her blessing
and the sleeping sun gives us our space
was meant for us
the clock stops
and time stretches its arms to infinity and beyond
i could live in the frozen frame of this evening
bomber jackets, jean jackets, and tattooed planets
the inside jokes, the enjoyed hoax, our future hopes
they live inside the car clock that reads, in green, 9:37
a wonderful night
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