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Somewhatdamaged Aug 2022
Bloom as you have reached your time
Show your beauty as you're born for
Sting with thorns as it is what you need to
Wither as your time has come
Grandmaa used to love flowers, for her...
Somewhatdamaged Jul 2022
These voices in my head
Cant resist,dosesn't understand
Locked in the cage of my own skin
Always busting me to throw in

These voices, won't give up
They wont give in
Dragging me over
Always following me
To pull me under
They're pulling under
Can't win the war in my own game
Somewhatdamaged Jun 2021
cannot sleep
cannot escape
the dreams i have
is keeping me awake

what was
might not always be
what is
never enough to set me free
what more
do i have to see?

after all that's said and done
back to the same spot
have i always been wrong?
at least let me breathe
reset life reset me
but not the same ****
over and over again
Somewhatdamaged Nov 2020
Staring at the sky
Pale blue
Is there any hope left
Wish non of it were true
How did I get here?
Is there any place left
I can call my home
The clouds are pouring in
Burning me within

Missing in a maze
Disarrayed and alone
Thought I could see
After all I was blind

All that I've cared
Is nothing but frail
How fragile was I
With nothing left to grasp
Just turn it into ash

I'm locked in my head
With what I've done
Maybe there was somebody
Who could've rescued me
But I didn't let anyone in
Now all that's left of me
Thoughts consuming me
With all that could've been

Please someone grab my hand
And run far away
Just save me from myself
Somewhatdamaged Oct 2020
Pale skin
Scarred within
Messy hair
Slightly insane
Drowsy eyes
Broken inside

I feel like I'm breaking
And its only the beginning
I want to get this out my head
Lonely as I am
Broken, bruised and scarred!
The never ending
Nor forgiving
This merciless voice
Inside my head
Think I'm gonna burst my brain
Maybe that is how
My life should end!

Bad posture
Never sober
Always late
Nobody cares
Emotionless face
Violent feedback

And all of this rage
Comes through pain
Cannot deny
Cannot embrace
These voices in my head
Like never ending flame
Running through my veins
Has left me insane!

What have I become?
Such miserable ****!
What am I doing?
What is going on?
Everyone I know
I've distanced myself
Now I don't know what to do
I don't know where to go

Dissapear in silence
Where I don't become a bother
And I don't want to be bothered
Just Rest In Peace.

I wish I knew back then
What I know right now
Would I still fail horribly?
To contain this curse of misery
Or would I **** my feelings
Instead of killing me
Somewhatdamaged Sep 2020
The ones who slay the human lives
Are mostly the religious fanatics
Scared imbeciles
Afraid of what they've done
Or afraid to rot in hell
But forgot
This is the hell that we created!
judgement is made in this world!
Somewhatdamaged Jul 2020
The playground
With series of
Fortunate and unfortunate
Events and opportunities
Along with
Easy and hard lessons
To learn
With each self made desicions
Whether good or bad
To overcome past
But to leave some good memories
At the end
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