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The playground
With series of
Fortunate and unfortunate
Events and opportunities
Along with
Easy and hard lessons
To learn
With each self made desicions
Whether good or bad
To overcome past
But to leave some good memories
At the end
He's got something left to prove
Like any of us do
If he could just follow his heart
And let it all out
Right infront of us
Only if we would let him

She's got something left to say
Which none of us dare to persuade
Burried deep inside of her
Piercing like a thorn

All we are
Afraid of the dark
Yet we are
Taught to be scared of the light
Nothing's fair enough
Unless it bends back to you
Nothing's good enough
Until we bow down to you
Who we are
What we got
Does it really defines us?
In what we believe
Is that all that's left in us?

I've got nothing left to do
Nothing left to show you
All you keep kneeling
To something no one can see!
There is only one religion.HUMANITY...
Those long talks
till 5 A.M.
Thought we meant
every word we said
Those stupid little fights
Felt so right
Till it got on our nerves
And couldn't stand each other's sight!
Nothing seemed enough
I am a freak of nature
I am control
I am the silence in your voice
When you can't seem to hold
I am the one you push around
Just like a *****
I am the one
You keep begging for more
I am control

All these words
Running through back of my mind
Leave me alone
No I can't stand on my own

Start to humiliate you?
You're acting like you're the only one
With what you've been through
Leave me alone
I will stand on my own

All I am is a **** burden
Then why am I not forgotten?
Calling me just to ******* argue!
Did I disappoint you?
And let you down
You can't even grasp with what I've been through
Leave me alone
No more talking
Through back of my mind!

I'll lead you where you want to go
I'll never let you loose control
I am control!

You made me this way
And I couldn't stay away
Or did I choose to be this way?
Either way
I am my biggest ******* mistake
Mr. Self Destruct!
those endless words that control you...I am my own demise!
Its one of those days again
Nothing's right
Nothing's ever fine
Every little thing exists to annoy
Every other I want to destroy
This never ending tunnel
With darker twists ahead
Am I living the nightmare?
Or stuck in this absurd reality?
That wretched face
Inside of that beautiful skin
I couldn't see
I cannot believe

Swirling in the delusion
You created
Your tainted caress
I hope we never ever met
But the smile that gave away
My trust
Your illusion

Now I'm so sick
of your *******!
Its clearer than ever
You dragging me in your downward spiral

You've tore me inside out
But I've finally figured out
What really must be done
No mercy! No remorse!

Oh my beautiful liar
You cold blooded *****!
Never I thought I would do this.
Now I'm on my knees
You brought me down to your level...
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