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Sep 2015
So open our minds could be
To invite each side with a balanced scene

So loud our voices could carry
The righteous solution of a perfect recipe

With the ingredients so perfectly married
Of love, fairness and honesty

But instead our eyes are glued to the screen
Downloading illusions with influence and monotony

The information, as fake as the food we're eating
Served on a silver plate to convince it's certainty

All to rid us of the power we carry
Which is masked with negativity
To confuse us of the reality
That gives us the possibility
To accept one another's beliefs
To agree to disagree
To think for ourselves without all the censoring

If all this was a probability
Our home wouldn't be so naive
Our children would grow into a future of positivity
With certainty of security
And we could all live ever happily

But instead we are taught that fairy tales are for t.v. only
From the same screen controlling our identities
This poem was inspired by the realization that we are all so busy worrying about what we see on tv and pointing fingers at one another when in reality, the importance should be accepting others beliefs and educating ourselves before stating our opinions. Media is a loud and powerful voice but we should not rely on it to shape our understanding and opinions.
Kayla Ross
Written by
Kayla Ross  Venus
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