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Spriha Kant Apr 3
I have always been reluctant for stepping towards the path of expertise because the kid inside my heart laughs out innocuously on my foibles which I prefer over demeaning.

cold sweat trickled down her spine,
gasping reluctantly for air penetrated
her thoughts, but it was just;
she beamed upwards to sight the welkin,
relinquished— she stopped abruptly.
hi! i’ve been MIA for quite some time now. i’ve been rly busy with school. i hope everyone is safe! < 3
brandon mater Aug 2020
funny how l thought
l loved you

gave you my heart
broke it into 2

played my part
acted like a fool

you have no heart
all you do is use

broke me apart
as you always do

this isn't right
you screamed *******!!!!
l can't escape from a toxic relationship. when we are together, l forget how he's not good for me but after, l start falling apart
"You are late"
Said the so full of fact
Business Studies Teacher
Nicked, "Mrs Fatso".

It's like
    her account's green
    turns red
On the account of
    Leke's grin

I'm terrified
At why Leke is never

Cos as soon as
   that was said about
   Grand Pa
We saw him
    no more

And from what I saw
   in the poster
He changed his first name
   to the same

Why Joy in lateness?
Brynn S Nov 2018
What has literature become?
Mockery of the new age
They spit on the graves of former writers
They take their names and drag it through mud
Disgrace, distaste
Nothing fuels the flame
The elusive spark as died
We all try to grasp at fame
Only few may succeed
In comparison we falter
We are the ****** ones
left to pray at the alter
amanda Jun 2018
gradually they go-
the idiosyncratic, the mortal, the private.
nothing is left
but desolate halls.
before they go,
the mirrors gaze at them.
two-faced demons they see.
merciless hands
in a pool of ******.
i feel out of focus,
or at least a bit seedy.
breathe in, breathe out.
i don't want to fight,
i don't want to fight,
and i never will.
i fall cold.
the idiosyncratic, the mortal, the private
watch me.
"goodbye my child,"
and the silence grows ever still.
Sara May 2018
I didn't want to see the signs so
I turned off all the light and smiled,
with rose-tinted shards stuck in my eyes,
I did anything for an easy life.
It is what it is and it was what it was
Gilang Perdana Sep 2017
who needs to learn
to wrap the tides
while the fisherman
cast the net of fire
from the darkest seabed
locked the doors of events
to keep an ancient calendar
still glowing on it's eyes
but within the time
the firts cry came
the lips of the ocean
became reluctant to return
for us to be afraid
to saw the wraith

of the fish
A bit of quandary
let in the laundry
crept for death mausoleum
where she the horror
left he the sheriff
and came her kingdom
through my absorption
here estranged life
would afford this supposition
in this place of heart
as theatre will fly to heaven
if immaterial is golden
and nonviolent always chosen
when never reluctant for change
a bill is always left in mind.
An attorney in mind
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