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Henk Holveck Dec 2017
my heart is so tired
I'm losing my voice
and bleeding out

kindness is a target for evil
disheartening doesn't begin to define this ache in my chest
maybe this is how it felt when they drove the nails into Jesus's hands

the only things that keep me breathing
are full of toxins
unfortunately, there are no warning signs of toxins that provide the fix I seek.

my manifesto is to mean what I say
do what I promise
more importantly it is to love.
I've learned that love is the ultimate sacrifice.

this world needs those of us who feel deeply and communicate effectively.  
a "friend" doesn't cut ties over something petty
a lover doesn't leave you because something is alleged to be true.

as a feeler, this will make sense to you.
if you are not comprehending this or not feeling a tug in your chest, go home, lay down and think about times in your life when you felt overlooked. really go back to that moment and feel it.

when you feel it, now know that other person is feeling that because of your actions.

love & art 1991,

henk holveck
sage Oct 2017
The water edge draws me,
Calls me.

It has many times before,
Until I was pulled away.

The ocean stares back at me with deep blue eyes,
And speaks in soft careless whispers.

The waves lap at my ankles, Kissing my feet.

The sensation is overwhelming,
The freezing cold water calming.

The water entwines it's fingers in mine,
Taking me further from where I could stand.

Every touch is gentle.
Every cell of mine begs for more.

I'm dislocated
I'm alone

So far out,
My mind is stolen.

No coherent thoughts,
Just the cold breeze tenderly caressing my cheeks.

Then I dive in once,
The feeling of nothing addicting.

And I smile as I drown,

Knowing I'm never coming back
Fear of the Water - SYML
third try, Hellopoetry deleted the first two.
Sydney Victoria Oct 2017
Silent, Solemn,
Breaking, Blinding, Barren
Wandering, Waning, Wondering, Wishing,
Battered, Broken, Bitter,
Suffocating, Sweltering,
No privacy but always alone
Viral Jun 2016
I'm a tiny twig flowing in a River

Its flow, mighty, powerful, turbulent
I make futile attempts to make my own way
But it's the forces of nature that determine my path
Pushing me, Pulling me at its whim
And yet I have this notion of Destiny
Of a greater calling
A belief or rather a hope for finding
the true purpose for my existence
Perhaps a twig would change the flow of a River
And Perhaps the whole story wouldn't sound as absurd as its pitiful summarization
Yet, nothing is more true, more tangible,
more persistent, more disheartening
than the fact that

I'm a tiny twig flowing in a River
The lines of optimism and wishful fantasy are thin
Wacsleftyy Jan 2016
we are grids and squares
some of us supporting figures
and the wires that make things work
we rely and we take
captivate and motivate
but are still unhappy with what we have
easily disheartened by the chances we get

live up to your expectations.
play your part.
credits to @broken.twisted.dark posted with permission of the author
Nicole Joanne Nov 2015
i hate to make a metaphor out of everything,
but we're celestial bodies orbiting out of control.

each day the sun rises with it's own strength
to clear paths and make visible the roads
that she can't even walk on.

the moon rises every night off of the sun's glow,
and not once does he return the favor;
he takes just enough so that gleaming eyes can adore;
the sun is so bright he doesn't even look at her.

when i was younger i read somewhere that
if you're going to do something, give it your all,
or don't do it at all.

and i have religiously lived up to that reading
until i met you.

you attend school just enough so you won't fail - just making it.
you work just enough so you won't get fired -just making it.

and this relationship,
is just making it.

— The End —