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Jan 2015
dew drops glisten
as the morning light dances
in peaceful silence

in peaceful silence
the great eastern sun rises
greening the ridges

Greening the ridges
Of the mountains and the vales

Delightful— Serene
Flowers Waltz Upon The Ground
Feel The Rising Sun

Feeling the rising sun
Beaming on angelic faces
Leaving a heart dazed

Leaving a heart dazed
In love with this tranquil scenery -
A true beauty!

A true beauty
Of love and colours,
Brightening life forever.

Brightnening life forever,
Like a dove engulfed in a clear sky,
Yet a trick of our sore eyes.

Yet a trick of our sore eyes
Cannot obscure the glistening
Of whispered rain

of whispered rain
which drenches our mother earth
in a warm and loving embrace

In a warm and loving embrace,
The winds prance apace
While the rain sings its tranquil grace

while the rain sings it's tranquil grace
my soul dances with joy and
my heart joins in the song of the universe
To anyone who would like to add onto this, please leave your lines on comments and I will update it as
people add on.  This is an ongoing collaborative piece.  

The format is 3 lines, and 1st line begins with the last line of previous 3 lines.  I discovered this way of collaborating on a different site and it's like playing telephone with poetry.  You can add multiple times as long as you are not responding to yourself.  It feels like a fun game with words.

1st stanza & 12th stanza written by me
2nd stanza written by John from Austin, TX
3rd stanza by Timothy:
4th stanza by Marian:
5th stanza by Cat aka catbrd:
6th stanza by Blythe:
7th stanza &11th stanza by Mercury Chap:
8th stanza by Snowy Writer:
9th stanza by Parsavagely Kompenere
10th stanza by Pamela Rae:
eunsung aka Silas
Written by
eunsung aka Silas  M/Virginia
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