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8.0k · Mar 2015
The Truck Stop
I’ve been here all  the while.

Like an old truck stop…

A dwelling full of life..hardly noticed.

One day your spirit tank runs dry

and you must stop and stay for a while.

The once overlooked dwelling helps through filling

the tanks of those left empty handed

The other spirit leaves, thankful, for not being left out in “no where land”

to die stranded.

The exchange is of care with no need of personal gain

Simply “I’ll come back to visit” and “to bring some friends with me.”

To the stop that helped a stranded visitor

Return on their way

Simply out of care to see to it that they are able to continue,onward,

to another well traveled day.
The weather is sunny
The sun blazes the call of Spring.
Awakening out of my Winter frame of mind
I gain more youthful Energies and Glow Like
a Ring Made of Gold.
I feel renewed
A newer version of myself,reborn.
For that's what Spring is all about.
Renewing one's self and feeling free to tell all
From even the tallest mountain top with a glorious shout.
Fresh ideas, conversations with friends and loved ones, and the start of even new true love.
Spring brings me a heart that beats knowing that I am fresher, newer,
and somewhat "Reborn."
To rewind our clocks and forget the past. It's time.
To enjoy not just a new and fresher season of sun and warmth..
We should understad that a new foundation for our futures is being laid...
Right under our footsteps.
For such is Spring and the rest will all come to reward us in just time.
1.3k · Mar 2015
She was taken with her family in the night.
Frozen blood ended a family bond, forever
With the sound of gunfire in an evil man’s plight.
Russia knew her as “Annie.”
Blonde flowing strands of hair and a golden heart.
Her life was barely past her start.
Missing in history..Her end… the story to it…
It is still in our hearts.
A Memory.
Of a leader of the “Russians” at the start of a revolution.
The closets of the new leaders…
Voices of her revenge still haunts…
To the chill of their blood and the spill in the snow..
An equal punishment to the end of a golden spirit that still glows.
This short passage is of the Duchess of Russia,Anastasia.
1.2k · Jul 2015
The old man sits on the park bench.
He feeds the birds.
He plays chess with an old Navy Buddy...

Memories shared with tenderness to valor
of the yester year that become fussy and *****,muddy.

Flashbacks to the battles fought.
Families built on foundations of their own family names.
Defining the future of the grandchildren and children.

Humor adds to clear the pain of a lost yesterday.
As the elder whipes a misquito flying from near his ear.

Stories in the fashion of "Forrest Gump." brings color
as crowds listen in the park.

To listen to the wisdom of those who helped shape their "today"
Intrigued by their topics, they fail to leave, they pull up a chair and stay.

The two chess playing elders sharing whimiscal tales of old...
Scrolls of the writings of confus of fortunes fortold come to light
as people become warm through listening to great memories
and avoiding the void of connection which was the cold.
Another world

Inside of my head

I roam freely here.

Alice In Wonderland.

I ate the cakes.. I got bigger

I stomped the queen

I pulled The trigger

A mad hatter

To watch the Flower’s tears


With a smile and a “Howdy Do”

I looked back to the thrill

In wonderland

World War three

I enjoyed each ****.

My true spirit smacked my face

to put this demon in it’s place

I cleaned up the ****** shower

Handed each thought’s grave

a flower

I ran to the white queen

She was glad

This Alice had decided to leave

Her twisted and lost wonderland.
1.1k · Oct 2018
I will fight to succeed!
I shall fight to succeed...
A warming to those who seem to hold me back....
The is the promise... I shall proceed.
I have "done things your way"
For to long...
In the shadows... I have an iron will...
I have been studying you... to find this way...
To press onward......still..
Through your "smoke and mirrors.."
You thought you had me trapped in fear....
The "war inside of me..."
That such caused?
Why take such credit?
It shall be you that will see
see me clear
That I shall keep my passions.....
A better life "dream?"
Such will never die.....
"Keep this fashion"
Not in clothing....  such in soul...
After keeping me "under your control"
I shall rise up... at the last moment...
Take down your "magic show.."
and take self control
Of my life...
which shall soon be worth a fortune..
Stay with me? By My side?"
Or stay behind me,now, through your overwhelming blind pride.
999 · Sep 2018
Astral Space Ships
Free Flying above
the clouds
Soaring above the Earth and through the stars.
Past all of the known planets
Those  out of our galaxy
The new planets I view
The new and hotter suns I see
Blaze more energies to fill the empty regions
of my mind
called "mystery."
Fuel my spirit and make it run harder
To new found inhabitants and their newer worlds.
Astral planes of spirit that don't require a vessel
or star ship to hold in or hold back
the soul that travels as it's own transport
Faster than any "law of physics"
Realer than the factual brought in by third party satellites.
I gather more and more brighter and true information
Later to bring such forth in my grounded and non-traveling form
Waiting to share my results to those who don't limit their beliefs
to any said "rule" or "fenced in logic formula"
I ride the waves to the calling gates of astral transport
As my soul escapes my heavy and limited physical self
Late in the night
The recordings of fact stored in the logics of my soul
Are vivid and ready to be replayed
to share such gifts of learning to those eager to believe in it's payload
and form.
952 · May 2016
The Quilt of Life
One Reaps what he sews
Working hard to be granted the brighter way.
Such ingredients add up
To a better product.
Something created on a brighter  day...
.Threads are made of strands
of despair's  tears or strands of true love's strands
Sew with the lesser of these two strengths
Your life's fabric rips apart
One must resew the parts
of life's broken cloth
Once sewed with the wrong thread
One must refinish the quilt of life
to mend together one's self
If one doesn't succeed and fails to strengthen a mend
such actions will lead him to a colder day.
Through hard travels, work, and ways in which to obtain the brighter strands
The seamstress inside of you must find the right spool
Though against all odds, to the more evilest of another, you win by making
a true hearten stand.
Against what he stood for. You knocked his energy down.
You earned his golden threads of truth and love.
You go back to your quilt and sew back together the pieces
Warming up the nights as you sleep under a well made
Cover, upon your chilled body, that you earned to
Cover your weakness under and down.
909 · Oct 2016
Goddess Anorexia
I was captured by her grasp.
A cruel disease
As my stomach howled and shrunk to the emptiness
She laughed as my body got sick and less strong.
I tried to force her away.
The "disease of the mirror"
This goddess was too evil to be drawn out.
As I shrunk in size and grew weak to her calling.....
I screamed in pain, silently.
As I never thought people would understand why I was falling.
I was caught as I dropped to the floor...A broken male ragdoll.
As skinny as a puppet and unable to admit his defeat....
Those who cared for me most had picked up my remains..
Brought them in for repair.
Now this "evil temptress tries and tries" to "Over take the new me."
As I still must remain in the supportive eye of those who know how to tame her....
They make sure I never disappear into "thin" air.
As this broken Male still looks onward for a more permanent solution to his "Mealtime" dilemma....
He thanks those who cared for him, came forward, and pushed him into "Class."
Now, to honor all for their belief in me, I press onward to find the right school to add to their" class alumni...."
I thank those friends well known and strangers to "society."
As I shall stay strong with hope. As "Mrs. Anorexia" shall never get the best of this supported and stronger soul...
I shall never fall back into her grasp and shall never give in..
To be her victory as she watches me slowly die.
A poem about my dealings with Anorexia. My blessings and light to those still finding their way back....This is a long journey.From sickness to wellness. It is worth the win. As you shall stay strong, get back to being the beautiful you, and not disappear to the force that is this illness.
818 · Nov 2015
The Newer Reflection
I looked into the mirror
I saw my true face for the first time.
For the distortion of "should be's" definitions...
"What I need to be's" definitions...
They were erased from my planning board.
Of my reinvention...
Television stars are "everybody's fools.."
As I listen to Amy Lee sing..
"People's entertainment" that my mind tricked me into having to imitate. Inadequate tools.
In my "wrecked toolbox" that I thought that I need to bring.
As I started to look at those "real" stars around me... Ones who selfeshly started to reeducate..
My mind to restock the tools in my once "wrecked" toolbox...
I saw what my face truly reflected..
A beautiful man mislead by needing to be "seen" as someone... A shining "star.'
I once shined just as bright until my insanity wrecked it.
Now that I've rebuild what I have destroyed...
I'm the new "man In the mirror.."
As I hear Michael Jackson sing "making the world very clearer."
Looking back at what things that I truly have achieved... I see a clearer image of my reflection in the mirror...
Images that are the "truer Me" and such are much more clearer.
818 · Feb 2016
Traffic in Life’s Freeway
I have changed.
Newer colors from my inner light.
Count these colors…at the end of
My rainbow… A heart of gold is in sight.
I may not be accepted into many lanes of social traffic.
So, I continue an enjoyable ride to
Where I shall be clearly seen and finally have a pit stop and enjoy some limited moments of social interactions.
Then I’m off and going with the other faceless drivers trucking their goods to those who understand the boxed tricks.
To a waved message along my way down life’s sometimes lonely highway.
I enjoy the sights along my way.
Fake historic landmarks might be shortly breath taking..
However, my truer trip takes to the better city attractions…..
The true structures in life’s light in the road that ends from some faceless traffic.
I see your meaning and learned from the lessons taught well.
Later on, I shall be the teacher and the newest of brighter attractions… Pennies for my thoughts?
After the millions of writings are bought.
A millionaire shall I be in my well earned heaven.
Never,hastily, choosing the quick and easy fix and route to ****.
Waters of Visualizations flow through my soul
Slumbering, peacefully, winds of energies from afar
The call and whisk me away
To those astral planes allowing us to walk
and travel without tolls. without limitations.
As I touched your hands and I looked into your eyes
Your face appeared that it was not of this Earth
It was Human in looks and her beauty was quite breathtaking
She spoke in a language which seemed as if it were from ancient times.
Beautiful sounding words.
At first, my brain could not comprehend the messages that she was trying to convey to me
After holding her right hand, a glow, to my temple
A short while talk and in understandings of each other
We had no limitations and were free.
She spoke of the lack of appreciation
For the gifts of being placed in a new and beautiful world
Underappreciating the intelligence that "our family" was given
However, it had not dared to even tap within the childlike entry into such logic and learning.
How she reached out to me as I had been one of the few who tried to reach above this limits in which our family had been proud to watch me frow and overstep
I realized then.. we were not of this Earth.
We were a race from beyond the stars and were, to the openness to see such, were unwilling.
After strolling for what appeared to be many hours
It, was indeed many years on our real planet, which she spoke the name of "Xinix"
"Remain off course and watch the downfall of your world and extended family through useless wars and power greed. Refuse to see our true native tongue..not in words..but in telekinetic Communual Speech of Connected Minds."
"Spread the word. You have the brain knowledge I shared and the willingness to see our second planet grow. We shall always be in touch. Even past the measurement of stars...Through our Living Souls...
I know, Xenopus (your Xinic Race Name. To slow down or stop this infinite, childlike  insanity...or be the rescued while those about you destroy their own existence."
"I'll be looking after you."
The winds threw me back into my "ordinary and Logical World.."
This time, I "knew such travels were not of a dream"
As looking at my chest in the mirror - I saw the glowing blue heart beating from inside of me...
My true Family crest of one who Shall Help Teach the world. To those who would be able to understand and listen.
So I might be able to save, much more of our family, to reach the joining of a peaceful and loving race, true blue.
I had a weird Astral Travel (dream state). After awaking from this dream, I decided to share, such a miraculous message from it, with you - my loyal readers.
800 · May 2017
Are you my family?
Or my deserter?
I was stuck with bills and a reputation
where I had to endure stares and revocations.
I learned that blood is never thicker than water.
Falling down stairs
A broken and feeble weak man
Nights of hospital rooms
and no one to visit me
as I healed from ****
Again and again
I believed their lies and I had been the one who had fell
to their lies and actions
they ran away and left me to take the blame
to take the fall
A bleeding heart and knife stabbing emptiness
My true family
was not a sister and or brother
It was another
Who held out a hand and then walked with me
Not to place me as the scape goat
or the fall guy
For they tested me with truth and opened up my blind eyes
For blood is never thicker than water
until they cut you and bleed you and make you sick
Then the ones who value you the most do pick one up when he is sick
782 · Jul 2018
Superman’s Cape
I once was lost

Through superman’s cape….I flew

Crashed Down….Overwhelming weight
A heavy Cost…Placing too much
on emotion’s plate.

Saving The world….Never Myself.
Guilt then flooded  my once clear mind…

I left my once colorful heart
Upon a dusty and barren shelf.

The views in the mirror was opposites of myself.

I threw down the cape..I am human once again.
Wanting release from this jail

lost and locked away …

This place was where the real me had been.

Peace in my mind…A real me emerged.

Flying to meet the fate…hope’s light.
Electric Lighted freedom….Strong Wisdom

My true destiny ..I’m flying to

A future in the world…it is now bright.
Dedicated To Demi Lovato
My mind becomes cluttered.
Since I was a kid.. the simplest of thoughts add on  top of one another.

even though there is a big lack of stimulus
Like a television with one hundred channels demanding "A  view"
the "medical clicker" is lost and your brain seem's "too full to align with clearing itself back to  complicity..".
You are full in the head..newer ideas are next to impossible
temperament becomes askew
The "treatment" is "stimulus"
the doctors mistake such as "mania"
Since a hyperactive child never grows..the energies never cease, as well.
Blind eyes, who fail to "look outside an unorganized box of practioner's recycled thoughts,"
could ever help (neither the victim nor the prescribe)
to place on the right pair of glasses
Such failed views .. clarity.. shall never be  something that  they "see" in order "to grow" or are willing to "grow with" refusing newer education and treatment grounds  
An open page of a "still unfinished book"
Such meanings
which all who need to be "open eyed" enough to be able to show them in order "for  them to ever  know"
To teach the afflicted
"How to channel the energies and the focus"
as you mind's eyes are "in need of glasses"
Give the wrong treatment
and the medicine can burn out clearer views
than the regimens he's tried and deemed "the only one"
Not one size fits all
Look to the old, however, might be a mix with the new?
"Not every remedy is addictive or harmful"
"nor does one pair of glasses clear the visions of all.."

just as these so called "experts say"
to " save your life is the quota"
not "how many cases in which the practitioners have half-way  saved.. walking on save  their own careers"

It makes another successful life
from a once cluttered mind
to loyalty and honor of the one who had helped him
Such a a once lost patient does keep in his now "clearer mind."
Who cared more for the advancement and quality of life of the one who asked for his "helpful hands"
Not "Magic hands"
"openness" is always the "better mixture" of "pills and therapy"
The vision cure that always seems to be the math equation that leads to successful medical group and their great sounding cliche and "medical change and reprimands."
Not afraid in sticking up for the betterment of their one client
then such additions of success become an army
of the "grown children"
with the right "pair of glasses"
that see more than just a "glass" half full, however, "the world."

Now, this bright and more colorfully lit world will shed light to those left "in the blurred dark"
as the once lost were found and the found shall become part in healing
those professionals who chase "selective cases" like "hungry sharks."
This long poetic entry is in support of those with Adult or Childhood Adhd and have received the wrong treatment. Until the right and trustful treatment regimens and practitioner was found.
  Adhd is ****. A lot of doctors protect themselves, instead of who they are fighting for. I know that with the right treatment (older medication  and therapy" or newer medications and treatment" A doctor must be open to even invent a treatment process, that can help, rather be routine and destructive.
747 · Nov 2016
An open eye
As I lay here and gaze out at the moon light
Imagery of day dreams and flashing stories **** the ticking of time and useless frights.
In my dreams I am the warrior with his magical sword.
I'm the captain of the "enterprise" or the traveler to distant worlds.
I sense the other creative hearts as I start to drift to sleep.

Floating from my body
My soul takes flight.
I am only bond by limitations, upon myself, in which I set.
Flying with the other "astral travers" in "projection" I feel less and less bound...

To hopelessness and worries.
I left that behind at the start of my journey.
In dream and soul travels I am profound..

An energy tripled as I catch up with other astral travelers
Who are not afraid to let their souls lose to travel.

New lands to explore. To see, feel, and experience.
Even without a seat on a jet, a green card, or what we bond ourselves down with what "reality" is never true logic.....
But an old and useless line drawn by a picked fence.

Until my soul returns in morning
To my body when it awakens.....

The spirit and dreams are sometimes more than what we can explain.....

For newest of inventions are descoverrd and written in history's books....
Due to daring souls who allowed themselves freedom in astral plains....

Never needing to grab their coats from a hook...
Edison, Socrates, devinvci, and the like....

Are still living spirits to open eyes that look past what is and is not supposed to be.....

For like me, we live forever....
Free spirits.....
Not just in our dreams.....
But, as we build or write to life our inventions...
Because reality was a closed eye....
The free spirits of the astral traveler and creative inventor
Could do such bright miracles....
As they left an open eye in which, for all this wonder, it sees.
The quiet hours stack like parts of blocks in "Tetris."
The one they took less "seriously" as the "dying Joker"
Has a powerful and energetic heart
What it has shared was out of beauty and loving creation...
Every time he stood back up to start creating "Interruption"
His fists are clenched with rage and anger
The "Chernobyl" ready for it's "Fatal Nuclear Eruption."
Right at the most inconvenient of moments..
"I want this and you are not getting that"
"You are spoiled and without a conscious"
That's not it..
"Where are you at?"
If a question is asked to the days interrupted
You get the punishment and are forced to fore fill to their "fall"
as they wish for their "rules to be iron clad"
Not based upon Rational "Movement"
Universal "treatment" scars rather than heals..
and you are the Joker "rising" who they refuse to listen to or fail to see that he does "Feel"
Trying to be "real"
He returns to this moment of thought and quiet
where he yet "fights onward" for what he knows is truly what he needs
"can these people meet you half way"
before forcing you into their music
like a broken reed
on a wind piper
can't this world see that this is far from what is right..
it's too far down "wrong"
I cannot say
For I've been silenced
I laugh to myself in my silence
waiting for their next movement to to have to become more insane and fight
all due to to their "beliefs" and "works" in which they force in "vain?"
I's insane.
As I put this pen down.."At least my voice is the stain..."
Maybe another face will come along
that will walk with me instead of in front
and we both can live with each other
"in equal confidence?"
709 · Apr 2017
Foolish Pride
I lay on this floor

Waiting for a soul to cast brightness on the darkness.

Here we go..Another message sent in hopelessness.

You only came along when you were in need.

Did you notice?

Did you notice as I cried as I sit here and bleed?

My soul lie drained. A shell of a soul.

Trapped in a messed up body.

I tried to be somebody.

Every time I try to rise up..

I was beat down and forced to close up.

You taunted and you teased.

As you fell, at first, I felt pleased.

I helped. Even though I was down.

Here I am. The foolish clown.
701 · Apr 2015
A journey
Stars mark the maps of the Earth
Creative and  Sparkling Artistic Markers to remind us
Of Our Point in a Journey.
Where to go to gain fresher rewards
To find beings to walk with on a huge Earth.
towards a reward of hard work and earned friendships
Possible loving partners
As well as a family crest created to mark the beginning  of a well working partnership.
Family, acquaintances, and blessed children
Who shine forth our legacy
well after we enter to the next world.
Ending a story
such is a life...
from start to end
The legends are reborn
The cover never closes as generations continue
writing the stories of a fresher legend
which shines forever...using the maps lined by the upper spaces
Human Inventions that are laid to rest as we sleep in our beds.
After walking, seeking, and earning a well written definition
of one's life that is a story
From the cover, to start, to finish, and then added by his additions...
Man and women walk down new found paths
looking up at the night's bright stars
that brings us where we need to go...
And mark us as a well traveled beauty
that all of us clearly are.
687 · Jul 2015
"evening" falls upon the land
Here she comes.. The shallow trickster with someone Else's Love Band.
She made you believe you were something.
You "were at least a chance.."
It was  a fancy picture of her,despair's linger, and laugh's dance.
You would have given her the world. If she wasn't so blind to take it.
However, I don't have a fancy picture, well worded postings, false teachings,
or the will to laugh at some else's tears as I stare and sit.
I don't have the will to string someone along and then "pose for the camera, My ''crush."
My father fought in the war... When postcards were sent.
No Picture or jewelry. Just a sweet and truthful card.
How this person would run to them, after the war, and save this unseen beauty from another worldly yard.
Those times are gone with a selfie and a caption...
"I might like you...If you meet my requirements.. Now don't make me walk away due to the lack of action."
655 · Jan 2016
Labels and Skeletons
I feel the cold energies of doubting eyes upon me ,there.
A place where one conforms to be accepted and to be accepted means
constant actions of the "Norm."
Logic is that there is no "Normal."
We define such from how we experienced life and how our parents
taught us what was "Husband and Wife."
They lead to be examples. And a great job they did.
However, clever as they are, there are closets for which their
"Skeletons" must have been placed.
Silence ,  from them,  a "forgotten  act from the morbid....."
Ways to ward Off People's "Cold Eyes..."
Watching them after they broke. what was to be,forever,  the "norm."
Me, I'm open. "True to thy own self."  
My own definitions.
Respectful of others space in which they define "Prudent."
Definitions of what "slot" you fill; "Celebrity" or "fan?"
"Worth-While"  or "Unneeded"  
"Peer,"Stranger," or "President."
These are all labels to define our places. On Stages in the Play of life.
Do we act in this "scene?" or do we "Wait" until our "Proper Casting" to read a certain line and act out another "script?"
Since I haven't the time to weigh "positions"  on  "what"  I am as an "equal?"
Or, "Strange Peer....?"
My kind heart and supportive Notions- I love to "earn" all ears to "Hear."
My calling to the masses - "I've earned a place in this script to act upon and to be heard..."
As a proven equal in this "crowd..."
Even as I sneak in from being a person from an "audience...".
Now on stage with the "Proven People" to "act with"
And who "earned a position"
to be  "heard"  from, with a heart that's earned it's right to be proud,
hearing "cheers" from the right "Show..."
Did I hide my "Skeletons?"
Avoiding to hide in cast-off "Silence?"
Everyone does. To help maintain an "order" from the "chaos" in society.
So, I obey the way to my "Label" in my "Place" in this "Crowd.."
I walk to and join my rightful life's "College" and "Sorority."
Until next time, when the "cast" is "called" to read the right "script"
My "position," in life is made  "clear," and my "way" is still quite cheerful and lit.
651 · Feb 2016
Political Runners
The Political parties sing and dance for a lifetime winning.
A job to "run" a great country and do some "good."
Then the scandals set in... The race to office turns into a "Soap Opera"
The one who could do the best for us gets voted out due to
Words of the like seen in the tabloids in Hollywood.

The Political Candidates Put on a great "show" and "promise" a great way.
Stamping a ballet
For whom we considered the "right one.."
Here is another elected "misfit" that shall run us down
with 4 to 8 years of unfulfilled promises and their own
Hidden until we are not looking and our country starts to crumble, then fall, and these "wild plans" are killed as we veto it.

Instead of a "show" as our Future President runs for office...
Lets see more "How I am going to save our country and fix it."
Instead of "I've got a new service to push" Broken Spirits, Hopes Fallen, and a Country left to be the Sacrifice.

Let's see past the scandal and entertainment. Be bold and ask "How Are you Going To Fix the Great USA?" and another important question to ask them, "How do we pick up the pieces and pave our future to a brighter and better way?"
650 · Sep 2016
The Realm of The Elders
Waves of deep, blue, and soothing Ocean  Waters
Wash my body into a different plain.
Soothing and totally refreshed.....
The rhythmic way the tides washed my once chaotic soul.....
I awoke from insanity's Trance
A whole, peaceful, and less volatile personality...
My warmer energies are free to shine, on all, who pass my way.
What changes a once chaotic and jumpy sort like myself?
Choosing to deeply enter the realm of enlightenment and that secret place where only the elder's still true and living voices are able to speak to me...
Man to man....
The elder's spoke to me of a more successful and peaceful life...
Only after I turn down the fires of anger and jealousy...
The releasing of Venomous and Revengeful traits...
Now, I have awaken!
A more grounded, deeply feeling, and clearly travel destined soul..
Enjoying new friends he makes in his travels and letting go of those who, alike me are still worn and lost in an anger - filled and volatile soul.....
Bound to a world before I entered the "Realm of the Elders"
where my relaxed soul carried me in soothing and cleansing oceans...
Until after my untimely re return.....
After I became the listener and never a "Speaker..."
I returned a new man. Taught in the fine art of being "Human."
Losing materialistic,power hungry, and unneeded confusion ..
I then became a free flying creature.
605 · Jun 2016
Truer Friendship in Life
My friends are my family.
The are honest to me when I need to hear words I feel I cannot bear to hear.
I am set strait and get back moving forward on my road..
Hearts feeling proud to see me succeed.
Always warning me of obstacles ahead which I sometimes fail to heed.
Telling me to stay out of self pity..!"
Pushing me further up the ladder when I obtain frozen heals.
Looking down the ladder, they are always there climbing ,with me close behind.
Spirits cheering me on when I am doing well.
Like Rocky's Coach after Rocky Became His Best Friend's lost soul's son's mentor.
They yell the words that I truly needed to hear, after a knock out jab, from a glove, to get "Back up!"
Always telling me "You are an attractive younger man" "Who needs to clear the mind that needs to stop thinking through ,'The Looking glass.."
This "Dorthy Gale" still cries for my "Aunt Emmye."
Because my friends love me for the person that I am.
I return their acts and kind deeds (as they need me in their "Corner of Life's Ring...")
I'm their "Rocky" Who cheers "Mohammad" to their victory in their corner of their ring.
Now, together, a song in each one of our connected  souls, our hearts do sing.
"Forever through war, hunger,pain, , and ill health"
"Through the easy times, wealthy moments, and easier moments, and blinding and shining victories  of such..."
"The need to exist
"to and for each other..."
"A well knit family of sisters and brothers."
This poem is dedicated to my closest and newest of friends. May you always feel and see, my light upon you, shinning bright and warm."
605 · Sep 2018
Waiting for Oblivion
Waiting for Oblivion
A force starting to become drown
in oceans of silence around him
A "time clown"
Laughter, inside of his insanity grows from the halls of uncertainty

Cold waters of future's question pour from his soul
Back into the already unpredictable waters of existence
No boat to carry him
Tight inside..his life situated like a goldfish inside a goldfish bowl
Across and all over a bitter salt-drenched Soul It remains..Raining..
Waters flowing..A dark force growing
Lack of relief as help through these tortuous hours
His darkness cannot run from it
What light that is left inside of him....the force aims to discard such

Knowing...Feeling faded from never being heard from his loud cries
Those about who fail to understand why he calls them out
He remains as strong as he can remain
doggy Paddling
Until his head is drug down and his muscles start to fail
to paddle him afloat
He shall keep in this cycle of pain
Which is like a beautiful castle kept unvisited by a deadly
and dark moat
The test is "now" in such quiet and lengthy times
As he copes until the answer to his shouted question arrives
Through these long and untested rimes.
602 · Jul 2018
Summer Dreams
Warmth covers me
as summer progresses this night.
Relaxing my souls to dreamland
A new and refreshing dream-land
is now in my sights.
Crickets chirping
the blinking of bright stars above
Are beacons of security
I feel free as a Dove.
593 · May 2017
Recipes of a Legend
Add some deep and blue skies 

A dash of lonely teardrops 

And some lost souls
Mix in a little hope

And the mix becomes
healthy smiles
Out with the old

And in with the new

Removes the tarnish off the moldings

And brings forth a brand-new you
Erase the doubt

And clear the cluttered memories

These Are the recipes to a great legend 
in future sceneries
592 · May 2017

The bills pour in.
I am sick from the pain.
Here it goes…
A hungry white boy grows ,slowly, insane.
Does he give up or give in?
He fights, harder,still.
When the world tries you, enough.
That’s when your endurance begins.
I’ve been in survival mode for so long.
It never let’s up.
So, this older redneck must stay strong.
Fighting for a better life..
To become a legend before I die.
Nights can bring me to my knees as I cry.
I am never beat. I edge,onward yet.
No one can **** the energy of this soul.
Not one thing can I have to drown with tears of regret.
I’ve suffered through physical pain and mental exhaustion
Stains left inside of my head.
However closely with the reaper I’ve danced
I never was the one he dragged out,dead,
The sun started to shine
When the rains ceased
The clouds had cleared
Inside of my head
Are dry and warm sunnier days.

A newer design
and a newer stride

Equaled more than wants or lustful pride.
I wave to those who once thought that they were above me...
Now, side by side
We now walk together.

The wall of doubt was then torn down.
I then climbed over the rubble
Now, such is a clear and smoother roadway.

This is my new travel and newer way
To a better destination.

Together we walk as part of a team
to a place called "The Brighter and More  Colorful  Town."
580 · Jun 2015
My Song Siren To Love
I see couples holding hand in hand walking by me on the street
Hollowness fills my heart as it responds in it's beat.
Thinking of the void, inside of me, that would feel like when it was filled
I admire the vision of adoration in the couple's eyes
as they kiss and greet each other.
I remember the future and all of it's mystery
I hope that's me, like the couple in view , that is in my future that greets me.
Daydreams ease the pain as I pass by them.
Visions of me and the one that shall hold my heart.
How to start the path to my goal is the trick to study.
A beautiful me and that beautiful lady to share love and adoration
in my vison that seems a little dark and cruddy.
I remember how my spirit does shine and then I don't feel so empty.
For a big heart and a grand and deeply true spirit
shall draw love to me.
When the moment draws to be ripe....I shall get hit by Cupid's dart.
Then, all my love songs that I've sung to summon her, it will be then when the right partner
who shall here it.
577 · Oct 2016
Honor in Class
He was a man of many ideas
He brightened up even those in their darkest of times
By shining his whimsical offtimes and sometimes "outrageous ideas"
Now that he is gone, the "out" in the word describing his ideas
Now seem "in" and "new seas"
To try and sail partial paths of some of his intellectual "ideas"
To honor a "never ending" flame
By not allowing society's air blowing
To put my life's flame out.
In utter disbelief that he is now gone.
I know he is up above me and watching me.
"To see if I can make it?!" I shout
"That I can. For your honor, even more!"
I'll achieve my successes and let go of my crazy doubts.
"If you can make it this far, I shall go even further."
In your honor, my friend and spiritual brother, "to  victory and to the beyond"
"Thank you for entering my world...."
For one never sees another's true beauty until they pass.
Not this student.
All along, I have been the one who listened in class.
Dedicated to David Francis Schuler. 1974-2016. Blessings to you and your family.
553 · Apr 2015
One door opens

Another Door Slams

The difference in both are the lessons behind both.

Doors are barriers.. to keep one out.. to allow the entrance

Meanings as found in the rooms and places the open pathway leads…

Keys are not the only items that open such devices.

Words…. Steps one has taken…. even moments from one’s  past history

Has defined what pathway opens and which ones stand still frozen in time.

Mystery in which we hold in questions of what is  behind one door

Urges us to find any means we can find to open it…..

After such, what we hold valuable always stems from within our souls.

A doorway isn’t just a passageway to get us from point a to point b….

Also, these doors are “lids” to “treasures” one lost world left behind…

To what we now have found.

So, once you have found passage through the entryway of interest…

Know that every step is a beautiful journey and an educational routine..

Lands that turn a colorless world into a rich and vibrant one.
I remain without rest.
Not only the pain from my back and shooting nerves is
The way of me that you got the best.
Assumptions of insanity
Pointed out by a shaky and hypocritical fingers
I remained stronger
The super hero in my still lingers.
I fought your labels
I shook off the weight
For this pure and true spirit
He knows that you are also spoken
Silent blessings to you and your hate
Caused by this hectic world
That conditions one to fall
Without reason or providing a way out
If we were to bond together in true care
This Superman will fly with you, my Louis Lane
Busting out of the walls
That contains the insane.
Those who love to be sick remained lost.
I was glad to fly away.
Until one day you shall reach for the one
Who never wished to see you be losing your self.
Such is worth fighting a heavy and emotional cost.
541 · Aug 2015
empty Lot
Over and over again they tell you that  they "care."A few misguided or untruthful words
leave another spot that is vacant there.
Sometimes the heart can only take so many people leaving
until it freezes and trusts no longer.
Why do you stay with someone?
Why would you care?
How would you effect them if you just left them there ?
Would this breaking heart become any stronger?
Money becomes a factor.
Respect becomes thin.
Why should I give up and let the soul suckers win?
So I stay strong, out of need, and look for another to fill the spot
that the last false friend drove off and left me an empty lot.
541 · Dec 2016
In this name what do I hear?
Inventive minds damaged in haste
Rushing to win points from a dying political
One which nearly ended a strong nation of citizens who learned true survival
Selfless sacrifice  in the heart of the monster of nuclear devastation.
A great machine was never the proven
Problem of the crisis.
Stubborn pride cut the ribbons to the start of a race to ensure the world's survival.
Such devotion and true golden hearts
Died before their reach to the finish
A lawn drawn by the stubborn elite
Pushing fate to the alternate story ending of extinction
Never giving up
The majority fought this unneeded war
Now survival and reclaim of lost lands
Becomes the true and defining line.
540 · Nov 2015
An inner Child
Looking up to the deep,blue skies, I started to flash back to my childhood.
My innocence.
My Health.
My Imagination that was so powerful and so inventive.
Floating back from the moment that I was in, such memories brought me to a greater frame of mind.
Sweetly Pure were My Daydreams. The feeling quite Intensive .
Even as an adult, I have the same powerful Imagination.
The same fresh excitement to the simple elements of life.
Those shadows at night that bring forth thoughts that cut into you, like a knife.
I started to giggle as my friend looked at me in question.
"What's so funny?"
I turned my eyes to look into his.
"I'm a reborn child..."
"The color in life is yours. Let your inner child come out."
Never let go of your youthful traits.
From such...You have become a brand new Human invention.
538 · Dec 2015
Life's Cook Book
Sometimes the word is hard to even say.
When one moment..
When one  outcome....
Fuels the need to rush.
Instead of enjoying a slow and detailed way.
As The future is always uncertain...
Not even a Psychic on a hot-line can tell you a sure outcome for such..
The heat starts a boil....
Inside of our souls.
To quicken to an answer to our questions to "What?"
Like a child awaiting Santa on a Christmas Evening....
We  push until speedy answers become a crutch.
As we rush we create our own diluted outcome or result to a passion..
A finished product...
A Sealed Deal at Work....
To hear an answer "right away!"
We fail to see a more beautiful "finish line" as in the tale of "the Tortoise and The Hare"
Who race against each other in deep passion.
The Tortoise wins by being himself, "Slow and Steady."
While the Hare burns up the track and himself to powder
Due to his ill-faded "speedy line" fashion.
Rushing burns the future to a thin and diluted soup
As we allow the moment, instead, to slowly simmer and cook...
We enjoy the spoils of flavor as we follow the steps..
Enjoying the pages read when cooking up memories in
"Life's Cook Book."
520 · May 2015
Mother's Day
She brought me into this world...a miracle...some many years ago.
Gazing at her photograph, I smile, as part of her, in me, glows.
More than my protector, my life's mentor, and punisher...
She gave me some of the talents I hold dear inside of my heart.
Gifts of magic that I inherited directly from her.

I close my eyes and return to when she was still with me.
Her voice... her laughs...... her beauty as it shone in my eyes.

She always taught me "where there is a will... there is a way"
"Seek your strengths and put aside your ego...see what shines.."
"For you are a unique addition to this world..." opening my lids..
Letting out some needed sighs..

I noticed that all these years....I was never alone. Her spirit has been with me.
Of the beautiful woman that helped to create the artistic marvel that is me.

This celebration rings on every year. To all the wonderful mothers standing proud beside their children.....

A "Toast of a Happy Mother's Day.." I raise my glass to all of you who work so hard to make successful sister and brothers.
514 · Jun 2015
Useless Pride
I grew up out of my "High School" clique years.
Here's a cheer to the adult which shouted,"Get up and BE A Man!"
From within my heart.... The strongest power of all...
Chased away my truest of fears.
"Will people except the real me?"
"Will I Succeed?"
"Do I Need to be alike those I seek audience from?"
I did such. For a while.... until reality shocked me
out of which was stalling me on life's ladder due to my false pride.
Real friendships were made.
Real creative talent was discovered and was used for the true light in life..
A smile on the faces around me.
Shaking a firm and real hand.
Being "well put together" as a once drawn out and incomplete puzzle.
Never looking for the truest of pieces to complete the truest of beautiful views..
I lost out on time, true heartfelt connections to other ideal hearts, and in the shadows I would hide... Until, as when I needed it the most,
I was scared to the REAL Vision...Completing My Puzzle..
As I snapped out of my blindness which was my heavy and useless pride.
Words you've thrown
My soul has a busted view
Breaking this window with your jagged stones.
Picking up the pieces
In a rush to beat the ticking of the clock
Minutes measure the moments as each
Pile of material must be put in stock.
Measuring the value in each item
Such my scale weighs very carefully
As not to miss a diamond in a mound of
Sifting through the bails
Is worth my hard work
As life needs less weight of worry
As the winds pushes with a boat to sail.
Life's seas of wonder we travel
as friends are my crew
My life boat to A brighter world
A destination of well discovered gravel.
A short passage of how moments that come to us as hurt and damage  can be valued as building strength with the support of those closest to us.
501 · Oct 2016
Society's Bullies
I've been walking down a road of thumb tacks
Each fowl word and evil glance they give
Sticks into your Human flesh.
You try and lift up your head.
But, their judgment  crown of thorns cuts to streams of blood.
As my tourmented soul wishes for the relief of being dead.
Drying tears of emptiness of the lack of supporters by your side.
You scream, aloud, due to years of useless torment, yet not one ear ever hears.
You fear you'll be preyed upon by the packs of emotional wolves waiting for you to just make one simple mistake.
They attack you in numbers.
Tearing your soul's flesh to shreds
As you fear your life is a useless spot taken.
You feel like a joke.
The more the predators lurk like vultures in the desert....
Onward you walk in a barren land not fitting in for some odd defined reasoning.
You lose your strength to go on.
The bullies have battered your head in....
Like a are too punch drunk to think.
As your sanity is tested by ice you walk upon that's mighty thin.
"Watch how you walk"
One false fall into frozen and cold waters.
You shall freeze to death from backs that turn away...
Turning once warm and sweet air to a dark and bitter air .
frozen to cold.
Dying,slowly, alone, would anyone care to rescue a battered and now shivering soul.....
After the bullies forced you to fit into "their version of Society's "
This article explains my dealings, recently, with online and offline bullies. Yes, it can hit you at any age. If we stick together and band together to stop the hateful and hurtful actions, which break apart a once peaceful society, then we can stop innocent victims from this form of domestic abuse.
500 · Jan 2018
Neutral Platforms
It is not always easy to express one's self
When his artistic creations are never placed in galleries
They are often forgotten of
Sitting there gathering dust on a storage shelf.
It seems as if ten more people are at the same task
As which you create with
Comparing their outcomes to your own
Your light of hope fails to light
Due to many missing you that must express
such visions
A dog starved to the bone.
Eyes meet the other exhibits
As your kiosk is primarily never sought for business
The confidence of challenge is there, however, it soon melts away
When all of the hard work which you have placed
in expressions for the world to see
Fade to darkness like the "dark side of the moon"
As night simply ends the days.
Questions remain about what you are truly "gifted"
at or "ahead" of other game pieces on the board game of life.
When so many are inventive such as you
One too many is a crowd.
You pull down a fake smile. A fake shrowd.
Now the net is neutral
Damaging my once vibrant flow
As my hands are now tied to how I can grow
The rules of the game are now many and harder to get around
Like a roadblock in your sight of your future
The air begins to become too thin and your mind weighs heavy
As the cut in your creative inventiveness
Bleeds too heavy and needs a "miraculous" suture.
Needing others on my team
Every time  I seek out such
I'm the "driver x" at the "speed races"
and the "forced gun" to bear uninspiring
and lonely expressive paces.
Is their justice to the laws limiting one's freedom of expression
just to protect those in the "top few?"
When the own half of the platform on which you try and "compete"
However, you are too small to be seen as "you."
This poem is concerning Net Neutrality. It shall place too many restrictions upon our freedom of expression. As it needs not to be limited enough to cruel competitiveness and other hefty charges to earn the privilege to post that in which you create, the government hits the final blow. They are slowly suffocating us artistic souls and silencing true brilliant voices. Bringing forth needed information to the world.
497 · Dec 2015
Work Vests
Working hands
A passionate heart
New products and ideas brought to a vibrant start.
Hard labor
Money to perfect a love
For one's industry and product
Packaged neatly and lovingly with a bow.
Scars on the hands that mark their dedicated years
of seeing their market through
To the end and passed to the younger family
Lights the flame and melts away cold fears.
Fuels our economy
Solid markings for a brighter future
The hands of the handyman never rest
Until every tool has been worn down in their work vests.
496 · Jul 2015
Muscle Toning
My mind is a muscle....
A muscle that  needs to be exercised, quite often.

Daily Intense Workouts Shall Strengthen this muscle.

Enlarging it....
Making it quite Powerful.......

Never allowing this important muscle to fall to the
Shrunken  Condition of "Weak and pitiful."

"jogging" down  the streets which are  the "books, of life's Experiences"
"pumping the irons" of the "Weight" that  "Problems Needing to Be Solved"
Push on the limits which this muscle can "pump"  and "endure"

I always "keep this muscle well toned"  Running quickly, holding tightly, and
Stretching Its limits of what my "muscle" can "hold."

I hold a smile on my facee As I  excercise my "mind"  to a stronger Future.
Remembrance and photo albums.
Such items open up portals, to other souls, through time and space.
The moment where you were left there in a photo frame...
Is the place, where your heart recalls, that warm feeling of that time and embrace.
Past friends and newer foes....
Only the experience through these ages can one define us from those average joeys.
In the fields of hard times and the blackouts due to the Hysteria of Joy to Successes..
Opening up to a photo in an album can be the only force to make the one opening such, to "Confess.."
To one soul wishing to relive
The event and time that only the gift that a photo can give....
Helps us embrace and honor those we lost.
Understand our part in situations...
To understand how to comfort and honor one's strength during a loss.
The Photo in that photo album closes the portal to memories and "Astral Planes" in which we relive.
Moments in time. The gift that only  a photo in the photo album, such miracle of gifts, that only such portals in one's history can "sketches in history" give.
491 · Sep 2016
Another Sold Out Show
Tears swell in the corners of my tired and weary sad eyes.
I am a pearl. Now trapped inside of an Oyster.
If I could find a way out, then the shell would open.
My beauty then shines and brings forth beauty's sighs.
Mistakes. I've made plenty.
I do walk a tight rope. I'm in the Circus.
I walk this "thin line" to "Prove my new act."
However, I sometimes become tipsy. I stagger over.
I find my balancing pole.
I stand tall and walk up and down a once impossible trail.
I have found my "Four Leaf Clover."
Learning from others whom I look up too.
Bright lights which shine.
The "Dr. Marian Luther King,jr.'s, the Kennedy's, and the Elton John's" in people's higher qualities is what gets me by.
I followed their lead and left the "big top."
I earned my ticket on board a train to Broadway.
Where drama, mistakes, and success make one a Hero or a Legend.
Instead of an outcast, a mistake that was made too many times, and also a lone Ranger. Who has  a bounty on his head so high that people seek him out to cash in his life. Rather than to watch him perform his "act."
I've cleaned the rough edges.
I wipe the tears from my tired eyes.
I take advantage of a well earned sleep.
This "actor," now on Broadway, dreams deep.
Planning his next story line on his typewriter.
For his once mysterious and unclear story, "of  his life," has now been best told on the stages of the Legends and Stories. Where they have  already been expressed upon them.
Long before a rocky end due to a man never "seeing the candle" that e was
"In the wind" as Elton sang so beautiful of Maryilyn Monroe.
He never was "blown to darkness and smoke." from clinging to his older "act."
He now shines brighter, still.
He is the Actor who earned his presence on the stages of history.
He has created another "Sold out show."
485 · Jan 2017
Jack Frost Lost!
Another winter and it is as cold as Jack frost ever did Bring
With an icy Bling
Jack laughed and he sang
A winter cold with signature ice-cycles as his calling card...
After the Joy of Christmas had come and it had gone..
The aftermath of such lie in the trash waiting to be hauled from your frosty back yard.
Three to four grooling months his vengeance is well played.
Until you plan and prepare through the warmer seasons
Until you can hit him in the cold spot
In warmth as you are the one who can now shout and to him, taunt.
Jack,frost, Jack Frost, He is our cold dead hand.
If he cannot get me I've broken his seasonal song and broke up his band.
Good ole' yoko uno was not a factor, here, to break up your band.
Jack, my friend, here's to my warmed environment
To you with the eager eyes sitting out in your cold
I hope your icy fingers break off on the **** you once chilled
as I broke your game and watched as IT WAS YOU who STILL LOSE and Grow COLDER!
485 · Aug 2015
Path of The Dove
One Moment....They Love you Like a Miracle
The Next Moment ...... Silence Reigns Over the Land
As they Vanish.... A frozen dagger in your chest like an Ice-cycle.
Feelings Ice Over.... Winter in Alice's Wonderland.

Where did we go? What happened to us?
No answers to the questions that eat away at our heart
Until it can no longer beat....... It is a worthless piece of metal with rust.

Tears wash the dry eyes that mark the nights we failed to sleep
Avoiding the storybook movies that play in our minds at night
Which are our Nightmares....... Blood pricked from
The Spinning Wheel... You Become the "sleeping Beauty..."
Baggage weighs one to their knees in fright.

Breaking the chains of dependency, I escaped "Heartbreak Hotel."
Now the vacancy is yours for a newer "tall tale"
for you to tell Yourself in the mirror... when nobody's home.
Even the dedicated fairies lost sight of hope in our desperate path
which we called "love."

Now that we are walking on two separate and much brightly lit paths
We escape despair's cages....
A beautiful flying and free White Winged Dove.
483 · Dec 2016
Waking into reality
Flashing back to sunlight from a dream.
Some scenes from a disaster.  
Playing on my minds video screeen.
Feelings of anger form from senseless neglect
Self preservation turns the feeling into understanding
The sunlight
Even through the cold winter air
Warms my senses
Ohh so warm and true meditation
For a broken soul now band aided back together
Faced with obstacles of another day
Ready for the games to play to earn needed success points
Confidence , inside, is here to stay.
482 · Dec 2015
Walls of Brick
Soldiers Clad in Iron
Towers that pointed up to the sun...
Lined a city in the Dark Ages
Deemed as a "Myth"
Camelot holds secrets
Which have never been uncovered..
Replaced history
A true place lost and  changed in time...
Due to whimsical movies and books lined with a children's story.
The grounds no longer hold a building...
The Legend Remains...
Soldiers fighting for honor and for their kings
and the well kept treasures valued to the lands...
Camelot was a lifestyle and Magical Icon
Now it is a trademarked brand.
Rest in pieces unknown land...
Until we meet again and unearth your true heritage
Let's enjoy people's myths of you upon bright lit stages.
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