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1d · 321
The Poetic Legend
She lived through a lot.
A poetic soul
Who's magic entertained generations
of Suspense and Joy her writing brought.
After many years of continuing through
devastations and personal trials..
Until her end..she never quit.
He writing moves me, still...
Unique of many styles.
Dedicated To The Memory Of Louis Duncan. Writer and Inspiration for my poetry.
I wish I wasn't such an avid window shopper.

I can look

However I can never touch

Simply conversation wouldn't cost so much?

You laugh like the Joker in insanity

A real treat

To be ousted by your lack of youth and vanity.

My heart is large

My brain is quite powerful

Why do people resist an interaction with you?

“Why so serious?” are used to their game.

They only pay attention to the worthy and the sought after…

A “spoonful of sugar makes your medicine go down”

What a mouthful.

Can’t these people see…

The inside  is worth more than fame or the trending men

I am a man who is more than what they see…

Take a chance and simply answer his “hello.”

This joker is actually a “warm and more saner fellow.”
4d · 26
I live in a world so empty and ohh so invisible
I might walk side by side the strangers on the street
Trying too hard to gain a smile.
Why can't I have  a companion to greet?
Lightening shocks of routine cracking up the thin ice
I walk very gently to avoid falling through
as the weight of question adds stress
upon the already cracking surface.
My soul shines. As with other beings
It tries to attract others to share it's mortality with.
The failure of success of this
A foot falls through the Ice
When will the other foot lose ground?
Am I to freeze, falling into the cold waters below...?
A lost and unsound scary feeling.
4d · 20
Go On.
Go on.
Why do I go on?

Why do I try so hard to create or share my life?

With people who fail to see..

They fail to value…

What I truly feel and Weigh in…Such cold

Cuts into my soul like a knife.

Why am I faking a smile or having to be complacent

To “what I fail to want or what others force me into living my life “

As I cry, silently.

Emotions are a crime, here.

I am in displacement…

A ghost in physical form

Not a soul takes my side.

The clock owns my soul…

As I wish for death…

I am only a “property” and “possession”

A Broken pride…

I am treated like a ***** child….

“How is it that others have things at least halfway brighter?”

As when I try my hardest. No Escape.

Not even man enough to end my life.

What is my purpose or future?

If I’m just a dog to fetch the bone

Where people get laughter and shine into their own needs

Such cruelty that makes their souls, lighter?
4d · 116
At the end
Days go dark
as the ones I need the most
Never have the time.
I decompose, inside, alone.
I am the "black sheep"
Grazing in the Park.
I never hear many "Hellos."
I feel coldness from those I look up too.
I am never allowed to feel Human Emotions...
As I am a dog to be commanded by
"The Lodge Fellows."
I yearn to have your warm arms around my aching

cold body

I yearn for the taste of your sweet lips.

Holding, gently, on to your hips.

Listening to your pounding heart

I feel it’s beat

A sweet rythym

Looking into your deep crystal eyes

Running my fingers through your silky,long hair

I wish for our souls to be connected

Deeper, still, forever is not long.

Feeling your body against mine

Making steamy and meaningfully deep love

I can feel our souls start to intertwine

Even though we are of two different ages


We read the legend’s books

who knew how to love, unconditionally

and book marked their pages.

Feeling your hands rub the pain from my soul

I cuddle with you as you melt like ice

For our love is a power

That can be a very powerful and overwhelming device.
Life is a lot like a river
The tides either help raise you up
Or lower tides can drag you under.
One false move
as you swim these emotionally
sensitive  energy currents....
Constantly keep  the emotions in a   balancing science..

Which helps the waters from turning "tsunami"  into wonder..
"How to Keep your head above the waters"
and "away from the gravels below?"
Strength and strict compliance to this ritual are always a skill..
A ritual..
A battle which always must be won..

Moods and unchecked thoughts are similar to a loaded six shooter.
You twirl the bullet wheel  and point the barrel to the head
Providing an answer on to the scene to where this "play" shall take you
or the rough waters shall take you through.
Memories of the past turning to obsessive weight
Kicking the stress of life's load to weigh one metric ton.

You must become like an Olympic swimmer and Albert Einstein rolled up into one character.
Smarts help you figure out a better equation instead of "Russian roulette"
and becoming a strong and skilled athlete can help one wrestle
their control over the tides wishing to
overthrow "this alpha male."
You become the victor through all of it.
Becoming a controller instead of being "controlled"
Energies kept in check.
Don't give in.
For one moment of allowing one's self to be overwhelmed or give in to
the energy effect of exhaustion
Can make your reactor
Powering your life's force
Blow as the Chernobyl Reactor blasted into lifelessness
You do not have to revisit history to know what and who such energy took down with it
So stay with the times
and never neglect yourself,
Never throw up your hands, and act out the phrase "forget it!"
The future is a brighter light than in the past.
Chose the right role in your life
and you shall win your Oscar
Thanks are due to the character in which you are bright to life
and as a director
you are a true actor.
in which you cast.
Jun 7 · 38
In My Laboratory
Late at night
One can see a light on
In my home
As I invent and also daydream
Inventions to renew a worn out world
Helping those who have limited ways
In which to find their ways
I  am a "kind scientist" getting lost in my brightest of schemes.
In my dreams
I see a much more advanced and a much more united people in the future
As I enjoy the astral travels
To different moments and places in time
I become inspired
By such brilliant visions
Another diagram and invention to plan out
Spreading brilliant ideas abroad to foreign gravels.
I donate my "smarts" and "data passed ideas"
over wireless lines
To work hard to see such astral predictions come true
I raise a glass of soda to my reflection
"A toast to the future, the moment, and a design for
a successful and more united  world...
in creative designs."
Jun 7 · 62
Standing on more solid grounds
Peering out at the lights of the city
Amaze my clearer view
Like sparkling Christmas Lights
The vision in a warm Spring Sky
is a surge of Electricity.
Walking down the various streets
That I visit
Along the way I shake a new hand
I meet a friendly and welcoming new face
Empowered by the bright connections
Detaching from the shorted out ones...
My heart has been recharged
I am a renewed being
Shining brightly
To shed more gifts of care
Upon this large Earth..Our living space.
May 24 · 66
True Love?
True Love?

If something is true then it shall last a long time

It shall endure a lot

It shall never change

It adapts

It never can happen too quickly

It is savoured, slowly
May 20 · 34
Too Much and More
The feeling of being wanted is intoxicating.
Too much of any good thing can be too alluring..
A form of "self Medicating."
I wish to feel "attractive" and be "treated" like a "bright star."
However, I haven't earned the treatment. However, I've proved my attraction.
I am, sometimes, an enigma. The mystery makes another wish to get to know me, even more.
I can become too open.
Like a water faucet which never stops running.
Drowning out the special points and moments of conversation..
The connection stops coming.
While it is rewarding to yearn for what's "better"
and the "perks in life"
Which you know you've deserved and worked hard for...
Once you get once you want..
When there is nothing more, in the universe, to "shoot" for..
Your heart dries out from the rivers of Stride racing to the finish line....
Your heart starts to feel lighter and wears itself out..
Wanting too much and more.
May 20 · 29
Remain standing
I am on a survival mission.
Fighting all of the fears, lone hours, and jumping those "hurdles"
In this race to "beat the rougher odds,"
Winning the respect of others whom I look up too..
Earning a family of my own and Beating the Darkness' messages
To bring myself down.
To let myself go.
To give up on love.
To stop trusting other souls...
As tempted as I have been to listen, my light in my heart is too strong to listen and act upon such "lies."
Time does make one stronger.
As well as it can Scar one's soul.
Life is a balancing beam.
As long as you weigh the load out right
You shall never fall.
You shall remain standing.
May 19 · 20
Lost in Space
Lost in space

Unseen by many

He puts on his “mask of gold”

People fail to visit this “stranger”

He remains an ingma of soul

Left frozen in lonely snows -so cold.

Remains the frozen sculpture

Who once was a warm and bright man

Neglect and failure of communications

Has scarred him uncertainty of how to regain interaction.

“Houston…we have a problem”

Rocket man outstayed his welcome

On the moon.

An astronaut pushing himself to the limits.

He would ask the aliens. He needs directions back to Earth, soon.

As his supplies have ran out.

However, he never got to learn the neighbors language.


Static has been his answer

As the Earth lost interest to contact

To see his trip home carried out.

“Mission Star Construct”

Was cheered when his mission was about to start.

Fresh and new.

All of the public wanted a blast off view.

Having to his own answers..will Star Buck


The fall is his failure of hope’s light

The strength was knowing people would want him back.

How shall he know where to blast off and drive?

Conflict is the metorstorm

The questionable reasons

As to why Ground Control Lost Contact.

Was he merely a relic

Which undesired legends must

Drive with no light, crash or burn,

Or simply blast back torwards the earth

In a gambling style Yearn?
May 16 · 64
An open hand
An open hand
Such you've held out for others
Nights seem to last long
Like Purgatory
Am I Dead?
No. It's just time measured in silent misery.
Connections cold like ice through a computer keyboard
Dreams of chrome shined wheels rolling
Taking one to another
Meet up with Comrades that are deep in your heart
Like a sister or a brother.
May 16 · 27
The waters of limitation
Flood the once bright and shining halls
of My Creativity and Hope
A life which weighs more than one can lift
You fear your mind shall snap loose and you will hang from a rope.
Life has so many fish swimming the same routine.
Try the same artistic road on which you travel.
Your eyes witness so many of these other fish receiving extra help and strength to finish what they had started.
Should you go on? Are you "inventive and original?"
Or are you a "copy" and "unworthy of such aid?"
Is your career the "Dearly Departed?"
Use the last remaining strength to hold on through the empty nights
and non-productive moments when your creativity is called
Your assets are growing low
You never seem to ever obtain the tools to continue your destiny.
Growing weary...the doubt starts to flood your lungs.
Breathing in fluids and choking...
Rather than shining..on stage... leading the show.
May 15 · 43
The World Needs Love
The World Needs Love
The Light That Warms Through People's Window Panes
Universal Messages of Peace and Care
Even though we might reside in different spaces
We are Human.
We breath passion to progress and live out the best
of days in our lives
Sending out just one signal
From The United States
To North Korea
To Russia
To Other Nations
People United
Never Divided
We shall one day
Hold hands
and United the World Through a Shining Light
That is True Heart and it's Shedding of light with the world
May 8 · 21
Clearing The Mind
Clearing the mind.
Dusting out the cluttered and dusty halls of my memories.
Out with the old
In with the new
Even though I've advanced in years
I still have, to share, fresher stories.
Beauty is seen when one has a clear enough vision
to identify such
To capture such in the eye's camera
Film which are parts of my brighter thinking.
Love,***,and Money are all gray portions of the color coded
drawers that hold the files of my remembrance....
Where the colorful tabbed folders remain
Nature,personalities, architecture, and Invention.
Science, Friendships, and Meeting and Learning of the newer people
and topics
That are packed, forever, in my soul like a stain.
The cleaned halls show off the more artistic museums
which inspire my creativity and understanding
As within the timing measured to what it takes
to blink an eyelid
I remain fresh to the world
A multi-floor gold reserve
Not holding wealth
However, holding the beauty that makes such a structure
The strongest built sky scraper ever witnessed
Eternally standing.
May 8 · 27
I took a bow
A light shined upon my face
Strength to adore another without judgment
Cheering another after their current raised
Is a sweet flower
Upon their feet which I have placed.
Humbleness and balanced pride
I keep a steady stride
as to not walk too far to any side of the gravels
The shaded areas of jealousy and envy
Such sharp and sinister forces that cuts
up a person's brighter strides.
Talent is unique
As to are the levels of brilliance
I'm glad to not be the best
or to never be at my worst
Such visions of clear truth
sparkle in these eyes in which you might glance.
May 3 · 24
The Iron Will
The Iron Will
So how strong and Long it endures.
The Universe Welded such
together by the sun.
Forged by Metals from Above
The soul is a force
Strengthened by the fellowship
Of this one.
A Brighter toll
Riches, from such, that shall never die.
It never remains cold
It might grow older...
However, it shall last forever.
For as one
The brighter suns
The Iron Wills
Are forged, together.
Stay with me
Until the end.
This is just the beginning of the journeys
Of the soul
As eternity
We are flames that fire up
The steel factories
That, with such energies, it shall always mend.
May 1 · 49
I am waiting...
For a New Light....
For a newer Way..
Battling..For A Fresher and Brighter Beginning
A Tomorrow....
So, the questions remain....
Just where to start..
The right spot at the starting line...
When the gun sounds...
Will you be by my side when I start such a race?
To finish with me?
Or will you allow yourself to be left behind?
As a fresher start
Means a brighter way looker forward...
Never looking back....
Is there a person in my future...

To meet me as I win the race...
To a more successful me...
From where I am standing...
May 1 · 47
Travel Eyes
Here I travel
Down the road
Gravel and dust
Hopping like a toad
Blurred Vision
Foggy Head
Dancing upon the Pavement "Billie Jean"
My Body Feels Dead
Fear in my head
Water in my eyes
Blue skies
A big, yellow sun
Such dries the tears
That were once
On the run
Apr 28 · 49
We are Half " animal"
also Half "Machine."
We "love"
We "lust"
We "long for"
We "yearn"
"Blindness" to "energies"
"Souls" Never "seen as Balanced"
are always heavy to the "right" of "positive"
When "jumping" to "conclusions"
Fails to "charge" the "system"
Due to "too much negative"
We must "cross such"
"To get to the other side."
"out-ways"  "Sanity"
When "greener grasses
"are doubted Profanity."
Apr 28 · 34
First Glance
"just love."
It is hard to for-fill such a "command"
When one has "lost" more than "He has given"
Since the He was "the odd" "Number"
To the "Even" reactions in time.
Having to "Fill"
"Predefined " "Shoes"
A map is askew
When the landmarks are "marked"
In writings that "fit descriptions of the clouds."
He has a heart. It beats.
He has "cared for those"
"Who have cared for him"
"In return."
As these "somebodies"
Who "decided to trust" in his
Looked past "what it appeared like"
and used their "gut" "Instinct"
To Share what "is known" to the opposite
of a "first" glance."
Apr 28 · 46
TV Channels
You do not know me.
How will you ever see the clear light?
In his messages?
When you dive from the High dive
and Into a Kiddie's swimming pool?
Passages and Channels on "Slot TV "
Another "View"
A wild "stunt" of a sight.
Assumptions made
By assignments of "what" and "how"
A person is sorted
"Like" mail
We are like "socialists"
A "round" peg defined as a "square"
People turn their backs
Due to a hastily judged "out picture"
Damage done
Into the soul
Squeezed awkward and assorted non-matching "parts"
Tossed and Forgotten in Society's "Lost and Found"
Swimming Bowl.
Apr 26 · 62
Kitty Cat
She's my Kitty Cat.
When I pet her,softly..
She purs.
Music to my ears.
When I'm scared or I am Lonely
She rubs against me, oh so gently.
She doesn't have to say a word.
she already knows.
How I feel.
So true to my words.
She cheers me, with her eyes, as she sees me grow.
Never selfish.
However, not quite an "open giver"
She knows how to give me passion
Shows the world her own unique  and  hot "fashion"
Inner Beauty
and some soft fir.
Watch us stroll down the road
Enjoying one another's company
as we push off
Life's gritty and heavy loads.
Apr 26 · 44
Half and Half
I am like "half and Half"
Dairy Creamer
Feminine and Masculine
Humorous and rough
And a tad bit dangerous.
Sometimes appearing like a "cut out" doll.
He is proud of his inner "lady"
He won't hide such
Will he have to define and refine to a label?
He creates and he sings.
Never the greatest or the worst.
That's the true and golden "bling."
He knows how to thrive
He knows when to go through the rough waters and "Dive! "
A great and inventive machine.
He is often nice.
However, cross him and he'll be quite mean.
Often swears and is often heard
speaking clean like "Mr. Clean."
Yes, that's me.
I'm half and Half.
Like coffee creamer.
Watch him now.
He'll always be..
The rough and Beautiful
Day Dream.
Apr 26 · 52
Yes, I'm Crazy
Yes. I'm Crazy.
I love it, as well.
Why would I wish to be normal?
I am a clown. Like the "Joker."
Insanity gets me the prize...
Beats the heck out of "formal."
so, am I hear? Alone?
Can you throw me a bone?!
Well, I know I'm not alone.
Looker like a train wreck.
I just got
"fresh" out of an accident.
Here is the deal..
As I become overloaded
and I start to vent.
Echoes from insanity...
Bouncing of these walls...
At least he is lose..
Hanging like his *****.
Apr 26 · 36
Green Lawns
Money is green
So are most government buildings.
Cold and drafty.
Built for cost and Also Shielding.
They try to shield themselves from their nuclear Holocaust.
They ordered the drops of two bombs.
What did it cost?
The ****** of a great president.
Bad vibes to another great
Policing other countries..
Getting in the way...
This is not just about politics...
Keep with these words, today.
People hungry.
The rich overlook talent
in their "lower" rooks.
Greed is green like a seed.
However planted, it grows
into a tree
from the ground in which it is planted.
From evil is such
From good is such...
Never a crutch...
Balance this riddle...
As the Joker's Card is Drawn..
Plant your seeds...
In the greener and right Lawn.
Apr 26 · 37
Passion's Slow Cooker
Passion's energies
You feel from the energies inside
Needful release of such
Needs slow release
Like a "slow cooker"
******* true to true attraction
Sharing your soul through the hot
movement of your body
Holding such "steamy elements," inside
You steam up and then start to explode
As the Crockpot has warned you to lift it's lid
Do not?
One shall not know true blissful enjoyment
of the experiences of sharing "a stranger's romance"
With that one which he deeply has a desire
Inside and out
Of the fashion and the **** little underpants.
Cheers to my fellow poets
The truer voices battling the diseases
that plague society
Creating false personalities
They aim to create
An end to the system and the ones who started such
where hope and true love's movement ceases
The breath and life back into the victims
of the fear and the dread
That causes the jealous and greedy
To warrant punishment to cut of
Creativities' head.
The Kings of the "Secret order"
Sit proudly
Upon their thrones
It will not be long
Until these dominoes fall
So shall their "castle of cards"
Grave yards full
Of those they have chosen as "their fallen"
Returning "targeted Carma"
Eating their faked and "Plastic" altered flesh
To their barren and true soul's bones.
Apr 26 · 41
The Walk
In my absence.
What do those "socially preferred"
Return to conversation
After silence tells you
That your presence wasn't wanted.
You write and you wait.
Letters written in the cold of nights
Reaching out to those in which you seek
Honest warmth and companionship from.
No answer. No return.
Nightmares relived
As one fails to "not trip over himself"
as he examines his outer and inner layers
Like a doctor trying to cure a disease
He tries to determine the actions needed
To make himself wanted and himself wishing to please
Those effects of disease
That are your defects
That chase away those you try and share a life with
You need not be avoided like the "plague"
As hope's walk
Is trying to mend it's worn out legs.
Apr 26 · 36
The harder I try
The harder I have fallen.
Trying to shine my "talented life"
Upon a world that knows no devotion. I cry.
Tears fall upon my chest.
As I try and fight off the "burdens" of insanity.
I try and reach out.
My face gets a slap
as if my heart were some **** "profanity."
Where does one go when nobody answers?
You knock at their doors.
After a while
You walk away
As no voice returns
But echoes
Of your cries
As you walk down life's empty streets
More and more.
Apr 26 · 87
Dying inside, alone.
Unable to sleep.
As questions of "why?"
Eat my Soul's flesh to it's bones.
Older and more uglier.
Where have I gone?
In life?
Spinning my wheels, drowning.
In quicksands as I stare at the blade of a knife.
I fight my impulses to end the struggling of the soul's pain.
It seems as if I only get to talk at myself.
Nobody has stayed around me
Enough during these days
I have been fed up.
Enough to bleed.
My heart lies sick of being dusty on the shelf.
Always putting myself and my light on the "back burner"
in order to warm up some one else's left overs.
This ghost of the soul shall be all that will be left
After being this "invisible ghost"
Unsought after or summoned
I freeze to the cold of more time
In this "prison"
Locked up. Never to fore fill my potential.
Or to finish this "Bucket List."
The end of this misery needs to end
Before the end of my living visions.
Apr 26 · 75
Fear is a control
A weapon used by those who have no self esteem
Used by those with no self control
Are we on a roll?
Those who hate you wish to see you fall
From Jealousy and Defending your level
They wish to see you in a grave
Dirt covering your body up with a shovel
Do not let fear consume your mind
Filling your thought spaces up with the Toxic
Elements of their "poisoned" recipe
That feeds the hunger of the dark kinds
Of people who do not understand your beauty
They hate to see you shine bright
Smile in their faces and use your deeper strength
Shining your heart
From an even brighter light
What is wrong with me?
A Frankenstein’s Monster
Feared more than understood?
Lighting up the flames to scold him from being in society’s presence
They fear the person who could have been a better alli and friend.
You return to your gloomy castle
Anger becomes an issue due to becoming
Sick and tired
You begin to fall apart
Back to the pieces from which the Good doctor stitched together.
Only your mind stays whole
As your body tires from the struggle
Of straining to perfect the vision in the mirror.
Apr 21 · 97
Death seems more inviting
when lonely hours eat your soul like acid.
The heart pounds from the destructive force of stress of being pushed to quiet hours. You obey their rules. Just to be ignored and left to, slowly age, until death. Alone.
      You fight the feelings. You box the bags of self-destruction’s brutal control until your will is too weak to look towards any light.
    What is the role for someone in life? This mouse has run through their mazes to get his cheese.
     Just to find, at the completion of their sick direction, there was no cheese to be eaten.
Your heart starts to starve. Your heart is anorexic and weak.
Help is a word, from them. Never an action.
Being strange
You are unwelcome. The distant stranger.
Nights are empty, heavy, and sleep becomes a dreadful process.
Dreaming of things that are better than the waking hours
One starts to wonder. “is permanent slumber the sweet reward to a caged awakened hour?”
You try and you long for the reward
Of tools to complete your legacy
Your “light behind your name.”
Just as these tools are in your grasp… they are pulled out of reach by the corrupt and the greedy.
In quicksand.
It always happens that other persons only pull you half way out from pity.
Then the feeling of boredom passes into them over not understanding the thrill of your presence
They  release the vine which could have kept you from sinking in and drowning
They then walk away.
Apr 20 · 50
Holiday of Light
Holiday of Light
The holiday celebrating the miracle from a death

A spirit healing itself through his father.

Light had shone down to healing forgiveness

Even to his enemies who inflicted such harm

Upon an innocent and caring profit

Out of fear over what they didn't understand

or felt the jealousy of a brighter mind and heart becoming a source of truer loving leadership

A selfish need of attention

Their demands of forced beliefs of their own failed teachings

Clashed with Jesus’ truer teachings

Life and Growth

The hearts’ leadership that was stronger than Earth’s governors

Lead him to be crucified

Forgiveness even as he suffered to his death

He flew to the heavens

and still sought to bring

the evil ones

up with him to the promised afterlife lands.
Apr 15 · 214
Angel Friend
Angel Friend
He is an Angel Friend.
Old, Wise, and Designed to have a huge heart

A hard working soul that never quits or did such weaken to bend.
Upon his birth..
Designed for brilliance - the bigger, brighter, and more
significant  of life purposes..

A legacy forged
At his birth
An energy made itself A great and bright start
Elderly ages equals wisdom and a fatherly care
Energy in a heart forged from gold - such strength shared and Naturally    grown
Such vines to sprout and bond
Connections created and they never detach
Away from the one's who have shared such energies, in return.
A beautiful artistic creation
Created through heart's truer matches..
Selfless gifts
Formed from the kindred spirits - like the silk worm's
Carefully generated stitches of silk
From their gratefulness and directed sharing of portions of their life's force

These fibers are  woven into  unmeasurable
Dime Worthy estimated or appraised "trinkets"
of breathtaking Tapestry Blankets or  "clothe windows.."
Joined forever as one, from one starting love's warmth to another,
train on "crazy rails in need of redirection.."
Such souls see and hand over irreplaceable rider tickets

Clothe pieces of spirits joined as one - as  tapestries .
Quilted  generations bonded by their loving and sharing connections in Golden Spirited   worth .
Heirlooms handed down between life's generations
New births of fresh spirits
Climbing the ladders of time
as cherished timeless gifts
Given to those whom he cares for
Bonded to even those outside a "family" pool
until the very last breath.
Spending not a dime.
He shall toil until his spirit leaves the Earth
Then such energies stay with those whom he cared for
All timeless and unmeasurable ticks of the clock
or sands of the hourglass
Light shines upon the extension of the cared one's family births

Therefor , he has always been earning a defined role
"The eternal force of caring.."
"The warrior's toll."
In edition to the medals of honor
Golden Wearable awards, given unto him, by the Creator.
Titled  as the "Creator's Golden Heart" and "Love's earned Crown."

As written in the Latin Life's Wisdom Scrolls" as:

per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
Dedicated to a wonderful friend and supporter Mace Rubinstein. Your spirit is Immortal. To James Sutrina, a true friend and God-Brother. To all who support me, unbiased and unselfishly. Last, to all who have gone unnoticed and misunderstood in this life, who had the heart as detailed in this poetic illustration.
Mar 27 · 141
Beacon From The Static
Support to the brighter soldiers....
"Making America Great Again.."
It's not a statement... it's a way to a new life...
From living one like a has-been.
Never throw your hands up...
Energy needs to surge
Before you throw your guts...
All over in fear's purge,
"You need to stay strong.."
It's automatic....
We unite as one....
Victory Becomes
The beacon of vision
Through t.v screens full of static.
(C)2019 By Kevin Michael Kappler. Beacon from The Static. Let's become great people...we are..we just lost the way. I know we can find this road, again. I hate seeing good people giving in to the hate and violence. Blessings to all.
Mar 27 · 138
Life's Gallery
Foggy memories
A dream or a nightmare?
Pain and stress...misery.
Give me the pills for the pain....
Hell, I'm a little quack!
I strike hard to make the ball a winning shot.
I sweat life ..
all of the remaining strength that I've got.
Down the same old halls...every day.
A gallery of my life.
I smile at the visions.
For I've survived ....
I deserved a name plate...below the art
I survived over every hectic way.
(C)2019 Kevin Michael Kappler Life's Gallery
Mar 24 · 88
A rare breed
Down and under the depths of harsh waters
They fight the elements and their enemies
In fish made of steel
They prove their bravery
In the art of war
The value of destruction is overly clear
They attack without a sound
Their damage in attack
It is quite large and profound
The sailors know no fear
As they load their weapons
A badge of honor for each of them
This is what should be pinned
As they surface
and their images appear
dedicated to all submariners
Mar 24 · 125
The White Winged Dove
She has leather
Golden locks
And wears plenty of Lace.
The golden heart
Has shown plenty of Grace,
She has earned plenty of days in Shanghai-La
She's even more beautiful at her age
The gypsy sparkles
As she dances
A "white winging dove"
It sounds like "she has been singing"
Music to my heart
Peace Bells are ringing.
Sparkling from her shine
I've been under her sweet spell for years
My midnight dream is clear
How I wish she was mine.
Dedicated To Stevie Nicks. An angel and sweet legend.
Mar 14 · 104
Anybody Home?
No person ever says, “hello.”

I search for actions

To better my existence

Fake Promises and Infractions

Of crimes plagued upon me

That others voices echoes inside of my head

“laughter “ at this joke

Why? Because he is broke? Or just “Ill?”

Is this a dream? Or a Nightmare?

Am I dead, in this quiet, before the next

Vulture who swoops down on this “seeming dead”

Soul - can’t people see that this is a “human”

in there?

Never taken seriously.

Laughing, aloud, at myself.

I look in the mirror

Like the movie “Pink Floyd the wall”

As steam and shaving foam hit the mirror.

A busted smile remains delirious.

Until my “trial”

Will people ever come any nearer?
Mar 14 · 149
Dying Inside
I'm dying inside.
My soul inside is dimming
Other entities ride me like a motorbike.
Out and made an example of for all of mankind.No pride.

Crashing my soul into a brick wall.
I have too much physical and mental pain
To keep pretending
with all of my strength
Not to fall.

The dark people
who bash you about like Raggedy Andy
Deny their acts
You feel untrusted and crazy.
A "toy" that is sweet, to them, like "Candy."

I cannot prove my worth to deaf ears
Nor blind eyes
I pay my dues
Who knows how to silence these fears?
I want to run.
No way to go.
I wish to end it and fly into the Heavens
No bravery to finish what my mother started.
Am I lazy for needing to rest?
Or am I destined to be the failed "dearly departed?"
Mar 6 · 73
Bonnie and Clyde
She came through a dimensional portal
A fictional Character
My Bonnie was flashed to her "Clyde"
In a world in which she did not belong
We are both mortal
We shall stand together and fight until our deaths.
To remain, true to our bonds of love and honor.
Although she was once "unreal.
she is "real" now
Even if those skeptic wonder , "how?"
The other popped through the same flashed gate
The "Dillinger" that was the policewoman named "Kim"
tried to end a "great thing" on a whim.
We drew out our swords
we fought the "law"
we kicked her in the "jaw."
She ran back to an area, safe, away from us.
The Two of us "Bonnie and Clyde"
Jumped a bus
We find another  area to live free and start a family
Free of this "law" that almost ended the two of us.
A freshly written start of a new eternity.
A family name
Full of Electricity.
Feb 17 · 141
Strength’s Journey
Staying strong

Providing a listening ear

Even when fear is reinforced

Strength shines sunlight down on me

dries the tears.

Hope is  there.

The light at the end of my journey’s tunnel.

Through thick and thin

I never give up.

For, in life, we never stop trying…

Until death’s stalker’s follow

Feb 17 · 150
Climb That Mountain
It is easier to look up at a high mountain

Deciding it is too tall to climb.

Things are easier when one refuses to walk through tough times

riding in a wheel chair

Rather than baring the load walking on their own two feet.

Nothing is impossible

Unless one gives up - that is simply a choice.

So , get your life’s gear, climb that mountain

Even if you need some help making it to the top

You had the strength to try.

Instead of staying at the bottom

and deciding to “give up.”
One beautiful sunset

Snow sugar dusted streets and homes

Chilled winds that refresh the soul…

As one’s day starts and the alarm clock rings the start of a bet

To enjoy more than “what meets the eye.”

Inventive explorations and Creation of new mapped way-points

Mark the daring explorer as he never settles for the “lesser roll”

A gamble number landed on the tops of “life’s” challenged dice

To win a new way of life

rewriting history…

Not just for the journey man….

However, for the world…….A newer fashion added to an old passion..

A sweet and exciting mixed up “spice.”
Feb 13 · 167
Hearts Fused
One more moment
Is all it takes
Eyes met eyes
And the souls fuse
such as quick drying cement.
both hearts beating as one
A beautiful rhythm
A song speaks
singing the words of our love
Together, we need not say a word.
As we feel peaceful.
As our souls take flight
LIke the White-winged Dove.
Feb 13 · 67
The Soul's Chain
I am learning to coexist
A refreshed and a new and reborn soul
Meets new faces
His confidence is the sweet toll
On which he pays to run down the roads of greeting and meeting new friends
Souls to enjoy the fun and fresh times
As life's clock measures the moments
Of intertwined souls
Employing new ways to share their existence
a feeling, oh so sublime.
Energies that spark a new power of life's forces
Charging the once drained batteries
of the HUman heart.
One can meet a potential life chain linked soul, anywhere.
Keep your eyes open.
Or you shall miss another fused chain link and intertwined and enjoyable fused soul in which a relations
of the heart and soul
shall make their start.
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