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PenNameBree-Z Oct 2022
The war between realities
Rages within my mind;
There's the one where I share my intent
Or silently suffer and accept defeat
The one where I never know your side
Or I'm disappointed by your truth
There's the one where we join forces
Or we stay on outskirts and call a truce

On the brink of change,
At the risk of losing everything we gained
A choice to choose a renewed reality...
In an infinite tangle of possibilities
With no information or strategy...
And yet I find every reason
To stumble through a moment of chance,
Take your hand,
And pray it leads us to victory
This is a piece about friendship on the brink of becoming more. The turmoil of deciding the best plan, and weighing the possibilities and outcomes of telling the person you have feelings for what you feel and risking the friendship. RD
I once was lost

Through superman’s cape….I flew

Crashed Down….Overwhelming weight
A heavy Cost…Placing too much
on emotion’s plate.

Saving The world….Never Myself.
Guilt then flooded  my once clear mind…

I left my once colorful heart
Upon a dusty and barren shelf.

The views in the mirror was opposites of myself.

I threw down the cape..I am human once again.
Wanting release from this jail

lost and locked away …

This place was where the real me had been.

Peace in my mind…A real me emerged.

Flying to meet the fate…hope’s light.
Electric Lighted freedom….Strong Wisdom

My true destiny ..I’m flying to

A future in the world…it is now bright.
Dedicated To Demi Lovato
Taylor Kennerly Aug 2017
Chocolate skin
Adonis's kin
My man, of all men
steps down from his pedestal
and offers me a flower

Roses are red
And violets are blue
He says give me your heart
so I can too
so I do..
But my hands turn up empty

Still I follow him
through forbidden lands
Waiting for my share to hold
And the light is bright
And the grass is green on the other side
But too soon it grows dark
And I reach out my hand
for him to hold
But he's gone

Dark hair blended in with the night
Eyes one with the stars
He takes my heart with him

Still I walk golden paths
Searching for what I lost
Wondering if I want it back
It was always his
I just wanted what was mine
Taylor Kennerly Aug 2017
I stand beside you

Can you hear my words?
They encourage YOU
They lift YOU

I pick you up
When the world puts you down
And brush you off
with a mother's tender love

I lay in your shadow
To be your wind in tough times
Spread your wings and fly!

I brush the crust from
your eyes
And greet you with new light
and promises for tomorrow..

But do you see me?
I am your equal
Do you hear my song?
Can you feel my presence?

Embracing you
Nourishing you
Taking from myself for YOU
To please YOU
To bless YOU
To love YOU

No pain is greater
Than to go
Taylor Kennerly Aug 2017
And I give you my heart
A novelty beheld to all
Without walls or barriers
The beating part
Of what makes me whole
The only thing I can willingly give
Fragile in trust it lays with you
Beware of sharp corners
On jagged roads we'll travel
Keep it safe
And close to your own
Taylor Kennerly Aug 2017
A different smile
A different set of lips
You're not mine
Where is my heart?
Eyes one with the stars
Black hair blended in with the night
The path has changed
Golden bricks replaced with
hard cobbled stone
A winding path
Where is my heart?
The sun breaks through
And I set out for another day
Another hour
Another voice
It's not mine
It's not yours
Where is my heart?
I battle the storms
Wind, sleet, rain
Another battle by myself
Who will fight for me?
Where is my heart?
I brave new trials
Cross valleys
Climb mountains
But all that awaits is another road
More stones
More sky
Where is my heart?
And I'm tired..
The nights grow cold
And only old memories seem to warm
All I want is whats mine
Where is MY heart?
Taylor Kennerly Aug 2017
The road we've traveled was far from perfect
But it was our road
We got lost
between the trees
But we always found each other
Two hearts.
One beat.
Like a drum they beat
Eyes one with the stars
I'll follow their light
Lead me anywhere
I'll come to you
And when I find you
I'll love you.
Because you are mine
And I am yours
Two hearts
One beat
Let it go when  u have nothing to lose
Let it go when u are in pain
Let it go if u think your life is about to end
Let it go you are only depending on your parents
Let it go when you come from an adventure and you want to rest
Let it go life isn't about losing
Let it go  u know life is not about happy ending
let it go it is not that u are a coward
Let it go so u can meet Demi Lovato
Let it go because if u don't
You won't have a future to hold on to
Inspired by let it go song and some of them are my family and my future.
The fallen, bringers of light who died and became angels of the night, they are the air that man breaths; chaos.

So fourth, I was light born in darkness with the healing of the light and the desires of evil. I roam the night in search of withered souls; hearts once made of gold tainted by dark tar. I feed off their darkness, I crave it like a child craves a mothers love.

And so I consume their very darkness, as I removed their demons and make them my own I free them of the suffering and shed light upon their eyes, the shackles now removed they realize their full potential. While I lay here battling their demons and my own; forgotten. As they went on to greatness I was left in the shadows; no one ever bothered to save me.

— The End —