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Raven Feels Apr 2
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, our reality is covering the stashes of our unrealistic fantasies:}

take me away wherever you say

I am prone to your plead and dismay

hold me tight under the bright

just where we are undercover out of the hideous sights

pull me another and linger on me and my covers

for what will you deprive me of your taste of winters

and your shine of summers

a damp winter's day
prevailed in our region
dank twas its cold feel

I counted all the snowflakes
as they filtered through the sky.
They landed on the bare limbs,
the bushes, the eyelids of busy
rabbits, squirrels gathering
supplies. I walked through banks
of snow that seemed to grow
at least a foot an hour. Our fields
in countryside became blankets
thick and cold and no longer
grew green and yellow grains,
but gathered only snow. I know
that birds took cover in woods
not far away;  they say all
animals are wiser than we
know. We see them not, though
they are there where snowflakes
by the trillions fall through frigid

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet and human-rights advocate his entire adult life. He recently finished his novel, A CHILD FOR AMARANTH.
Idklove Dec 2019
Waking up with you
Covered in quilts
Cuddling you under the blue sky
Sipping hot coffee with you
Carrying smiles on their face
In hot water tub
We laying like a kids
Staring at water droplets falling makes you
More beautiful
Staring at your lips
Your hips
Makes you warm through my inner fire
Aŧül Dec 2019
My biological birth anniversary is coming,
Just two weeks are still remaining.

Turning I shall be twenty-nine,
I hope to be at my birthday fine.

Study I shall more for my exams,
These won't get over till later days.

The toughest examination I wrote,
With my blood, I had written it.

May 7th, you know the day,
It is my second birthday.

Second birthday as a disaster,
A disaster that was averted.

The year was Twenty Ten,
Fall I did off the bike then.

Plunged into a deathly coma,
I scared both my Pa and Ma.

However, here I am, rhyming again,
Writing poems to forget the pain.
My HP Poem #1816
©Atul Kaushal
Sumaira Asghar Jan 2019
When you look up
to the darkness alone,
when you feel wind
tickle your bones
and when it whips frost
into your eyelashes,
when the wintry sun
makes ground glitter
with its nascent rays,
when you look at with love
each sculpted flake,
when a smile spreads
on your cold lips,
may you remember me.
Pallavi Dec 2018
Winters are on,
Making me frown....
My heart is freezed.
I don't think I could,
Love anymore.
Annie Jul 2018
There I was yet again –in the middle of my thoughts. I closed my eyes and let my thoughts take me wherever they could. Every breath seemed like it lasted a lifetime. Every intake felt like a new life innovating my consciousness. I was high on the hope for something new. I had broken pieces of my heart in my left hand –weighing me down and down. But I kept on holding onto the rope of rejoice with my right hand. As bizarre as it sounds, I felt good. I felt relieved with my dark side and the brighter side. The car horns in amidst of this city echoed -one after the other. It was as if everything was finally in its right place. It was as if I was finally who I were supposed to be. Every thing I was feeling —all made sense. My freezing hands, the cool breeze against my face, the tears stuck in my eyes, the crowded streets, the sound of giggles coming from a distance –this city made me feel alive once again.
Maxim Keyfman Jun 2018
Do not be our time with us
Do not change
Let everything be as always
Let everything be as usual
I want to be as always
Do not change
I want to be as always
And never another never

Oh Time Time
Do not change us do not change
Oh time Time
Do not change us do not change

After so many winters
After so many years
Leave us time like this
which we have always been
Leave and do not change anything
do not change

Oh time Time
Do not change us do not change
Oh time Time
Do not change us do not change
Oh time Time
Do not change us do not change
Oh time Time
Do not change us do not change

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