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the days have been silent
the nights grown longer
the mornings are murk
the afternoon sears
as days are as dragging as nights

out the window the colors are dull
but in this room no color appears
and in these thoughts are cages
the rooms sound way better than
where am i now

my own consciousness hinders me
my own consciousness hinders me
Nik Bland Jan 21
Some days
She finds
Self-destruct switch
A life
Her own
But different

The steps
She takes
So delicate
As not to
Still leave
In living room

But better
Are craters
Of shrapnel
Than to be
Feet embedded
In a place
Where she
Only vacancy
yosemite Jan 15
i keep a glass bowl of green onions on my window sill
and they remind me
that no matter how
it is outside
you must keep growing
the sun will shine
and there’s no excuse
for being stagnant

for all intents and purposes, they’re great
i just have to rotate them every week
so that they don’t grow crooked
i love plants
azumiii Dec 2018
And all of a sudden
the sky is blue
No- I'm not sad
It's not lonely
Rather calm
The curtain dances as the wind blows
Calmly, peacefully
Birds are chirping
I am alive
I look past outside the window
Trees are steady
Leaves are following the lead of the wind
I wish I had someone to lead me like the wind
I'll go wherever it takes me
Even though I know in the end I would fall on the ground
Life after depression
m Dec 2018
comfort; a sin and a saint,
false hopes and warmth
between the sheets of cotton.
weaving my hands into the threads,
my hair binding feathers and freckles
to this tiny piece of satisfaction
amongst the twisted doubts of December.

episodes of expectations;
hollow danger diseases threaten my
humor, humanity, humility;
i am frightened that my future
will implode, that the earth is dying,
that my words are not good enough,
that i am not good enough.

so this comfort i am clinging to,
sinking my nails into, resting
my head upon,
is keeping me from moving forward,
but saving me from giving up;
my stagnant sanctuary of twenty-two.
depression dreams and procrastination poetry
Talis Ren Nov 2018
Time and time again
The hourglass shatters
I drown in the sand
My memory in tatters

And when I come to
I cannot remember
If reality is a ruse
Or if fate is being clever

Time is a blasphemy
A venomous oath
A losing eternity
Damning us both

That stretch of oblivion
That merciless prison
That curse the Goddess hath wrought on me
How I loathe it
Temporal Fugue Oct 2018
And so it begins, again
stagnant and inert

Words that slip in listless
meaningless, covert

I can't grasp the consequence
lines that just won't fit

Trying out a story
rhymes that will not knit

Apogee ascendant
no orbit to attain

Falling now descendant
my thoughts go

And yet somehow they manage too
Hmmmm, **** it! ;D

Sometimes easy
sometimes not
might be empty
but it's all
I've got
Diana Santiago Oct 2018
Life can be a bore
A huge loud snore
Excitement is needed more
Mischievous adventures like never before

Life can get old
Makes me wanna fold
Need it to be bold
The lack hasn't got me sold

Life has become stagnant
Attracting lethargy like a magnet
The good old days just fragments
Day after day feeling so repugnant
Feeling like my life hasn't any adventure, reason, or purpose at the present moment. So I'll write to keep me from being frustrated.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
From the thick green canopy
The rain oh how it wept
d                        d          d
r            d                        r
i             r           r
p            i                         i
              p          i
                          p            p
Creating a sad mucky galaxy
Where the mosquitoes brood is kept
sara Jul 2018
I'm lost in translation,
by hallucinatory sensations,
between border and sea,
cold but free
like a continental breeze
that drifts lonely
to shore.
Still so unsure.
Then lost again, once more;
this time she's lost like never before.
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