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Man's best friend,
With it's four legs and wagging tail,
So loyal and faithful is the dog,
A dog will wait even at the grave for its master,
The Greek's were ahead of the times,
They buried their beloved pets like a family member,
So never will man find a better friend in the animal kingdom,
So never will man find a better friend in the animal kingdom,
So never will man find a better friend in the animal kingdom.
Jonathan Moya Mar 2020
         put the
                          down south
                                             so man
                can call it
Questions rumble as I entered a room
In a dream all eyes poured upon me
I start my proud trade in song
However, the audience is deaf and blind.
Same old feeling
"How do I escape to Fantasy Island?"
Clearing the grains of sand
that "Father Time" impregnated into his eyes
For untold reasons
The dreams are like aired reruns
from a transmission in in sleep
waking kills its beautiful treat
hang out all day
cooking in the sun
movies are fun to watch
acting is an escape
when you are not a "Superman"
Lost to Krypton weighing on his cape
Poetoftheway Aug 2014
"Son can you play me a memory
I'm not really sure how it goes
But it's sad and it's sweet
And I knew it complete
When I wore a younger man's clothes"

Billy Joel lyrics from
"Piano Man"*

when I was very young
I wore Levi jeans and white
Hanes cotton T shirts
my mother bot me,
my feet, Ked clad, red
from the kid's "department" store
on Central Avenue,
the Main Street of my small town

when I was a young lad,
I wore workingman's cargo jeans and
white Hanes cotton T shirts
under red plaid
wooly shirts, itchy affairs,
that I bot for myself
in a real Army Navy store,
desert colored suede boots,
laced up high,
upon my feet

when I was of middling years,
my jeans were khaki pants,
Gap supplied,
and my Gap T shirts,
faded like me,
a non-descript color,
made in a gap of pale pastel colors
from Bangladesh or Vietnam,
pale pastel, like me

so as I slide~decline into
my nursing home years,
I wear unbranded jeans and
white cotton no name T shirts
with matching white disposable slippers,
that the Purchasing Department
bot for me, cause they know,
I like,

a younger man's clothes and
the memories that play all day
lost in day dreaming of a life
well dressed

Colm Jul 2019
Waiting for you two
To pass as me by a one
Only then we'll find
Two, A Single Man's Haiku
Alif Mar 2019
No surname for identification, no address for communication, no relations to own and no rights in my possession,
Discovered in the trash bin as long term survivor of affliction asphyxiation and malnutrition,
Given shelter yet brought up in isolation, called by names that describes my origin,
Denied basic human rights for I possess no rights to be born.,
I am by definition; An illegitimate result of legitimate love induced illicit physical union of a ****** woman with her unlawful man.,
While the sinful man and the woman are at relief that their sin is trashed away in the bin; My shoulders carry its burden and forever my peace and happiness are forbidden.,
Should I be Grateful to my fellow man who saved me from death to curse my birth all my life, Or to the God who created me as an illegitimate sign of a man's sin .,
it is not unusual in the world that one sins\wrongs\commit mistakes and the burden\guilt\pain is carried by an other-the self-proposed law of man
I once was lost

Through superman’s cape….I flew

Crashed Down….Overwhelming weight
A heavy Cost…Placing too much
on emotion’s plate.

Saving The world….Never Myself.
Guilt then flooded  my once clear mind…

I left my once colorful heart
Upon a dusty and barren shelf.

The views in the mirror was opposites of myself.

I threw down the cape..I am human once again.
Wanting release from this jail

lost and locked away …

This place was where the real me had been.

Peace in my mind…A real me emerged.

Flying to meet the fate…hope’s light.
Electric Lighted freedom….Strong Wisdom

My true destiny ..I’m flying to

A future in the world…it is now bright.
Dedicated To Demi Lovato
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