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aaron Sep 2020
new announcement:
due Monday at 11:59 PM
unit assignment
requires: more energy than I can muster right now.

each morning repeats;
wake up to notifications and expectations
forcing a mindset that is almost impossible to maintain
every minute that passes
is a minute wasted.

timelines approach,
all that is felt is
indescribable exhaustion
is that assignment really due,
or is this all my imagination?

this all feels like
an overlapping, metaphorical Sisyphus;
every day I push one boulder up a hill,
but there are several others deserving of my attention
and they are never ending.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Kindred (II)
by Michael R. Burch

Rise, pale disastrous moon!
What is love, but a heightened effect
of time, light and distance?

Did you burn once,
before you became
so remote, so detached,

so coldly, inhumanly lustrous,
before you were able to assume
the very pallor of love itself?

What is the dawn now, to you or to me?
We are as one,
out of favor with the sun.

We would exhume
the white corpse of love
for a last dance,

and yet we will not.
We will let her be,
let her abide,

for she is nothing now,
to you
or to me.

Published by Songs of Innocence. Keywords/Tags: moon, pale, disastrous, remote, detached, cold, inhuman, lustrous, pallor, love, itself, white, corpse
I'm lost in a smart speaker.
I’m lost within your compact design.

I’m lost when you enable voice forward.
I’m lost holding your button

I’m lost when you gear up for single
user experience.

I’m lost within your touch experience.
I’m lost with your five-way remote

I’m lost touching your tap-to-talk

I'm lost with no ends to these game.

I’m lost in this laminated soul of yours.

© Feelings Coated
Mr Siri Lost in laminated soul of Ms. Alexa
My psychic energies are energized , warm, and strong

Signaling waves of physical feeling, warmth of a beating heart felt, and ****** moves exchanged.

Though miles apart, we are physically and in soul, together.Real.

Our blood flows through our veins and we appear to each other as our bodies sweat and touch is fused and cannot be changed.

The lightening sounds as we make love over waves so real

Sensual rhythms so bold and understandably near

we fuse together.

Real love and the desire for one another satisfied

as the remote seduction pleasurably brings our bodies to wet and desired ******


We long for our lives to become just as fused as our psychic bodies..

we know the attraction is here…

we both ****** under a huge yellow moon….

as destiny dictates the night of lust and also deep love

between two people from two far away places

Sweat draws full and near…

Our hearts begin to swoon….

as we celebrate our need and wanting for one another

in pure exotic form..

we are now physically and soulfully an art-form alike no other..

The ritual of the senses is a fire that rages on..

Until we return to our originating soul’s taken up places….

We know we never need to feel alone or deep in separation from our bodies..souls…and love..

For we can fly, at will, remotely to greet one another as our eyes


as we enjoy admiring one another’s beauty and faces.
Ken Pepiton Jun 2019
Integration of spirit and body, is a reason for being mortal for a while
for some
secret reason

known only to the initiates,
the Melchisidekean

Priest hood, known by believers to be Jesus, Pre-existancy
Avatar thingy do.

Ah, but Lucifer and he were bros, y'know. The rub, that nagging urge,

get up and move the wagon, why lie
there comfy in your bubble
believing not all spirits are from God, but

some are. Try the spirits, if they can preach the good news
the angels brought:
God and the disconnected reconnected, Joy flows to the world.
Alleluia, right.
-- note: no list of do/don'ts save common sense.

Plugitin plugitin a bean in y'ear, a bean in y'ear
about as big as a yeast

Leaven, y'know, comes in flavors. Like proteins,

most leavening things leaven only one thing,
word borne leaven leavens

and we ain't speakin' even-jello-ic jiggle of crystalizatio,

we talking boomin' gaseous gluten intro-learyant
beans, beans, beans po'folk beans
words witcha maya hoid yo grama say

breathe. Be leaving all your lies and tries to us as we
dare to cast our care

wind words, net let out, starboard,
good new net. Wait.
Notes, for later, if I ever need to know how I know. I was hooked by the title, so I thought, I could add salt. I recall once using a shark for bait, that was a fine experiment with an elderly Jew I knew 'til he died. Beliefs are spirit hooks somebody dangles, he said.
OpenWorldView Mar 2019
The love we won
is so remote.  
The time has gone
since we wrote.

Pain concealed
behind pale hands.
A heart be healed
in distant lands.

Hear my plea
in simple rhyme.  
Words cross the sea
and mind no climb.

Ditch the knife
my love is true.
I give my life
for one with you.
I've gone
there why
in matter
of sands
and if
taken this
photo when
hers flash
in mine
this cartoon
gosh was
her ***
vehemently shone
inside the
cove that
the bulb
would entertain
Jessie Schwartz Feb 2018
I Recall… by Jessie 10/06

Recall the day from whence you came
When endless days were not the same
Take hold and care
Do not let go
For I recall

Black and white and hues of gray
Recount the dullard of the days
Eyes reflect of empty stares
Untouched, remote
As I recall

Both corners of the mouth
Turned, neither north nor south
All affect was lost, cast into the night
Twas but the shadows, which changed the face
As I recall

Turtle days, creeping by
If only I, knew how to cry
Swallow hard
Choke it down
Yes! I recall

Then, sun lit rays seeping in
Stained the room, and cleansed the sins
Melted heart and heightened senses
Colors now abound
As I recall

Tranquil peace, this stranger’s name
Known by more, but all the same
Intervening, locking heads
Saved me from my tortured cell
As I recall
nmo Sep 2017
i'm a remote control
with batteries running low.
i still work
as long as you press
my keys hard.
Alienpoet May 2017
There is a monster in my toy box and he’s covered in purple fur.
His eyes are like slot machines and they whizz around and whir.
He makes me say silly things and he plays with our cat.
He hides the TV remote under the bathroom mat.
He comes out every night to read through all my books.
He tears the corners, he writes in them in crayon and just look...
When I try to catch him, he scurries far away.
Mummy and Daddy, I’m not naughty, I just have to say:
“It was the monster in my toy box, he’s naughty all the time.
You just never see him ‘cos he’s so clever with all his crimes!”
A children's poem
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