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you've always told me
that your personality lies
on whatever's in between
or who ever is in the outside
of a conflict


you told me that
you'd want to be that guy
           whom everybody can talk to
                     whom everybody can relate to
                              whom everybody can look up to
who's always


a wallflower
   a grandfather's clock
      a lost artifact

sitting in a room
  flooded with opinions
    storming, crashing
      through the shores of
        your acceptance, and perhaps
      your side

but you never did

like a sterile tree
       I waited for you to bloom
to grow fruits

you never did
and you never will

cause you're just playing god


but never helps.
to those who play neutral
Acina Joy Jul 2018

Sometimes, there is an inner darkness that speaks too close to our hearts. Tempting us. Making us yield.

I know it is bad to bow down to these baser motives. These seductions that occur in the darkness of our beings. But, this all depends on us.

To decide whether or not to fall victim to its height of bliss, or to eventually fall to our knees once these illusions are over. It is my decision whether or not to fulfill this growing void.

My only question is, who would always be foolish to believe that darkness is a monstrous path, rather than a human delusion?

Pretty biased on this one, but all I wanted to express was that darkness was something that existed long within man, rather than achieved. I believe it is innate, but not always acted upon. It only needs a push and a nudge to click off the safety pull the trigger. That action in itself is hard to decide, but easy to do, just as evenly as darkness and light.
It is not always easy to express one's self
When his artistic creations are never placed in galleries
They are often forgotten of
Sitting there gathering dust on a storage shelf.
It seems as if ten more people are at the same task
As which you create with
Comparing their outcomes to your own
Your light of hope fails to light
Due to many missing you that must express
such visions
A dog starved to the bone.
Eyes meet the other exhibits
As your kiosk is primarily never sought for business
The confidence of challenge is there, however, it soon melts away
When all of the hard work which you have placed
in expressions for the world to see
Fade to darkness like the "dark side of the moon"
As night simply ends the days.
Questions remain about what you are truly "gifted"
at or "ahead" of other game pieces on the board game of life.
When so many are inventive such as you
One too many is a crowd.
You pull down a fake smile. A fake shrowd.
Now the net is neutral
Damaging my once vibrant flow
As my hands are now tied to how I can grow
The rules of the game are now many and harder to get around
Like a roadblock in your sight of your future
The air begins to become too thin and your mind weighs heavy
As the cut in your creative inventiveness
Bleeds too heavy and needs a "miraculous" suture.
Needing others on my team
Every time  I seek out such
I'm the "driver x" at the "speed races"
and the "forced gun" to bear uninspiring
and lonely expressive paces.
Is their justice to the laws limiting one's freedom of expression
just to protect those in the "top few?"
When the own half of the platform on which you try and "compete"
However, you are too small to be seen as "you."
This poem is concerning Net Neutrality. It shall place too many restrictions upon our freedom of expression. As it needs not to be limited enough to cruel competitiveness and other hefty charges to earn the privilege to post that in which you create, the government hits the final blow. They are slowly suffocating us artistic souls and silencing true brilliant voices. Bringing forth needed information to the world.
Lou Dec 2017
One last step
Through the forest before the trees are cut down.

One last flight into space
Before the the satellites keep us in.

One last read
Before the library cuts the sentence by toll.

One last champion
Before his logos show.

One last man.
Before he places the devil around his neck.

One last word.
Before they charge me for every other after.

Freedom doesn't have "a last".
Freedom is lasting.
Vote for net neutrality. You deserve to know. You deserve to not be charged to know. Be free. Our one last freedom is this tiny screen in your hand right now.
Carlyyyy Sep 2017
Humor comes in a million different shades.
As mine reaches various greys and yellows,
I admit, more often an inkling than a joke,
I say, "I could die happy, right now."
This life assures me nothing good nor bad.
Maybe the next? If any.
I won't take anything away from myself because that would mean,
I have an enemy.
And you don't run from your enemies,
You face them.
So it's safe to say,
I am here until I am not.

It's hard to explain this one.  I am aware of suicide's toll on everyone. I am neutral, well I like to think so. I notice the many sides of why. It can be a way out but it could be a way in. No one knows what goes on in other people's minds. Suicide can be neither a sign of weakness nor a symptom of strength. Maybe it's both? I don't know but I do know it happens. I lost my friends to suicide. These people, I knew them when I was a kid. We all possessed naivety and love for life. Adventures didn't come to us, we made them. We grew up. We saw, did, & heard things. The real world ****** us in. Expectations hit hard. Lies and deceit had familiar faces. Love hurt. No one is to blame. No one at all!  I've come to terms. We all face demons. We all have our struggles. How you face them is what matters? you decide everything in your life. Don't let people get you down. You are capable of anything! Preferably good things that help you, people, maybe nature and animals. Idk but be good.
The Writer Jul 2017
The glowing eyes of the monstrous beast
gleam with hunger for more information
more money, more censorship

more more more

If you want freedom of expression
there's a fine to pay
Didn't you know? Knowledge comes at a price

take take take

It sees what you see
It knows what you know and more
while hiding you within the shadows of ignorance

more more MORE

You have no unalienable rights that it won't take
Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness?
What a joke.

take take TAKE

A future full of more take than give
Is that what you want?
Or are you willing to fight for freedom?

Inspired by the FCC wanting to destroy/dismantle Net Neutrality
Rachel Lyle Jan 2015
There once was a little hummingbird,
wings rapid, pulsating,
bleating, ceaseless in a cause:
either to fight or to flight,
run or to hide,
changes in the tide.

Come, with the palest of moons-
to infinity and beyond, sir,
infinity and beyond.

Come aboard the coaster,
just to pass the time,
care not for the ride-
just pass the time,
amongst the celestials,
biding our time.

Find our way to them,
to the divine,
heaven above, peaceful abode,
numbness no more, for,
You, I, and The Hummingbird are scheduled-
Pulling yourself out of a funk via spirituality and a good writing session, priceless.
I do not love nor I do hate,
I don’t put anything at stake,
I don’t attempt to make mistakes,
When it come to fight face to face,

Its these old lines which make win work,
May be a gift – may be a curse,
To one – it may be held assert,
To others – they mioght as well kiss the dirt,

It may be black, it may be white,
It may be wrong it may be right,
One may see all or lose their sight,
It doesn’t matter in the fight,

Cause fights all show we’re all the same,
We’d strike them hard or lose the fame,
No matter what – we feel the pain,
To stay the same is pain to train…
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