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Memorial Remains
What particles of visual and the glory days
Left on this floppy disc inserted of the lost days
Here it loads
and such does the feelings in weird and wild ways.
Take it for what it is
a glory kept for the falling soldier and his remaining family
who has memory stored like a computer
however, the Human feeling part remains.
So define it as you wish.
These scraps of data, excuse me, "Memories.."
they still are celebrated and retold the best in the ways in which we can in "Life's Drama Part."
Now, as the audience remembers, this is the start.
Of what is left. Years later
As the brain strains
to recall the memories flashed from many years of missing and surviving after that one had fallen
So, to the next chapter to write of survival
Only the power of self-preservation is what constraints
from one to jump aboard
the Grim Reeper's Train.
Memorial Day Poem. We miss you, Leo Kappler of The Naval Peacekeepers and Helping both sides in the Korean Conflict.
Changes in the tide
The oceans in my life
in which the Moon Goddess "Selena"
Controls the flow of my mood that crashes like "waves"
called "strides."
Beautiful, clear, and warm waters
Sometimes can become cold, dark, and frozen.
However, they have been tested, after the Moon Goddess sees to it, a change..
To this "weather Pattern.."
The sometimes heavy Tsnaumi's simmer down to peaceful waves.
Back, once again, to warm and peaceful waters.
Soothing and bright rays of light sent in their rightful alignment of passion and discipline that is rightful and stern.
Take a swim in these waters that are what make up my "world's water of my character and mood.."
A truly delightful experience of a resort to visit upon the scattered islands
that are parts of my "creative mood and personality"
Now, escape your world and enter mine.
Now enjoy the waters that are as made up of my own Truths, Moods, Life's Tides, and my own Reality.
Worlds Divided
The war of ideas and on Borders has hence started
How many must die?
Until their eyes clear of foggy and diseased ideals
that they fight and cease as the dead departed?
Life that could have been celebrated instead of insulted?
Provided other suffering lives gifts of ease of such?
Until their diseased and ignorant paths
Spoil the world like a disease
War as a vaccine
Against outdated Ruling Deals?
Pain and suffering are the side effects of this vaccine..
As the World's Generals debate on the true antidote
The smokes and bullets......the words of war....
Provocation...Debates.....Calming Additions of collective warnings...
Until the Medicine is developed right....
A solution can never be allowed to be seen
As we blow to the tides of agravation
Such medicines are scripts of war..
Made to  end such blind and diseased violent ideals
in ****** fights.
Auras in Color
In these nights
Blue,white,pink, and green
I see such energies about me
These forces warm my frights
Set my soul adrift
Into a dream as there I am free
In dreamland I can be and exist as in
roles I can only dream of in my waking hours
I am stronger in wonderland
A superman, joker, king, or a rich rockster
with psychic powers.
I have seen the human spirit reach out through these energies
Even though the skeptics limit their minds to the boundries
As their fears of what could be ******* their openess
To the beautiful rainbows of the soul's singnals
dancing through Aura's Colors
I instead, chose to unleash my open and relaxed will, and join
such forces in a whimsical dance
Since my spirit was bold enough to let my fears go
I let myself run free with the electric dreams signaling me
I took a sweet and rewarded chance.
I was once intoxicated to live life wearing my scars and fears like a badge.
The storm that had  clouded my mind had cleared
After I met some teachers who brought me to a sunnier part of life's road, in which to start, that many had feared.
I started to walk upon.
I caught glimpses of a more clearer picture. A brighter future..Sunnier days in which to live....
Throwing away my badge of dishonor, I donned a new badge of believing...

In myself,my big heart, and in those who bring me up....
Back from the ashes...
I decided to believe in greater causes than my own short comings. to "relive."
each day is now a newer birth. A fresher and newer start.
In which my soul can strengthen
as I started each day as if it were the first and every first day of my life.
A bright light that shines from me now.
As my head clears and I feel my heart beat strong...
I feel my strength rising from a more clearer eyed view and truer heart.
Days are to be cherished, looked to as a miracle, and not as repeats to dreadful times. Where we were at our weakest.
Now, as we design newerer structures...
for our paths in which we walk..
We become whole, healthier, and converse in clearer ways as in when we wish to talk.
We put our plans into motions.
As plans are just that droplets in life's thoughtful oceans....
However, walking the walk and performing the construction leaves us inspired.
As we not only build for ourselves, we build for us and the house to shelter all we hold dear around us.
It is a beautiful and sweet singing gift as sung by our soul's corus.

The bills pour in.
I am sick from the pain.
Here it goes…
A hungry white boy grows ,slowly, insane.
Does he give up or give in?
He fights, harder,still.
When the world tries you, enough.
That’s when your endurance begins.
I’ve been in survival mode for so long.
It never let’s up.
So, this older redneck must stay strong.
Fighting for a better life..
To become a legend before I die.
Nights can bring me to my knees as I cry.
I am never beat. I edge,onward yet.
No one can **** the energy of this soul.
Not one thing can I have to drown with tears of regret.
I’ve suffered through physical pain and mental exhaustion
Stains left inside of my head.
However closely with the reaper I’ve danced
I never was the one he dragged out,dead,

— The End —