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A beautiful moment
Sitting in a pit 
Drowning in regrets
A lost man 
Feeling as if he were the only one
As the other pretty faces laugh and they sit.
You want to know who you should be, what you should be.
However, being unique 
Is worth being a “freak.”
A beautiful afternoon.
Sweet music
Brings hope to this one 
Who shall become someone
"You better make that Candy Bar Last"
It's hard for a broken back to enjoy
"His next stand"
without a prop to help hold him
up from falling
in "Chernobyl's Black Hole"
as his counterpart hovers in safety
watching another drown. "What planet are you? Far?"
Miles pledge the marks
Until the quiet fades
And Mr. Hyde Tries to fight you
The Wicked Joker reigns "supreme"
as you fight past A Waking Nightmare
Not a "Wizard " in "past Kansas"
Your soul flies far away
As your waking body receives their torture
As the body shivers and then ages
Fire burns remembrance
As it's ashes marks the lost pages
from your past
The smoke poofs into explosive shell rains
You are now in a movie
Fighting a forced "in class."
Would any person shed one tear
If my sad and breaking heart
Stopped from all of the beatings and silence..
Would you say a eulogy when I'm gone?
I bleed red
Just as any one bleeds
An artistic soul discarded due to a mirror
and a shallow glance
Do you forsake the original and cherished writers
and artists?
They have no perfection to their works and appearance..
They were out casts just as I
When I try and Join a crowd...
Find my sweetheart..
Work my talents.
Alas I'm scorn and reminded of my dark imperfections
That only can be perfect as a shallow mind
places a celebrity as a mannequin sitting within a photo
of a fairytale story....
Living in a tabloid
A destructive "wishing star: "Fairy tale shoot"
I am the "Hunch Back Of Notre Dame."
Quizi  Moto and his brilliant mind.
Hiding in his dark and lonely quarters
due to his "monster defined appearance"
Never wishing to be anything but a part of a
social gathering which cherished and needed his writings and paintings.
After the Hunchback failed to ding the time with the church bells..
He was found, motionless. Cold.
Tears shed of guilt.
By those who tortured   his soul and had him cast
in hiding....
Due to nothing more than ugly chants and appearance comparisons
that should be cast in crumpled ***** down wishing wells.
The nights grow long
As the days grow even shorter.
The trees do the dance of "Autumn's Colors"
While the winds, blow cooler, and the Earth starts to wind down for Winter's sleep for starters.
The whole process creates a "new season's passion" in my heart.
People change their swim suits for a more "warmer" fashion.
The days gave us the sun to warm and entertain us
Through the summer through "the dance of the shadows."
Now the "hallow's eve," which lies before us
Creates the chance to plan the best costumes and funniest "drunken nights" as those intoxicated sing in chorus.
I sleep in with "daylight savings time"
As I cheer with my cup in hand....
A "toast"
In cheer until next year to "me. Summertime."

It burns..

Fire on skin..

Words of Chemicals..

Echoes of pain…

Rain down on my body and soul…

Let the flesh burn and the veins bleed..

the saga..begins…remains…

Pouring out my life

With your memories and absence

cutting deep

into my whole..Like a knife.

Let my soul Hemorrhage

As the flashbacks shoot my heart..

My soul can fly with this body’s death…

I need these days to start..

Calling to your spirit..

I’m ready to become…

One with someone who shares the deeper sediment

So a compliment

To an aching and begging spirit.
Acid Rain
Loneliness .. an acid that eats it’s way to the bone

Questions remain why silence must remain

in your boxing ring to remain strong and able to stay in safety’s zone.

Others question you on why you remain a solo act.

Some ask you if you even know what love is

or if you have a ***** motive….

Tears silently fall inside of you…drip…drip

No notices the pain…as you sit and admire those who already experience the miracle of such

Your beating heart remains weak and deeply sensitive..

The long hours that mark the time of another day

as your head and soul screams for release from this prison

Sunlight shines… maybe a miracle will find you and guide you on a bright and less hectic way.

You and never show your feelings

over freezing in this cold

storm of the “Heart’s winter..”

Blazing trails and fighting the war of those of doubt

Wood frames of shelter explode until the structure that protected you

falls into ashes and splinters.

Don’t show weakness

You must never accept your Human Nature drawing you into attraction

as misunderstandings and hurt come from problems miscalculated

Some follow and wait for you to trip, fall, and have a finger to define

what it is you truly want…..Not anything lustful, attraction at times, only Human…

Another subtraction

You feel like a failure as a true noble being that you've tried so hard to beam on those dark and judgmental about you….

another space vacant

where Human presence used to thrive

You have a golden and rare heart..if people would give you the same head start that other “worth whiles” seem to be given

As this Rat race to end the acid rains of a lone man

Beg for an end to the burdens of constant trial and questioning in Love’s court

You merely go on your weary way and you show yourself, through pain and pleasure, that you are doing the very  best that you can.
Words you've thrown
My soul has a busted view
Breaking this window with your jagged stones.
Picking up the pieces
In a rush to beat the ticking of the clock
Minutes measure the moments as each
Pile of material must be put in stock.
Measuring the value in each item
Such my scale weighs very carefully
As not to miss a diamond in a mound of
Sifting through the bails
Is worth my hard work
As life needs less weight of worry
As the winds pushes with a boat to sail.
Life's seas of wonder we travel
as friends are my crew
My life boat to A brighter world
A destination of well discovered gravel.
A short passage of how moments that come to us as hurt and damage  can be valued as building strength with the support of those closest to us.
A car full of brothers.
Riding the roads.
Taking our time to arrive at our destination...
Without the need to measure and beat time...
We are the winning Brave Tortoise racing the Hurrying Hare.
Breaking only to enjoy the shots...Captured forever on film.
Nice memories frozen in our photo's views like blocks of ice
in our mixed drinks with added lime.
Cheers with the touch of each other's glasses
we enjoy a great buzz.
We race and out run the black and white's
laughing at the "Fuzz."
Laughs and monuments.
Getting car sick on a long ride.
Laughing as we rough house in a hotel room...
Just the right amount of fun to enjoy such a trip in stride.
Returning home. Still smiling from the much needed relaxation..
With a hangover and a sober look at each other...
We are brothers plotting another bunch of sweet antics
on our next "Adventurex On Vacation."
I put my all into loving you
After such an empty glance
Some cheap advice from a someone
who already had that someone,too.

I've done my work and have been exercised by the time.
No more advice
Just your hug.....
from someone who finally knows and loves this big lug.
Take away the festive music

Forget the hand over trinkets

Fear in his soul

aging like a ghost in a wishing well

watching reruns of shows fragment of years on television sets

no one around

silhouettes and ice mirrors  hanging

a sight of frozen ways appear

through the windows

looking at frozen grounds

He forces a smile

He is not greedy

nor thinking through pockets of gold

he is a hungry and empty soul

looking for the same as his sisters and his brothers

anything but this empty hall

this ghost lets out one last groan

before he freezes up all lone
Age is a man made measurement
Called "the calendar and clock of life.".
Age never defines as to what portion of from when we were born
To when "We should" be "able to do"
As we compare to other's development
We seek determined to reach before or after In the usage of measuring
Unique beings steps upward
To what timely pace we need to make these steps of evolvement
The age measurement never supported
When or at what measurement of such who we should or should not love
When to love
Consider ourselves at what steps
On the ladder of life we should be at
In youthful strides or to when we should from
Activities of life or energies we are
Supposed to obtain, keep, have, or retire from
Clear the calender and clocks from
Who and  what we have left
Are Human Beings
Who all deserve their choice above ages definition of scheduling
As our souls always have the last say and assignment of what,when, and how life is explored and what energies  it is able to keep hold off.
I felt the weight of the world
Then your visions came to me.
I felt light as a feather...
I felt my dark world brighten and become less blurred.
I felt your soul yearning for mine.
Visions of our sweet bodies fused and entertwined.
I tasted your kisses.
I felt your sweet touch...
It was the remedy to life's problems that was what I need so much.
I felt the passion and the dedication of my beating heart....
Singing out to you.
I could hear your heart sing back....
My spirit felt less blue.
I saw images of our bodies becoming fused together
Passion burned us , sweetly, as we caught glimpses of our future.
Young, though years apart.
The right mixture of youth and wisdom
Which shall honor family, making more of such,
Feeding the need to find away to speak to you and gain your sweet attention.
For, out of true and honest longing to be next to you, sharing a life.... that's what I long to mention.
So, you know where to find me.
I shall long for your reach
As the door opens, she
shall grab and hold me , tightly.
My sweet lady shall stay safe and warm in true love's design
After we made the decision to stop waiting
And we run to one another.
Growing older and wiser , together, is what I call a "happy forever."
A time of snow, imagination, and Family.
Loved Ones...
Decorated halls in homes...
Displays at a store...
Even the Salvation Army Santa asking for a donation..
Oh so much more!
Being together...
Remembering.......Past Times
Where,as we were Kids before Christmas Eve, as we await for  Santa as Twelve o'clock chimes.
People who become so happy...just to show you that they care..
Even a phone call from someone in which you care.
The Holiday Season is so bright and so alive.
No matter what type of the "Giving Spirit" in which You Celebrate..
Hanukkah,Christmas, or even your own version of what this time of year means to you...
and to others around....
Can make this world more peaceful.. and for a short spell...
Ooh so profound.
For one cheerful act and spirit ignites into another.
The chain of positive energy and wishes for a better life...
Cuts away those deep,dark,and hateful blues like a knife.
Just a respite from worries and some hurtful events is worth this short time span...
To do your part, in the heart of the Holiday season, just by taking time to share the true message of giving...all the giving feeling that you can.
Whether materialistic, or  simply a handshake, to a hardened soul..  stops at least one sad heart from a harsh break.
For in this "Holiday Season," True love and your heart's cheer for another ,shall make one once dark  and gloomy  soul
become another bright  friend.
In which ,to share with you,  a happy Holiday stroll.
A heart is a flame that needs some kindling
to fuel it's energies past the limits of self fueling.
It yearns for the uniting of another kind soul
to fuel a beautiful light...such only asking
for a separate heart's  true gifts
of the soul in  heart
to start giving
beaming from the fires that warm souls and ignite hearts.
to flames of passion
Such must be fed with such foods of interests of loving for the soul, in a beneficial fashion
melting one another and fusing two into one huge soul that is a mystic form of energy..
Two souls fitting like pieces meant for the same puzzle
It defines the role of true fortune and Beauty
Souls that are powerful fuels for one another
feed and maintain the lights and which such  shines to the world from one another
to the dark world and souls around the two
as their become a "solar Sun" created from nuclear bonds
Fission-ed  from each other's loving atoms
Signals the birth of a newer galaxy of the like with those united by the pair's united light
Such miracles are seldom and few.
Given the nurturing, care, and expressed need to learn, grow, and become a two piece set that builds one larger entity
Such blasts the brightness from this sun's rays of warmth and flames to other's in need of warmth and light
to fill their worlds with a miracle
as a gift
from their hearts for all eternity.
Holidays are of what one makes of them.
No matter where we spend them or with whom we share
these times with....
It comes from the beats
of a Human Heart
from which flavor of the moments in which we place out there
Cheers to staying true,blue, and real
It takes strength to remain in such a beautiful state
The celebration of the one's who share your life
memories of those who passed on
Even just sending a text to those who think of you...
Such are things to cheer and sing
and cut the first piece of holiday pie with a favorite knife.
Traveling,stationary, or in high-octane work modes - we flow
with the beat of this season's cheerful reminder in heart
of the miracle we have been given of family, souls in memories of those we shared our life with, and the moment we have to be free and at rest
or doing such things
that bring out our best
in this life we have only one try
To remain strong, true,blue, and a force that remains
in flow to the next future and also remains in the written books of history.
Stars mark the maps of the Earth
Creative and  Sparkling Artistic Markers to remind us
Of Our Point in a Journey.
Where to go to gain fresher rewards
To find beings to walk with on a huge Earth.
towards a reward of hard work and earned friendships
Possible loving partners
As well as a family crest created to mark the beginning  of a well working partnership.
Family, acquaintances, and blessed children
Who shine forth our legacy
well after we enter to the next world.
Ending a story
such is a life...
from start to end
The legends are reborn
The cover never closes as generations continue
writing the stories of a fresher legend
which shines forever...using the maps lined by the upper spaces
Human Inventions that are laid to rest as we sleep in our beds.
After walking, seeking, and earning a well written definition
of one's life that is a story
From the cover, to start, to finish, and then added by his additions...
Man and women walk down new found paths
looking up at the night's bright stars
that brings us where we need to go...
And mark us as a well traveled beauty
that all of us clearly are.
I grab hold of a life line.
A dangling "vine" to witch my soul
clings to life by a strand.
I scream out the pain of nights whipped down by hearts in which you look up too
You also give your everything out of your poor rash-ins  hands.
Do my tears quench your thirst?
For salty oceans where my cuts blood with the cutting of the salts?
Shall you jest as I get damaged in front of your eyes...that are too blind to see...
My past is treated as humorous tales of foolery
Leaving the victories in my life, unspoken.
Locked away by the Jester in his Vaults.
The sunlight
It warms my face
Strengthens my confidence
even in the craziest of life's paces.
The warmth of the roads and the sidewalk concrete
makes the senses come alive
you feel Human
even if you are the stranger in town
Now your moment of fight in time is complete.
We touched each other's faces with a loving touch.
Gazing into each other's eyes, I could sense our souls start to connect. A hunger for each other's bodies started overwhelming our senses.. we clenched our appites through deep and long lasting movements.
Holding her hips, we kissed deeply. Tasting our desires..I started to rub your back and strong shoulders.
The sound of your satisfaction fueled my need to have your body, deeply. The flames of desire grew even more intense.
The taste of the sweat on your neck and shoulders was amazing as I felt your fingers upon my back and buttox.
We made love, that night, quite deeply.
As we became one, I could read the love in our movement and the reaction of your body.
"I shall love you forever" I whispered into her ear.
We climaxed, together, as her voice restated the phrase which I proclaimed as our "forever."
Holding each other and smiling...looking into each other's eyes...softly, in synch, we exclaimed to each other ,softly ,"we are one, in love together, forever."
Too old in their eyes for romance.
Not known enough for them to even say a , "Hello."
This silence is jail.
The crime was not fitting in a world just when you needed someone you longed for  to hold out a hand and to give you a chance.
Too questionable to be real.
Wanting a family. Friends. Tried so hard.
The clock runs out. Another breath from Life Death steals.
Words don't count.
Actions hardly seen.
No one seems to look when your at your best.
The world makes you numb and cold
due to being a shut out down barren roads a scattered scene.
Don't know where to go.
Why ask directions.
No one will answer you.
You are the invisible drifter.
Always to be a number 1.
Never with someone who cares
due to you being an invisible number 2.
America the beautiful.
We love everybody ,equally.

All are welcome here.

As we say such, cheerfully.

As many problems ,as we might have.

In time ,we shall over come them.

Triumph over all enemies….

United with all who befriend and support us.
We defend you and love you as unique as you are.

A nation who was born yearning freedom from corruption and from one rule…

We are a nation who shall always live on as the land of the free…..

Let all who live in the land and or support us cheer and be defended over corrupt and dangerous fools.
The days that lead up to this country's birth
were filled with burning hearts
****** Battles...
Freedom Signaled By Victory's Bell.
The best things , in life, are never free.
The days may feel like Hell...
The death of those snakes from which gave as a good rattle.

The nights can be lonely and cold like Winter...
Your Burdens might be many....
Determination is the most valuable of ingredients
In this spell of "Magik."
After the struggles....Comes the outcome...
One becomes even stronger after those snakes of doubt
Stroke us with their mind blurring venom.. which made us sick.

To give up means that you are not willing to live.
For the struggles make us all unique....
A character worth writing of or about which to speak.
This country endured a lot of pain and dark days...
Yet this fine country never dies.. It gives...
Even when we are at our lowest points.. The gift this land gives, Freedom and The right to be an "Individual"
Who has the right to say how he live as he wishes..
It's a wondrous feeling...
Like a fish..who is a needed  part of a school...freely swimming with the other fishes.
Writing these words down into the poetic universe.
So many places, feelings, and magic shall these words light
The messages to ones feeling invisible in a more perverse and limited central verse.
You are never alone. As I shine upon you these words of hope.
I am there with you in blessings.
Stop sinking in despairs quicksand and grab my hopes rope.
Enjoy the feel of a hand that aims to guide your spirit up and out of darkness.
As I speak these words unto you...
You are now brightly lit  flames among the many...
Instead of the few.
Spread this message to all you see there curled up and crying in the dark.
Be their fuel to add to their beautiful spark
To add to their flames and end their coldness.
As this passage spreads
Few are truly alone
As this heat from my hope will heat others to the bone.
A sidekick to an ally
When can I become a leader?
For my own life held inside a cage
for the blind eyes......?
A war criminal
Marked as an invalid
An undervalued bright mind
Weighed in Economics
A strong soul
A powerful nuclear force
A simmering Slow cooker ready to explode its lid
Spoken for...
His  ideas are  deemed "illogical :
A "Vulcan"  in despair
Cast Away from His "Home Planet."

Does any other soul notice your value?
As you stand beside them...?
Is this true Care?

A ghost who cannot be seen nor heard
I'm standing in two dimensions at once

The value of gold which  they fail to let shine
As the surface simply needs a dusting

Of the coverage of the afterbirth
of a war to fight
People's Conceptions of Your Past Mistakes
Underrated Accomplishments
Pathways blocked by their forced "parenting"
of this "child"
Trapped in an Adult's body
Who simply wishes to be a shining Somebody?

I become trapped in a void
Enraged like an animal in a cage
A soul who Wishes for equal judgement
Freedom to roam
and for Creative  Expression
No longer suppressed by those who "judge"
A convicted life where they never opened up their eyes
to be seen as equal
He needs to be free to roam
Away from the Blind ones
to his suffering...
He plans to break free
From their *******
The road he must start walking down

A twisted, dark, barren and lonely road
He must carry, onward, through his lone strength
To prove himself a warrior
silent and strict followed moral  codes
Ethics of battle he follows...
Never to  lie down to die for the ones who limit him
He has his eyes wide open

To his rightful success
to  his future
He shall win.
A sidekick to an ally
When can I become a leader?
For my own life held inside a cage
for the blind eyes……?
A war criminal
Marked as an invalid
An undervalued bright mind
Weighed in Economics
A strong soul
A powerful nuclear force
A simmering Slow cooker ready to explode its lid
Spoken for…
His  ideas are  deemed “illogical :
A "Vulcan”  in despair
Cast Away from His “Home Planet.”

Does any other soul notice your value?
As you stand beside them…?
Is this true Care?

A ghost who cannot be seen nor heard
I’m standing in two dimensions at once

The value of gold which  they fail to let shine
As the surface simply needs a dusting

Of the coverage of the afterbirth
of a war to fight
People’s Conceptions of Your Past Mistakes
Underrated Accomplishments
Pathways blocked by their forced “parenting”
of this “child”
Trapped in an Adult’s body
Who simply wishes to be a shining Somebody?

I become trapped in a void
Enraged like an animal in a cage
A soul who Wishes for equal judgement
Freedom to roam
and for Creative  Expression
No longer suppressed by those who “judge”
A convicted life where they never opened up their eyes
to be seen as equal
He needs to be free to roam
Away from the Blind ones
to his suffering…
He plans to break free
From their *******
The road he must start walking down

A twisted, dark, barren and lonely road
He must carry, onward, through his lone strength
To prove himself a warrior
silent and strict followed moral  codes
Ethics of battle he follows…
Never to  lie down to die for the ones who limit him
He has his eyes wide open

To his rightful success
to  his future
He shall win.

A sidekick to an ally
When can I become a leader?
For my own life held inside a cage
for the blind eyes……?
A war criminal
Marked as an invalid
An undervalued bright mind
Weighed in Economics
A strong soul
A powerful nuclear force
A simmering Slow cooker ready to explode its lid
Spoken for…
His  ideas are  deemed “illogical :
A "Vulcan”  in despair
Cast Away from His “Home Planet.”

Does any other soul notice your value?
As you stand beside them…?
Is this true Care?

A ghost who cannot be seen nor heard
I’m standing in two dimensions at once

The value of gold which  they fail to let shine
As the surface simply needs a dusting

Of the coverage of the afterbirth
of a war to fight
People’s Conceptions of Your Past Mistakes
Underrated Accomplishments
Pathways blocked by their forced “parenting”
of this “child”
Trapped in an Adult’s body
Who simply wishes to be a shining Somebody?

I become trapped in a void
Enraged like an animal in a cage
A soul who Wishes for equal judgement
Freedom to roam
and for Creative  Expression
No longer suppressed by those who “judge”
A convicted life where they never opened up their eyes
to be seen as equal
He needs to be free to roam
Away from the Blind ones
to his suffering…
He plans to break free
From their *******
The road he must start walking down

A twisted, dark, barren and lonely road
He must carry, onward, through his lone strength
To prove himself a warrior
silent and strict followed moral  codes
Ethics of battle he follows…
Never to  lie down to die for the ones who limit him
He has his eyes wide open

To his rightful success
to  his future
He shall win.
I wish to travel to a distant place

Where you are valued equally like all the rest

Finding my home rather than a floor in a room

Treated like an Adult

Rather than a stupid “Adult kid” or “Creative overly nice pest.”

Some people become “nice predators.”

Everything you need or want gets weighed upon their scales..

as they act like ******’s “S.S”

They control and place your needs upon a scale to weigh.

They push you to only seek the interests that fuel their egos...

You begin to grow bitter and cold

As the one you cared for has put your happiness’ lot on sale.

Circumstance keeps you in their controlled spaces.

Transportation lacks, viruses, and lack of being allowed to pursue your social arts

Prevents one from growing to know you in other places.

One feels like a slave.

I captive.

A failed overly nice discredited idiot

Inside you fume like Chernobyl before the explosion.

Having no place to go and a government unwilling to help you get out of an abusive living space

Fuels their egos to demand constant attention to their ideas

not yours to invent and earn

You feel like destroying them and excepting a park bench or a room at dangerous living area walls built

in hastily expansion.

If nothing you do is good enough or right

When choices are asked for diners and or events

they don’t matter

Having a fuller life such prevents.

Your psychic becomes rusted and destroyed

You wish to abandon your identity and run to a free but unwanted, freer, but limited life where one feels they live work and are simply employed.

How does one break the locks when family is gone and one is unknown?

How does one ask for partners in creative careers and help to get out of life’s quicksand..

No help or supports in sight.

Sinking down to your demise

You try and fight the situation...

However, you sink even faster. Feeling old, failed, and quite the one acting unwisely.

You need education and their mission is to discipline you

weighing you down instead of letting one evolve and travel.

Their own interests sold for the need to satisfy

an ego that needs to be tossed out or a win in a war of intelligence

when people think they can do more but cannot

you can use talents to improve the world

In their eyes...

What they see you try and succeed at

The sabotage, threaten, and allow you to have less and rot.
She was taken with her family in the night.
Frozen blood ended a family bond, forever
With the sound of gunfire in an evil man’s plight.
Russia knew her as “Annie.”
Blonde flowing strands of hair and a golden heart.
Her life was barely past her start.
Missing in history..Her end… the story to it…
It is still in our hearts.
A Memory.
Of a leader of the “Russians” at the start of a revolution.
The closets of the new leaders…
Voices of her revenge still haunts…
To the chill of their blood and the spill in the snow..
An equal punishment to the end of a golden spirit that still glows.
This short passage is of the Duchess of Russia,Anastasia.
You are a new kid in town.

“Nobody Panic”

Just a new face in a new town to greet some new faces….

Enjoy new company…..the scenery…. especially…


New personalities to meet and even more exciting places.

Open to new adventures

However weary from some baggage I’ve earned along the way

I’ve  stayed true to a walking stride… in a noble quest

to brighten the darkness around me along my traveled ways.

At night I dream of those I miss. I am no longer alone.

Warm memories of distant places

Amazing People

The road trips to reach my new found spaces..places.

In a huge world

Full of questions

Full of Darkness

Full of Caution

I remain determined not to close the window to another

“New Kid In Town…”

I take in a deep breath as I shake the hand of another.
I need a soul mate
Not out of Desperate Reasons
Not for selfish wants and sick needs...
Darkness of lust and greed are merely dangerous acts and thoughts of Treason.
Watch this heavy heart
Pumping beautiful writings, signals of love and a Human Partner
Calling out for you.
The sight of the one who has chosen me
Running towards my empty life
to add sweetness to a life well rebuilt and refit
With items useful in promoting views of a beautiful soul
Once weighed down in the murky depths of the dark and corrupt
A talented soul and carpenter
Rebuilding his home after destroying it
Out of his mind misguided due to unwarranted emotions
Or anger fits spewing lava of hate and uncomfortable vibes
from the Volcano of a heart exploding as it was lost
and finally erupted.
So him as a new structure
Tall, majestic, and a marvel of the soul and it's architecture
Se the welcome mat welcoming you into his newly rebuilt existence
Worn out from making too many mistakes and harming so many hearts
He warded off and found a new property and better materials
In a well fit area
The reconstruction his light and soul
A marvel of a once misguided mind
waking up and curing his created diseases
of the Hurtful Kind
Back on my feet

After I was knocked onto my back.

Minutes in life, that I was losing out on success,

Never opening my eyes to the light’s warmth.

An insomniac… I was up late every night.

Repeating my sorrows like a broken record

Continuously skipping

over steps to go “too far too soon..”

My soul only burned in unneeded anger

As the devil’s demons sang defeat’s chorus

To my depressing tone and swooned.

I at last heard a faint calling….

Into a free part of my soul

Which wasn’t locked up.

A calling to a brighter age

A fresher story

To an unread page…

A new song from life’s chorus book is being sung..

The brighter parties sing the back-ups……

A unique and free individual, now, my tone to

Spring….. A season has sprung.
Angel Friend
He is an Angel Friend.
Old, Wise, and Designed to have a huge heart

A hard working soul that never quits or did such weaken to bend.
Upon his birth..
Designed for brilliance - the bigger, brighter, and more
significant  of life purposes..

A legacy forged
At his birth
An energy made itself A great and bright start
Elderly ages equals wisdom and a fatherly care
Energy in a heart forged from gold - such strength shared and Naturally    grown
Such vines to sprout and bond
Connections created and they never detach
Away from the one's who have shared such energies, in return.
A beautiful artistic creation
Created through heart's truer matches..
Selfless gifts
Formed from the kindred spirits - like the silk worm's
Carefully generated stitches of silk
From their gratefulness and directed sharing of portions of their life's force

These fibers are  woven into  unmeasurable
Dime Worthy estimated or appraised "trinkets"
of breathtaking Tapestry Blankets or  "clothe windows.."
Joined forever as one, from one starting love's warmth to another,
train on "crazy rails in need of redirection.."
Such souls see and hand over irreplaceable rider tickets

Clothe pieces of spirits joined as one - as  tapestries .
Quilted  generations bonded by their loving and sharing connections in Golden Spirited   worth .
Heirlooms handed down between life's generations
New births of fresh spirits
Climbing the ladders of time
as cherished timeless gifts
Given to those whom he cares for
Bonded to even those outside a "family" pool
until the very last breath.
Spending not a dime.
He shall toil until his spirit leaves the Earth
Then such energies stay with those whom he cared for
All timeless and unmeasurable ticks of the clock
or sands of the hourglass
Light shines upon the extension of the cared one's family births

Therefor , he has always been earning a defined role
"The eternal force of caring.."
"The warrior's toll."
In edition to the medals of honor
Golden Wearable awards, given unto him, by the Creator.
Titled  as the "Creator's Golden Heart" and "Love's earned Crown."

As written in the Latin Life's Wisdom Scrolls" as:

per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
per "Creator aurei cordis" et "coronam meruit amor est scriptor
Dedicated to a wonderful friend and supporter Mace Rubinstein. Your spirit is Immortal. To James Sutrina, a true friend and God-Brother. To all who support me, unbiased and unselfishly. Last, to all who have gone unnoticed and misunderstood in this life, who had the heart as detailed in this poetic illustration.
Looking up to the deep,blue skies, I started to flash back to my childhood.
My innocence.
My Health.
My Imagination that was so powerful and so inventive.
Floating back from the moment that I was in, such memories brought me to a greater frame of mind.
Sweetly Pure were My Daydreams. The feeling quite Intensive .
Even as an adult, I have the same powerful Imagination.
The same fresh excitement to the simple elements of life.
Those shadows at night that bring forth thoughts that cut into you, like a knife.
I started to giggle as my friend looked at me in question.
"What's so funny?"
I turned my eyes to look into his.
"I'm a reborn child..."
"The color in life is yours. Let your inner child come out."
Never let go of your youthful traits.
From such...You have become a brand new Human invention.
What is Valintine's day when one has not on equal response?
Family had gone.
Friends are busy with their lovers.
I feel like I'm in a war movie with Danny Glover.
The lone hours eat my sanity away like acid.
Bubbling and smoking.
Hurting and scaring.
Then here comes the antidote.
I strong will instead of ever wearing an insanity straight jacket coat.
Strength is worth sharing.
With those out there, whom I've never met
Who are reading this and start caring.
This day is what you make it.
This day is an anniversary of my survival.
Thinking back
Circumstance took them away
Now comes another sunny day.
The anniversary of my heart's revival.
Our survival
Another anniversary

Of my coming into this world.

Thoughts of the road I’ve traveled

Where I have yet to roam

Fill my heart with a song unfurled.

Sounding not just the cheers of my survival of life

However, the need to conquer the emptiness of lacking others you need

Successes you seek

And needed support to be given there.

It’s a weight in which we carry but warnings we never heed

To the usage of time

Past and present

I celebrate not just this anniversary of my coming into this world..

I celebrate those who stuck with me

Those we just stood and wished to be part of

The road with me that is life






Hands held strongly onto your comrades

It’s a blessing of a needed mixture

To share

Until growing older

Holding our glasses to cheer our union

When the future brings a wife


Unseen unless youth

Survival of the harshest of burdens

Relief of the pains of judgement

And growing with life….

Such is a never challenged

Or forgotten truth.
I am a man. That is all I can or cannot be.
If you need an ear to talk too...Please don't turn judgement upon mine.
We are both Human and worthy of equal in realms of needs or wants.
I only ask for you to understand the soul-inside with an open eye.
For it is only then can you see nor judge a blessing from a catastrophe.
As I lay here and gaze out at the moon light
Imagery of day dreams and flashing stories **** the ticking of time and useless frights.
In my dreams I am the warrior with his magical sword.
I'm the captain of the "enterprise" or the traveler to distant worlds.
I sense the other creative hearts as I start to drift to sleep.

Floating from my body
My soul takes flight.
I am only bond by limitations, upon myself, in which I set.
Flying with the other "astral travers" in "projection" I feel less and less bound...

To hopelessness and worries.
I left that behind at the start of my journey.
In dream and soul travels I am profound..

An energy tripled as I catch up with other astral travelers
Who are not afraid to let their souls lose to travel.

New lands to explore. To see, feel, and experience.
Even without a seat on a jet, a green card, or what we bond ourselves down with what "reality" is never true logic.....
But an old and useless line drawn by a picked fence.

Until my soul returns in morning
To my body when it awakens.....

The spirit and dreams are sometimes more than what we can explain.....

For newest of inventions are descoverrd and written in history's books....
Due to daring souls who allowed themselves freedom in astral plains....

Never needing to grab their coats from a hook...
Edison, Socrates, devinvci, and the like....

Are still living spirits to open eyes that look past what is and is not supposed to be.....

For like me, we live forever....
Free spirits.....
Not just in our dreams.....
But, as we build or write to life our inventions...
Because reality was a closed eye....
The free spirits of the astral traveler and creative inventor
Could do such bright miracles....
As they left an open eye in which, for all this wonder, it sees.
An open hand
Such you've held out for others
Nights seem to last long
Like Purgatory
Am I Dead?
No. It's just time measured in silent misery.
Connections cold like ice through a computer keyboard
Dreams of chrome shined wheels rolling
Taking one to another
Meet up with Comrades that are deep in your heart
Like a sister or a brother.
Tears swell in the corners of my tired and weary sad eyes.
I am a pearl. Now trapped inside of an Oyster.
If I could find a way out, then the shell would open.
My beauty then shines and brings forth beauty's sighs.
Mistakes. I've made plenty.
I do walk a tight rope. I'm in the Circus.
I walk this "thin line" to "Prove my new act."
However, I sometimes become tipsy. I stagger over.
I find my balancing pole.
I stand tall and walk up and down a once impossible trail.
I have found my "Four Leaf Clover."
Learning from others whom I look up too.
Bright lights which shine.
The "Dr. Marian Luther King,jr.'s, the Kennedy's, and the Elton John's" in people's higher qualities is what gets me by.
I followed their lead and left the "big top."
I earned my ticket on board a train to Broadway.
Where drama, mistakes, and success make one a Hero or a Legend.
Instead of an outcast, a mistake that was made too many times, and also a lone Ranger. Who has  a bounty on his head so high that people seek him out to cash in his life. Rather than to watch him perform his "act."
I've cleaned the rough edges.
I wipe the tears from my tired eyes.
I take advantage of a well earned sleep.
This "actor," now on Broadway, dreams deep.
Planning his next story line on his typewriter.
For his once mysterious and unclear story, "of  his life," has now been best told on the stages of the Legends and Stories. Where they have  already been expressed upon them.
Long before a rocky end due to a man never "seeing the candle" that e was
"In the wind" as Elton sang so beautiful of Maryilyn Monroe.
He never was "blown to darkness and smoke." from clinging to his older "act."
He now shines brighter, still.
He is the Actor who earned his presence on the stages of history.
He has created another "Sold out show."
Another year
Successfully Lived Through.
A lifting of a glass, to toast all of those friends ,who traveled the road of the fair and the rough times, with you.
Strength earned.
Lessons learned.
New stories to be boldly shared
To the family and friends who you care to have we start the cutting of the bird.
Thanks are given in respect to those and to what strengths helped get you through.
Another year...To yet another "Thanksgiving Feast..."
That I gladly share and offer this rightful toast to.
No person ever says, “hello.”

I search for actions

To better my existence

Fake Promises and Infractions

Of crimes plagued upon me

That others voices echoes inside of my head

“laughter “ at this joke

Why? Because he is broke? Or just “Ill?”

Is this a dream? Or a Nightmare?

Am I dead, in this quiet, before the next

Vulture who swoops down on this “seeming dead”

Soul - can’t people see that this is a “human”

in there?

Never taken seriously.

Laughing, aloud, at myself.

I look in the mirror

Like the movie “Pink Floyd the wall”

As steam and shaving foam hit the mirror.

A busted smile remains delirious.

Until my “trial”

Will people ever come any nearer?
I have yet to receive
My mutual love
From that one I put forth energies ,to.
Freedom of feeling uplifted
When the signal is returned
I fly on the wings of the Dove.

Nights go by
No answers to my connection
The one whom I hold dear....
She  seems to never hear
Or has seen the true admirer,near.

What is the price
To receive what love
I selflessly put forth
As  a signal to gain her attention?
Gold,youth,ot fame?
Questions arise as the pain
Of her silence plauges me

Does she fail to see
That id give her my whole world
My life
Just to have her return my energy
My feeling
My true care
My heart?

To create a brave and new miracle
Of a new life
A newer world
Mutually together....
As a brilliant start...

Of a better existence
Than remaining a loner
A drifter
In a large world
Uneeded by those fakers
And those who fail to except
My invite
To a better world
After all we've been through .
Such an answer
To end painful lonely days
With you by my side
Each day ... A paired experience.
My mind was cloudy
It was filled with the smoke of the illogic
Snapping out of this fog
I awakened
Clearing up the disease of confliction that had made me quite sick.
Dark, cold, and twisted up in knots
My feelings were bleeding out
Crying for help
I felt as if I were not human
I was a living robot.
Slapped back to reality by a tragic event
I began to see things clearer and started to return to a clearer state.
Now, starting a fresh and new life from today..
I walk these days with a pure and clear slate.
Down and under the depths of harsh waters
They fight the elements and their enemies
In fish made of steel
They prove their bravery
In the art of war
The value of destruction is overly clear
They attack without a sound
Their damage in attack
It is quite large and profound
The sailors know no fear
As they load their weapons
A badge of honor for each of them
This is what should be pinned
As they surface
and their images appear
dedicated to all submariners
He rose out of the ashes of corruption
He pledged to protect our beautiful nation
Befriend by many leaders
Trump proved himself as those around him backstabbed
a bright person to bring light
upon a clash of crocked ideals
Never selecting a "paid" vocation.
He uses his heart and pride of country as payment
as he smiles as those who fear and run from the truth
their feet run on the pavement
As they try to save what little they have left
in a dark legacy
Say what you want
they can never replace a true and noble warrior
Who took the oath of leadership
Over the strongest Nation in the world
The flag waves high in pride
as he steps on the White House Lawn
In earned light and proud stride.
I support him.
Our "Cheif of Nations In Command"
of honest power and dignity
I shower him with respect and praise
as he earns a rose, the regal flower.
As he makes a path, for all, a brighter day.
My age has brought me wisdom
Great memories from moments in my past.
I don't see myself as becoming old...
Quite the opposite
I grow younger in my energy as hope's signal has been cast.
I shall make a difference in this lifetime.
My name shall be remembered, forever.
In the great deeds that I have done
In the artistic inventions I've left as a gift to the world..
That remains a bright light and message to fade, never.
In the pages of my books and the paintings you have displayed on your walls.
Such are part of me, my true everlasting spirit
That shall roam your heart's artistic loving halls.
Midnight in Moscow
The cold and moonlight hit my face
Smiles and welcome
Shouts of cheer
From all over the place.
A glistening and beautifully strong city
Inventive personalties
Hospitably people warm away feelings of gritty.
Beautiful women and the sounds of dance halls
The Kremlin brightly lit
and protected by high red walls.
What a handsome sight to see.
As I took a walk and then a tour.
It was a worthwhile vacation.
An "every day life" detour.
Masks are faces in which people hide their fear, pain, and heart.
In fears and pain most of us are dramatic play-writes
Finishing a Shakespearean drama with laughter masking the tears of pain as we struggle, in life, with it's beasts of torment...With our sword of strength we use in the fights.
The ****** after being
the remains of our broken souls
Upon finding that trustworthy partner, in life, friend or lover...
We show our true faces and bear all.
Sharing the burdens, laughter, pains, and drama that comes from being
"Cast into our drama and our life's stages.."
We, in turn, start writing our life's memoirs, together.
Happy to bear the wages...
Sometimes lost to the battles won after our "Play Bill" is filled as with each act in our "Scripts."
Our families...
We are made up of fellow play writes who can, in front of such people, take off our masks and allow the illusions in which we have created, to dissipate and clear like smog...
We can allow our hair to fall down...Like "Rapunzel..."
and leave our "Protective sheltered towers"
and bear life's played out tragedies, together.
As friends and people in relations of sharing equal support and interest in roaming where our "act" tours....
We remain true and bonded, together, as such beautiful sights are to be taken in....
We skip down the remained of "The Yellow Bricked Road"
as we finally reached the "Emerald City.."
as we passed through the acres of colorful flowers.
Alike Dorthy and her new found friends....
We enjoy the journies, in one another's existances and roles in our plays of life, retiring only when our souls also reach their true found ends.
Staying up late
Surviving the flashing memories of you in my head
I bust from sleep in a cold sweat
"I betcha she'd love to see this agony" I've heard myself say
A cold bet
To wage on a jackpot I'm unsure of what it should be
Payback for heartbreak?
"No! For heaven's sake!"
I want to just hold her and cry in her arms.

"I miss you!"
To have her see me weak is part of the disease of "manly pride"
In this case, the emotions I hide.

Shivering back to sleep.
I act "bullet proof"
I'm sure she knows the truth.

"Inside, he's a scared and broken youth."
Life brings forth an energy that fuels our souls.

Racing down roads

Flying through skies

The finish line of a race is the paid tolls..

The plot of a story in the role of an actor..

A bitter ending to a struggle to beat some greater limitations..

Makes one an original…

To never become jagged at the edges..

Dancing in the shadows of others..

as a  cheap and  shoddy Imitation.
You can have me shunned....throughout my town.
You can fool those in "charge" with fake innocence and charm.
The truth always comes out. Even through Karma
And you are now the one "playing the clown."
You might have thought that what evil you espected in me was the "truer" "definition."
It was your reflection exploring the path of not going down, alone.
"I forgive your cruel actions and words". For someone who needs their "hunt for the day" fails to see the good in ones self.
Actions and kindness. No "repeating" your game. Made us both think of having been both left, cut by loneliness. To the bone.
Not everything is what it seems or can be truly known through plain words.
For after your storm, even after the pain.
The rains your misunderstanding heart poured upon me never got a reaction or hate from my soul.
Even though I'm now shunned by the flock...
My day will come where hearts shall see the real me.
I'll be back with the rest.
As I sent blessings in actions and never acted in hurtful vein.
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