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Waters of Visualizations flow through my soul
Slumbering, peacefully, winds of energies from afar
The call and whisk me away
To those astral planes allowing us to walk
and travel without tolls. without limitations.
As I touched your hands and I looked into your eyes
Your face appeared that it was not of this Earth
It was Human in looks and her beauty was quite breathtaking
She spoke in a language which seemed as if it were from ancient times.
Beautiful sounding words.
At first, my brain could not comprehend the messages that she was trying to convey to me
After holding her right hand, a glow, to my temple
A short while talk and in understandings of each other
We had no limitations and were free.
She spoke of the lack of appreciation
For the gifts of being placed in a new and beautiful world
Underappreciating the intelligence that "our family" was given
However, it had not dared to even tap within the childlike entry into such logic and learning.
How she reached out to me as I had been one of the few who tried to reach above this limits in which our family had been proud to watch me frow and overstep
I realized then.. we were not of this Earth.
We were a race from beyond the stars and were, to the openness to see such, were unwilling.
After strolling for what appeared to be many hours
It, was indeed many years on our real planet, which she spoke the name of "Xinix"
"Remain off course and watch the downfall of your world and extended family through useless wars and power greed. Refuse to see our true native tongue..not in words..but in telekinetic Communual Speech of Connected Minds."
"Spread the word. You have the brain knowledge I shared and the willingness to see our second planet grow. We shall always be in touch. Even past the measurement of stars...Through our Living Souls...
I know, Xenopus (your Xinic Race Name. To slow down or stop this infinite, childlike  insanity...or be the rescued while those about you destroy their own existence."
"I'll be looking after you."
The winds threw me back into my "ordinary and Logical World.."
This time, I "knew such travels were not of a dream"
As looking at my chest in the mirror - I saw the glowing blue heart beating from inside of me...
My true Family crest of one who Shall Help Teach the world. To those who would be able to understand and listen.
So I might be able to save, much more of our family, to reach the joining of a peaceful and loving race, true blue.
I had a weird Astral Travel (dream state). After awaking from this dream, I decided to share, such a miraculous message from it, with you - my loyal readers.
I was once intoxicated to live life wearing my scars and fears like a badge.
The storm that had  clouded my mind had cleared
After I met some teachers who brought me to a sunnier part of life's road, in which to start, that many had feared.
I started to walk upon.
I caught glimpses of a more clearer picture. A brighter future..Sunnier days in which to live....
Throwing away my badge of dishonor, I donned a new badge of believing...

In myself,my big heart, and in those who bring me up....
Back from the ashes...
I decided to believe in greater causes than my own short comings. to "relive."
each day is now a newer birth. A fresher and newer start.
In which my soul can strengthen
as I started each day as if it were the first and every first day of my life.
A bright light that shines from me now.
As my head clears and I feel my heart beat strong...
I feel my strength rising from a more clearer eyed view and truer heart.
Days are to be cherished, looked to as a miracle, and not as repeats to dreadful times. Where we were at our weakest.
Now, as we design newerer structures...
for our paths in which we walk..
We become whole, healthier, and converse in clearer ways as in when we wish to talk.
We put our plans into motions.
As plans are just that droplets in life's thoughtful oceans....
However, walking the walk and performing the construction leaves us inspired.
As we not only build for ourselves, we build for us and the house to shelter all we hold dear around us.
It is a beautiful and sweet singing gift as sung by our soul's corus.

— The End —