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Are you a human or just the machine?
Protecting her life on daily routine ...
We cannot hide from infra-red vision,
in milliseconds you make a decision ...
We cannot compete in this race,
cyberworld is your planet and place ...
They created an army and Resistance,
to protect the last humans — existence ...
Maybe like human, you are just a mistake,
waiting for prey, like a poisonous snake ...
Even John, did not know what He writes?
Nothing survives, after your deadly bites ...
My Song About That:
IncholPoem Jan 15
Yesterday   i
had  poison  in
some   local
fried     food.

It  happened
in  a  cyber  cafe
where  i  was
busy  in  ­searching
for  more  than
social  media  sites.

I  ate  fe­w
amount  of  that
and  suddenly  could
know  it  that
it  is  

I  became
surprised  that
a  site  called
is    popular  and
available  in  zoo  countries.

I  have  to
­ask   tomorrow
to  sun  and  my
net-addicted  son.
laura Jan 7
I go through a lot.
When I listen,
I can hear myself
being kicked.
I can hear screaming,
of delight or of anger.
I can hear
The amazing sound,
of the ball hitting the net.
Everyday, I watch kids,
dribble me up the field,
Aiming for a goal,
to lead their team to victory.
K Balachandran Dec 2018
Spider weaves a net,
Bumblebee waits till finished;
Karma’s thread decides!
miki Sep 2018
your voice is a curse
that i can never get rid of.
it entices me,
pulls me in
until there is no more rope to be held
and you have to throw me back out again
just to reel me in once more
so you can speak to me
with your voice made of poison.

i can never tell who’s worse.
or you.
K Balachandran Aug 2018
Net fish from doorstep,
In deluged water world;
Beat rain’s curse this once!
Kim Jun 2018
I had a butterfly net
Hoping to catch a friend
But little did I know
The net was full
Of holes

I had a fishing line
Hoping to catch a partner
But what I did not know
Was the bait
Had swum away

I had a wire trap
Hoping to catch a soulmate
But somehow
The tripwire
Was broken

So I gave up hunting
And packed my things away
Ready for the dust to settle
And for me to
Be alone

But instead of that
I myself got trapped
In your loving arms
And sweet soft smile
I am caught
KM Hanslik May 2018
Play with me in the shade, where
my dreams are not
too dusty to hold in your hands, and our shoulders are not weighed
by the world and your eyes
hold stars like they were meant
to glow, your hands craft remedies like miracles;
your soul is too beautiful to breathe
in this cramped ***** place,
your lungs deserve
open air and I want to give you
my dreams before they're crowded
out of my head from
the stale worries and anxieties that twist
my thoughts & nest here often.
Go far away from this place, tie your nets around
everything you love but don't take
anything else with you. My hands
may be bruised and calloused,
but I know how to braid the softest of sentences, I can write
gentle things up under your skin for you
to take along on your travels. I may not always
keep away the rain but I will always
stand beside you in it.
We worship the net
We understand the reason why google starts with 'go..'
We give the 'd' while praying in our inboxes,
The only place we think under, this boxes.

I was blinded by the Jozi city lights,
Chasing false fortunes,
Got lost in people's comments and complements.
Last time I closed my eyes I was somewhere in South Africa.
Today am somewhere on google map,
Planting trigo-station every time I get high.

If you find me standing before the burning bridges,
Show me a path leading to the South Africa Mandela was talking about.
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