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Nov 2018 · 633
Ekuu Nov 2018
You can have a favourite political party
You can support it publicly
You can point out others mistakes.
You can state facts
You can crack a joke on anyone of them.
But you have no rights to use your 'public figure' status to influence someone's mind.
You are playing all wrong.
You can outsmart/ outwit someone's thought here, but only here!
Being a public figure, you have the freedom to speak and write your thoughts and the bheed will follow you.
But from being an important person you have some unsaid responsibilities which clearly, many ignore.
You can state facts without portraying your filthy  brain Divisive Mindset on people who do not know how to counter question you.
So, basically you are being smart to those who aren't actually questioning you!
Which indirectly means you are weak... Very weak indeed.
My advice to you people is, start talking to the people who beg to differ from you and have the write wit and the words to question you.
So that even you can be sure of your lovely choices.
Thanks for reading this!
Bheed: crowd
Aug 2018 · 1.4k
Bandhani ( the fabric)
Ekuu Aug 2018
Here's a story of fading Art.
Women weave it with their own hands.
Stronger is thread & the bond.
A heritage comes alive,
A culture starts to breathe.
Making it isn't a child's play,
This takes many days.

Art is immortal, Art is priceless.
Skillful people never say,
That they're been hardly paid.
Time has time n so has the outfits,
We prefer any trend that hits.
Not giving a thought of vanishing Art,
Totally breaks my heart.

With all this blend Bandhani is made,
Hindu makes & Muslim wears...
Diversity stays.
This rich Art might fade away,
I request each of you...
Do not let it happen this way.
I was requested by a friend to write few lines on "Bandhani" fabric for her documentary.  This fabric is popular n made in Rajasthan. How's it's special and difficult to make n is also vanishing with time. This was an attempt by me. It was quite difficult to write about it...but somehow came up with this.
Oct 2017 · 469
Ekuu Oct 2017
Take a plunge to the depth of life
that's where the truth lies.
After going against all odds
Living will be worth...
and Wise.
Posting on Hello Poetry after a really long time. I might have Missed beautiful creations by you all.
About "Odds"  Swimming against the flow of water is never easy, somehow it makes you stronger,  decisive, carefree and wiser. This is what I feel. Experiences may vary
Nov 2015 · 957
No Title
Ekuu Nov 2015
"Never say someone to leave, specially when you know... they don't want to."
Nov 2014 · 905
No matter what
Ekuu Nov 2014
I'll read  your words irrespective of everything
                    They tend to calm the storm within
Nov 2014 · 1.1k
Ekuu Nov 2014
Night has lost it's charm
This longing doesn't speak
to heart of mine,
Maybe the wait for some
hope has finally gone.
              Do you know!
                The lost birds
                 of my town,
                 wander around
                 searching for you...
                Tell me pal!
                When hope dies
                 Don't you feel dead?

But I'm Surviving on every single
detail that went through my heart
just to rapture,
all pleasant emotions
that once made me.... &
will never change.
Some people leave ...just like that.
Oct 2014 · 1.1k
Ekuu Oct 2014
"Didn't find anything,
to be as peaceful and satisfying as
raging war against the thoughts
in my head
that pester me to adore my past." *
With every passing hour that you let
yourself dream,
you stab your own heart
with your very hand &
relish the thought of bleeding
at your own convenience.
Then Gradually, I knew
the words I wrote
to make you everlasting,
imprint of my love...
will be my burial ground
dug by your very hands.
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
Nothing can...
Ekuu Oct 2014
Some stories are frozen in time,
           not even the strongest of flames can melt them*.
Oct 2014 · 14.1k
Ekuu Oct 2014
The choices you make,
between hating and forgiving,
can become the story of your life*.
Oct 2014 · 1.6k
Ekuu Oct 2014
Knowing that it'll always be a part of me.....comforting,
but it's enough to ruffle up the present.
Oct 2014 · 972
That Someone
Ekuu Oct 2014
Someone who feels everything in their life has led them to you.
Someone who loves your flaws, sarcasm, giggles, stupidity and at times immaturity.
Someone who would find answers in your hesitation.
Someone who falls in love with you despite the differences.
Someone who finds love of their life , the closest and truest friend in you.
We crave for these, but the facts say... we are asking for too much.
Oct 2014 · 368
Life it is...
Ekuu Oct 2014
To learn to fly each day
or die?
Death offers no false start.
Not living to retrieve
or multiple what I've gained or lost.
I find myself in the ruins
of new beginnings, uncoiling
my life.
Now, would tie my heart into a knot
around a tree
To ensure something will always
hold me and will
never let me fall.
My dreams twist.
Hope battles with darkness.
Hope defuses into darkness.
To extent my day blue.
One of those days when you feel, luck isn't with you.
Oct 2014 · 378
Sad but True
Ekuu Oct 2014
I wasn't sure what it was at the time. Unfortunately,  now I know. Time to start healing myself and know that I was never the problem. Sometimes when you are amazing and caring you get taken advantage of.
Oct 2014 · 1.8k
Ekuu Oct 2014
Memories drift in and out like tides
I see them so clear,
despite the dust added over the years.
Felt the sunshine and felt the rain,
Even conquered storms
but scars remain.
Every tear that falls down here
is to wish you could hear...
What you did was a blunder
I feel devastated.
Dreams turned into nightmares,
And love like this wasn't meant for me.
My feelings for you was a sin,
slipping through my hands like my fate
Washing over me like I've failed every moment.
Sep 2014 · 344
Not You.
Ekuu Sep 2014
I was growing content with being alone,
setting for the dark.
you were a breath of something new.
That Silence was eternal
Could only hear the sound of my heart blasting.
Unable to see what is there,
Unable to see all is bare.
I looked for every clue
Unknown, that you could be of another hue.
After all I know about your kind..
Believe me dear,
I wasn't looking for you.
We often wish we could undo few things in our lives. Loving a wrong person is one of them. As we weren't looking for them.
Sep 2014 · 2.0k
Mixed Emotions
Ekuu Sep 2014
Through day I move with fear
that my heart will someday disappear
Heart's so hard like stone,
close and quiet and also alone.
Machine I've become,
no heart but steel
for love or pain I hardly feel.
It takes two halves to make a whole
My heart and yours,
we make a soul.
Feeling that brings me home
enfolds me and warms me
with an eternal embrace and palpable.
I hold on to these feelings
and keep them safe within.
Until they are needed
and true love could begin.
Love! be the sun and offer life to my day
and be the moon that throws darkness away.
A state of mind, when you struggle with your mixed emotions.
Sep 2014 · 3.4k
Ekuu Sep 2014
It's a throwaway age for one and for all.
Nobody wants to hear the heart's call
Society around us is falling apart,
Things just go wrong right from the start.
Friendships appear to be a disdain,
Instead we use others for personal gain.
Running for cover, from  storm rain,
Feelings for others slaughtered and slain.
Already the price is being  paid.
Society gone and relationships frayed.
It will only get worse as standards downgrade.
Are we numb to the slide, or really afraid?
We can change it all, its not too late.
Bring on the love instead of the hate.
All is not lost if we'd communicate.
Destruction should never be our final fate.
A change of perception is all we need.
Sep 2014 · 265
Go on
Ekuu Sep 2014
Yes, so many things have changed
did you think they'd stay as arranged?
Don't dare look back
look straight ahead,
calm your fears,
dry your tears.
I know love hurts and broke your heart
but keep your head,
and heart apart.
Crying won't help
the love you had ... atleast you had it
don't be sad.
Time will heal
perhaps a new life
will then reveal.
So, it's all worth it
what's to gain... when you love someone
who brings you pain??
Walk away and stand up tall
count your blessings... one and all
Move on and let life surprise you.
Sep 2014 · 462
Offering Love
Ekuu Sep 2014
We're lost and yet, we strive to carry on,
to see the sun once more.
But often we  move too fast,
or try to skip ahead.
Even a glance through a book,
can't know what we have read.
Each story cultivates a path,
from beginning to end.
It's a trail true love must follow,
the way that it was penned.
Happy endings are rarely found,
and if no love can then be found,
you'll be alone again.
For if offered love is free,
and it need not be earned,
What merit do you think it has,
when it is not returned?
So if you seek this treasured prize (love),
Here's what you'll have to do.
The love you offer someone else
Must also mean something to you.
Sep 2014 · 846
Ekuu Sep 2014
I feel different again
I think of keeping it to myself  ,
That my emotions seem to be on a different plane
And it’s something that can’t be explained
So, hopefully this doesn’t drive me insane.
I change and so do people…
Their bliss , their pain
Is this the change for loss or gain?
People keep floating through life,
And fate blows them away
In every which direction, the wind may.
Negative enough said, now let me explain…
A butterfly of a very rare design
Flying freely on its own
Each time I looked at its rarity
I see new colors.
You will not recognize;
Blink once- look back,
It changes again!
Changing like the wind.
It changes at a NEED
Known only by the spirit
Held within.
Likewise, You change - I change and
We all know our reasons.
Finding out that someone has changed isn't enough. If they were at some point of time your loved ones, do make an effort to understand why they change. May be even you've changed.
Sep 2014 · 751
"To say Or not "
Ekuu Sep 2014
Basically I keep my feelings a secret
I'm not the type to say what I feel
With you it's no different
I want to tell you, believe me I've tried
but, there's  part of me that just can't take any chances.
So, I doubt that you'll ever know,
which may be fine with you, but it hurts me,
I won't tell you though.
May be it's the way you say my name
or the way you smile
or may be just everything,
getting to know you seems worth my while.
Sometimes I think, what's there to hide?
Then,slowly my heart takes brains side.
I guess I'll never say it.
I would never reveal my feelings to you,
I'll just love you from distance,
as I'm not sure what else there is to do.
A situation where you fear losing someone and that's why you keep thoughts to yourself.
Sep 2014 · 415
"Hope Remains"
Ekuu Sep 2014
Some say life is easy
but truly living it is not.
Times get hard, people struggle
and constantly get put on the spot.
In some others pretty eyes
There's a great painful disguise
For in every beat of a lonely heart
There is hope that lights the path
I'm going to wear the biggest smile
even though I want to cry.
I'm going to fight to live
even though I'm destined to die.
Hearts breaks
Souls die
I will not be silenced
Hope always remains
and even though it's hard and I may struggle through it all.
You see me struggle
you will never see me fall...Never!
Sep 2014 · 461
You Will..
Ekuu Sep 2014
If anyone tells you cannot become an astronaut, a travel journalist,
have your own business,
Do not listen! Do not give up! And reply ......."WHY NOT!!!"
  But  consider WHY the person told you you can't.
Chances are that person does not follow their own dreams, is afraid
of judgment or failure, and has no inner strength, confidence or belief in himself.
It does not really matter. It's your life, your heart and your dreams that matter.
                  In todays world, you set the fashion & style. There is freedom
to express yourself beyond imagination. Feeling great and being
who you are is an external visual expression from within.
              If your choices in any way, shape or form cause deliberate hurt
to another, choose again or deal with the consequences and know
that you get back, sooner or later, EXACTLY what you put out!
Allow compassion, truthfulness and honor to guide you.
The person you are today, is not the person you were 10 years ago
or the person you will be 5 years from now.
Sep 2014 · 456
A Reply
Ekuu Sep 2014
When she asked a question
“Are you with me out of need, or choice?"
As he looked into her eyes,
He fought with fate and truth and lies,
And seeking answers deep within,
He wondered if he could begin,
And so the moment paused until
He felt his life was standing still.
And when at last the clock moved on,
And eye to eye began to speak,
As a single fear ran down her cheek,
He told her what he thought she knew,
“It’s my choice, to be here, with you.”
He continued ....
"I’m here and I will stand by you,
Each hill you have to climb.
So take my hand lets face the world,
Live one day at a time.
because it's only for a Lifetime
That I'm trapped in Love with you."
  A long pause ...
and nothing was left unanswered.
At times you feel speechless not because you have nothing to say, but because you are so filled with emotions that it's hard to find out where to begin with.
Sep 2014 · 4.4k
Ekuu Sep 2014
Taking control of life
that is meant to be mine
a life full of happiness and joy
but caught in the middle of a raging war.
Years of fighting has taken its toll
as I sit and watch my life
fight with every tool and nail,
a glimmer of hope surfaces
a little bundle of joy
kicking and screaming
ready to take its place.

For too many years,
I watched as life tossed me
here and there,
up and down.
It is all a game,
I told myself
one minute I would seem to be a winner,
and the next finish as the runner-up.

But a life without a reason
now has a meaning
a battle without a plan
now has a purpose,
to live and fight another day.
Sep 2014 · 652
In Touch
Ekuu Sep 2014
The person that I have grown into today
Did not get there by chance, no way
I am who I am partly because of you
And you are You because of me, too.

The changes I see
and what I have learned about me
are a response to how we affected our lives
and what we discover in each others eyes.

Our feelings might be different a year from now
But you are part of me forever somehow.
A part of me will always be you
and a part of you will always be me.

I will never forget you
For my love is honest and true....
May 2014 · 3.0k
Bad - Good
Ekuu May 2014
Sometimes the bad times seems to over weigh the good,

because we don't remember the so much better times as much as we should.

Many shadows of good times are buried in the mountain we call time,

memories of the bad times seem to stay right at the front of our mind.

Goodtimes we have were not appreciated and ultimately taken for granted,

the bad we nurture and cultivate in our hearts like weeds we have planted.

Now as the years go on,

the bad forever on our mind,

and we don't seem to remember or realize,

just how much we have wasted our precious time.

So now lets have sometime , a break, from all bad

let go the negative and recapture the good we ones had

Spending more time dwelling on things that are good

And, how to respect one another as much as we should.
May 2014 · 328
From Love To Nowhere
Ekuu May 2014
You cannot feel my thunder,
although it trembles true.
A million moments of laughter,
every time I think of you.

I hate you like a cold breeze,
that tears right through my skin.
I hate you so much more,
because you are my sin.

To live a life without you,
would take my soul from me.
But I guess it's like they all say,
that love is like the sea.
May 2014 · 234
Silence in me
Ekuu May 2014
In the past, the future looked too close to hold..
And now the present seems like it's too close and cold
Inside myself looking out, it all seems fake
Whatever motivates, the day puts it away
Used to be apathetic, loved the only one living
I'm speaking to the world, but I'm the only one in it
Your eyes couldn't watch the way the world spins
I'll sit there and watch on the day the world ends
If its burns then, and flows in the wind
Because who knows if your steps are planned out..
I feel lost, and no body's there to stick a hand out
I feel like I lived with my self too long
This isn't the right time or place for these words
We don't have the right kind of space for these birds
If we all could fly, If we all could cry
Everybody would laugh, and we all would die
The sky hangs over my head, I can feel the weight
Conceal my fate, and let me just deal with hate
I don’t even know why I feel this...
Why my existence is one long, endless abyss.
But, I’m still here, no matter what my dreams might say
And I hope that one day I will actually be okay.
May 2014 · 631
"It's all about you"
Ekuu May 2014
All that other folks can do,
Why with patience...should not you?
Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a vague man
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victory cup
And he learned too late when the night came down
How close he was to the golden crown.
Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint in the clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are,
It might be near when it seems really far
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit
It's when things seem worst that you must not quit.
Far too many times we let
unimportant things into our minds
And then it's usually too late
to see what made us blind.

— The End —