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Ekuu Nov 2018
You can have a favourite political party
You can support it publicly
You can point out others mistakes.
You can state facts
You can ***** a joke on anyone of them.
But you have no rights to use your 'public figure' status to influence someone's mind.
You are playing all wrong.
You can outsmart/ outwit someone's thought here, but only here!
Being a public figure, you have the freedom to speak and write your thoughts and the bheed will follow you.
But from being an important person you have some unsaid responsibilities which clearly, many ignore.
You can state facts without portraying your filthy  brain Divisive Mindset on people who do not know how to counter question you.
So, basically you are being smart to those who aren't actually questioning you!
Which indirectly means you are weak... Very weak indeed.
My advice to you people is, start talking to the people who beg to differ from you and have the write wit and the words to question you.
So that even you can be sure of your lovely choices.
Thanks for reading this!
Bheed: crowd
Ekuu Aug 2018
Here's a story of fading Art.
Women weave it with their own hands.
Stronger is thread & the bond.
A heritage comes alive,
A culture starts to breathe.
Making it isn't a child's play,
This takes many days.

Art is immortal, Art is priceless.
Skillful people never say,
That they're been hardly paid.
Time has time n so has the outfits,
We prefer any trend that hits.
Not giving a thought of vanishing Art,
Totally breaks my heart.

With all this blend Bandhani is made,
Hindu makes & Muslim wears...
Diversity stays.
This rich Art might fade away,
I request each of you...
Do not let it happen this way.
I was requested by a friend to write few lines on "Bandhani" fabric for her documentary.  This fabric is popular n made in Rajasthan. How's it's special and difficult to make n is also vanishing with time. This was an attempt by me. It was quite difficult to write about it...but somehow came up with this.
Ekuu Jul 2018
Mental trap that got me heart struck the first time.
Independent in love.
Why does the smell of your skin and pattern of your nape always turn me on?
Turn me on to a point where I cast onto your ship!
And yes sail out into the blue ocean...
I have no clue.
No clue of what to do... because my body gets loved poisoned so easily when I'm with you.
It intoxicates my mind and
Our body emits these fumes from fire, that we didn't know we could produce.
Why can't you stop being so ******* seductive??
Rescue me, but waittt
Kiss me, Oh!! so softly that it becomes harder to see you walk away every time.
I drown every time we make love.
Why do your fingers feel like many tiny roses, falling from the heaven over my body.
And your lips paint a new image of the history we are about to create.
Your body pressed against mine...Stop time.
Because those moments we don't give a **** about anyone.
I'm breaking every rule, I once argued...
Only For You!!
I've been keeping this poem with me from a really long time, from the fear of being judged. But today I'm ready to face it and hence sharing it with you all. I'd like you all to treat it as a poem and nothing else. Thanks everyone in Advance!!
Ekuu Oct 2017
Take a plunge to the depth of life
that's where the truth lies.
After going against all odds
Living will be worth...
and Wise.
Posting on Hello Poetry after a really long time. I might have Missed beautiful creations by you all.
About "Odds"  Swimming against the flow of water is never easy, somehow it makes you stronger,  decisive, carefree and wiser. This is what I feel. Experiences may vary
Ekuu Nov 2015
"Never say someone to leave, specially when you know... they don't want to."
  Jul 2015 Ekuu
Its a new day today
clouds and the sun, painted
all over the blue canvas
while I sit and sip my tea
and enjoy this happy feeling,
all worries kept at bay,
just bothered 'bout my biscuit
kept on the glass tray
whether to dunk it in the tea
or to taste it the crispy way
Why to think so heavy
its just the beginning
breathe a little now, relax
while the air is fresh and breezy
Good morning all,  feeling fresh and positive today :)
and also I read few refreshing poems,  happy to know other are happy too :)... Have a nice day !
Ekuu Nov 2014
I'll read  your words irrespective of everything
                    They tend to calm the storm within
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