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Feb 2020 · 314
Heather Anderson Feb 2020
How is it possible
to force myself
to fall
in love
with the one
I’ve despised
for so long?
Loving myself isn’t easy
Jan 2020 · 224
Heather Anderson Jan 2020
He took his heart back and never returned hers.
And she had nothing left even for herself
Jul 2019 · 253
Adventure Called Life
Heather Anderson Jul 2019
Life is the adventure that I just don't want to be on
Jun 2018 · 1.2k
The Bookmark
Heather Anderson Jun 2018
I'm just a bookmark
In the story of your life.
One that you won't necessarily forget,
But one that will end up getting lost on the pavement and trampled.
I'm not even a chapter in your life.
I'm not a part of your story at all.
I'm just merely
a bookmark.
Jan 2018 · 596
All Around Us
Heather Anderson Jan 2018
My true love lies
In an open field
Of hills, plains, and daisies
With mountains on the horizon,
A vast calm sea,
A vivifying breeze behind me,
And a bright, clear, wide open sky.
Listen to this <3
Jan 2018 · 373
Heather Anderson Jan 2018
Don't stand fast in fear of being moved by passion.
Be carried away in its waves
Heather Anderson Jan 2018
It's hard to create
A world to escape
When the tool that is needed
Is destroying itself
Mental breakdowns
Jun 2017 · 709
The Seesaw Effect
Heather Anderson Jun 2017
Life can be like a seesaw
With it's highs and lows
And sometimes at a low point
You hit the ground hard enough where it bruises and hurts
And sometimes you shoot into the air in a wild rush of euphoria.
Love can be similar.
Except with you on the other end,
You stay at the bottom
Holding me in the air
Feeling as if I could touch the sky.
But you can easily just get up and walk away without looking back
Leaving me all alone
To fall.
Needs editing
Nov 2016 · 756
Heather Anderson Nov 2016
I advocate words of inspiration and truth
But deep inside my mind resides the voices that whisper lies that drift to the surface that I try to keep hidden, and it's so difficult to act when you can't even convince yourself the role you play. And there, just hovering, those words shall simply remain for me to dwell upon.
It is me telling myself and it destroys me
Sep 2016 · 604
My Mask
Heather Anderson Sep 2016
I wear a smiling mask
And I can put on a decent act,
Until what is bottled up inside
Spills out from the tiny cracks.
I get tired of people telling me to snap out of it
Jul 2016 · 1.5k
Heather Anderson Jul 2016
The morning brings renewal
And the stream of sunlight
Washes away
The tears of yesternight
Jul 2016 · 629
Heather Anderson Jul 2016
Let me OD on the ecstacy you give me
Does this count as a 10w?
Heather Anderson Jul 2016
In this field where red roses die,
turns black and shrivels and dry,
Is where tulips thrive,
Yellow and white they multiply,
Dyed grey is the sky,
As storm clouds roll by,
An icy wind bites, despite
The raging fire inside.
Here, love is despised
As all is deprived.
This is where dreams, hope, and desire
Shall meet its demise
In solitude, due time.
I wrote this when I read that yellow and white tulips represented unrequited/ one-sided and hopeless love
May 2016 · 691
Merely Potential
Heather Anderson May 2016
Even now, even if I keep what is written to myself, I cannot help but hold back.
It is all I've ever done, all I've ever known.
Symphonies in my mind,
entire stories, movies unable to be unleashed.
Masterpieces longing to break free.
All stuck, trapped in my head.
Scared to admit what lies and hides inside me to the world and myself.
Enveloped in a blanket of numbness, the fiery passion dwindling.
You being my inspiration,
But lacking the will and strength to write.
Another poetry project. The theme was writer's block.
Apr 2016 · 1.1k
"I'm fine."
Heather Anderson Apr 2016
A recurring chant.
One that makes many of those who suffer
Compulsive liars
whether it be towards others
or themselves.
Apr 2016 · 340
Heather Anderson Apr 2016
The girl finds her courage
and makes herself heard
and known
so she doesn't end up alone
in the darkness
and despair.
Where she could actually love herself
Apr 2016 · 964
Heather Anderson Apr 2016
An auspicious vicissitude
Can easily become a brevity of euphoria
And emotions become a poetic verbiage
In our unuttered votive of veracity
Due to our mind's vicarious compliance with our heart's volition
Second poem I wrote for my poetry class.
Apr 2016 · 649
Heather Anderson Apr 2016
Call it the love child of art and philosophy
Or a connection of souls that goes beyond demography
However deliberate and empirical
Or attentive and lyrical
The carefully chosen words paint a masterpiece in your mind
About the emotions derived
from experiences behind.
Let the words fill every crevice of your memory through time
While they may be different from theirs and mine.
Poetry is a music that resonates in our being
in our hearts, is freeing
but especially, actively paints that uniquely perfect picture as it should
As I have tried, my hand never could.
a poem I wrote for class. I would have added more, but this is what came out in the time given. A definition of what poetry could be
note: replace demography with anthropology?
Mar 2016 · 397
Heather Anderson Mar 2016
You are the sweetest poison.
The more I drank, the more I wanted.
The more I got, the more I died.
And then when I was finally denied,
I met my demise.

Or rather..
Love is a poison and you're my cure. If I can't have you, then I'm just killing myself. And you're just watching me die.
Feb 2016 · 1.0k
One Conclusion
Heather Anderson Feb 2016
Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te.
It will end in death either way.
Νεχ ποσσυμ τεχυμ ωιωερε, νεχ σινε τε.

I can live neither with you, nor without you.
Feb 2016 · 536
Heart of Stone
Heather Anderson Feb 2016
For a heart of stone cannot bleed.
My wrath will go without heed.
And it needs to feed.
It will devour me.
Jan 2016 · 1.0k
A Liar
Heather Anderson Jan 2016
you said you were in love,
you claimed to be in utopia,
you called her your light, your everything,
did a single soul know who it was for?
She is supposed to be me.
I thought she was me..
until you joked with a girl about marrying her
and ******* her...
when you were supposed to be mine,
and you left and came back
expecting me to be there when in my heart I moved on.
you neglected me,
and still expected me to satisfy your disgusting desires.
you left me that last time
as I was about to leave for good.
you left with the last lie
and found someone else
that I can tell has been in your sights
for the longest
because now that I’m gone,
you don't have to waste your time.
and when you ended it saying you had to focus on school.... again...
Jan 2016 · 452
Heather Anderson Jan 2016
If you like my feet so much,
How would you like it up your ***?
Jan 2016 · 701
Suicide of the Self
Heather Anderson Jan 2016
I want to be me
but everyone has these expectations
where I cannot be free.
I am trapped in a being
One of utter selfishness and selflessness
one that doesn’t have meaning.
There is so much buried down so deep
I’m too afraid and too tired to dig it all out
that he final solution seems to be eternal sleep.
the death of the false self
inspired by DIVINE SUICIDE: Depressive Breakdown as a Call to Awakening by Jeff Foster
Dec 2015 · 402
Water Cradle
Heather Anderson Dec 2015
I am engulfed in an ocean.
Rocking in my watery cradle,
I drift in and out,
Watching the black speckled sky,
Floating in the night.
I want to reach out,
But I hesitate and decide not to.
Am I scared of the light?
I close my eyes.
I have a weird craving to sink,
To just be suspended with a certain comforting pressure holding me together.
Alone in my ocean there is peace.
Dec 2015 · 360
Angels and Demons
Heather Anderson Dec 2015
You are the angel that was sent to help me vanquish my inner demons.
so where is he?
Dec 2015 · 386
Lover's Lament
Nov 2015 · 360
Heather Anderson Nov 2015
Isn't it ironic
How one could have the passion of a poet,
Yet feel so dead?
Oct 2015 · 690
Love's Undoing
Heather Anderson Oct 2015
He made me scared to touch,
Scared to feel,
Scared to love,
Because it's never real.
******* think that relationships are all about the physical stuff and then ditch you when you say no.
Sep 2015 · 420
True Love
Heather Anderson Sep 2015
Your true love is someone who you won't be able to live without.

Well ever since you've been gone, I can't really say that I've been living.
Sep 2015 · 458
A Beloved Fantasy
Heather Anderson Sep 2015
I saw you the other night
Your eyes and smile shining bright
Only when you’re in my dreams
Do I see a theme
Of pure bliss
It’s you that I’ve missed
What started as a nightmare
One I could hardly bear,
Ended on the sweetest note,
One of hope,
When you told me
“Everything will be alright.”
Kissed my brow and held me tight.

Again I saw you,
Out of the blue,
A message on my phone.
And you wrote
“I love you.”
With tears streaming down my face
And a clumsy grace,
I leapt into your arms
Where I will endure no more harm.
I choked out “I love you too”
Even though you already knew.
Every moment I cherished
In my waking hours I perish,
Knowing it will never be
It was only a dream...
I basically combined my poems In A Dream and In Another Dream because it was about the same person and I just really wanted to make them rhyme
Sep 2015 · 609
In Another Dream
Heather Anderson Sep 2015
We haven’t spoken in a while,
But I think about you all the time.
I continue to see you in my dreams.
And for once they’re sweet.
That only happens when you’re in them.
We talk all the time there,
And I continue to see your bright eyes,
And the most beautiful smile in the world.
You stood a ways behind me in the hall
And sent me the text,
“I love you.”
I smiled like an idiot.
With shaking hands and teary eyes,
I saw another message:
“Turn around.”
I ran over to you and leapt in your arms.
I hugged you as tight as I possibly could
In fear of ever losing you again.
With your nose and mouth pressed on my head,
I choked out,
“I love you too.”
He already knew.
I woke up so upset this wasn't real
Sep 2015 · 826
Heather Anderson Sep 2015
Music is the fuel
Of the fire in my soul.
I might write more poetry in depth for my love of music and how it moves me.
Sep 2015 · 334
Heather Anderson Sep 2015
And if I fall,

May I grow the wings needed to carry me
Over trees,
Through the mountains,
Across the plains,
Into the seas,
And beyond the horizon.
Sep 2015 · 551
In A Dream
Heather Anderson Sep 2015
I saw you in my dream the other night.
I haven't seen you for a while..
I was wondering where you've gone.
I've missed you...
I cherished every moment that I got to see you again,
Even if it wasn't real.
You were there for me even if it started as a nightmare,
And you said, "Everything will be alright."
I couldn't help but smile
With a tear in my eye
As you held me close
And placed a tender kiss upon my brow.
And how sad it is to wake up
Sep 2015 · 305
Heather Anderson Sep 2015
Not a day goes by
Where I don't wonder *why...?
You decide
Aug 2015 · 375
Red Strings
Heather Anderson Aug 2015
What good is the red string that binds us if it’s invisible?
I can see them but they get dull and old as they fade away.
I wonder if the people they are connected to still see them at all.
I can’t help but ruminate on the lingering feelings that I still have.
And when one thing leads to another,
They fill me to the point where there’s no where to go
Except out and down my cheeks.
Some strings have been severed not by me.
All I can do is look down and hold the remnants of the frayed dull edges through watery eyes.
Why is it so hard to just untie it from myself
And bury it in the cruel grey world,
Walk away and never look back?
There have been too many important people leave my life recently
Aug 2015 · 689
Heather Anderson Aug 2015
Let me float in the ocean
Let the waves caress my broken body
Let me be carried off to where the water meets the sky
And when my world turns upside down,
I'll be able to fly.
Aug 2015 · 324
Heather Anderson Aug 2015
Love tangles itself around my heart
Like rugged ropes
Tied in the most complex knots.
My heart was the one who got itself in this mess.
It pulls the ends tighter and tighter,
Hoping that it will eventually feel like a warm embrace,
That maybe the rope will change into silk,
But it's tearing itself apart,
And it leaves ****** scars.
Aug 2015 · 554
Prisoner of Love
Heather Anderson Aug 2015
I am tired of dragging the weight of the past with me
As if these memories were shackled to my feet.
I’m a prisoner in my mind.
I have a life sentence- there to suffer until the end of time.
You are the warden, refusing to let me escape.
I keep making the same mistake,
I must be insane.
In solitary confinement I stay,
My execution I await.
Love is the strongest thing in the world. It can give you strength or it can shatter the foundation of your world.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results.
Diagnose me with insanity,
Because I keep falling in love,
I expect you to be different than the last,
But the result will always be the same…
Jul 2015 · 419
Heather Anderson Jul 2015
Do you see the intensity burning in my eyes?
Can you see my snow white knuckles?
Can you feel the fire resonating in my heart?
The foundations of my world shake.
Are you afraid of the beast locked deep within?
Trying its damnedest to escape?
I am just a small girl,
So it really isn't all that scary.
If only I could just set it free,
It would alarm you to put it kindly.
But the only way it can,
Is through fiery tears falling down my reddened cheeks.
I swear I have a Hulk in me somewhere...
Jun 2015 · 3.6k
Heather Anderson Jun 2015
The desire of something you used to have will fade,
But the desire of something you've never had never goes away.
May 2015 · 618
Summer Dream
Heather Anderson May 2015
To lie under a tree,
To feel the cool summer breeze,
To be engulfed in a sea of grass,
To play in a pool as clear as glass,
To hear the wind chimes,
To not worry about the time,
To watch the clouds go by,
To see the colors of the sky,
To listen to the song of the birds,
To have my anxieties cured,
To hear the thunder roar,
To need all this and more,
To feel the rain on my skin,
To hear the leaves in the wind,
To feel the sun's warm embrace,
To have the moon shine on my face,
To see the sunset's last gleam,
To be underneath the stars and dream,
To absorb the tranquility,
To have this one ability,
To sleep on the hill,
To doze, to drift will be my fill.

This will make me happy.
To only lie under a tree..
This doesn't do my vision justice, but I still wanted to write about it. I should probably fix the order of the lines
May 2015 · 539
Heather Anderson May 2015
I’ve noticed how much you’re struggling
Trying to be strong
With the weight of the world on your shoulders
As if you were Atlas himself.
But I will be your Atlas
And become a foundation for you.
I will lift you up
Because you are my world.
May 2015 · 869
The Wreck
Heather Anderson May 2015
I saw it coming a mile away.
I knew it wouldn’t end well,
But I didn’t bother avoiding the wreck.
I only stood in shock,
Engulfed by euphoria,
Feeling as light as a feather.
I was flying
In a warm sunny sky.
And then bam!
Searing pain.
And in an instant I felt like I was dying.
Of course I didn’t.
Even after these long months,
My wounds have not fully healed.
And even when they do,
I will be scarred.
This is love.
May 2015 · 1.7k
Moving On
Heather Anderson May 2015
Once you made me happy,
It was only just for a little while,
Now I can really finally smile.
I refuse to be shackled.
I can claim my victory
In my internal battle.
Now I am free,
I refuse to feel blue.
I can be happy with just being me
I am free of you.
This could probably be a continuation of my poem The Internal. I tried to make it rhyme for once. Tried.
May 2015 · 757
Heather Anderson May 2015
Add another to your **** streak,
You’re on a roll.
Hey why stop now?
You must take such pride in this.
Headshot- **** assist: +2
You must enjoy getting close to use your knife;
The thrill of being so close to life draining before your very eyes.
That could easily be turned against you,
But you must have a lot of practice.
Am I just another target?
Your accuracy is deadly.
It amazes me how merciless you are.
I am too fearful to fight back.
And in the end,
You will win.
Another I should probably edit in the future
May 2015 · 2.4k
Heather Anderson May 2015
I need to become a better artist.
I still haven’t found a way to craft the perfect mask.
Usually the one’s I make are too soft and melt down my face,
Or they are too brittle and they crumble too easily.
Apr 2015 · 2.4k
Big Shoes
Heather Anderson Apr 2015
I want to be an inspiration.
I want to have someone look up at me,
My neck is too sore to keep looking up at everyone else.
There are many that overshadow me.
I try to get ahead and I reach out for the light,
But the shadows that they cast are far too big.
I have such big shoes to fill.
But I’m still growing as a person,
And that takes time.
And maybe some day I will get my own pair instead,
And they will fit me perfectly.
Apr 2015 · 823
My World
Heather Anderson Apr 2015
The world gets quieter.
It gets darker.
The hot, salty tears sting my eyes and burn my cheeks.
What is going on?
Am I dying…?
I start to choke.
My lungs shrink, pleading for one more breath.
I am desperate to scream.
But it feels as if someone has stolen my voice.
I am disoriented.
I don’t know what’s up or down or left or right.
Everything is spinning around me.
I cannot think.
My thoughts are fuzzy and lost.
My blood burns as if lava courses through my veins,
Yet I shake as if I were plunged into a freezing ocean.
I am drowning.
I sink deeper and deeper.
The pressure crushes my chest.
My hearts pounds like a war drum.
I am at war.
This is one of my daily battles.

But how do I achieve victory?
I am losing.
I am running out of strategies…
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