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Life is the adventure that I just don't want to be on
Heather Anderson Jun 2018
I'm just a bookmark
In the story of your life.
One that you won't necessarily forget,
But one that will end up getting lost on the pavement and trampled.
I'm not even a chapter in your life.
I'm not a part of your story at all.
I'm just merely
a bookmark.
Heather Anderson Jan 2018
My true love lies
In an open field
Of hills, plains, and daisies
With mountains on the horizon,
A vast calm sea,
A vivifying breeze behind me,
And a bright, clear, wide open sky.
Listen to this <3
Heather Anderson Jan 2018
Don't stand fast in fear of being moved by passion.
Be carried away in its waves
Heather Anderson Jan 2018
It's hard to create
A world to escape
When the tool that is needed
Is destroying itself
Mental breakdowns
Heather Anderson Jun 2017
Life can be like a seesaw
With it's highs and lows
And sometimes at a low point
You hit the ground hard enough where it bruises and hurts
And sometimes you shoot into the air in a wild rush of euphoria.
Love can be similar.
Except with you on the other end,
You stay at the bottom
Holding me in the air
Feeling as if I could touch the sky.
But you can easily just get up and walk away without looking back
Leaving me all alone
To fall.
Needs editing
Heather Anderson Nov 2016
I advocate words of inspiration and truth
But deep inside my mind resides the voices that whisper lies that drift to the surface that I try to keep hidden, and it's so difficult to act when you can't even convince yourself the role you play. And there, just hovering, those words shall simply remain for me to dwell upon.
It is me telling myself and it destroys me
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