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Jun 17 · 63
One for All
One day, we're gonna look back on this and say
Now why did we act like that? Why did we treat
Each other so poorly?

For now we see we acted like idiots
Only caring about ourselves and not each other...Forgetting our
Rights as Humans--- the most basic right---

And it's one we all share, we are all human,
Looking for kindness and peace. Be Kind and
Love one another! <3
Wrote June 2020
Title from Zombies 2-One For All
Another positive write. When in doubt be kind, love one another.
Jun 17 · 73
Flesh & Bone
Fear or hate.... Highs and
Lows..."The world has gone crazy and no one seems to listen"....
"Everything we built is coming down";
So..."No more
Hesitation, it's time we start to realize"
: We

Are in this together; "Are you standing with the crowd?"... "It's
Now or Never"
...."This is a
Declaration of a new generation"
...... "No, we won't

Break, we're more than flesh and bone"

One day, we're gotta realize than we are repeating history....
Now.... "History changes, but we lost the pages we wrote"...
Everyone right now, can stop repeating history as it starts with you.

       So will you just be part of the problem
        Will you be part of a solution?

"With all this separation, silence is still taking sides
So use your voice, make a choice
And tell me, are you standing with the crowd?"

"History changes, but we  lost the pages we wrote
When you lose direction, can't see the reflection you know
We came from the bottom then became the problem
Now everything's out of control
So hey, are you with me? Let's go!"
written June 2020
Title and lyrics from Zombies -Flesh & Bone
Jun 17 · 30
Level of Concern
Living in this world
Everyday and everyone's stupid....
Very stupid.... but
Each day people never seem to amaze me at just how;
Living together

On this planet,
Following guidelines or taking

Care of our beautiful Earth--
Only caring about themselves and
Not the **** world...
Can anyone hear the
Earth calling out?

Right now, in this outbreak, the Earth is actually healing itself--
Now, hopefully, we can keep her and help her heal more. <3
Written May 2020; decided to wrote a poem about how when we stopped for a moment to go into self-isolation that Mother Nature fought back to reclaim itself.
Title from Twenty One Pilots
Jun 17 · 54
"Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade"....
Everyday is a new chance to
Make the best
Of your life!
Now is your chance to
Start your best you! *
Stay Strong!
Wrote back in May 2020 and just wanted to write positive.
Title by Ashley Tisdale
Jun 16 · 113
Stab You In The Heart
Sitting here in
The middle of the night
All I can think about is you,
But also being the best version of myself.

Yesterday is just a day and it's in the past, moving forward
One day at a time, you can only try to do better than the day before.
Understanding life is hard and we're all in this together

In the middle of the
Night I

Think, if we can all work to get and
Help each other, oh how the
Earth would be a much better place....

Each day we can only hope that the younger generation can fix our mistakes
And change our world....
Right now, I lay here next
To you sleeping and can only hope for the future.
Wrote in May 2020, Corona and changing for the better on my mind,
I wrote a little something using the title of Green Day's song.
Jun 16 · 163
Attack of Panic
Another day goes by and
That day
Turns into a month that went by
And we're all going
Crazy and still out of our minds...
Kindness; where did it go? Heaven

Only knows... To busy listening to
Fear and

And not enough Good
News.... Come on and wake up
In any moment this
Can all be over!
Wrote this in May, 2020..
I was tired of being negative and worrying about the future that I decided I write something positive. Make my own luck!
Title from Aly & AJ
Jun 16 · 58
Great.... This world is going to ****
Right now: the media loves to spread fear
And not hope.... Can we get some good
News?! And not just
The Some Good News on Youtube...
Everyday that the news share fear is another
Day where people will continue to be stupid...
Written back in May, 2020.
This wasn't my best write, but It's how I feel about the media and news. :/
Title by some local artists, J Spin and Spose
Jun 16 · 145
Run, run, running away from the demons
In the middle of the night when it's
Very dark and
Everyone's asleep. I'm
Ready to fight them. These
Are not real but they feel real,
Life is short, so make the best of
Everyday and be as Positive as you can be. :)
Written back in September of 2019; title from Riverdale
Just felt like sitting and writing whatever came to my mind.
Jun 16 · 44
Can we all just pause for a minute?
Right now in this world, it's crazy and we all
Understand as we're going through this together!
Stop panic buying
And just breathe the fresh air,
Don't worry "this too shall pass." Take
Each day for what it is and Be Kind to one another!
Wrote this back at the end of March (2020) during the middle of the Corona crisis.
Relax, "just coast with me" "it's gonna get better" -Patrick Stump
Tittle from Marshmello
Jun 16 · 48
Bob Dylan
Bring in the new year with love;
Our chance to change and
Better our future.

Don't worry and be happy. It starts with
You--one person to smile and
Like a yawn, the happiness can spread.
Another day, another chance to change.
Now who wants to be happy?!
Wrote this back on New Year's Eve, 2019...
Too bad my hope for 2020 got ****** by Corona and the world going crazy....
Title from Fall Out Boy
Jun 16 · 28
Livin' For The Weekend
Living in this world, this strange world, full of
Innocent people going about their day and this
Very moment, people just want to live their lives their way.
I wonder how many mistakes we have to keep making
Now and when we will learn from history?

Forever we have been repeating
Our history, I mean look at the wars, how we treat
Races-- Africans, Native Americans, and more--

They deserve more than
How we treated them.
Everyday I

Wonder how can we get away treating
Each other like that...
Everyday is a new day, take it as it is, and spread
Kindness to
Each other and maybe someday we can bring the peace.
Now, pause count 1, 2, 3, and be kind and DREAM big!
Copyright; 2019
Wrote this back in December.
Be kind to one another! We're all in this together!
Title from Fitz & The Tantrums
Dec 2019 · 159
Maybe Yes
Maybe this world is dead
And we are all in hell.... Maybe this is a
Yesteryear or another reality...?
Because this doesn't feel right,
Everyday feels like we're less human and

Yet humanity never seizes to surprise me.
Each day it seems like and awful tragic
Situations happens..... .....Be Kind. <3
Copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Tiltel from Fitz and the Tantrums
Dec 2019 · 108
Kiss The Sky
"Kiss the sky"
In the darkest hour of the night,
Sometimes in the heaviest moments and
Sometimes in the lowest is

The most important time to
Hold onto and be together!
Everyday that's all I

See-- to be with you, achieving, reaching, and
Keeping my dreams real! Only
You are stopping you!!!
Copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title and Inspiration from Fitz and the Tantrums
and Inspiration from Fall Out Boy
Dec 2019 · 171
Dark Days
Dream big,
And never give up!
Reality is hard,
Keep it real "in these

Dark Days"
And share the positive and light and
You never know, maybe,
Someday the world can see the light again!
Copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title and Inspiration from Fitz and the Tantrums
Dec 2019 · 80
Something's in life is
Uncontrollable and life's too short to live with grudges.
Each day is a new day, a new chance to
Right a wrong, fix a
And move on.
Go forward not back, everyone makes mistakes
In this world--No One Is Prefect!
Keep positive, do your best with what you know!
Copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title from Fitz and the Tantrums
Dec 2019 · 75
Back to the beginning, back to the start,
And sitting under the moon looking up at the
Stars--Here and now is where I want to be.
Everyday I'm with you is amazing and
Everyday is a gift that I don't take for granted,
No one should and Life's too short
To not live in the moment. <3
Copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title from Fitz and the Tantrums
Dec 2019 · 160
Don't Ever Let Em
Don't forget we are all different,
Only human, and unique ----
No one is prefect and
Today's a new day to start anew ----

Each day is. In this moment, this
Very moment,
Everything seems like dream and
Reality seems so far away, but this is

Life and change changes has to be made,
Each day; little by little changes happen.
Tomorrow is a new day and

Each day forward is a chance to change---
Moments like these are amazing! <3
copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title from Fitz and The Tantrums
Dec 2019 · 88
All The Feels
And when all else fails,
Loving you is amazing and my
Life without you is boring.

This moment, this
Heat and passion is
Everywhere-I live and breathe

For you.
Everyday, you are my life, my
Everything and
Seems so simple when I'm with you! <3
copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title and inspiration from Fitz and the Tantrums
Dec 2019 · 238
Dear Future Self (Hands Up)
"Dear Future Self," how are you?
Everyone is unique
And different--- "I'm sitting at an Airport bar,"
Relaxing, "drinking cheap whiskey." I hope in the

Future people are more
Understanding of others.
The truth is this world is not so
Understanding of people having different options. And
Reality is, why do we want
Everyone to think the

Same---we are all have different brains,
Everyone thinks and closes their
Live differently; be kind and maybe the
Future can be bright!

(Hold on, wait a minute, life is hard
And can **** sometimes, but
No one can tell you what to
Do and no one can
Say to you 'you're wrong'---

Understanding is key and
People need to realize we are all different!)
Written: 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title, lyric, and inspiration from Fall Out Boy
Jun 2019 · 382
Avicii; was/is a genius--beyond his years.
Very brilliant and talented!
I miss him as much as the world does!
Calling out to anyone who needs to talk---
In this world, we are in this together!
Copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Love Avicii and sad when I heard what happened, we need to be more open with mental health. I am always available to talk. You're not alone.
Jun 2019 · 363
Send signals in the air in the middle
Of the night; this is a message;
Someone save me, please!
Copyright; 2019
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Title by Avicii
A quick write, and is this everyone's SOS cry?
Jun 2019 · 178
Better Demons
Beginning of time,
Everyone longing
To be with someone--
Together to love and care for.
Every day we learn; we
Realize, and see that there are

Demons in this world-bad people-but
Each day is a new day and
Maybe just maybe,
One day we find someone special; someone to
Never leave your side and maybe
Someday we can change this world around.
Title by Good Charlotte
Copyright; 2019; McNally/Flanders, In.
We all have someone out there.
Mar 2019 · 236
Please be kind,
Really we just need more kindness,
And love-- show each other we care.
You only have this one life so why live
Everyday with hate and anger?
Really we are all the same, human,
So live each day for what it is and spread LOVE.
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
a little poem I wrote about loving each other.
Title from Good Charlotte
Mar 2019 · 189
Self Help
Sometimes in this world,
Loses their minds and
Find the negative---

Everything and anyone who doesn't believe them.
Longing to hope other
People think the same.

But if we all think the same, the world would be a boring place.
Title by Good Charlotte; another inspiration of mine.
Be You and Don't be afraid to be anyone else.
Mar 2019 · 802
Zero chance of good left in this world---
Every day something new happens and
Real life becomes less real.
Only in this world can it be like this. :(

What has this world come to?!
Title by Imagine Dragons and their music is one of my biggest inspiration.
Hold onto your innocent as long as you can.
Stop and smell the flowers every now and then
Feb 2019 · 494
Remember when we were young and
Every day we would play until it got dark?
Marching outside, playing in the dirt---
Each day was anew to
Discover and learn! Where did our
Yesterdays----yesteryears go?!!

The Good Old Days!
Title by Alesso
Just an acrostic poem I wrote quickly tonight about missing my childhood.
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
Super Fade
Simple life is what we all want.
Understanding each other a little better---
People are messed up---
Each day something new happens in this world,
Real life is unbelievable sometimes.

Finding the good in people is hard
And each
Day it doesn't get
We all need to show love and kindness. We're all human, it doesn't who we love, what our opinions are, or what we believe, we are all human at the end of the day!
Title by Fall Out Boy
McNally, 2019
Feb 2019 · 355
City In A Garden
City living
Is amazing, but only when it's on
The outskirts
You live. Living

In the city is too busy,
Noisy, and packed

And when you live in the next town over and

Go in the city or work there, it's much better!
And you can enjoy the beautiful city without all the
Rushing around.
Downtown is nice, but not when you live there.
Everyday you can go into the city and
Now it's peaceful in the country!
It's nice to enjoy the city but living in Maine I also love the the quiet. It's nice when you find a place that has the best of both worlds. Maine is that and this is my love to my state. Also the title is Fall Out Boy's love song to to their city.
McNally, 2019
Title again by Fall Out Boy
Feb 2019 · 376
Lake Effect Kid
Loving you is
Amazing and you make me better!
Keep me safe
Everyday and you make

Everyday better! My
For you are growing
Together and watch our shows

Keep the love and
I will always love you!
Don't forget that!
Sometimes when you love someone so much its hard to find the words but just want to share the love.
Title by Fall Out Boy
McNally, 2019
Dec 2018 · 901
Happiness is key to
Any happy relationship--
People in love know that relationships isn't just one
Person, it's two people working together
In love and unity!
Everyday their love grows and
Reality becomes clear! Love Wins All!!
copyright; 2018
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Tile from Marshmello & Bastille and I happier meaning.
Dec 2018 · 58
Why So Serious?
'When did we get so serious?'
How can we go back to those childhood
Years without losing our knowledge?

Sometimes it's best to live life with---
Out regrets.

Sometimes it's best to live life carefree.
Everyday, do something new,
Reach out to someone who
Is alone, live with No Regrets!
Only you can be you! Try to
Understand what others might have to deal with;
Step in their shoes before you judge.
McNally'Flanders, Inc.
Tile from Alice Merton
Dec 2018 · 107
Begin of warm weather
And the
Start of baseball, the count down starts;
Each day it gets closer to Opening Day.
Baseball season is the best season!
And I love watching my
Love play while I keep score, official!
Let's go Red Sox!!
copyright; 2018
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
wrote this back in the spring about the excitement of start of baseball
Dec 2018 · 108
Learning to Let Go
Letting go in life is something you should do
Every now and then ---
And when you do, it will be so
Refreshing and freeing!
Now, here in the darkness
I stand to tell you, you are
Not alone! You are beautiful, you are
Gorgeous and wonderful!

Thanks for being you, you are the
Only one who can be you!

Love is powerful,
Everyday is peaceful, and
Tomorrow's a new chance ---

Go out and do something.
Only you can be you!!
copyright; 2018
Tile by Kesha
wrote this a wile back and just catching on posting my poems
Dec 2018 · 284
Tomorrow's a new day, a new day of
Hope and wonder!
Under the stars and
Now in the clear view
Down the street
Everyone so quiet ---
Remember we're all in this together!
copyright; 2018
something I wrote one day
Title by Imagine Dragons
Dec 2018 · 233
Bishop Knife Trick
Before the night is over,
I need to tell you
Something; "I'm yours till the earth starts to crumble and the
Heavens roll away.
" I'm yours forever!
One day, we'll start a family!
People say they have a
Soulmate and now I believe.

Knowing what I know
I wouldn't change a thing. My
Feelings for you never change---
Each day I love you more.

Together we make a good team.
Ready for this life, moment, and
I'm ready for life with you.
Come with me and we're watch the sunset!
Knowing life is precious and short!

                              Let's Live!!!
copyright; 2018
McNally/Falnders, Inc.
wrote this a while back..last song on Mania album.
Title by Fall Out Boy
Feb 2018 · 705
Sunshine Riptide
Under the moonlight, I sit and have
"No idea what I'm doing now"..."'Cause I'm
Stuck in the Sunshine Riptide"*
Holding onto that feeling,
"I love you so much it's just like oxygen."
No one else gets me as much as you do;
Each day is a new day and I want to be with you.

Ready; 3, 2, 1... "You came in like a wave when
I was feeling alright; You are my truest feeling yet."
"Petulant but irreverent,
Take all your possibilities and take away the limits."
"I do the best with what I have,"
Do what you love and love what you do.
Everyday, I love you more!
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Inspired by Fall Out Boy & my love.
Lyrics and title by Fall Out Boy.
Jan 2018 · 431
Heaven's Gate
"Honey, please come through You're the only habit I just can't kick"
Each day with you, I love you more
And more! True love
Varies, but our love is strong.
Each day that goes I know I want to be with you.
No body compares to you and I love you
So much! "Would you give me a boost over Heaven's

Gate? Cause everything is
A substitute for your love."
Together we can get through anything.
Each day, I want to be with you, only you.
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Inspired by my fiance and Fall Out Boy
Jan 2018 · 322
"Confess my love........ you're
Holy to me." You get me, you
Understand me! I love you! You make everything better.
Right now, I just want to be with you, "a time
Capsule for the future"...."I'm just a
Human trying to avoid certain doom."
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Inspired by Fall Out Boy and my fiance.
Jan 2018 · 640
Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea
"Some princes don't become kings,"
That is a very interesting thought
Yesterday's just a day, live

For the now--
Rught now, "The
Only thing that's ever
Stopping me is me-I'll testify; If I die in my sleep
Then know my own life was a killer dream."
"You only get what you grieve," another great lyric--

Really this album is amazing!
One day I'll get to meet these 4 boys from Chicago,
You'll see--
And I'll have a nice talk,
Laugh, and thank them for what they do!

Mania is fantastic and a great poetic aibum!
I wonder sometimes, "seems
Like the whole **** world went and lost it's mind."
Keep dreaming, "real living, fake

Tears," keep it real-- know that
Everyone goes through bad days, "But the
Alcohol never lies."
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Inspired by Fall Out Boy and their MANIA album.
Jan 2018 · 1.9k
MANIA (track list poem)
MANIA— "I was Young and a Menace,"

A Champion, so Stay Frosty/Royal Milk Tea and

Never forget to Hold Me Tight or Don't. "I'm just The Last Of The Real Ones."

I love Wilson (Expensive Mistakes). Shall we go to Church

And Heavens Gate down the Sunshine Riptide with a Bishops Knife Trick?
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Another quick edit but this one is Fall Out Boy's track list for MANIA.
Just wanted to do something different and fun. Enjoy.
Jan 2018 · 436
MANIA (poem)
Mania is a high;

A loss of control, but

No one's alone

In this--Together we can get through it! We're

All here for you!
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
A quick write using Fall Out Boy's latest album title.
We're all in this crazy, beautiful world together.
Jan 2018 · 270
Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)
Everyone has a story to tell; An-
Xiety is a "fickle *****," but one that --
Possibly- tell you when something bad might happen.
Each day that goes by
Never stop dreaming, never
Stop saying "you can't,"
Instead say "you can" and make your dreams come true.
Victory can be your's and
Everyone's, you just gotta believe!

I* became such a strange shape,
Such a strange shape From
Trying to fit it."*
Kindness will win all!
Everyone has a story to tell,
So please listen to them. (Just listen.)
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Quotes (italics) from LOST and Fall Out Boy-- my biggest inspirations.
Everyone needs someone to listen to them,so just keep an open ear and be their friend they can lean on when their in need and maybe they will return the favor for you when you need someone to listen.
Jan 2018 · 507
Hold Me Tight or Don't
Holá, "I never really feel a thing, I'm just kinda too frozen"
Only you, "you were the only one that ever came close."
Loving you is the best... "And another
Day goes by, So hold

Me tight or don't. Oh no, this isn't how our story
" "I

Took too many hits off this memory,
* need to come down."
Gonna love you forever and
Hold you
Tight no matter what!

Oh na na na na na na na...."
Realized I can't not be with you Or be just your friend."

Down to be with you and
Only you! You're the love of my life
Na na na na,*" I'm never coming down from
This love!
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
First poem of the new year, Happy New Year, poets!
Poem writing inspired by Fall Out Boy's "Hold Me Tight or Don't" and my fiance.
Dec 2017 · 306
The Last of The Real Ones
"There's been a million before me,"* and
Having been in the mental health field for a while now;
Each day I'm always learning and sharing "That ultra-kind a

one that I'll "never walk away from."
And "I will shield you from the waves, If they find you."
So "I'm done with having dreams;
The thing I believe;

Oh, you drain all the fear from me."

From this moment on "I will protect you."* I'm "just

The last of a dying breed,"

Hoping more people will come out and help others.
Every day someone needs help and

Really we're all in this together. No one is alone.
Every day "I wonder if your therapist knows everything
About me."
I'm just "here in search of your glory."
Love is all we need!

One day, we'll see that mental health is okay,
Not something to be feared.
Enjoy life for what it is and
So much greatest will come to you!

                                                           ­                        *STAY STRONG!
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
wrote this as I was staring at the lyrics to this song from Fall Out Boy.
When I first heard this song I always had a special feeling to this song and it's one my favorite songs! Plus mental health is super important and we aren't alone, there's always someone to talk too, a teacher, a friend, family, or therapist. Just find someone and don't let go of them. Stay Strong, you are loved!
Champion; what does it mean?
How can you be a champion?
And I'm back with a madness;" a
Madness that comes and goes, but "I'm a champion of the
People who don't believe in champions."
If I can live through this, I can do anything!"
Only you can control you're life and don't let
N**obody tell you you're not a champion!
                       *Stay Strong, you can do anything!
first writing of champion that I didn't really care for but wanted to share.
Dec 2017 · 318
Champion; what does it mean?
How can you be a champion?
Always afraid, but *"there's a fog from the past that's giving
Me, giving me such a headache,"
"I'm a champion of the
People who don't believe in champions."
I* got nothing but dreams inside!"* You are the
Only one in charge of your future.
No one can tell you what to believe in and

                 Remember; *"If I can live through this,
                                                           ­      I can do anything!"
So another acrostic I wrote using Fall Out Boy's Champion title and lyrics.
Go check the first draft to take a peek into how I write my poems, sometimes its hard to come up with the right words and phases for each letter.
Enjoy. 2017.
McNally/Flabders, Inc.
Dec 2017 · 790
Young and Menace
Young and a menace; living my life for what it is,
Only you can do you!
Understand that we all go through this crazy world and
No one is alone!
Go out

And see the world and
Never take this life for granted! "
...Oops I,
Did it again, I forgot what I was losing

My mind about,"
Everybody has those days, you're
Not alone in this world.
And send a message: I was young and a menace"
Certified and "
here for the psych assessment" and
Everyone's gone mad; "
I'm here for the...
                                    For the......

wrote this after Stayin Out All Night as I was inspired by some lyrics
of course it was Fall Out Boy, they are my biggest inspiration.
But hope you enjoy, this may not make sense but I had fun with it.
Dec 2017 · 332
Stayin Out All Night
Sitting here in
The club, dancing
And hanging with friends; Feeling
Young and free
I'm not coming home tonight! The
Night is young and so are we!! "Staying

Out All Night"

Under the stars and
The moonlight, we own the night.

Another hour passes and we're still out not
Longing to go home.
Loving you is all I know and

No one can say otherwise, so
In this club in between the drinks,
Girls, guys, and dances
"Hold Me Tight" and
"Take Me" home!
Something I wrote tonight, feeling inspired by some song titles from Fall Out Boy and Aly & AJ; Let see if you can spot them. :) Enjoy.
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Nov 2017 · 1.3k
Back To Beautiful
Back to the beginning;
A** time when we didn't know anything and
Cared for each other no matter what. Not
Knowing who

They are, but not caring about that.
Only knowing we're all in this

Beautiful world, living
Each day
As it is. Can we go back to that?
Understanding that the past has past, but
Time is forever and we should learn from it.
In this world, we got this one life and we should never take it
For granted!
Understand we're all living this
Life together! Let's make it a peaceful one!
McNally/Flanders, Inc. 2017.
Wrote this acrostic at the beginning of a work day earlier this month.
Sometimes these don't make a lot of sense but the message is clear; PEACE!
We're all in this together!
Song title- Sofia Carson
Nov 2017 · 1.9k
Before you judge someone; take a walk in their shoes.
Everyone is different,
Living their own life and may be it's a bit hard for them.
In their world, they could be dealing with some
Extra demons or negative thoughts. Everybody's mind
Varies; made up with different chemicals, making
Each human unique and special. We need to
Respect each other and care for each other!!

          •We're all in this world TOGETHER!•
Copyright; 2017
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
I wrote this a couple weeks ago;
a poem about mental health and our society!
Please spread mental health awareness!
The more we know the more we can understand!
Knowledge is power not money.
P.S. song title from Imagine Dragons
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