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Nienke Aug 2017
who's me, and who's you
you made your decision
before we know the truth

i wish you shared it earlier
doubts and broken feelings
but now it's too late to push

maybe it's better like this
maybe this or maybe that
but maybe the maybe is me
the silent lake inside of this body


**** has been there for a long time
long enough to say goodbye?
i'd understand it, i'd serve
after a past you don't deserve

i wish you all the best
particularly happiness

i wish you'd have caused my silent waters
i'm just afraid it's not and i lost
my inner voice, in earlier days
the vibration of the forgotten lake

now i don't know where to look
maybe changing situations
but maybe, maybe it's you
because what i crave is to feel


i wish for so many things
people have no idea, they don't see
the lost and wasted energy
dried-up water in the desert

now analyse all of my feelings
let others tell me what to do
when the answer is simple

the world just doesn't work like that
like my imagination, golden visions

i thought i have no fantasy
who knows i have too much?
to get sad, not standing above it

well my heart can cry out loud
because of this cold hard place
where's addiction for the lost
and money for the wicked

i don't speak or read, but still feel it all
tell me how to ignore and avoid that
****, then i can only accept the fall
but i will never close my eyes

my passion to growl is too big
just like the world is too big
to change my tearing feelings
and feels too huge to accept


maybe i'm here for a reason then
not to get bitter like them
not to become a walked over
forgotten ego or addict

gonna try to find the focus
the eye of the storm, right
they say a little ego is good
but it's also a challenge

not to let this ego grow
because of rejection or money
your religion or age
to obtain status or power

the world is a sad place

a Capricorn can just not give up
even not if none wants her, to be (there)
even not if it has to feel the load every day
it would feel as betrayal itself

and who's me, who's you
it doesn't even matter because
"you cannot change what you are
only what you do."
ESP Nov 2015
The girl in front of you
When you realized that
you deserve to be happy
When you realized that
she’s not the only one

The girl in front of you
You stared at those twinkling eyes
Not so dearly as before
You stared at those dashing eyes
It’s not worth it anymore

The girl in front of you
The reason why you wrote
Those songs
Those poems
Those words

The girl in front of you
Staring at your eye
Wondering if she is


You cannot write a song
You cannot write a poem
You cannot write a love essay
For her


This girl in front of you
She was the girl of your night dreams
She was the girl of your daydreams

This girl in front of you
You will love her still
Not the way you used to be
But the way it should be

This girl in front of you
Made you realized
You will write a new song
You will write a new poem
You will write more love essays than
But not for her
ESP Oct 2015
Init ng araw sa iyo'y nakatapat
Init ng pakiramdam'y akala mo
Sa araw na ito nanggagaling
Ito pala'y sa awiting pinapakinggan

Lumamig na kape
Ng dahil sa erkon
Lumamig na damdamin
Nag iba na ang hangin

Pagsasayang ng oras
Akala ay magsasama na
Tayong ligaw ngunit
Parehas ang daan
Ngunit maghihiwalay rin sa huli
Kinabukasa'y maghihintay muli

Salamat sa halos anim na buwan
Masyado akong nasaktan
Sa mga nasambit **** mga salita
Ng iyong bibig
Na hindi nagsisinungaling.

Isang gabing puno ng musika
Isang gabi ng hiyawan
At hiyawan ulit
Di makakalimutan
Ang sandali
Sa uulitin

Mga malulungkot na kanta
Nakapagpapaligaya sa aking tenga
Malulungkot na kanta
Masasayang nota
Akala mo parang tanga
Hindi, hindi.

Kung gustong magpatuloy
Burahin ang nararamdaman
Kung gustong mabuhay
Burahin siya sa iyong isipan
Kim Cruz Sep 2015
Words are all I have
When things are too heavy to grab
And I have to let them go
Words that make the world move slow
or spin faster than mercury as it circles the sun
Group of letters that could be fun
As I make those horrible puns
Words that birth my thoughts into the world
When my art doesn't want to push forth
A bunch of syllables and sounds
that are my ideas, and my feelings
rising up from the ground.
May these words tell you,
That knowing you, I am pretty proud.
Might need more stewing in my head
Meteorelle Oct 2014
Burdened by obligation
words painted with emotion
Defy the fragile fear
Now, show no tear

Resurrect the darkest soul
deafened silent screams
by countless promises
that is not truthfully spoken
Hannah Holliday Jun 2014
Their parents money can buy them all the nicest things in the world.
It will buy them fake friends who use them for their parent's wine cellar
It will buy them fake college acceptance letters that will deny them their every dream
It will buy them fancy cars that they will crash in order to prove they are invincible
It will buy them trophy wives that are cheated on by their husbands' twenty something year old secretary.
It will buy them children of their own that grow up and turn into entitled little *****
The only problem is all the nicest things in the world can't be bought.

— The End —