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L Barbera Jul 4
We work to spend
Do it all again
Masterful marketing
designed to **** you in

Caught in the riptide of desire
down the sea of consumerism,
If you happen to fall in
you better know how to swim.
stopdoopy Mar 20
You make me go back to the beach
The light breeze your caress
Sun as warm as your smile
Water icy like your words

And I try to float in this sea you made
Tumultuous, and salty as your are
But I'm choking down lungful's
Crying for help

And you let me drown
And it's almost calm down here
On the bottom where I can't breathe
Cause at least I'm out
Of the riptide's reach
"She's a riptide queen and she's super mean"
Under the moonlight, I sit and have
"No idea what I'm doing now"..."'Cause I'm
Stuck in the Sunshine Riptide"*
Holding onto that feeling,
"I love you so much it's just like oxygen."
No one else gets me as much as you do;
Each day is a new day and I want to be with you.

Ready; 3, 2, 1... "You came in like a wave when
I was feeling alright; You are my truest feeling yet."
"Petulant but irreverent,
Take all your possibilities and take away the limits."
"I do the best with what I have,"
Do what you love and love what you do.
Everyday, I love you more!
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Inspired by Fall Out Boy & my love.
Lyrics and title by Fall Out Boy.
Poetic T Dec 2017
People forget that
                         love rhymes
only carry you so long,
                    along a reparative flow..
            But I venture on the
waves of varied flow..

Do I care if you get ******
                       below my riptide..  
never connecting upon my
                 differential flow of wording.
Drowning  within my varied view of a world
                           that isn't flowers they
fell into my ocean and got dragged into
       oblivion long before you learnt to swim.

The moods of others are fickle,
                      but I'm not a trend,
I'm a tsunami of reality...
That's not constricted to the lullabies of others as
they drown within my words....
                others fade
                   but I'm still here dragging you out...
Rebecca Cerrone Aug 2017
She was born from water, this girl who is the ocean.
Waves of her hair cause the riptides of the seas.
Her hazel eyes,
hold a calm shade of green,
before the storms come rolling in.
Like a wave you can't control,
She is a swell and surge.
To deep for a lover who wades in the shallow,
To wild for a lover who craves the shore.
Betsy Garris Oct 2016
My tide
Love unrequited
Pulled you
my love
in too.

ten word poems, an effort towards simplicity
Chelsea Jean Apr 2016
Your breath hitched with laughter when
you told me that you were scared of dentists and the dark.  
When you add pretty girls and starting conversations to the list,
I know you are serious.  
I’m no pretty girl, and I start most conversations.  
In the mornings, we jump into the lake
and I search your skin for any hint of green.  
You don’t want to be my left-hand man,
but you already have the right.  
There's this movie that reminds me of you--
It's about this guy, right, who quits his job and heads to New York City.
I would tell you that he eventually realizes he's only running from himself,
but I think you may know something about that.
You had me running around,
way down to the tide and through the dark side.
You didn't want to be my left hand man, and I still followed you.
I guess that all I wanna know is if you're gonna stay awhile,
even just to chat?
I know I'm no Michelle Pfeiffer, but I know some good jokes.
Oh baby, you've got me running down to the riptide.
I don't even mind the dark side,
because once you sang my favourite song and said all of the wrong words,
and I laughed through the lump in my throat.
A ****** poem I wrote 2 years ago directly inspired by "Riptide" by Vance Joy.
AM Jan 2016
most people in their right mind live
so that one day they will be written about
but not him
he lives everyday like the day before your last day
that pleasure can be found even in the cracks of the levy

he can be your rock
to keep you steady
even when you feel like the riptide is going to push you away
but he can also be the one to push you down the hill
and roll with you
increasing your momentum with such an intensity that you don't think you'll ever slow down

you don't have to know home to fall in love with him
it's easy to fall in love with a tree without ever seeing its rings
tracing the years that have scared him
and how they feel like Saturn spinning inside you
but you love him so much more once you feel the scars the the chainsaw left
Maddie Jun 2015
Love is a riptide
Pulling in it's victims
Unsuspecting and at random

Love is a riptide
Struggling makes it worse
And impossible to break-free

Love is a riptide
Pushing you one way
And thrusting you another
Just a random poem

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.
oni Nov 2014
the ocean looks
so beautiful
that i forget
how to swim

and once i am
within the riptide
i cannot save

although now
i am not sure
that i even
want to
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