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saige Jan 2021
Wish i could pen you down
so some breathing thing
might someday read
the myth I couldn't

come on...
Wish I could pin you to
your father
-'s favorite fever dream,
a prophecy

and karma...
Wish I could pin you on
some fiddy
        ­     i

an honor...
Wish i could pin you like
a purple heart
across my real one
did you feel it?

Wish you could've
pinned me down
and taken what
you needed


And I'll admit,
I've even wished
to pin you down
and ask you why
you didn't


you did,

(you've a lot to teach
this breathing thing)
Inspired by a friend's miscarriage that's like a painting, like one of Gogh's; no one even knew it existed until he was gone.
Nina McNally Dec 2018
Letting go in life is something you should do
Every now and then ---
And when you do, it will be so
Refreshing and freeing!
Now, here in the darkness
I stand to tell you, you are
Not alone! You are beautiful, you are
Gorgeous and wonderful!

Thanks for being you, you are the
Only one who can be you!

Love is powerful,
Everyday is peaceful, and
Tomorrow's a new chance ---

Go out and do something.
Only you can be you!!
copyright; 2018
Tile by Kesha
wrote this a wile back and just catching on posting my poems
Kewayne Wadley Dec 2016
And with the touch of her hand, the wall became a bridge

— The End —