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Man Jun 7
Cogito, ergo sum
But what do I think?
And what, pray tell,
What effect does this have
On my being?
If what I constitute
Is alone, based on action,
Based on thought
What can we say of man today?
Mark Wanless Apr 29
in the cause for a
whipperwill the effect is
so so amazing
Serendipity Apr 13
I fully believe in the butterfly effect.
Because when I see you,
I know somewhere else in the world,
the universe must balance out
your lovliness.

When you laugh,
I feel the breeze blow on a spring feild
and see a child
seeing the sunset for the first time.

When you smile,
Orange trees bloom
with white colored flowers
and a scent so sweet
the bees cannot resist it.

And when you look at me
with the face of an angel
and the emotion of a God,
I cannot help but see
your beauty
in everything.
Mark Wanless Dec 2022
there is cause effect
some causes are self ingrained
some effects painful
AW Nov 2021
If even there were
A force in this universe
Sustaining life beyond just breath
Beyond this web of neurons
Firing in predictable patterns
Prescribing every inclination and desire
A flame in which is fully forged
The consciousness that
Dreams and dares all things
Beyond our mere survival

If even there were such a force
How would it be made known?
How does a foundation work
When the fundamental building blocks
Are massless, pointlike?
As much wave as particle
Basking in the sunlight of uncertainty
Existing in duality

How, when everything else is
A void a million billion times more extensive
Than anything substantial
That surrounds it
A vacuum that renders
The remaining matter pointless
How could force be hollow
Yet encompass all
What does it all mean
When all of matter falls in between

This unseen field
Rippling, wriggling, rigging
Everything it fills with the seedlings of decay
Each day
Moving along the breakdown towards
Splendid chaos,
Almost too perfect to be called such

How could we not see
The force
Still elusive, but unchanged
Striking a balance
Between fate and volatility
The neverending battle
That morphs each how into a why
The demon and the butterfly
The Science Sessions
Àŧùl Oct 2021
A striking increase in absorbance of DNA upon denaturation is known as the hyperchromic effect.
The two strands of DNA are bound together mainly by the stacking interactions, hydrogen bonds and hydrophobic effect between the complementary bases.

In their native state, the bases of DNA absorb light in the 260-nm wavelength region.

When the bases become unstacked, the wavelength of maximum absorbance does not change, but the amount absorbed increases by 37%.
A double stranded DNA strand dissociating to two single strands produces a sharp cooperative transition.
Source: Wikipedia
My HP Poem #1943
©Atul Kaushal
Mirza Lazim Aug 2021
To feel you for a while, I did my best,
Overcame depression, waiting for the next
Suddenly opened my eyes feeling perplexed:
Standing on my knees in tears, I pray
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

The time is really beyond before and afters
Distances turn to a means as we disperse
Your spirit is here; you sound in my laughters
The cigarette is glowing in the ashtray
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

Stretched my soul in such a miraculous bond
No constraint anymore and no discord
Just like a butterfly flying in a void
I found the peace here, please, do stay,
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!

I feel you turning pages with shaky fingers
I feel your heart beating in a rhyming bliss
Papers will reflect you in your red dress
As you touch my letters, it will make my day
Did you mention my name, dear, far away?!
Nikkie Jan 2021
I feel your strong masculine energy every time you cross my path. You systematically shut down all my
defenses, and hide the key esoterically inside your heart.
I’ve felt a new elevation ever since I said that special prayer.
I began to notice this brand-new hue; the color
wasn’t clear to me at first. This feeling is different than
I’m used to, one that I didn’t understand when we first met.

One day I saw an attractive light, which leads to a
mountaintop high above me. Step by step, I climbed your mountain, with deep ravines and steeper valleys.
Some peaks have tried to block my travels, but I am
making my way beyond your hills.
I want to be born all over again, with you my King,
taking my rightful place upon your regal thorn.

Our souls will intertwine, to complete our sacred mission
from God. We have no choice but to take our place, a place of love that feels just like home.

This trigger “affect” is what’s taking place. You’re the truest essence of my answered prayers. This is not of my time, not
of your time, but in God’s very own perfect balance of power.
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