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J J Oct 12
Trying to catch a slice of thought process;
Like capturing lightening in a jar
            Only to smell it's exhumes.

It's a blessed freedom, to release
  an experience; an imitation of the world,
or an imitation of how others wrote and expressed
    the world, and at constant conflict to lose it's voice.

It can be enjoyably difficult (the best hobbies
    usually are) or flow smooth as blood thru vein.
   Pulling blood from a stone and unexpectedly
    heaving rainbowy rainwater can be it's own virtue--

    An idea caught half undeveloped
Only to shed cocoon to join the white blankness
And forever tarnish it's history--

A gorgeous priveledge in it's constricted freedom
(As is existence,although we're too modest to admit it)

Writing is a piece of you and you belong to the human race,
and doubleedged a sword as that certitude is,
Writing is a piece of us left to the world.
Writing is forever
As I awake from the cryogenic slumber I was put in, I find myself walking around a mansion. It must be a century into the future, but everyone still seems to be asleep in their pods.

As I walk around, my feet guide me through a tunnel lit by hanging candelabras, as though they have a life of their own. Few moments later, I find myself standing in front of a of a jagged wooden door with tiny bugs crawling up the dented-scratches and a loose door **** awaiting to be opened to the library that stretches far and wide.

The windows are tinted vintage yellow and air stenched with the musty smell of worn books; heavied with dust. The large maghony table stands alongside the ladders and railings, allowing access to the different levels of the library.

My hand reaches out for a leather-bounded book, as though it was longing to be read and plucked from the ornately carved bookshelf. It is my biography; my breathings worded and memories penned.

Stunned, I ran my fingers along the frayed pages, to find the stories of every person to have crossed paths with stretched out across the pages.

I re-read pages, letting the wordy essence cling to my skin and the embers to re-ignite. I allowed myself to taste the salt and sugar of the sunrise to sunset span with the ones who left inky footprints across my heart. Until I came across a name that started resurfacing from the dustiest parts of my mind.

Out of curiosity I reach out to the protruding mark to find myself holding her biography, and countless pages stained with my name. “I sat there tossing sorrows from one hand to another, trying to let the blue ink gush onto the page in front. I could feel the darkness coaxing my mind, labeling me with names as I held back the tears stinging my eyes. I was an invisible cloak; an outcast who was unwanted.

But then she came, each step paced with confidence. Her curls leaked sunshine into the room; I could feel it warming the cold that layered me. I found her seating herself near me, as the girls behind me laughed like a pack of hyenas, gossiping about the new faces entering.

I found her looming above me, her hair brushing against my forehead “Wow, has anyone told you write really well?” but all I could manage was a shy smile in comparison to her gleaming grin that swallowed her cheeks whole. That was the first time I heard someone say that and then there was something warm, fuzzy, a spark? Happiness? Hope? It felt foreign and different, almost energetic but I craved more.

In the coming days I watched as she drove herself with passion, reaching out to catch stars, blooming herself and handing it to others. She was alive and vibrant. Almost brilliant like lightning, enlightening the sky with her spark like the one that was fuzzing between my cells.

Her presence was alluring, I found myself responding to her wavelengths, wanting to resonate with it; to have purpose, meaning and life. She made me want to untangle myself from the toxic relationships I had. It made me want to stop drinking the poison they fed me. It made me want to crave for good. To nourish my body and to breathe.

She called me on my birthday; no one ever called me on my birthday. The next day she hugged me and turned my hurricanes to a whiff. Weeks after that she invites me to her birthday, pulling me away from my world as I accepted her hand paving paths for me to explore.
I flicked a few grainy pages ahead.

“Are you okay?” She said as she though she could smell the stench of it on me. As though she could see me drowning within myself. And in that moment I let her in, I broke the walls, I let them crash. I let the ocean erupt open through my pores. I let my rusty voice box to voice its cries. Even though I spoke in language that came natural to me; chaos. But she sat there listening patiently, and in that moment I wrote about how her ears were made of empathy, eyes of moonlight that made me feel lighter and blissed.

I watched her move with such zeal that I was mesmerized. She became my muse, my inspiration. So I undressed myself of self-loathing and set out to talk to people and explore. My bruised throat ringed and my chewed tongue wanted to speak. My hands wanted to write for my younger self that stayed quite all this time.

She breathed air into my collapsing lungs, became the brightest of hues in the world of my blues. I was a dead language and she pronounced me with life.

Here I am, a writer. All because of that compliment that left me to weave my sorrows, revertebratating the hope she gave me through my writing. Hoping to provide the same inspiration and passion she inspired me with. She restored the courage in my spine; the faith in my cells and the love into my heart that I tucked safely into inky words hoping someday someone feels the same.

I closed the book as I traced the last line, with a tear in my eye. How could’ve my trivial action have such a profound affect?
Bongani Jul 20
Love effect
It di-fact...a kind man with good heart to be a drunkard
4am sleeping outside
At his backyard
Not heart broken but damaged in his state of mind
They say love is blind
I say nah.....
Love is a vision that was released by passion and got you on a mission
When everything was in motion
Love effect came with depression
That developed into an infection
When you look your self in the mirror you see imperfection cause you are not getting enough of his attention
I say attention......
Build your relationship with a message of dedication
Without regretting your retaliation of what you mention....
Just reflect
And reject
The symptoms of......
Love effect...
Reject the effect
Iron, Iron you're my friend.
You lifted my hemoglobin.
But I need also C vitamin for active effect.
Sometime taking revenge
Become necessary.
Not to prove the strength.
But, to make them realize
The pain has same effect
On both sides.
annh Mar 12
And if you are in any doubt as to your ability,
To effect a change upon this world,
Look no further than a pool of rock water,
Disturbed by a single drop of rain.

Now imagine a torrent.
The clock Is already ticking on the countdown but will there be time enough for this planet to save  Itself from pollution and destruction we've had
But Is It too late to stop the clock that's been ticking since the beginning of  time or Is
to late what we
done to these planets now sad life which was to be our children Inheritance but let's face It what are we leaving them If anything at
Man call It to progress I would call It progressing even quicker towards certain doom for us
We have gifted this planet to look after and we have completely failed In every aspect of Its care and Inevitably we have failed
with devastating effect on our environment and caused
the Green House
on our climate we no longer have the four seasons It's whatever nature decides to throw at us and seems to be much worse
man will have a lot to answer to at the end days those days are closing
Man has a lot to answer too
at the end of days for It lotal
lack of care of this world we
were left to care for we have failed with deverstating
effects on our planet
Loving you is
Amazing and you make me better!
Keep me safe
Everyday and you make

Everyday better! My
For you are growing
Together and watch our shows

Keep the love and
I will always love you!
Don't forget that!
Sometimes when you love someone so much its hard to find the words but just want to share the love.
Title by Fall Out Boy
McNally, 2019
Johnny walker Feb 23
There were times In my life when It just passed
me by seemed all my
of youth disappeared I never got the chance to
live the days of my
There was space between
a being a teenager to middle age that's completely missing disappeared behind locked doors drawn curtains never allowing sunlight
Staying In never going out
sleeping away daylight hours came to live briefly after dark laid awake with the other creatures of the night
When everybody slept knowing I could never sleep at night only daylight hours like a vampire's existence afraid of
This poem Is about the devastating effect depression on one life I lost most of mine
because of It
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