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Everyone has a story to tell; An-
Xiety is a "fickle *****," but one that --
Possibly- tell you when something bad might happen.
Each day that goes by
Never stop dreaming, never
Stop saying "you can't,"
Instead say "you can" and make your dreams come true.
Victory can be your's and
Everyone's, you just gotta believe!

I* became such a strange shape,
Such a strange shape From
Trying to fit it."*
Kindness will win all!
Everyone has a story to tell,
So please listen to them. (Just listen.)
McNally/Flanders, Inc.
Quotes (italics) from LOST and Fall Out Boy-- my biggest inspirations.
Everyone needs someone to listen to them,so just keep an open ear and be their friend they can lean on when their in need and maybe they will return the favor for you when you need someone to listen.

— The End —