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Sam Jul 2015
love's leaves leave lovers, leaving limp, languid, limbs. Loathed. Lonely
summer always ends
Sam Oct 2015
Mixing my own tears with the sky's, we weep together
Sam Oct 2016
her: hi!
her: hello?
lightning can definitely strike twice
Sam Nov 2015
I've been stuttering sentences since this synthesis of our senses
Sam Nov 2016
summer is gone but I get starburned by your eyes
Sam Oct 2015
Why's it so hard to write a ten word poem?
Sam Jun 2016
all of god's angels couldn't put me back together again
Sam Jan 2016
Does the true artist run out of paint before pain?
Sam Mar 2016
Dancing on the stage bathed in ultra violet
is a dripping young honey making me ultra-violent.
My three stooges become scrooges using ***** useless excuses
to not be Zeus's and noose the spruce for their collusive abuses.
I leave the troupe, loop back, snoop, try to ******
induce some juice, a little loose chartreuse

The girl looks down from the platform, eyes vacant and hollow
Ten years of this storm full of snake-pits and sorrow
No glow but the glint of a nose speckled with snow
Her heartbeat allegro slows, lower tempo - adagio

For she's hooked to the pole by an IV of ******* and circumstance
I regret holding the cash and stealing her glance.
It falls from my hand, not that thats exculpatory
and when I next catch her eyes, it's merely to say, 'sorry'
Sam Jan 2017
Is this poetic
or is this just poetry
have I found a new community
or am I still lonely

should I write one more
find someone to follow
attract another heart
to keep feeding my ego

it's hungry so hungry
fiending for a feeding
and I'm needing and pleading
that you just keep on reading
I guess it just rhymes
Sam May 2015
When I was a kid I didn't know my right from left
so I always woke up on the right side of the bed.
But my innocence soon left and was replaced by pain
and all I want is to be all right once again
Sam Jan 2017
If I had one more mouth
I could say twice as many silly things

another foot
I'd just put in my mouth

another leg
and all I'd do is run
another month
I'd not use this one

another year
would mean more tears
but how bad to cry
with a third eye
Inspired by DJ Khaled
Sam Jun 2016
wined and dined till i wound up dead
drowned and cold, alone in bed
i hid in bottles and bottled smiles
i fought to forget and wasted my whiles

it took a year but i woke up
swapped the pint for the coffee cup
There's certainly less ache
in this life i will not forsake
but the smile is still fake
Sam Jul 2016
He said grown men don't weep
but I did last week
last night as I lay on my bed in a heap
bar height - i've lived a life on the sweet
(bar -marmite a little bitter on the teeth
(bar -barfights i guess I thrive on the street
baabaa type if I'm a meat I'm a sheep
ha ha at light but only weep in my sleep
far far right from when I started this speech
au revoir mon amie this be the end of my suite
Sam Oct 2016
three knocks at three O'clock
three bears out of shop
an Aesop goldilocks
(small frock and yellow socks)
ad hoc broken locks

Three cold porridge bowls
one poor girl with the hair of gold
should have done what she'd been told
to find in that horrid household
three bears dead and cold
nursery rhyme? unsure. halloween themed maybe
Sam Jul 2016
hello HP
today what may be
in store for me
oh - death. i see
heartbreak it seems
darkness it breeds
lines breaking at the seams
and not one single beam
hashtag love broken | hashtag lonely
backlashed love tokens | backstab poetry
walk through this fire
we're blanketing the embers
but leave your ex in the mire
and be welcomed by the members
Sam Sep 2015
I was too late.
She'd already been kissed by the sun.
Sam Aug 2016
A four line poem for my 8th grade teacher
an A for my efforts and a weekly pamphlet feature
'Blue' by Sam a tale of: spilled ink
of an endless ocean; the whole blue kitchen sink

19. 4 stanzas for a professor of mine
a little splotch of blood or maybe red wine
an A for the reference to Bukowski at the end
but I guess he didn't know the bluebird too, was my friend

Blue was it's name, it was almost the same
as the one hanging in my lounge in a frame
this time it talked of the ocean of endlessness
and was penned like the spill it referenced

A mark for my friendless existence
with lark he congratulated my sedulous recklessness
an Aeschylus with a reflective tragic fecklessness
driven to or destined for the precipice

so I hoped when
I hung beside my poem
the professor did know then
not all doors should be opened
A little dark; but it's hard to be criticised over something personal
Sam Mar 2016
it is not new news that dreams do come true
only when the moon is as blue as the skies clear hue

but, i think, this month; maybe it is due
Sam Dec 2016
******* powdering our guns
white powder powdering our gums

this is the new world
just sounded the same
Sam Jun 2016
it was bukowski
who helped me tear through life loudly
who helped my mind settle soundly
profoundly through his profundity
and, quietly, in his subtlety,
i found me
Sam May 2016
The great turbines now rusted
I wonder if I can still cry
the heavens make it look so easy
when tears fall from the sky

the wet rags of emotion can no longer be wrung
the sobs to the beat of a tearful drip have been sung
those sonnets have been passed to another's lungs
another's tongue
are tears what it means to be young
removing the ****
Sam May 2016
just a ****** busker wishing he was a **** buster
he swam lack-lustre,
a salmon unable to muster
the will to cut the custard,
and flutter upstream to meet a lover

stuck in the gutter singing covers
a crushed sucker, tasteless kfc crusher
ominous as a dawn-less dusk and
useless as a ham sandwich with no mustard
Sam Mar 2016
The well of my soul might be full
but the cogs by which I once drew forth water rusted long ago
I  twist, contort,
strain and force
but the rivers ran their course
and as much as I ***** my eye
I can never cry
Sam Jul 2015
If you have all the egoism of a child and none of the innocence
try bringing your body back from the wild and pen it behind a fence
Instead, pen the page with your ink
-its your new sweat and blood-
Don't stop to think
let it come out in a flood
and throw in the kitchen sink
trust me. This growing bud can't get enough drink
once your words have been spoken
you may feel empty and broken,
your soul ****** up the plant's phloem
and that is when you have written a poem
Still waiting
Sam Jan 2020
and at the end of time
the meek will inherit the earth
and all its worth
which will be nothing
Sam Apr 2016
i'd prayed for the Holy Ghost more times than most
engrossed in the idea religion was some signpost

...waiting for Mary's face on my own toast

i lost all hope when I saw the demon host
rising hellish from their infernal roast
i just wish someone had, to me, disclosed
that there's no such thing as ghosts
Sam Apr 2015
Death sits atop his hill,
giving his lips a lick
looking for someone to ****
regretting forgetting his chapstick
Remember kids. Never lick your lips when they are dry.
Sam Oct 2015
Snatching ghosts of the nights from the mouths of men,
I am the watcher on the walls.

Holding your hand through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil.

From hellish waste to emerald isle
From sad to smile, I'm worth your while,
Sam Feb 2015
The wind sails over the waters surface,
but surely.
Sam Dec 2015
one for each time I never said I loved you
Sam Jul 2015
I heard your giggles filled with lust
you sprinkled me with fairy dust
said 'hold my hand, come to Neverland
lets leave our footprints in the sand'

You Hooked me in and Tinkered with my feelings
the clock was ticking but it was more than time that we were dealing
because you hadn’t cut your shadow loose
Now i’m just a lost boy tying knots for the noose
This fairytale didn't end well
Sam May 7
we met up for a coffee
and we both got extra hot
but it was her eyes of gold
that would shimmer and scald
at that little midtown shop

three years and a day went past
where we almost tied the knot
and I stayed enthralled
'til I got a call
saying lets meet at our usual spot

and she didn't sip the coffee
as it went from hot to cold
like here eyes that glazed
on an autumn day
while they lost their flecks of gold
Sam Jul 2016
we're here and we're reading
you lost souls, you bleeding
the poets collective dead poets connected
with a near perfected objective
of hearing your prayers when no one else will
while dissecting the layers in your soul or your quill
we're here and we're reading
please keep writing i'm pleading
for whether I'm screaming or weeping
believe that you're the reason I'm breathing
sorry for the 'you' 'you' 'you's
Sam Jan 2021
effortlessly wearing a cigarrette on her lips
head tilted high with one hand on her hips
a dizzyingly incandescent, nicotine laugh
i think i'd die for her
write that on my epitaph
Sam Aug 21
my galaxy is an anagram of hers.
she wakes on planet heart
I sleep under a sky full of rats

she works as an astronomer,
i moonlight as a moon-starer
and she may be morose
but i am moreso

because, all the way in andromeda,
that glittering, nebulous bubble bath
where Cygnus and Leo playfully paddle,
Orion wears a scarf,
and she never left
Sam Dec 2020
deep-set moon-crater eyes
lips as red as the dust on mars
all i asked was for a little space
but she gave me all its stars
Sam Dec 2019
I'm sleeping in the lounge
because I can't sleep in my bed
because you're stained in my sheets
and a stain in my head

I've deleted all my music
and I've started anew
four thousand songs down the drain
that you listened to, too

yet I can't wipe away
all the footprints you left
down the memory lanes
in my head and my chest
Sam Oct 2016
the door was barely opened before
I caught her like a 2am yawn (once seen unstoppable)
she caught my smile but expressed it better than I ever could
and like I would for the queen I quickly stood
she must have seen my eyes through the hazy night
and she moved closer like poetry I cannot write

ok I can't help myself
she walked like an 'um' itself
an um for the wordless times
when something more important is on your mind
when you're asked for the truth but are filled with lies
when in pause, time it buys

gliding like a miyazaki dragon spiriting me away
anywhere but here, the now, the day
struck dumb
the response to her hello?
- 'um'
Sam Mar 2017
I put my hand on my heart
and promised my love
because my pockets were full
Sam Sep 2020
We begin to fall asleep
well before we run out of words
as I hold her in my arms
or am i held in hers?
Sam Jan 2018
I met this tungsten tongued pterodactyl
tiny ***** terror with a rattle snake rattle
cattle feasting, battle tested, harp playing harpy heathen
carpe diem; seizing the days of the dazed, the refuge of the refused
They said I should have seen her angel wings were dinosaur's
I guess I didn't see through the lipsticked maw -
the silken glove over the sharpened claw.
a little devil before a little death
petite mort with heavy breath
before she sheds her skin and starts again
more hers on my page
Sam Nov 2019
and i'm the guy. the guy who's calling
and knocking on the door
and she's the sky. the sky is falling
but who's she falling for
Sam May 2020
like ball to glove
like light to match
like fish to hook
shes a catch
Sam Jun 2018
I knew a glassy eyed doll
a classy glass idol
red to excess; red lipstick
and red back-less dresses for the spine-less chick
well re(a)d in chiq cosmo - check
but purple(xed) by the cosmos
rotting, like her kombucha and compost
spun puns
Sam Feb 2018
if she was a yawn she'd be a Sunday morning, just been snoring (dream exploring) kind of yawning
eyes closing creeping smile stretched across six pillows
blinds opening, sleep exiled, rays etched on skin in Gogh yellows
on her arms

if she was the sky she'd be fiery
if she was a Guy she'd be Fieri
blazing sunsets on silly shirts
silly dances at concerts

If she was a word she'd be a cellar door
and if she was a movie she'd be stellar wars
a euphony a symphony
music and imagery

and if she was art she'd be a dancing Degas
with the tempest of Turner and the dynamism of Dali
art for everybody but special to me
Sam Jun 2016
couldn't sense her sin
couldn't tell a thing
even as the choir sung,
the bells were rung
and flowers flung
for i was strung, roped, hung
by the misdirection of her perfection
a different her
Sam Aug 2016
Flowing down the street like a 2.30am moonlit beam
on still waters, I mistook her for the sky.
The way the dress caressed her body
like the clouds that hold the moon

a falling meteor
a dawning sun in the red radiance of her lips
as its rose blush rushing across her cheeks

A supernova girl engulfing its solar system - its light to be seen a thousand years later in another galaxy before continuing on past, universe to universe, till the end of time or the edge of existence (whichever comes first)

The edge of existence;
A cool breeze
A burn on my retina
The sky was gone
Sam Feb 2021
I can't wash off the flower she drew
on my arm earlier this afternoon
A forget me not.
A game of 'she loves me. she loves me not'
A knot untied
I feel the fear that Narcissus must have felt as his ears turned to petals,
his hair to vines.
and his scream to a blooming flower
Sam Apr 2018
life might lead on like a patterned string
in avalanches of winters and spatters of spring
but I still don't know why the blackbird sings

She swoops and jives on sinatra's swing
but her eyebags halo like saturn's rings
and she patters around on tattered wings
purposefully hunting for the wasps sting
but why the blacker the bird the sweeter the sing

and its like through all that clattering
she can't hear she matters more than every thing
blackbirds eat wasps
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