Plastic bone mutants
Producing smiling duplicate
The new portrait
Of human zen
Riding a dying
Living spaceship
Through the cosmos

Slimy colorful monsters
Oozing all around
Crawling on a razor's edge
Dead alive
With golden ticket

Destined for destruction
Ignoring all the signs
Life goes on
With rat race ideology
Stranger and stranger
Because none of them
Even like each other

Blank faces
Between broken notes
Selling lies in the form
Of shiny silver rings
To broken brains
Missing fingers

Deep within the ship
A wandering eye
Bleeding thorns
Far beyond this
Place and time
Lost and
By a cloud of vampire bats
Feeding on the symphony
Of madness

©James Dennis Casey IV
Sam Jan 2017

If I had one more mouth
I could say twice as many silly things

another foot
I'd just put in my mouth

another leg
and all I'd do is run
another month
I'd not use this one

another year
would mean more tears
but how bad to cry
with a third eye

Inspired by DJ Khaled
Poetic T Oct 2015

Well I was five minutes late, mum
Chucked me out the door,

"I have a letter from school mum,

"Been in trouble again, no change there,

I waited for the bus but never turned up

"Great she'll think I missed it on purpose,

I jumped on my bike, ill show her, no phone
Call saying I never turned up. I pedalled like
My lungs were going to burst, The school yard
Was empty  "Crap, "Crap, I ran in thinking
I was Late the doors lock at a certain time only
Opening in case of serious emergencies.

"Sorry I'm late Miss Hoper,
"The Bus never turned u.......,

The class was empty, I heard a noise from the store
Cupboard? I listened and heard moaning

"No way Miss Hoper is getting it on,

Was I early? had the clocks gone back and mum
Forgot? I giggled at the thought of catching her
With her silks around her ankles. Camera at the
Ready, 1, 2, 3.... OK don't be a chicken.
What can they say or do, 1, 2, 3.. I opened
The door clicking away 12mp clear as day.

"Miss Hoper surprise,

Dam Miss you look  "Fugly, not looking
Your best this morning.

"I'd say she was a six as far as teachers go,

Her hair was like a drunk had shaven in the dark,
"What big nails you have,
"What  sharp teeth you have,
"What the hell? how horny you are this morning,

What was I doing I sounded like I was reading the
Three little pigs. Miss Hoper was the wolf.
I had a voice repeating in my head, but I looked
Beside her and saw the reason for the closed door.
Mick Peterson was lying their, reaching out as
If he knew how this was playing out to the end.

She licked her tooth, her lacerated tongue bleed,
No pain more pleasure was on her face as she
Drank upon herself. I stepped back as I knew
That I was within her sights. Her fingers gestured
Across Micks throat and his hand slumped silently
On the dirty cupboard floor, his eyes emptily void.

That voice once again echoed out now screaming
Into my subconscious. This time I listened.

"Run, run, run....,

As she launched upon the area I once was, heading
For the door I glanced her movement. A step behind
As I slammed the door, the walls vibrated upon the
Lockers, as I saw the luck of the keys left in the door.
The teacher launched through the panels as glass, solid
Wood was the only deterrent from her tasting my throat.

I ran through the halls each class room locked, children
Tied to the desks gnawing on themselves in an effort to
Be free. Mr Freedman was hanging their, but fate his time
Continued as he with metal cord he hung and lower parts
Torn asunder he hung their only half a man.

"Dam I'm just telling everyone lunch is here,

I instead whisper, their is thought in my madness.

"hello, hello,
"If your not a monster,

I wondered the halls, hearing moan I'd edge towards
I could hear them sniffing as if a scent was lingering
In the air. "Could they smell me? "I'd showered though,
I pressed my cheek against the wall, looking in to
My history class, well they were history all right.
Smouldering remains of god knows what.

"Is anyone not crazy,
"What am I thinking of course they'll say no,

Looking for my prom date, is their even going
To be one at this rate? I looked in the girls locker
"What don't give me that look,
Shelly you in there is whispered, then I sneezed

"O' crap O' crap these halls echo like a church steeple,
"Just ignore that ok,

I see a foot then the faces of cheerleaders, but these
Weren't the girls I knew twisted forms tails protruding
And hair, like they have digressed to a early form,

"No not shelly,
"She was 9 now a 2.0,

She sees me, head tilts then the call, her fingers point.
That voice didn't have to scream, I was gone.
I could hear them, I wasn't looking where I was going
And clothes lined someone.

"What the hell dude,
"You ran in to me,

Your normal,
But your, I saw you dead?

"What you mean dead?
"Down that hall, eyes gouged out,

And with that a shiver like someone had
Just mosh pitted on my grave, I heard them
I went to run, down the hall, but heeded his
Story *
"dude hurry up run,

"I cant my ankles all buckled,

A second later I was in the lockers, lucky I'm
Skinny, they were upon him in moments.
Their tales swinging around in the air as though
They were playing with him. Then tails wrapped
Upon him legs, arms, neck they purred and
Claws dug in as if to get a running start.....

Blood, so much blood, I bit on my jacket to cover
My scream, I  was lucky his body tore up in
Such noise that I was unseen. they took of parts
Kept for trophies or munchies who knew?
I ran down the hall, I turned and tripped over
Something? I looked down it was me...

"What the..., what the....,
"How could this be,

Then flashes in my mind, I was here when it
Started, "I turned first, I opened my mouth
And expelled it, I watched others consumed.
I locked the rooms and through a key hole
I gestured it in. watched the madness mutate
Them in to me, "I watched..

But how did I end up here?

"Think, think,

I ran down this hall, and I ran in to me,
What the hell is going on I look, into the
Trophy case, I see something not me?
I look at myself eyes void only darkness
A shell, I enter two digits in. "Empty,
I look back as I see me, but others also.

I realize I'm an echo like these halls, I fade
Into the darkness as I realize it wasn't me.

"Just memories of other mixed in with me.

"I should have played hookie today,

But now I'm empty and its roaming the halls
looking for its next feed...

Years ago I wondered to myself in bed
What is existing in the world more than this -
If for trying it's only hurt in reward and
The weary crumbling into dirt of all the
Words ever said, I'll damn myself before
You can, god will witness the pious in
The most holy premature ascent

Born again time and time further out
Without some father's blessing, left sole
And only kicking rocks awake in
June under heaven's waste, praying no more for
Empties just in case - my fallen brother
Kicks beside my hope all knowing speaking openly
Of heart to pain to make the anchor replace
With ancient submerged courage right in the
Bitter face of less

Ivy pull the hemlock tightly at the neck
Do you know?
Mutant fighting inside me
Where have you been?
Here now
Here and now
Mighty mindful

I know now what once hid under surface tension, birthed from want and pushed together from anger.
Lux Capacitor Mar 2015

Responsible for nothing why don't we fade
into oblivion together, draining the shame
ascribed to our names with the gaze of
the all-important outside eye?
Why don't we fall back from the game we play
when each move we make causes pain?
I am Not.
Never and Non.
Troubled and Gone.
I am Not.
Never and Non.
Forever all,
Always for nothing
Til I'm troubled and gone.

Anastasia Webb Aug 2014

ate out my sickness
almost turned green.

took too much chlorophyll
(for my health –
i’ve seen the ads)
drank cups and cups
each night and each swallow
chirping pleasantly
made me feel stronger, but
almost turned green.

frustration peaked
almost at snow
but not quite,
couldn’t stand the dangling
piece of peanut butter anymore
had to grab for it
sick of the lack of meaningful
(methought now meknows)
0s and 1s and all
these mouse games,
had to grab for it,
had to scream.
almost turned green.

— The End —