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Sam Apr 23
our crescent moon floats in idle reverie
amidst its opal lagoon
in that lacuna befAore the day's first morning blush
while the fish hold their breath

and as she swims,
she illuminates the heiroglyphs scrawled on the sky
in the scumbled vapourtrails of hurried planes
soon to be dispersed
by the heavy breaths of snoring gods

but i just don't ******* care
moon, please let me sleep
Sam Mar 28
like venus and mars, nestled betwixt a bounty of stars
we snicker at the galaxies of gods
behind flakey, early morning lips;
waiting for the apocalypse
  Dec 2021 Sam
the way the letter
'i' misses 'u'
only 12 letters apart
and its like the whole universe
fits into that space
we're separated
by an ocean of letters
that we cannot say.

Sam Dec 2021
melting at your touch
a simple hug - our brusque

and you'll never be too much
for someone who can't get enough
of you
her thoughts poetry
Sam Oct 2021
and the Mona's in the Louvre
and the opera's in Berlin
and the skin that I'm wearing
starts to feel like a sin
Sam Oct 2021
the gentle twinkle
of a distant star
speaks heavenly morse
with my fluttering heart
Sam Jun 2021
she told me her saturn was returning
the icing on the cake
of a well baked excuse

I asked, 'what on earth',
but she was far from it
she felt my climate change
and had jumped in a rocket

the recipe was written on the stars
and we were following it with ease
it said to turn up the temperature
but she turned 180° degrees
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