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riri Apr 2021
"i hate him"
but i still think about you, for some reason

"i never want to see him again"
i'm scared that when i see you again, it'll all come back

"he means nothing to me"
but you were everything to me
it's easier to hate than love someone who hurts you
Poetic T Jun 2020
I opened a **** bank,
      but I'm the only
one depositing in..

Any one got a wet wipe


I never withdrawing that deposit...
Mari Mar 2020
Um vômito da alma
empire ants Nov 2018
We've been together for four years.

After a lovely vacation on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii, I present to her a small, felt box, small enough to fit in my hand.

I open it.

A hamster the size of a thumb lays there, gasping for air as the oxygen comes rushing back to the tiny creature. His little lungs were straining with effort.

She gasped at the sight.

One would think that my decision to keep a hamster in an airtight box for no other reason than to entertain her would be an alarm bell of sorts.

It wasn't. Not to her.

She called me honey and named it powdered sugar, right before it scampered away, searching for freedom anywhere on this big sandy place, only to drown when a crashing wave swallowed it whole, mercilessly washing away its tiny footprints.

A better name for the hamster would be...

Our relationship?

Anyway. She tends to only call me monster, now.

If only she had heard the alarm instead of the wedding.
emi munroe Mar 2018
"come take my hand
and run through play land
so high, too high
at the carnival"

Just come hold my hand
Or take me to dinner
Don't just stand there
Come on, I'm a winner

You're more than this
Don't make a fool of yourself
Shut up and kiss me
Push me against the shelves

Give me a night to remember
Make me happy
Don't you remember that night in December
I still haven't paid for therapy

Run your hands through my hair
Surprise me
Make this fair
Fill the air with lustful glee
honestly i'm just loving crybaby sooooo,,
This poem is kinda about, not too sure honestly, just enjoy it
Carousel - Melanie Martinez
empire ants Mar 2018
Don't you dare cry for me-
For I can do that myself.
I simply choose not to,
Because then you'd tell me
Your addicting lies.
im terrible with titles sdjdjkdkjsjd
SMS Jan 2018
This is the nature of a puzzle
Just a bundle of shapes.
Odd sizes with bits poking out .
Shattered, yet fixable.

Just a bundle of shapes
Left to the imagination
Shattered, yet flexible
They fit together

Left to the imagination
Yet structured precise
They fit together
Like they were destined to be

Though no one piece is the same as another
Odd sizes with bits poking out
Every piece is needed to complete the piece
This is the nature of a puzzle
This is a Pantoum style poem, which lines are repeated in certain places.
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