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ok okay Oct 30
I messaged her 'hi'
She didn't reply
I guess to her
I'm just another guy
Dj Khaled is cute
Marie-Lyne Aug 2018
It was an adoration of the body
the male body
It reminded me of statues
of desire
of a ****** gaze
and multiple pleasures
what an aesthetic way
to compare life
to water
the cycle of life
the maternal side of life
what a tragedy
Simra Sadaf Jul 2018
remember I mentioned
Khaled Hosseini is my favourite?
how I love every single word
he has ever written,
he believed in second chances,
he said, "there is a way to be good again"
yes, there is, it is only you that
chose not to be,
now you are as useless as unsweetened tea.

the truth is,
you were unfit,
unfit of anyone's pity,
sympathy and empathy.
the truth is,
i failed to see through you,
i failed to see the real you.

it was your birthday,
and I like to pretend you are dead,
your body is rotting, it is in decay,
can not reach out empty voids to wish
a happy birthday.

It is sad you never got a
chance to be truthful,
how you turned out
to be so unworthy,
it is sad you always had
to conceal your real identity.
Sam Jan 2017
If I had one more mouth
I could say twice as many silly things

another foot
I'd just put in my mouth

another leg
and all I'd do is run
another month
I'd not use this one

another year
would mean more tears
but how bad to cry
with a third eye
Inspired by DJ Khaled

— The End —